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The Mayor Flexes Power - PCE: Episode 68



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Endgame- Episode 68
Saturday, August 04, 2007

Written by: Jennifer Snyder
Ryan Chandler

Note: There were Scrubs (Patrick & Robin) scenes that were to be in this episode, but I took them out due to their rewritten scenes going a bit long. There will be another episode posted today that will include the missing Scrubs scenes.
Mayor Floyd not pleased with the conduct of his Co-DA, he requests a private talk with Alexis out in the hallway.

“May I see you out in the hall?” Floyd asked Alexis as she straightened herself up a bit.

Ric was sure a reprimand was coming down on Alexis and began to follow them. “I need to talk with Alexis in private.” Floyd said as he saw Ric following. Ric backed off but as soon as the door closed, he listened in.

“Alexis what are you thinking? I am trying to maintain a professional DA’s office but you are making this difficult.”

“I’m sorry, Garrett, it won’t happen again.”

“You’re right, it won’t happen again. For months I've trusted you to cooperate with the PCPD and help them build their case against Sonny Corinthos and Lorenzo Alcazar, but yet, I see nothing. You're the lead DA on this case and you just aren't delivering. But then again, I guess you'd rather meet your husband for quickies in the afternoon. Effective immediately, I’m putting you on suspension upon further review by the review board.”

Alexis is taken back by the suspension. “Garrett? Is that really necessary? I mean come on. I'm willing to put your second comment aside for the time being, but I do a damn good job for you and the citizens of PC. It's not my fault that your lead investigators aren't doing theirs."

“I’m sorry Alexis. But I’ve made my decision.”

Ric who was listening emerged from his office and tried to convince Garrett he was making a mistake in suspending Alexis. Mayor Floyd puts his hand up, stopping Ric in his tracks. “Ric, don’t try to plead this case with me. You’re going to lose.”

“Garrett, listen to reason will you?” Ric tried to appease the already upset Mayor.

“Ric, you’re a great DA, really you are. But honestly you’re lucky you are still working in this office. The connection you have to the major crime boss in this town would certainly serve reason enough to have you removed not only from this case, but as the DA as well. However, I’ve been able to look past that because of your impeccable conviction record. The fact of the matter is, I feel Alexis is a liability and may have some kind of loyalty to Sonny because they share a child. Besides, she's distracted. The fact that her oldest daughter….Sam I think her name is, is not dead, but alive, must be placing some kind of stress on her. This will give her time to work that out and when she's done, she can return.

Alexis feels her blood boiling at this point. Does he thinks he's not able to handle more than one thing at time just because she's a woman? How dare he. Ric watches Alexis' jaw clench and tries to intervene.

"Please don’t give me another reason to boot your butt back to Manhattan,” says the mayor, warning Ric more time. The mayor walked away, leaving Alexis and Ric dumbfounded and standing in the hallway wondering what just had happened.
Meanwhile, Detective Cruz Rodriquez gives Mac a status update on the Bobbie Spencer-Drake investigation. He lets her know that Bobbie seems to have disappeared. They've searched the entire city for her, yet no one has seen her since the day he (Mac) went over to her house. Mac begins to put two and two together and realizes that Bobbie must have went underground. Mac orders Cruz to keep this between the two of them, not to inform anyone related to the Spencer family about what's going on. Lucky may be a cop, but he's loyal to his family and that could cost them this case. Mac puts in a call and orders an secret APB out on Bobbie Spencer-Drake. Mac picks up his gun and badge and decides to pay his old buddy Luke a visit.
As Alexis and Ric watched Garrett walk away from them, he quickly turned around and came back towards them like he forgot tell them something.

“Forget something?” Ric said as Garrett approached.

“Yes actually. I forgot to tell you. You'll be getting a new Assistant DA. I've assigned him to specifically work the Corinthos/Alcazar case. The two of you are excessively too close to it. I needed someone who will look at it rationally and objectively. "

Garrett smiles a little bit. He figures this as a chance to rid himself of the people holding him back in his campaign to rid PC of crime. "His name is Darin Palmer, one of the top ADA's in the city of New York. Play nice with him Ric or you'll find yourself in the unemployment line."

As Garrett walked away from them, Ric was reminded of an old law school buddy, namely Darin Palmer. Alexis noticed Ric was off somewhere else. “Ric, are you okay?”

“Yeah I’m fine. I just remembered where I know that name from.”

“Who, Darin Palmer?”

“Yes him. He and I are old acquaintances. We went to law school together.”

“Well this should be interesting. The two of you together again, were you close friends?”

“We were….. until he stole the woman I was in love with.” Ric walked away from Alexis, leaving her with even more questions about Ric and the life he lived before they met.
Next….on Port Charles
-Patrick gives Robin a special gift
-Patrick & Robin take another big step in their relationship
-Steven takes a chance and asks Lainey out on a date
-Someone shows interest in Steven


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AWESOME....I can't wait to see Darrin Palmer emerge to put Ric in the hot seat....I'm gonna love that...

Okay, to today's episode...I love that you have Garrett challenging not only Alexis but Ric in some manner in regards to doing their jobs....I could see that Garrett was going to toss Sam in the mix on Alexis...he always seems to do that...

Loving Mac not giving up his pursuit on Bobbie....I love this storyline among the other one's you have out there.

Excellent job....As always :)

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I like the new look of the PC logo...niceness indeed!

I am enjoying the use of Mac in this storyline involving the Bobbie case, as well as seeing Garrett drop Alexis and Ric down a few pegs. That makes for some good entertainment.

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The logo is awesome!!

I am loving the Bobbie storyline!! The Ric and Alexis scenes flowed so nicely, easy! I love it!! And I can't wait to see Darin arrival on the scene!!!!

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