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WICKED: Episode 25



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Emily's hospital room --

"He's going to be okay, right Alexis .. please tell me he's going to be alright." Emily sobbed.

"They're doing all that they can for him, Em ... Bobbie said they won't know anything till they get him into surgery, but he's in very capable hands." Alexis replied not wanting to make matters worse by saying something she shouldn't.

"I want to go to the chapel and say a prayer for him, would you go with me?" Emily asked as she dried her tears.

"Sure, I'll go with you." Alexis not at all religious but she knew it was important to Emily to find some comfort during this time.

Alexis pulled over the wheelchair that sat in the corner of Emily's room to the bed and assisted Emily into it. She grabbed the blanket that lay across the foot of the bed and laid across her lap for warmth. Alexis put on Emily's slippers and then went to prop open the door.

Alexis wheeled Emily down the hall to the chapel so they could light a candle and say a prayer for Zander, who was hanging on to dear life.

"He thinks alot of you, Alexis." Emily said as she sat with Alexis staring at the lit candles.

"I know he does, and I think alot of him."

The two of them sat and each saying a little prayer for Zander, and Alexis thought, if miracles were real and really did happen, she had hoped that one of those miracles would happen for Zander now.

In the ER --

Ric walked into the waiting room of the ER where he had told his mother to meet him, she not knowing the hospital, he wanted to be sure she wouldn't get lost, the ER was the best place for them to meet. As he rounded the nurse's station, he saw Elenore sitting in the chairs waiting for him. He walked up to her and she stood up to greet him with a hug.

"How is he?" she asked as Ric held her in his arms.

"We don't know, he's in surgery."

"Emily? Does she know?"

"Alexis and I told her a short time ago, she took the news as I expected she would."

"Take me to her, please, Ric."

Emily's hospital room --

Ric did as his mother asked and walked with her back to Emily's room. When they arrived, the room was empty. The guard outside Emily's room told Ric that Alexis had taken her to the chapel. Ric and his mother walked down the corridor towards the chapel, in the hopes of finding Emily there with Alexis.

In the hospital chapel --

Emily and Alexis sat in the first pew, Emily leaning on her for support, and neither had heard Ric and Elenore enter the chapel. They walked up to Emily and Alexis, Emily looking up to see Elenore standing there with her arms open. With Ric's help, Emily stood up from the pew and embraced Zander' s mother.

"I'm so sorry, Emily." Elenore said softly.

"I know, but Zander's going to be okay, he has to be."

"We should be getting you back to your room, you know the doctor still has you on bedrest." Alexis reminded Emily and she nodded in agreement.

Ric helped Emily back into the wheelchair and pushed her back to her room, Elenore and Alexis following close behind.

Emily's hospital room --

The four of them waited in Emily's room, for what seemed like hours, until they had heard anything about Zander. Ric decided not to wait, he went looking to find someone who could give him some answers, leaving Elenore and Alexis with Emily.

Ric walked out into the hallway, where he was met by Bobbie who was returning from the OR, to discuss with Emily, Zander's condition.

"So ..... how is he?" Ric asked anxious to hear about his brother.

Bobbie didn't say anything, just led the way back to Emily's room, where the others were waiting. "I think it's best I tell all of you together." Bobbie finally spoke as she and Ric stood outside Emily's room.

Emily sat herself up in the bed when she saw Bobbie enter her room with Ric leading. He held back and Bobbie went to Emily's side, she had a somber look on her face, and Emily knew it wasn't good news.


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