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THE FALLOUT - PCE Episode 62



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Endgame- Episode 62
Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The doors to the emergency room at General Hospital burst open. Sonny and Mike are rolled into a room on this chaotic day. The doctor's rush to get the two patients stabilized immediately. Robin walks in after dealing with a bout of nausea once again. Her she freaks out when she sees Sonny & Mike bloody and beaten within an inch of their lives. She immediately takes over the case from one of the attending, demanding to be updated on their situation.

Due to the staffing shortages, many doctors have been required to do double duty. Steven Webber & Noah Drake are called to help with this case. Steven is told by the EMT that Sonny appears to have 2 broken ribs. Preliminary reports indicate that there is inflammation of the brain, but nothing too serious. Mike on the other hand is seriously hurt. Noah examines Mike and orders Epiphany to prep the OR. Mike may be in need of surgery.
Carly rushes into the hospital asking for an update on Sonny. Elizabeth claims she's unable to give Carly the information she's requesting due to them no longer being married. Carly vows to throw a fit if she isn't told what's going on NOW! Nikolas steps off the elevator and witnesses Carly about to fight with Elizabeth. Nikolas pulls Carly over to the side and tries to calm her down.

"Don't you tell me to calm down," she says angrily. "This woman…and I use that term loosely, won't tell me anything about the father of my children!" Carly glares at Liz and is ready to bite her head off.

"Carly, calling people names won't help anything," Liz says with an attitude. "Why don't you just take a seat and wait for the doctors to come out ok?"

Carly rolls her eyes at Liz and turns to Nikolas. "Nikolas….if you don't get this bitch away from me, someone else is gonna be admitted into the ER….and it won't be me. I swear to god…"

"Ok, ok. Liz, can you excuse us for a minute?"

"Uh sure…." Before Liz walks away, she suggests that Carly not get herself worked up. It's not good for the baby. Carly gets ready to charge Liz but Nikolas holds her back and forces her to sit down.

"Smirky bitch," Carly mutters under her breath. "I really don't understand what people see in her…"

"I need you to call down Carly. She's right, getting yourself all worked up is not going to help anyone." Nikolas tells Carly that Max put 5 bodyguards on Michael, and 4 outside Wyndemere with Morgan, in addition to the regular security that Nikolas already had on call for the mansion. He reassures Carly that everything will be ok…including Sonny
"Jax my dear, I am so sorry I have to cancel," Anna Devane says to Jax while driving to the hospital. "Sonny Corinthos and Mike Corbin were attacked in the park and I need to go question them." Anna is very pissed off. She had been looking forward to spending time with Jax ever since he asked her out. Fortunately, she'll be able to make it up to him. Jax understands and hopes everything goes well. Anna pulls into the parking lot of the hospital and prepares to head inside.
At the MetroCourt, Alan is in the bathroom getting ready for his dinner with Monica. This little "vacation" of theirs is lasting longer than she planned. Each time when she's ready to break things off, something else happens and she's forced to put it off. She tells Alan to go ahead and get into the shower without her, she has to take a call from the hospital. Alan says ok and the water turns on.

Monica steps outside of their room and answers her phone. Kevin says hello. Monica updates Kevin on what's been going on lately, and that she really is prepared to end things now with Alan. Kevin resists the urge to rush Monica, instead telling her to do what she feels is best, even if that means waiting a bit longer. Monica thanks Kevin for being so understanding and sneaks a quick "I love you," before going back inside.
Back at GH, Jason steps off the elevator and searches for Carly. He sees her talking with one of Sonny's doctors and sneaks over to have a listen.

"So Sonny's going to be ok right? I mean, he's not like seriously hurt?"

Steven tries to calm Carly. "Mr. Corinthos has 2 broken ribs and a slight concussion. He did have some internal bleeding, but the doctors managed to stop it. Besides his ribs and the cuts and bruises, Mr. Corinthos will be fine. We'll have to keep him overnight for observation though."

Carly breathes a sigh of relief. "And what about Mike? Is he alright?"

Noah takes off his hat after performing a CAT scan on Mike. "It's too early to tell if he's sustained any long term injuries. The men assaulted him pretty badly. He has a broken arm, 4 cracked ribs and a severe concussion. We're going to keep Mike to measure his intracranial pressure. I'm sorry, but that's all I can say for now."

The doctor walks away. Carly holds back her tears and is comforted by Jason…well at least he attempts to comfort her. Jason goes to hug Carly, but she pushes him away. "Where the hell were you?"

Jason is taken aback by Carly's attitude. "I was unavailable. If I had known what was going to happen I would have been there."

"Hindsight is 20/20 Jason. There have been a lot of accidents lately and you have been nowhere in sight. Did you know that Morgan was with Sonny & Mike at the park today? Did you know that he could have witnessed what happened to his father. God Jason, he could have been traumatized for life!"

"Carly I understand and I'm sorry. I've just had a lot of things going on."

Carly walks back over to near where Nikolas is sitting trying to get away from Jason. "Oh yeah, you've been 'busy'. Busy worrying about that Sam. Sam is NOT more important than our family Jason."

"Sam is my family," he snaps. "I love her."

"Well she doesn't love you anymore." Carly's anger finally comes to a boil. "She doesn't love you, she loves Lucky. She doesn't remember her life with you and isn't making any concerted effort to try and reclaim the life she once had. Which is good for me because I never really liked her in the first place, but I still can't get rid of her because she's with Lucky." Carly picks up her pocketbook and apologizes to Nikolas for insulting his cousin. "You need to get over her now Jason. She isn't the same person that she was before the incident. She doesn't want you anymore. The sooner you realize that, and realize that it's time for you to move on…and <b>NOT</b> with Elizabeth…the better you'll be. No need to go from one home wrecking whore to the next."

Carly hits the 'close' button and hugs Nikolas. The elevator doors shut, leaving Jason alone. Robin sees Jason looking sad and tries to make him feel better. "You can't always put Sonny first Jason. You have your own life….it's time you start living it." Robin pats him on the back and prepares to clean herself up so she can leave.

A few seconds later, Anna steps off the elevator.
Anna walks into Sonny's room as Sonny asks the doctors for an update on his father. Anna orders all of the doctors out. The doctors try to convince Anna to wait, but she refuses to. She begins questioning Sonny about the attack. She has a feeling Alcazar may have been behind the attack, but Sonny stonewalls her, refusing to give up any information. Anna threatens to arrest him for being an uncooperative witness. Sonny calls her bluff. Anna promises that if other people weren't involved, she would do it. She tells Sonny to look at what happened today. He was enjoying a nice day with his family when he was attacked. He's lucky that the men allowed his child to leave safely, as things could have ended up a lot worse.

If Sonny continues to live his life the way he is, no one will be safe…and his children and/or the women he loves could die the same way his first wife did…and the same way his sister did. In the end, Sonny will have no one to blame but himself. Anna vows to bring Sonny down one way or another. His chance to cooperate with the police and slowly starting to dry up and when that happens, she is going to make him wish he did when he had the chance. All the money, power and people he loves will be done. Anna angrily leaves the room. Sonny throws the phone towards the door after she leaves.
Next….on Port Charles
- Sam is definitely hiding something
- Alexis revokes Sonny's visitation rights with Kristina
- Mac's questions Bobbie again about the night Brandon Wexler was killed
- Bobbie turns to the one person who she feels can help her….


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Poor, clueless Alan. He has no idea what he is walking into.

Carly was phenomenal. Going after Elizabeth and Jason was great. Thats the think I love about Carly, she tells it like it is. Jason has to wake up to the fact that Sam doesn't remember their life together.

Awesome job again Ryan

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I love how you interwined Sonny and Mike's attacks into everyone else's lives.

Absolutely LOVE Carly really laying it all out for Jason (in terms of Sam and Liz). Robin, however, has a point. Jason can't be Sonny's go to guy forever; he can't put his life on hold, and live for Sonny's. Everything that is going on for Jason now is tearing him up; and at some point, he's going to really hit an all time low. I can see already that Jason is going to be fighting his battle about Sam solo.

Okay, NOW for the big question. Care to share a little hint or two as to why Robin is nauseated? I get a sneaking suspicion about that....

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STFU, Carly! She's such a bitch. Not everyone is available at the Corinthos family's beckon call. Poor Nikolas. He just kind of sits there, like, "Yeah, I know she's a bitch. What can I do?"

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Yeah a Scrubs baby...maybe!! lol. Great Episode.

Carly is an Uber bitch, but i love her for it. Its great that your not making her into a hypocrite like others have. I too was torn when it came to Jason though. He has his own life and feelings he's deal with himself. Sonny has to learn that Jason isn't a robot that does everything he says. Jason has a mind of his own, it may be damaged, but he still has it.

I like that you have given Alan/Monica/Kevin a storyline together! All three deserve to be front and center and in a real storyline.

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That's just how Carly is.....a bitch and a bitch I Love to hate! LOL loved how she went after Jason, and of course her hatred for Liz just shined throughout haha. I can't to see her reaction about Sam's secret...hehehe.....I knew Robin had a bun in the oven! I KNEW IT!

As for Anna, I want to see her take down the mob....it looks like she has her work cut out for her though, but Anna is tough as nails!

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