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Forever Tonight

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[Episode Three: "Back to Reality"]

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The late morning sunlight shines upon the town of Forrestal Falls a week after the eventful wedding of Alyson and Charles Cauldwell.


Joshua and Kaitlyn Harrison sit at the large table in the dining room waiting for the rest of the family to arrive and lunch to be served.

Kaitlyn fiddles with the napkin in her lap, anxiously looking up at her father, who is busy reading the morning's edition of the Gibson County Courier. He quickly scans the front page article detailing the merger of the Bradshaw Media Group and the Cauldwell Broadcasting Television Network which is accompanied by the pictures of Charles Cauldwell, III and Richard Bradshaw.

Despite the un-pleasantries interrupting her father often resulted in, Kaitlyn is unable to wait any longer. "Daddy?" she asks, and watches as he lowers the paper to look at her. "Um, Hayley and I really wanted to go to check out this band at The Onyx Rose this weekend. Do you think I cou—" Kaitlyn is cut off.

"Absolutely not," her father answers. Joshua then, feeling as though his words had finished the conversation, went back to his paper.

"But Daddy, all of my friends are going to be there. If I don't show up, I'm going to look like the biggest loser in school!"

"Oh don't be so dramatic, Kaitlyn, you're beginning to sound like your mother."

Acting as though she hadn't heard her husband's offensive comment, Dayna Harrison enters the Dining Room and takes her seat at the table. "What's going on?" she asks.

"I was asking Daddy if Hayley and I could go to The Onyx Rose this weekend."

"And what did your father say?"

"He said no, but, c'mon Mom! All my friends are going to be there. Please say yes."

Dayna glances at her husband out of the corner of her eye. "Actually, I'm with your father on this one. You're much too young."

"No I'm not mom; they've been promoting it for weeks, it's an all-ages night!"

Next to enter the dining room is Amy Harrison. She sits down at her place and looks to the vacant seat next to her. "Before you ask, no, I don't know where Jenna is." After placing the napkin on her lap, she notices the pout on her younger sister's face. "What's your problem?"

"My life is over!" Kaitlyn laments.

"Kaitlyn, have you already forgotten the discussion we just had?" Joshua says while staring at his paper.

Amanda ignores her father and looks back to Kaitlyn. "Why is your life over this week?"

"Sugar Rush is playing at The OR and mom and dad won't let me go! You know what this is going to do to me?"

"Actually, yeah, I do. I'm not that much older than you, Katie. High School was only two years ago," she says before looking to her parents. "Look, Drew and I are going to be there. I'll," Amy has trouble producing the words, but some how manages to continue. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but, I'll keep an eye on her if you let her go."

Dayna, unsure of how to respond, remains silent, forming a look of deliberation on her face. She breathes a sigh of relief once Joshua speaks up. "If I agree to this, Amanda, Katilyn will become your responsibility. Meaning, for any potential wrong doing she may do, you also will receive punishment for her actions. You are not to make your presence at any other site other than your intended destination and you both are to return home by no later than midnight. Furthermore, under no circumstances should either of your actions result in our family's name being reflected in an unfavorable light. Is this understood?"

Seeing the hopeful expression on Kaitlyn's face, Amy sighs and looks back to her father. "Understood."

Kaitlyn jumps from her seat. "Oh thank you!" She scurries around the table and hugs her sister while continuing to repeat the words "thank you" over and over again in a highly excited tone of voice.

"Whoa! What brought on this display of sisterly love?" Jenna Harrison enters the dining room and assumes the last empty chair at the table.


Samantha Ramsay stands making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the kitchen of the home she and her estranged husband share with their daughter. She carefully cuts the crust off the sandwich and cuts it into four sections before bringing the paper plate it sat on over to the kitchen table. "Callie, lunch time, sweetie!" she calls, her voice carrying into the other room.

A very short time after, a five year old little girl comes running into the kitchen. She pulls out her chair at the table and climbs into her booster seat. She looks down at her PB&J, picks up one of the parts, and begins to inspect it. She sighs and pulls the two slices of bread apart, separating the peanut butter side from the jelly side.

Samantha sits down in the chair next to her daughter and gives the young girl a curious look. "What's this about? I've never seen you eat your sandwich like that before."

"Because that's how Daddy eats it!" she says before taking a small bite out of the peanut butter side. "When's Daddy coming home?"

Samantha goes quiet, unsure of how to answer her daughter's question. "I'm not sure, sweetie. Why don't you finish your sandwich and you can go back to playing. Grandma's coming over after lunch."


The Onyx Rose night club is empty in the early afternoon hours except for its employees. Jake Rowland carries a stack of boxes from the storage room and places them on the bar.

Rebecca, who is sitting on a stool looking over some paperwork, looks up at him. "Thanks, Jake. I really appreciate your help this afternoon."

"No problem, Rebecca," he says as he begins to unpack the boxes and proceeds to restock the bar with their contents. "So how's things goin' with you and Robby?"

"Good, things are good. He should be here any minute, actually," she says looking down at her watch. "He's dropping off some posters promoting Sugar Rush's appearance this weekend."

"It should be a great night! And your idea to make it an all ages night was awesome. I'll make sure no one without a wristband is served alcohol. Oh, and that reminds me. I talked to my brother, and he's down for the security gig."

"Excellent! As good as an idea it may have been, I'm still very concerned about under twenty-one's coming into my bar. If one of them is caught with alcohol, I'm done."

"Well you don't gotta worry about that. My brother's got an eye like a hawk."

The club's front door opens and Robby McEwell enters carrying a box in his hands. "Special delivery!" He brings the box over and sets it on the stool next to Rebecca. She watches eagerly as he opens the box and pulls out one of the posters.

"These are awesome!" exclaims Rebecca. "Don't you think Jake?"

"Yeah, man, you did an awesome job. Saturday night is gonna be a big hit."

"You're right about that," Robby says. "Listen, I gotta get back to the studio, but I'll call you later, okay?" He kisses Rebecca on the lips before heading out.

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