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  1. [ELMWOOD APARTMENT COMPLEX: HARPER APARTMENT] Danielle Harper quietly sits at her kitchen table with a magazine opened before her. Although the Illicit Affairs article gives plenty of local gossip from the night of Sugar Rush's performance at The Onyx Rose, Danielle's eyes remain locked on her daughter's closed bedroom door. The door suddenly opens and Valerie Harper emerges from the bedroom. "Bye Mom, see you later!" Valerie calls, while quickly rushing to the door. She passes by the kitchen so quickly that she doesn't notice Danielle sitting at the table. She smirks as the front door comes into sight. "Hold it!" Her mother's voice startles Valerie, causing her to drop the stack of magazines she had been carrying. "Damn it!" she shouts as she bends down and begins to restack the magazines. Danielle has risen from her seat at the table and has now positioned herself between the crouching Valerie and the apartment's door. "I guess that's what happens when you're in a hurry. It's really too bad you were in such a rush, because you, are not going anywhere," she says, looking sternly down at her daughter. [THE ONYX ROSE] Aly Caldwell and Rebecca Wade sit at the bar eating their take out lunch. "So," Aly begins, "Sugar Rush's performance was a big hit then?" "It was our best night yet. But I was so worried something bad was going to happen. Thank God Jake's brother was here. Speaking of Jake's brother—" Rebecca is suddenly cut off. "There's nothing to talk about, nothing happened," Aly says. Rebecca looks at Aly with a look of confusion while continuing her last sentence. "—he should be here any minute to collect his pay. But never mind that, your story sounds more interesting. What exactly is it that didn't happen?" [THE EQUINOX HOTEL: RESTAURANT] Kimberly Olin sits at a table appearing to be patiently waiting for her lunch date to arrive. She looks up as she sees him approaching. She begins to stand up, but he steps over to her before she can reach her feet. "Don't get up," he says before kissing her on the cheek. He then takes the empty seat across the small round table from her. "How are you?" "I'm well, thank you. How 'bout you? Things any better with Samantha?" Ben shakes his head. "No, not since the week after the wedding." "Speaking of the wedding, are you ready to tell me what was going on between you two? I'm sure you'd rather me not speculate despite what happened being painfully obvious." "Whoa, aren't you supposed to be on my side? You're my cousin." "And I'm also a woman, Ben. Yes, you are my cousin, and I love you, but you cheated on your wife," she says slightly louder than she intended to, drawing the attention of an elderly couple seated at a table nearby. "Thanks, Kim," he says, noticing the couple. "Sorry," she says before a brief awkward silence ensues. "Look, I'm not trying to judge you. I don't know all that happened. If you'd just tell me—" "I can't tell you, Kim." "Why not?" "Because other than Sam and Callie, you're the only family I have here in town. And I can't bear to have you look at me every time you see me like you did just a minute ago." "Ben, I'll never understand unless you let me in. I won't ever condone your actions, but for all I know, Sam could have been the one to cheat first." "No," Ben says firmly. "Samantha would never cheat." "Then what happened? What drove you to sleep with another woman?" Ben sits back in his chair, sighing as he subtly shakes his head. CONTINUE--->
  2. [RAMSAY HOME: MASTER BEDROOM] Samantha Ramsay sits upon her bed with a large hatbox full of photographs in front of her. She begins to look through a stack, pausing on one of she and Benjamin at their high school prom some fifteen years ago. "Mommy?" Callie's voice calls. "I'll be right there, sweetie!" Sam says, wiping the tears from her eyes. She shoves the photos back into the box and replaces the lid. She climbs off the bed, picks up the box and places it on the floor beside the bed. She then pushes it under with her foot. Samantha then makes her way down the hall and to her daughter's room. She pushes open the door and turns on the light. "Are you okay, Callie?" "Will you read me another story, Mommy?" "You didn't like the first one?" "I already heard that one. I want a new one." Sam walks over to the bookshelf and begins to read off the titles of the books. "Mommy, a new one!" "Alright, one more story, but after that, you got to sleep, deal?" "Deal!" the little girl smiles. Sam sits down on the edge of her daughter's bed and straightens the sheets covering Callie. "Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess..." [HARRISON MANSION: FOYER] Kaitlyn Harrison stands in the foyer of her family's mansion anxiously pacing. She stops in front a mirror and inspects her appearance for what may be the thousandth time. After making some adjustments to her hair, she stomps over to the large, wooden staircase and looks up at it. "Amy! Hurry up!" "Hold on!" an annoyed voice calls down to her. Kaitlyn heavily sighs as she stomps over to the bottom of the stairs and sits upon the second to last step. She pulls her cell phone from her purse and dials a number. She glances up at the stairs behind her as she waits for her call to be answered. "Hayley? I'm just waiting for Amy and then I'll be there! But she's taking forever." Hayley Nolan's voice is heard through the telephone line. "So's my stupid brother. He's coming too." "Cade's going?" she asks, with a subtle note of excitement in her voice. "Unfortunately," Hayley responds. Amy descends the stairs and stops near the bottom where Kaitlyn is blocking the way. "Move it, let's go." Kaitlyn quickly hops of the stair and moves out of her sister's way. "Halyey? I'll see you there!" She hangs up her phone and puts it back into her purse. The door bell rings. "That's Drew," Amy begins. "Go let him in. I'm going to go tell Daddy we're leaving." Amy exits the foyer in search of her father while Kaitlyn opens the door and allows Drew to enter. "You ladies almost ready?" he asks. "Yeah, just waiting for Amy to get done talking with Daddy." A few moments later, Amy reenters the foyer with a smile on her face. "Alright, let's get out here. She walks passed both Kaitlyn and Drew and through the open front door. [THE ONYX ROSE] Rebecca Wade anxiously looks around at her empty bar. She can hear the sound of her soon-to-be customers lined up outside of the club's entrance. Inside with her are Robby McEwell, Jake Rowland, and Aly Cauldwell. Aly steps over to her friend. "Hey, relax, nothing's going to go wrong tonight." "I wish I was as confident as you," she says before excusing herself and walking over to the bar. "Jake, where is your brother? If he's not here, I don't—." "Relax, Bec, he'll be here. I can call him if you want..." The door to the back entrance suddenly slams closed and a few seconds later Lukas Rowland enters the room. "Sorry I'm late." "It's fine," a visibly nervous Rebecca responds. "Just make sure no one under the age of twenty-one gets their hands on any alcohol tonight." "You got it," Lukas says. [THE ONYX ROSE: EXTERIOR] Dozens of people have lined up outside of the building, eagerly anticipating the club's opening. Shaun Elwood and Kimberly Olin are two people among the crowd. Shaun looks down at his watch. "Should only be another couple minutes." "Excellent, I can't tell you how excited I am to actually be out on a Saturday night." "You're telling me. I've worked the last three Saturdays in a row. And the one before that, I was too tired to do anything." Kim laughs. "Aren't we pathetic?" "More like, mature, responsible people," Shaun says with a smile, and can't help but join in when she laughs. "Yeah, I didn't believe that one either. But seriously, it must be why you and I get along so well. We can both understand what it's like to have a demanding job." "I know what you mean. I think my last legitimate boyfriend was in college. I've been on dates every now and then, but nothing serious." "Then I guess it's good the two of us have started to get to know each other better. But I was just like you, before Sarah—" Shaun immediately stops talking, realizing what he had done. "Kim, I'm sorry." "It's okay, Shaun. But, let's make it a point not to try not to talk about anything that could ruin tonight for us." Both of their attentions are drawn to the entrance as Lukas unlocks the door and pushes it open. Before the first patron can enter, Rebecca steps out to address the crowd. "Before this night officially begins, I want to remind you all that tonight is an all ages night. One of many, I hope. Now before any of your think otherwise, alcohol will still be served. But please be prepared to show identification each time you step up to the bar. Each person consuming alcohol will be required to wear a wrist band, which will be handed to you at the purchase of your first drink. To those of you who are over twenty-one, should the measures I have taken fail to ensure that no alcohol is consumed by anyone under the age of twenty-one, I humbly ask that if you witness it happening, please tell one of my employees, who will put a stop to it. Well, I think I've talked enough. Everyone, please enjoy yourselves and have a fun, safe, night!" CONTINUE--->
  3. The late morning sunlight shines upon the town of Forrestal Falls a week after the eventful wedding of Alyson and Charles Cauldwell. [HARRISON MANSION: DINING ROOM] Joshua and Kaitlyn Harrison sit at the large table in the dining room waiting for the rest of the family to arrive and lunch to be served. Kaitlyn fiddles with the napkin in her lap, anxiously looking up at her father, who is busy reading the morning's edition of the Gibson County Courier. He quickly scans the front page article detailing the merger of the Bradshaw Media Group and the Cauldwell Broadcasting Television Network which is accompanied by the pictures of Charles Cauldwell, III and Richard Bradshaw. Despite the un-pleasantries interrupting her father often resulted in, Kaitlyn is unable to wait any longer. "Daddy?" she asks, and watches as he lowers the paper to look at her. "Um, Hayley and I really wanted to go to check out this band at The Onyx Rose this weekend. Do you think I cou—" Kaitlyn is cut off. "Absolutely not," her father answers. Joshua then, feeling as though his words had finished the conversation, went back to his paper. "But Daddy, all of my friends are going to be there. If I don't show up, I'm going to look like the biggest loser in school!" "Oh don't be so dramatic, Kaitlyn, you're beginning to sound like your mother." Acting as though she hadn't heard her husband's offensive comment, Dayna Harrison enters the Dining Room and takes her seat at the table. "What's going on?" she asks. "I was asking Daddy if Hayley and I could go to The Onyx Rose this weekend." "And what did your father say?" "He said no, but, c'mon Mom! All my friends are going to be there. Please say yes." Dayna glances at her husband out of the corner of her eye. "Actually, I'm with your father on this one. You're much too young." "No I'm not mom; they've been promoting it for weeks, it's an all-ages night!" Next to enter the dining room is Amy Harrison. She sits down at her place and looks to the vacant seat next to her. "Before you ask, no, I don't know where Jenna is." After placing the napkin on her lap, she notices the pout on her younger sister's face. "What's your problem?" "My life is over!" Kaitlyn laments. "Kaitlyn, have you already forgotten the discussion we just had?" Joshua says while staring at his paper. Amanda ignores her father and looks back to Kaitlyn. "Why is your life over this week?" "Sugar Rush is playing at The OR and mom and dad won't let me go! You know what this is going to do to me?" "Actually, yeah, I do. I'm not that much older than you, Katie. High School was only two years ago," she says before looking to her parents. "Look, Drew and I are going to be there. I'll," Amy has trouble producing the words, but some how manages to continue. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but, I'll keep an eye on her if you let her go." Dayna, unsure of how to respond, remains silent, forming a look of deliberation on her face. She breathes a sigh of relief once Joshua speaks up. "If I agree to this, Amanda, Katilyn will become your responsibility. Meaning, for any potential wrong doing she may do, you also will receive punishment for her actions. You are not to make your presence at any other site other than your intended destination and you both are to return home by no later than midnight. Furthermore, under no circumstances should either of your actions result in our family's name being reflected in an unfavorable light. Is this understood?" Seeing the hopeful expression on Kaitlyn's face, Amy sighs and looks back to her father. "Understood." Kaitlyn jumps from her seat. "Oh thank you!" She scurries around the table and hugs her sister while continuing to repeat the words "thank you" over and over again in a highly excited tone of voice. "Whoa! What brought on this display of sisterly love?" Jenna Harrison enters the dining room and assumes the last empty chair at the table. [RAMSAY HOME: KITCHEN] Samantha Ramsay stands making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the kitchen of the home she and her estranged husband share with their daughter. She carefully cuts the crust off the sandwich and cuts it into four sections before bringing the paper plate it sat on over to the kitchen table. "Callie, lunch time, sweetie!" she calls, her voice carrying into the other room. A very short time after, a five year old little girl comes running into the kitchen. She pulls out her chair at the table and climbs into her booster seat. She looks down at her PB&J, picks up one of the parts, and begins to inspect it. She sighs and pulls the two slices of bread apart, separating the peanut butter side from the jelly side. Samantha sits down in the chair next to her daughter and gives the young girl a curious look. "What's this about? I've never seen you eat your sandwich like that before." "Because that's how Daddy eats it!" she says before taking a small bite out of the peanut butter side. "When's Daddy coming home?" Samantha goes quiet, unsure of how to answer her daughter's question. "I'm not sure, sweetie. Why don't you finish your sandwich and you can go back to playing. Grandma's coming over after lunch." [THE ONYX ROSE] The Onyx Rose night club is empty in the early afternoon hours except for its employees. Jake Rowland carries a stack of boxes from the storage room and places them on the bar. Rebecca, who is sitting on a stool looking over some paperwork, looks up at him. "Thanks, Jake. I really appreciate your help this afternoon." "No problem, Rebecca," he says as he begins to unpack the boxes and proceeds to restock the bar with their contents. "So how's things goin' with you and Robby?" "Good, things are good. He should be here any minute, actually," she says looking down at her watch. "He's dropping off some posters promoting Sugar Rush's appearance this weekend." "It should be a great night! And your idea to make it an all ages night was awesome. I'll make sure no one without a wristband is served alcohol. Oh, and that reminds me. I talked to my brother, and he's down for the security gig." "Excellent! As good as an idea it may have been, I'm still very concerned about under twenty-one's coming into my bar. If one of them is caught with alcohol, I'm done." "Well you don't gotta worry about that. My brother's got an eye like a hawk." The club's front door opens and Robby McEwell enters carrying a box in his hands. "Special delivery!" He brings the box over and sets it on the stool next to Rebecca. She watches eagerly as he opens the box and pulls out one of the posters. "These are awesome!" exclaims Rebecca. "Don't you think Jake?" "Yeah, man, you did an awesome job. Saturday night is gonna be a big hit." "You're right about that," Robby says. "Listen, I gotta get back to the studio, but I'll call you later, okay?" He kisses Rebecca on the lips before heading out. CONTINUE--->
  4. [THE EQUINOX HOTEL: BALLROOM] All of the guests have found their seats around the very large round tables spread sporadically about the room. The lights have been dimmed and a large spotlight shines upon the DJ hired for the event. He speaks into the microphone clutched in his hand. "Thank you everyone for joining us here tonight. Before we proceed any further, allow me to introduce to you, your hosts for this evening. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the bride's father, Mister Richard Bradshaw!" A second spotlight suddenly comes alive and shines upon the large wooden double doors that are the entrance. Both doors are simultaneously opened and Richard steps into the ballroom. He is greeted with applause as he makes his way through the room and to his table. The DJ again begins to speak. "May I now introduce to you, the best man, Robby McEwell and the very beautiful maid of honor, Rebecca Wade!" The guests continue to clap as Robby and Rebecca enter the ballroom arm-in-arm. Robby escorts Rebecca to the head table. For the final time, the DJ calls for attention. "And now, it is my honor, to introduce to you, for the first time, Mister and Missis Charles and Alyson Cauldwell!" The bride and groom enter the ballroom to the loudest applause yet, as many guests rise to their feet to give the couple a standing ovation. Dozens of camera flashes blind the couple as they make their way to the head table and join Robby and Rebecca. The guests finally take their seats as Robby taps a spoon against his water glass. "On behalf of the bride and groom, I'd like to thank all of you for being here with us tonight to celebrate the love these two share. For those of you who do not know me, my name is Robby. When Charlie first introduced me to Aly, I honestly asked myself 'What is a girl like her, doing with a guy like him?' and to tell you the truth, I'm still asking myself that right now, here tonight." Robby pauses as the guests laugh. "In all seriousness, I've known Charlie for a couple years now, and I owe more to him than anyone knows. For one, had it not been for him meeting Aly, it's unlikely I'd be standing before you all today as the happy man that I am. You see, it's highly unlikely I'd come to know the maid of honor, had it not been for Charlie and Aly's relationship. And as it is now, I can barely remember my life before Rebecca. For that alone, I owe the two of them everything. But, Charlie and Aly are much more than excellent match makers. They are two people who share an undeniable bond that goes beyond the simple word 'love'. When I see the two of them together, I can only hope that one day, I will share that kind of connection with the woman I love. It has been my supreme honor to stand up in this wedding tonight, and I hope the both of you will return the favor when I myself one day, marry the woman of my dreams." Robby looks at Rebecca as he raises his glass into the air. The guests raise their drinks into the air as well. "To Charles and Alyson: may your lives together be filled with immense love, adoration, and happiness." Robby and the rest of the guests take a sip of their champagne. "Well, I don't know about the rest of you," Robby says, "but I'm starving. Let's eat, shall we?" Robby takes a seat just as several waiters emerge form the kitchen carrying large trays of food. They then begin serving the guests. Aly leans closer to Rebecca, who is seated at her right and says, "By the sounds of that speech, I wonder how long it will be until we're back here for your wedding." "Oh, now you're just being silly. We only met a few months ago, and been together for less time than that. Robby was just being Robby. He tends to get a little over excited about things." "Sounds like you know Robby a bit more than you're willing to admit if you're able to make an analysis like that," she says as the waiters reach their table and begin to place plates of food before them. [EDDIE'S TAVERN] Jake and Lukas Roland sit at the bar, having a quiet conversation with one another. Lukas takes another sip of his beer before setting the mug back on the bar. "Woman of your dream's huh? What's she do?" "I don't know," Jake responds. "Okay, where's she from?" "Couldn't tell you." "Right, and what's her name?" "Not a clue." "Jake, I'm beginning to think we aren't discussing a real woman." "What? Of course she's real. I met her in the park earlier today." "Really..." "Yeah, really. What's that supposed to mean?" "Nothing. Just wondering how you know that she's the woman of your dreams, but nothing about her." [AVERY AUTOMOTIVE: AJAY'S OFFICE] Ajay and Jenna have moved from the main garage and now sit facing each other on the black, leather couch that lines one of the walls in Ajay's small office. A cluttered desk, as well as several steel filing cabinets also fills the room. "Are you mad?" Jenna asks. "I'm frustrated, Jenna, not mad, just frustrated," he sighs. "But I don't want to keep having this same conversation either." Ajay suddenly goes quiet. "Baby, what's wrong?" "I- I didn't realize how hard this was going to be." He pauses again. "Ajay, what's going on?" "Jenna, we can't keep doing this. First it's the press, now it's your father, what next? I want to be with you, but not like this." He gets up from the couch and turns to face her. "You need to choose, and you need to choose now. Either you allow me to be a part of your life outside of these walls, of I walk out of it forever." [THE EQUINOX HOTEL: HOTEL CORRIDOR] The sound of high-heeled shoes stepping across the tiled-floor fills the otherwise silent hallway as the woman in black advances towards the hotel's ballroom. She reaches the large double doors which have since been closed and pushes through one of them. Many of the guests inside quickly turn in the direction of the disturbance caused by the woman's abrupt arrival. The loud chattering turns into a quiet murmuring of voices as the guests comment to one another about the woman in all black. The woman lifts her head, so that for the first time, the large brimmed hat atop her head no longer obstructs the view of her face. Charlie begins to slowly rise out of his seat. "Oh my God." Aly leaps to her own feet and places a hand on his shoulder, "Charlie, what's going on? Do you know her?" The woman lifts the hat off her head, revealing her dark brunette tresses pinned behind her head. "Oh darling, don't tell me that you haven't yet told your new wife of your dear mother." "Mother?" Aly quietly asks her husband. "You've done well for yourself, Charles," the woman says. "She looks to be much of an improvement over the last few strumpets you've disgraced our family's name with." Rebecca rises to join the couple on their feet and asks, "Did she just say 'strumpet'?" "Yes dear, I did," the woman begins. "By the looks of you, it should be a term you are quite familiar with." Robby angrily gets up from his chair and opens his mouth to speak. "Not a word, Robert!" the woman calls. Richard slams his hand down on his table. "I demand to know what is going on here," he says while rising to his feet and looking at the woman. "Who are you?" In a defeated tone of voice, Charlie answers instead. "Her name is Victoria Cauldwell, and she is my mother." CONTINUE--->
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