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Found 15 results

  1. This Week: Their Son is Back! Shayne is back in Springfield. But is this a sign for Josh and Reva? What is Shayne hiding? There Daughter is missing! Maureen's life is on the line! Will she see her next birthday? Stick with Finding The Light to see what comes next!
  2. This Week!: The Daughter That Almost Was! They tried to keep her but she was ripped out of they're arms. Now could they get her back?! And if so will Baby Sydney reunite Gus and Harley? The Daughter That Might Not Be! Rick and Beth are happy with they're baby! But now Alan isn't giving up! Is he the father!?! What does this mean for Beth and Rick? Stick with Finding The Light to see what happens next!
  3. Premiering: 5.25.07
  4. ANNOUNCER: A thunderstorm blows into Springfield... Olivia: I'm scared. Phillip: You don't have any reason to be, I'm right here. ANNOUNCER: Their lives are about to change... Gus: Why did you lie to me? Why? Alexandra: I didn't have a choice. But I did it on my terms! Ross: Blake, will you marry me? Lucy: Frankie you have to let her grow up or you could lose Marina for good. Is that what you want? Josh: Do you love Danny? ANNOUNCER: Shayne admits his secret... Shayne: I'm gay. ANNOUNCER: But to who? And one moment that will shock you... Holly: You and I are over! I don't need to be save anymore... Ed: HOLLY!! Don't do this again...Holly! ANNOUNCER: This week on "The Guiding Light"
  5. ANNOUNCER: IF YOU'VE NEVER READ THE GUIDING LIGHT...NOW...IS...THE...TIME ANNOUNCER: LIZZIE BEGINS A DANGEROUS GAME... Lizzie: Braxton do something big...come to Springfield. Braxton: My internship is here in Oakdale. Lizzie: Trust me. Do you trust me? ANNOUNCER: SHAYNE HAS A SECRET AND HE KNOWS... Alan-Michael: Can you imagine the headlines? Reva Shayne Lewis' Gay Son... Shayne: Go to hell! ANNOUNCER: AND THE MOMENT...THAT CHANGES HER LIFE...FOREVER... Holly: What are you doing here? Woman: Something has happened... Holly: Oh my God! ANNOUNCER: DON'T MISS A MOMENT...THE GUIDING LIGHT
  6. Josh

    Updated Opening

    The opening of "THE GUIDING LIGHT" has been updated. We don't want to be like on-air soaps and have our opening featuring actors who have departed the series. CHANGES MADE: - Ben Hogestyn as Shayne IN - David Tom as Shayne OUT - Bethany Joy Lenz as Michelle IN - Christie Clark as Michelle OUT - Peter Simon (ED) ADDED - Yvonna Wright (Mel) & Michael O'Leary (Rick) ADDED Check it out! THE GUIDING LIGHT Opening
  7. This week on THE LIGHT... ANNOUNCER: The Bauer family remember... ANNOUNCER: Their Beloved Maureen... Ed: I've never stopped loving you Maureen. Holly: She would have forgiven you, eventually. Ed: (Crying) I guess we'll never know. ANNOUNCER: Her loved ones pay their respects all over again... (Clips of Lillian, Holly, Rick & Alan-Michael with Lucy) ANNOUNCER: And two returns will send Michelle's world into a tailspin... Michelle: Times like this is when I miss her the most. ANNOUNCER: Be with us as we go IN the LIGHT and remember Maureen Bauer... January 11th Only on SONBC Daytime!
  8. This week on THE LIGHT... ANNOUNCER: What happens in Vegas... Beth: Phillip marry me! We'll go to Vegas... ANNOUNCER: Doesn't always stay in Vegas... Beth: This is a fresh start Phillip, for us! No secrets, promise me... ANNOUNCER: It could be a whole new beginning, if he tells her EVERYTHING... Phillip: I promise Beth...no secrets! ~AND~ ANNOUNCER: One woman heads towards Springfield... Flight Attendant: Enjoy your flight ma'am! Sandra: Thank you, thank you very much. ANNOUNCER: Pamela Reed joins "THE LIGHT" cast... Only on SONBC Daytime!
  9. After extensive trial and errors, "THE LIGHT" has produced its very first opening credits which is set to the current GL theme song. The opening will precede each episode of "TL" below is two screencaps of the current opening theme. "THE LIGHT Opening Theme
  10. This week on THE LIGHT... ANNOUNCER: Olivia confronted Beth with the truth... Olivia: When are you going to wake up from this dream... ANNOUNCER: But Beth is keeping something from everyone... Beth: I think you should go Olivia... ANNOUNCER: Everything changes for Beth...in the blink of an eye... Beth: PHILLIP!!! Only on SONBC Daytime!
  11. This week on THE LIGHT... ANNOUNCER: She stole her mother's lover... Blake (to Ross): I love you Ross Marler... ANNOUNCER: Now could Holly be looking for payback... Blake: Something is going on with them Cassie...and I'm going to find out exactly what it is. ANNOUNCER: Ross and Holly should watch their backs...Roger's little girl is looking for answers... Blake: Harley tells me you're the best...here's hoping... ANNOUNCER: The answers...will destroy lives... Blake: Do you have what I asked for? ~AND~ ANNOUNCER: The truth is on the verge of exploding... Gus: I used to know who I was. I used to belong, but not anymore... ANNOUNCER:...the answers Gus is looking for... Gus: Please Vera, tell me what you know. ANNOUNCER:...are closer than he thought... Alexandra: I'll tell you the truth. Only on SONBC Daytime!
  12. ANNOUNCER: This week on "THE LIGHT"....Tony's Death Rocks SPRINGFIELD... ANNOUNCER: The love of his life returns home... Marah: "I blame you for this...I blame you for most of the bad things that have happened in my life." Josh: "That's enough Marah." ANNOUNCER: And leaves her family divided on Thanksgiving...as one hostess sets a plan into motion Woman: "Welcome everyone, let's have dinner, shall we." - AND - ANNOUNCER: Will Marina spoil the Cooper's Thanksgiving... Marina: "You deserve to know the truth." Gus: "The truth about what?" ANNOUNCER: This week on "THE LIGHT"...
  13. You and yours are hereby cordially invited to attend Thanksgiving dinner with the families of Springfield. The Lewis Family at The Beacon Hotel Hostesses: Mrs. Reva Shayne Lewis & Ms. Cassandra Layne Winslow The Cooper Family at Company Hostess: Ms. Harley Davidson Cooper The Bauer/Marler Family at the Bauer Home Hostesses: Ms. Holly Reade & Ms. Michelle Bauer Santos The Spaulding Family at Towers Hostesses: Anonymous Dinner will be served promptly beginning at Seven o’clock on the 22nd day of November, two-thousand and six.
  14. ANNOUNCER: This week on "THE LIGHT"....It's a November to Remember... ANNOUNCER: A family addiction...Prepares to claim another victim Rick: "Whiskey." ANNOUNCER: Until a friend steps in... Mindy: "Michelle, it's Mindy Lewis...we've got a problem." ANNOUNCER: Plus...The search for the truth has brought him here...Now Gus prepares for the outcome... Gus: "It's now or never..." -AND- Reva: "I'm done living like this Joshua...it ends tonight." ANNOUNCER: The moment you've been waiting for...Reva's STALKER ... IS ... REVEALED, but at what cost?" Joshua: "REVA!!" ANNOUNCER: This week on "THE LIGHT"...
  15. ANNOUNCER: It's a November to Remember on "The Light"… (Lizzie peeks into the Spaulding study...) ANNOUNCER: The spoiled rich girl is back in town... (Lizzie at Towers sees Phillip & Beth) ANNOUNCER: Now it's up to her to restore the family she loves! Lizzie: You've got to help and if you do...you'll be amply rewarded. -AND- ANNOUNCER: She took back her empire and now she must fight for it again! Alexandra: We will now vote on who should be the new CEO of Spaulding Enterprises. ANNOUNCER: This week on 'The Light'
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