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The Blog is looking to bump up it's hunk-o-meter by two notches!

Casting Call #1: A casting call has gone out for a brooding, painfully sexy dirty blonde male in his late twenties. He is heroic, has chiseled good looks, looks devilish, but has a heart of gold. The actor's sexiness must only be matched the actor's talent to perform. The character will be one of the most important characters in DAYS/BLOG history, and he will change the course of the show forever. He MUST be in his mid to late twenties...or be able to play that age. He is tentatively being called "Aidan." Prototype: Chad Michael Murray.

Casting Call #2: A second casting call has gone out for an outgoing, brunette young man in his late teens. The character, who is tentatively being called "Oscar," is a straight-acting jock, who will be a Freshman at Salem U this year. He is being brought on as a love interest for Will so he must be able to scorch up the screen with Taylor Handley. Prototype: Jesse Metcalfe

The blog is looking to its fans to cast these roles! The blog will take four choices from the fans for each role with a fifth selection made by the blog and allow voting for a three day period. After three days, the blog will narrow down the role to three actors and allow voting once again!

For the first time ever, fans will be able to cast two very crucial roles on the blog! The only stipulation is the actors must be typical soap or t.v. actors! Movie stars will not be allowed.

Please reply to this thread with your suggestions for each role!


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1) Marty West (ex-Shayne, GL)

2) "Van" off the TV show Reba OR Agim Kaba OR Jake Silbermann ("Noah", ATWT)

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How bout re-casting Will too. Taylor Handley looks way too old to be the son of Ali Sweeney(Sami). Also how about bringing back Michael T. Weiss as Mike Horton, instead of Roark Critchlow, who's too young to play the father of Tom Pelphry(Jeremy) IMHO.

(1) Marty West (ex-Shayne, GL) or Scott Clifton (soon to be ex-Dillon, GH)

(2) ??

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Hey Mike, how about this:

1) Cam Giganet (ex-Kevin, The O.C.) - He was born in 82 and can pull off the role.

Michael Cassidey (ex-Zach, The O.C.)

Matt Barr (ex-Derek, One Tree Hill)

Ryan Carnes (ex-Lucas, General Hospital)

2) Jason Dohring (ex-Logan, Veronica Mars) - Can play late teens, did so on VM

Teddy Dunn (ex-Duncan, Veronica Mars) - Can play late teens, did so on VM

Drew Fuller (ex-Chris/Wyatt, Charmed) - Even though he's 26, he can play MUCH younger

Drew Tyler Bell (former B&B actor)

Jonathan Bennett (ex-JR, AMC)

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