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Episode #164 - Thursday, May 17th, 2007:

  • Everyone stands in shock as they stare at Jennifer Rose Horton who is alive and well and standing in the back of the church.
  • A weak Billie falls into Jack’s arms. He helps her up. Abby runs into Jennifer’s arms. “Oh, baby girl. I’ve missed you so much.”...Jennifer says.
  • Jack approaches Jen and touches her face and her hair. He cannot believe what is in front of him right now. “Jen?”...Jack asks with tears in his eyes. “It’s me, Jack. It’s me.”...Jennifer replies, crying.
  • Kate screams out this could be some Dimera trick! Kate asks everyone to remember a few springs ago when Tony had an imposter Jennifer fool even Jack! Kate says the real Jen could still be dead. Jennifer is shocked to hear that everyone thought she was dead. Jennifer explains to Jack, Abby, and Billie that she had a breakdown that left her in a catatonic state. Laura steps forward. Laura says the Dimera’s are not involved here.
  • Peter's breath is taken away at the sight of Jennifer.
  • Laura explains to everyone that she made up the story about Laura dying in the car crash because the doctors told her Jennifer would never come out of her catatonic state. Laura says she never wanted Jack, Abby, and Jack Jr. to live through what Bill, Mike, and Jennifer lived through when Laura was in her catatonia.
  • Jennifer is appalled to hear her mother faked her death. Laura says she thought it was best for everyone. Jack and Abby say they forgive her.
  • Kate pulls Laura aside and calls her a crazy, lying bitch! Kate vows revenge on Laura telling her she is ruining Billie’s happiness! Kate informs Laura Billie is dying of cancer and needs a little stability, happiness, and hope in her life right now! Kate tells Laura there is a cold place in hell waiting for her. Their feud is renewed.
  • Austin, Georgia, Kate, and Lucas comfort Billie. Jack makes eyes at Billie, but he cannot get close enough to talk to her.
  • Laura calls Mike and tells him to return to town.
  • Jennifer is shocked to see Peter at the wedding! Jack explains that Peter is out of jail...and dating Sami Brady!
  • Lucas feels torn because he wants to comfort Billie, but he has a touching reunion with his other sister, Jennifer.
  • Likewise, Austin wants to be with his sister, but he cannot help but have a touching reunion with his best friend, Jennifer.
  • Jennifer has a very emotional reunion with Jack Jr. and Alice.
  • Jennifer and Jack end up alone after a few hours of reunions. Billie enters. The three stand in awkwardness. Jennifer tells them she needs the two of them to be honest with her...and explain what she came home to today. Billie and Jen both have tears in their eyes. Jack is speechless for the first time in his life. Jennifer explains she does not want to hurt Billie. Billie replies, through tears, that she doesn’t want to hurt her either. Jack begins to tear up at the sight of his two loves, crying.


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