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Episode #165 - Friday, May 18th, 2007:

  • Abby and Jennifer have a reunion during which Abby tells Jennifer about how she inherited the mental illness of the family. Abby shows Jen her cutting scars.
  • Evil Maggie realizes Billie does not know the truth and that there is no reason to kill her.
  • Greta and Eric realize they need to tell Frankie the truth about their sleeping together.
  • A teary Eric opens up to his uncle Frankie…little does Frankie know they are tears of guilt over sleeping with his wife.
  • Jennifer breaks down at the sight of Abby’s cuts and scars. The two bond. They are joined by Laura. Laura and Jennifer vow to get Abby the help she needs.
  • Max realizes the only way to truly help Abby is to figure out who the Fury is once and for all so she can get closure.
  • Jack and Billie wonder what is next for them. Jack realizes he has a huge decision on his hands.
  • Jan vows revenge on the Fury. She holds her gun in her hands. She clutches its cold steel close. She flashes back to all of the memories she has of her mother. She then says since the Fury took her mother’s life…she is going to take the Fury’s life.
  • Eric asks Frankie if they can forgive each other and get a fresh start. Frankie agrees.
  • Andy and Addie work to expose the Fury, but Andy kept help but be intrigued by the mystery surrounding her.
  • Frankie fiddles with the envelope containing the pictures of Greta and Eric sleeping together.
  • Miguel warns Sarah if she double crosses him and tries to bring Melissa and Frankie together then he will kill her. In a creepy scene, Miguel forces Sarah up against a wall and forces a gun to her head. He then kisses his ex-mistress while holding the gun to her head. Miguel leaves a traumatized Sarah against the wall, crying.
  • Austin and Carrie are blissfully happy. They are both so happy to be done with Sami and all of her tricks. Carrie tells Austin she feels like she has some closure now that she exposed Peter to Sami.
  • Sarah realizes she cannot let Frankie see those pictures. She sets off to find them.
  • Melissa finds Greta crying. Melissa is shocked when Greta blurts out that Frankie may be better off with Melissa! Greta tells Melissa they better go meet Frankie…because she has something to tell him.
  • Austin and Carrie’s happiness is short live when she comes face to face with Mike Horton (Roark Critchlow returns!)! Mike explains he is in town because he heard about Jennifer being back…and alive! Carrie and Mike are happy to see each other. Carrie explains to Austin that she and Mike found closure the last time they are in Salem…and Carrie is happy to report she has shed all of her romantic feelings for Mike – and she means it!
  • Austin and Carrie have a romantic day in the park, basking in their bliss with baby Roman.
  • Melissa and Greta bump into Eric who is leaving Frankie’s. Greta tells Eric he should come inside with them…it’s time to tell Frankie the truth. Melissa is confused.
  • Sarah races to stop Frankie from opening the envelope of Eric/Greta pictures she sent him.
  • Frankie fiddles with the envelope some more.
  • Miguel races after Sarah…and bumps into Carrie! He is taken aback by her beauty. They begin chatting. Carrie and Miguel run into Austin. Austin’s face drops. Carrie introduces them. By the look of terror and recognition on Austin’s face…Miguel and Austin have a chilling connection to one another!
  • Sarah arrives to see her sister, Melissa, entering Frankie’s house with Eric and Greta. She enters with them. Sarah looks in horror as they see Frankie…holding the pictures of Eric and Greta making love in his hands. Sarah is horrified. Eric and Greta are shocked when they see what the pictures are of. Frankie looks up in anger. He is devastated. *FREEZE FRAME.*

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