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Baby It's Cold Outside



I have always said that I preferred being cold than hot, but my goodness, this is unbearable. Living near (damn near on) the beach is fun, but not when it's cold. The wind chill factor here was like 14 degrees. That's nothing compared to when I was in PA and the wind chill was 5-10 below zero, but still. For NY/NJ to have a pretty moderate winter last year, this is the complete opposite. I wish it would already go ahead and snow. We know it's coming, we just don't know exactly when.

Oh, and on top of that, the heat is out at work. And because of where my office is located (on a pier above the beach), it's even colder. I'm freezing my ass of now. I would have just driven down to city hall, but my roomates have my car and to catch the Jitney would mean I'd have to walk two blocks up, and wait a few minutes in the cold. Uh uh, don't don't think so. So I'm trying to wait it out until I can go hom and warm up. Then I'm taking my car and going shopping, should my roomates ever decide to give me my damn car back. Speaking of that, I lent them my car like Tuesday. It's Friday....shouldn't I have my keys back by now?

I saw Ashlee Simpson in concert last Saturday. She was pretty good. The show was better than her first tour here. While I did enjoy that, I enjoyed this one better. I didn't find her voice annoying and she really connects with her fans onstage. Good stuff Ashlee! Gotta go get my jacket. I guess I'll post another entry later.



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