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Pissed off, very pissed off



Enter The...oh the hell with it.

I'm not gonna rant for long. I'll make this short and sweet. All of my plans for this week of been ruined. I was supposed to go down to Super Soap Weekend and enjoy myself. But no, Ryan can't be happy for too long can he? God damn it, my job decided today to exercise my "on call" clause in my contract due to me being the interim office administrator. Dude, I'm a freakin Executive Assistant, I don't want to run the office. The funny thing is though, tomorrow is a holiday for my job, but because the building I work in will be open, they have the ability to call me in. On the flip side, if I do go in, I get double the pay and I get to make up this holiday day at a later date. I'll probably add it to my Winter Vacation. Anyways, that's it.

Chandler Out and Pissed The Hell Off!


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