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Episode 40







****Be sure to click on everything that's underlined throughout today's special episode.

(EXT: The Capwell Mansion)

----The camera settles on Kelly tossing & turning on the living room couch, mumbling something about Cruz. She tosses and turns as the camera closes in on her face and enters her mind.


"I'm sorry Kell. Someday you'll understand. She's my daughter I've got to protect her. You need to let me go."


"I'm sorry Kell, I can't. Even though I'm telling you this has everything to do with BJ, the truth is Eden is alive and I'm going to find her. I'm sorry that I made up this whole story of having a daughter, and an ex from high school who doesn't even know Santana. Truth is I'm going to find Eden, and you were nothing more than a poor substitute. Anyway, just tell em the cockamamie story about me killing Frank Goodman. Yeah, I've only known the guy 5 minutes and everyone knows I don't just go around killing people, but so what? I'm sure someone will buy it....."

Cruz stops to look at a destroyed Kelly. Kelly leans in, thinking he's going to give her one last kiss. She is stunned when instead, he takes the last puff of his cigarette and puts it out with his shoe, all the while staring at her. Cruz turns around and boards the plane.

"CRUZ NOOOOOOO!!!! WHY CRUZ? WHYYYYYYYYYY!??!?" Kelly says, doing her best Nancy Kerrigan impression. "WHYYYYYYYYY!!??!??"

Kelly collapses on the airport runway.

RealKelly (CG) is shown approaching the scene, looking at ED's Kelly sobbing and broken.

"What is this? What the hell is THIS? Why is Cruz calling her Kelly? What's going on? Could someone please explain?"

"I can" a familiar voice says in the background.

"Who is that?"

"Kelly Capwell, WELCOME to the latest of edition of What Could Have Been Your Life. I'm the host of What Could Have Been Your Life, KEITH TIMMONS!!!!! (surprise!!!)"

"Keith, what are you doing here? And why do you look like that?"

"I could ask you the same question, considering the scene we just saw. Doesn't even look like you!"

"That's because it wasn't me!"

"Hey, that's how I felt when I saw myself kissing Elizabeth Wayne last week, but it was most definitely me."

"But that makes sense at least. This" She point's to ED's Kelly, collapsed on the runway "THIS makes no sense!!!"

"Let's face it Kel, you haven't always been the brightest bulb or made the wisest decisions, so this would be just as fitting."

"I'd never go after Cruz. He's the love of my sister's life for crying out loud!"

"Well, looking like that, I see why he left ya on that runway, that's for sure. Seriously, Kell, how long had it been since you had a shampoo? " He scrutinizes ED's Kelly ".....or your roots done! Or your eyebrows plucked! Good lord, are those clothes made out of polyester? I don't see what Zorro saw in you in the first place. But if you think that's strange, you ain't seen nothing yet."

Keith snaps his fingers and he and Kelly re-appear in the Capwell kitchen, where her father is sitting reading his paper.

"Daddy never eats in the kitchen- he always has his breakfast at the dining room table. Now I KNOW something's off....."

Kelly stops dead in her tracks when she sees SANTANA dressed in an extremely ethnic looking dress, black and cut off the shoulders, full of white, black, and red ruffles, complete with a white flower in her hair. She wears a bright red boa to cap it off.

"LA COOKA RATCHA, LA COOKA RATCHA" she sings as she whips her boa around, eventually sitting on CC's lap, wrapping the red boa around his neck as she plants a kiss on him.

"Who is that?" Kelly asks

"THAT, believe it or not, is Santana Andrade. She's a knockout, no?"

"Santana has never looked like THAT and would never parade around my father, singing in that ridiculous get-up"

"Hey, it's your dream. Makes me wonder about how you see yourself Kell. I mean, when you think about, you dreamt yourself up as a dog, yet you've made Santana one hot senorita. Compared to her.....well, in this dream there is no comparison...."

They look back up as CC & Santana come apart from their kiss.

"Santana, I'm so glad you've come back. Even though you were once married to my son-in-law, had an affair with what I thought was my son, and bore my "grandson" Brandon, there's just something about you I cannot resist."

"Ahh, CC, gracias. I love you very much. If Sophia can have her boy-toy, you can have your mamisita, am I right or what?"

"Right you are. That's why I'm giving you this ring.....Will you marry me?"

"Well, since I am pregnant with your child and all...of course I will!"

"PREGNANT? With daddy's baby?"

Kelly turns and sees Rosa entering the room. Rosa congratulates Santana on finally trapping CC into marriage. Santana begins to argue with her mother and is stunned when Rosa takes a puff of a cigarette, and puts it out on the floor of the Capwell kitchen with her foot.

"Rosa approves of this? And mama...with a boy-toy? She CAN'T be talking about TJ Daniels......"

"No, not TJ"

"Well then who?"

Keith snaps his fingers and they end up in Ken Mathis's apartment. Kelly is stunned when she sees THIS SITE!!!!

"Where are my pills Ken? Where are my pills? I NEED the pills!"

"Now wait just a minute, haven't you already taken 5 today?"

"That's beside the point- I'm comin down and if you let that happen.....well, I won't be held accountable for what's gonna happen...."

"Alright, alright. Sit tight my dear, there you go."

Sophia takes the pill and drinks down her glass of water.

"Thank you, thank you so much. And, to show my appreciation....."

Sophia rips off Ken's shirt and he flexes. He picks her up, wrapping her legs around him, and takes her to bed.

"This is sick, Keith, even for you......"

"Hey, it's your dream. If anyone's sick, it's you...."

They turn and see Ken and Sophia basking in the aftermath.

"That was quite a workout."

"Anything to keep my youth. You know how vein and superficial I am."

"Yes and I appeal to both of those qualities, don't I?"

"That you do!" Sophia goes to kiss him, then turns and looks at Kelly and Keith. She reaches to the nightstand and picks up a lit cigarette, takes a puff and stands up, putting it out on the floor.

"Mama's not vein- she's the most down-to-earth woman I know. And WHY is everybody SMOKING?"

Keith snaps his fingers, and they are taken to a High School Reunion.

"What's this?"

"Cruz's 20th High School reunion."

Keith points to Cruz, who's standing with REESE and JODIE Walker. Kelly once again sees her 'ugly self' there with Cruz. She then watches as Jodie pulls Cruz aside and shows him photos of BJ. Cruz remarks that she doesn't look anything like Reese.

"That's because she isn't Reese's daughter- she's yours Cruz. She's your flesh & blood."

RealKelly looks at Keith. "Is this for real?"

"Looks that way, no?"

"But if this is Cruz's High School Reunion, then where the heck is Santana? Weren't they high-school sweethearts?"

"I thought so too..."

They hear an awful noise and look back on at the scene as Jodie wails.

"Reese can never know Cruz. But I loved you back then- you were my ideal man. I would've given up everything to be with you but I didn't. I settled for Reese, the hunky football player. I kept thinking that he was going to start beating me some day, but that never came to pass I guess. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that you have a daughter......sort of . She's kind of pretending she's a boy right now.... Don't Ask....."

"Who IS this woman?" Kelly asks. "She can't be real. Noone could possibly be that dull. And are ALL of those tears really necessary?"

"She thought so. Hey, listen, that woman, Jodie Walker, she's a real big deal. She's driven her car off a broken bridge, she's been Amish, she's been cloned, she's the first known woman who received the miracle cure for Breast Cancer. You may not think she's all that, but somebody up there (Keith points up and the camera pans to the producers' booth) obviously liked her."

"I think I've had about enough...."

"But wait....we haven't gotten to the best part.....the grand finale of all of this....."

Keith snaps his fingers and they are taken to a beautiful wedding scene, where couples are dancing, including CC & Sophia.

"Now THIS makes sense....."

"Just wait....."

The camera pans up to the GROOM and.......................


"Who are those guys? My parents attended a gay wedding?"

Warren (Jack Wagner) stops everyone and begins a speech. He thanks BJ Walker for bringing his homosexuality to light, having posed as a boy when she came to town. Though he originally intended to marry her, he states that he realized that he was just re-directing his true feelings for Sawyer onto her. He asks rhetorically what it is her initials stand for?

"BLOW JOB!!!" Keith shouts out.

Kelly laughs. "Every now & then, you are good for a chuckle Keith..."

Warren takes Sawyer in his arms and kisses him. He then reaches toward the table, takes a puff of his cigarette, and puts it out with his shoe.

"Warren's gay?"

"I know, I couldn't believe it myself. But if that's not weird enough......look at Gina....."

Gina dances with Lionel. She has a laugh at Augusta's expense, saying what a fool she was to get committed to an insane asylum leaving Lionel to be a bachelor once more. Lionel smiles and claims he always knew Augusta was eccentric. Gina says that's obviously just rich talk for crazy. She kisses Lionel and is stunned by what she sees when she opens her eyes.

"You listen to me Gina Blake and you listen good. In fact, ALL of you are going to LISTEN to ME!!!!" Augusta says, wielding a double barreled shotgun. "I was hitting on my sister's rapist- you don't think that's CRAZY?!? YOU've all wronged me, each and every one of you. Warren- how could you? First, you date a 19 year old victim of child molestation!?!? Anybody else see something WRONG with that picture? If that's not enough, you end up marrying her brother? That's not the son I raised. And you, Sophia, hooked on pills? Sleeping with men 1/2 your age? Actually......sounds about right to me. And Santana- Good God woman, we get it, YOU'RE A PROUD MEXICAN WOMAN. You think you could tone it down a little? And Mason and Julia......where is my sister and her husband?"

Jodie points to the walls and Augusta is stunned that the wallpaper has THIS DESIGN!!!!

"Wow, Mason looks fantastic. I've never cared much for him but he looks like something right out of 'Dynasty'! Anyway....to continue.....and Kelly.........sleeping with your brother-in-law? That's just sick. And why do you look so OLD? I guess after 3 marriages, it should show a little on the face, but this is ridiculous! Seriously- Get a facial because that has to be the oiliest skin I've ever seen. Oh and the Walkers.....Jodie, Reese, BlowJob, SOY-YOURatotalbore.......I mean, really, how anyone could possibly find you people more interesting than the colorful Lockridge clan is beyond me. But, someone did and because of that, I take great pleasure in what I'm about to do......"

Augusta aims her gun and blows them away, one by one. She then points her gun at Santana, blowing her away, followed by Ken Mathis, Dr. Skylar Gates, Connor McCabe, Aurora DiAngelis, Micah DiAngelis, and "Andie". After the smoke settles, Augusta is seen taking a puff of her cigarette, then throwing it to the ground and putting it out with her shoe.

"Oh, and don't think I've forgotten about you Kelly. Or your eyebrows. I've saved the best for last. This is for MARLENA, a good friend of Cruz & Eden's. This is for Nancy and Wendy and Shannon and Teri and Roman and Tishy and Junior and Na'Vell and Melissa and Carol and Andrea and Laken and Jim and Nicholas and Ingrid and everybody else who ever gave a damn about this town and the people in it."

Augusta moves her gun to the right, first shooting a picture of Pamela K. Long, then shooting one of Paul Rauch, and lastly, shooting a portrait of Susan Lee. She finally takes aim at Kelly (ED).

"Say good-bye, Kelly Capwell"

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Kelly shrieks as she wakes up on the Capwell sofa. Rosa, Santana, and CC come rushing in.

"Kelly, Kelly what is it?" CC asks.

"It was awful. I was so ugly and I was in love with Cruz and I wasn't a real blonde. And Santana- you were singing "La Cuka Ratcha" and dancing all over my father. Mama was popping pills and sleeping with a man 1/2 her age. Warren was gay, Augusta had been committed, Cruz had a long-lost daughter and daddy, I kid you not, she was a member of the most boring family I've ever seen, especially considering the families that have lived in this town...."

"Relax honey, it was just a dream. Now why don't you go upstairs and head to bed?"

"Thank God."

Kelly hugs her father and starts to walk up the stairs. She turns around and looks back at the foyer, where she sees CC, Santana, and Rosa simultaneously pulling cigarettes out of their mouths and snuffing them on the floor. Julia walks in and does the same, followed by Eden, Mason, Mary, Ted, Angela, Sophia, and Gina, all following suit, taking a puff of their cigarettes, and putting them out on the Capwell floor, like zombies. Eventually, the whole town is walking in & out of the foyer, putting out their cigarettes, as they pile high on the floor, practically reaching Kelly standing on the stairs.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Kelly screams as she runs up the stairs.

THE END..................for TODAY!!!

By the way, the 'surprise' at the beginning of the episode is permanent! Check the cast crawl....


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LMAO Juniorz!!!! :lol::lol::lol:

This may not be a real episode, but to me it is certainly the most satisfying to date!!!!

Thanks for the MASSIVE photo of Ken and Sophia too!!!! :lol:

And I'm thrilled that Justin is back as Keith!!!!! :D

Any chance Marj Dusay can return as Pamela????? :P

Thanks to you and your co-writer for all your creativity!!!!


PS-- Love the cigarette gag too!

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Any chance Marj Dusay can return as Pamela????? tongue.gif

And this is where juniorz throws around his executive power. Sorry Mel (and anyone who agrees with this) but I absolutely hated Dusay as Pamela. To me, she's comparable to Judith Chapman's Gloria on Y&R. She was always breathing heavily and overacting in her scenes. I actually preferred Shirley Anne Field as Pamela.

But for all intents and purposes, Carmen Duncan is 'RTSB's Pamela. Marj in no way enters into my vision for Pamela. Field, maybe, but I'm sticking with Duncan. :)

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I knew what was coming but my God, this was hysterical. Love it! I didn't do much, I just bounced ideas off you. This was all you juniorz.

Thank you for referencing Jodie as Reva. I laughed so hard when you brought up Amish lady and being cloned.

I could just picture ugly Santana singing La Cuca Racha to CC. Loved it.

And the line that this was for Marlena from Augusta! Vivian Alamian going after Kristen, thats what I thought of. This was wonderful

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  • Members

That was hilarious. You took what was a painful time for all of us and made it something funny. Thanks for that. You can tell the die hard soap viewers when we catch all the clues to the characters they have played on other soaps.

Gotta say Justin Deas is Keith for me. During SB's run I had troubles seeing Marj Dusay as Pamela as well. I saw her version of Pamela as being to strong to be run over by CC.

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  • Members

Very good Juniorz and Tishy.

I guess I am the lone discenter. I think I am the only one who did not absolutely hate Santa Barbara's last year or so. There were many things I loved about - the Walker family was not one of them though. I never got into them that much.

But I did love Jack Wagner as Warren. I loved him better when he was fighting with Mason for Cassie though. And I did like Wanda DeJesus as Santana. I thought she was the best Santana to me - not her story but her as an actress.

I never got into the Walker family but did like Reese.

Still a good episode. Loved the humor of it a lot.

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  • Members

I actually kind of liked Reese too- it was the rest of his cruddy family that I couldn't stand- BJ, Sawyer and ESPECIALLY Jodie. SB fans already didn't like Kim Zimmer because she was direct competition to Marcy Walker for awards and beat her out for the Emmy in 1987. Why anyone thought the SB audience would greet her warmly was beyond me.

I didn't mind Jack Wagner's Warren, but they ruined him for the last 6 months of the show by pairing him with dull as dishwater BJ. I wish they would have just stuck to the original plan & paired him with Carrington Garland's Kelly- they would've been great. I actually liked him with Angela and enjoyed his stories with Cassie and Mason. But by the end, I couldn't stomach him anymore.

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  • Members

OMG!!!!!!!! That was gut busting, LMAO funny. I laughed so loud, my son came in from outside and asked what the heck was so funny.

Great writing from both of you. I really like how you two made it a dream of Kelly's (CG) and included us in the fun too. I am also very glad you brought Justin Deas back in. Like some of the others, I could only hear and see Justin as Keith even though you had Tuc in the role. Augusta coming in and blowing away all the bad characters with a shotgun felt so right. As for Warren, I think Jack Wagner was great as the character and the character still has a great life in RTSB. I am still rooting for Warren to hook up with Mary after Mason goes back to Julia if you couldn't tell. LOL Great job all around. I can't wait to read another episode tonight.


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Just one more thing - I do like Carmen Duncan as Pamela. I really liked her as Iris on AW (which I watch everyday on Soapnet) and I can really see her as a healthy, wealthy, manipulative, vindictive, and razor witted Pamela. I didn't mind Marj and thought she did a pretty good job when Pamela first came back to Santa Barbara during Cruz's trial, but I think the character is different and a recast works for me right now.


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LOL.... :D:lol::D

Thank You to both Juniorz and Tishy. You have made putting up with that last year of Santa Barbara a little more tolerable. I loved when Augusta opened fire on all of the unwanted characters.

Thank You again....... :D:lol::D

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  • Members

Excellent job. I couldn't stand the Walkers either-especially Jodi, so great GL touches. Thanks too for bring Justin Deas back. For me, he was and always will be Keith.

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I´ve laughed with your Spanish words.I suppose that Santana sings La cucaracha(The cockroach)And when you say "mija" you want to say "mi hija"(my daughter).I dare even my English is worse!! :lol:

Anyway I´ve enjoyed this chapter so much!

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  • Members

This episode was so SANTA BARBARA!!! Just like I remember it...

I'm a BIT Late after all of these comments (LOL), but i absolutely LOVE it....The cigarette smashing as a nod to (the now late) Paul Rauch. Augusta shooting the characters created by Pam Long and Paul Rauch (especially the Walkers lol)...

It was all a dream...absolutely looking forward to the real story....

Glad you are re-joining us bloggers (I'm the new kid on the block lol)

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  • Members

Glad you enjoyed the repeat. As NBC used to say, if you haven't seen it, it's new to you! Always happy to see a new comment in here! biggrin.png

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  • Members

Greg, how did Kel say? "This is sick, even for you..."

This nightmare was really confusing, embarrassing and well, yes funny! Everything what Kieth said! And Augusta! "... how anyone could possibly find you people more interesting than the colorful Lockridge clan is beyond me..." :D

Good start! Well done!

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  • Members

Just one more thing - I do like Carmen Duncan as Pamela. I really liked her as Iris on AW (which I watch everyday on Soapnet) and I can really see her as a healthy, wealthy, manipulative, vindictive, and razor witted Pamela. I didn't mind Marj and thought she did a pretty good job when Pamela first came back to Santa Barbara during Cruz's trial, but I think the character is different and a recast works for me right now.


I just noticed what you said here, all those years later. If you thought Marj did a good job when Pamela first came back for Cruz's trial, then it's not Marj you like at all. Shirley Anne Field was the original Pamela and played her during Cruz's trial and was FAR BETTER and more believable than Marj.

Marj was the Pamela that poisoned Kelly, blackmailed TJ, and took part in the whole oil rig storyline. She was AWFUL. Her best work came in 1991, during the Dinner Party sequence, when the Dobsons had returned. But she had A LOT of help from the writing and collaboration with EXCELLENT actors (like Jed Allan, Judith McConnell, Gordon Thomson, and Marcy Walker, all of which lead the sequence).

I usually catch things like that, but I guess it took me 6 years to notice. Too funny!

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