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Episode 31





(EXT: Cruz & Eden's Beach House)

---Cruz walks down the stairs, dressed in a tuxedo. Adriana compliments him on the look, while Rafe pokes fun at him. Cruz insists he's doing it for Eden, since she's hosting the annual charity event at the Capwell Hotel. Cruz tells his brother he doesn't look too shabby himself, and asks who he's cleaning up for. Rafe claims he just wanted to look nice, as Eden walks down the stairs, dressed in a long black dress with her hair pulled up.

"Wouldn't have to do with a certain Blake girl we all know, would it?"

Rafe smiles. "She called and asked if I was gonna be there. That's all. We're friends for now."

"Uh huh. Friends." Eden says.

Cruz compliments his wife on how beautiful she looks and kisses her. Eden says they need to be leaving, as guests are probably already arriving. Cruz agrees. Adriana wishes her mother luck and tells them that she and Rafe will be along shortly. After they leave, Adriana asks Rafe where he and Lily stand exactly.

"Like I said, we're friends. We're not jumpin into anything, if that's what you're asking. We've hurt each other a lot in the past- neither one of us will get over that overnight."

Adriana smiles and tells him they ought to be going. As they grab the keys, Rafe's cell phone rings.

"Hello............Actually, A and I were about to head over there.............No, it's no problem..........Really, it's not. I'd be happy to. We'll be over in a minute........Bye..............." He turns to Adriana. "That was Samantha- she needs a ride to the party and wants you to help her get ready."

"Where's Aunt Julia?"

"She didn't say....just that she needed us."

Adriana rolls her eyes and says they'd better get over there. They head out.

(EXT: The Capwell Hotel)

----Lionel & Augusta arrive at the party and are greeted by Ted & Angela. Angela mentions that she had just met Laken the day before.

"I'm sorry she didn't make it," Angela says "Did she already leave back to New York?"

"Not to worry, Angela," Laken says, entering with her brother Warren. "I wouldn't miss this party for anything." She greets Angela, then Ted. "Good to see you again Ted."

"Good to see you too and can I say WOW! You look amazing," Ted says, looking her revealing red and gold dress up and down, noticing the body it barely covers.

Angela kisses Warren hello, trying to ignore the two of them. Augusta is surprised when she sees Pamela approaching. Pamela greets Ted & Angela, and Augusta asks her what she's doing there. Pamela reminds her that she's staying at the hotel and since her son was going to be at this party, she thought she should be there as well. Lionel mentions that Sophia & CC will be there as well, to which Pamela replies that she has no reason to hide from them. Pamela asks Augusta where Julia is and she claims not to know. Pamela says she probably won't come, especially after everything that's been going on. Augusta asks what that's supposed to mean.

"For starters, I ran into my son yesterday......with a Mary Duvall.....heard of her?"

"Of course I have, what's your point?"

"Nothing, nothing, she's a lovely person, at least I thought so. But when Julia saw them together.....well, needless to say she saw the writing on the wall...."

"You crazy sanctimonious, bit..."

"Ah, ah, ah, I wouldn't say anything I'd regret, Augusta. Your son's right over there rememeber..."

They look across the room at Warren, who's still talking with Angela & Ted. Pamela looks at Augusta, knowingly. Augusta backs down as Pamela walks away. Lionel approaches Augusta, asking her what's wrong.

"Oh, it's nothing. Just sometimes, I really can't stand that woman...."

(EXT: Capwell Enterprises)

---Elizabeth completes some last minute reading in her office, dressed in the blue gown she's wearing to the party. She's startled when Joann knocks on her door. Joann enters, dressed in her purple dress for the evening. Elizabeth asks her what she's doing there at the office and Joann offers that she could ask her the same thing. Elizabeth tells her she just wanted to finish some things up before going to the Hotel. She asks Joann again what she's doing there.

"I needed to talk to you and I didn't want to do it with everyone else in the office."

"Oh? What about?"

"Gina. She's on my case- threatening to blow the lid on the whole takeover thing, and my relationship with Kirk."

"Is that all you're worried about? Gina? I thought it was serious....."

"It is serious. If CC suspects for one minute that I....."

"That you what? That you were in on this thing with me from the beginning? That you baited Kirk Cranston into attempting a takeover of Capwell Enterprises so I could come in and take advantage? Gina is out of her league, Joann. She's a pawn- has been from the beginning. So what that she thinks you were working with Kirk? There are a dozen ways you could talk your way out of that, especially since you ended up 'saving' Capwell. Just relax. Everything has gone smoothly so far and will continue to unless you or I does something to mess it up. Leave Gina to me- I've dealt with women like her in business for years. No way am I going to let her ruin everything I've been working for."

"But why Elizabeth? Why is this so important to you?"

Elizabeth stands there silently and flashes back to years before, waking up in bed with CC Capwell. They look into each other's eyes and he tells her he's falling in love with her. Elizabeth asks him what he's going to do about Sophia and he tells her doesn't know- that he loves Sophia as well and doesn't want to hurt her. The scene changes to Sophia confronting Elizabeth about her affair with CC. Sophia calls Elizabeth a slut, telling her that CC came clean about everything. Sophia sternly warns her sister that she's not just going to give up her fiance for her. The scene changes to Elizabeth at a doctor's office, with the doctor informing her that she's 4 months pregnant. The scene changes to Elizabeth telling her father about the pregancy. Angry with her, he demands to know who the father is and she insists it's CC. Sophia walks in on this and cannot believe what she's hearing. Sophia accuses Elizabeth of making the whole thing up, but Elizabeth shows her the report. Sophia coldly says that it could be any number of men who impregnated her, so how is she so sure it's CC? Elizabeth insists to both of them that CC is the only man she's slept with. Sophia is devastated, saying a scandal like this could ruin her career. Their father, ever thinking of money, informs Elizabeth that this baby doesn't exist. She rubs her belly, insisting that it does, but he tells her he won't allow her to do this to her sister. He chases her up to her room & locks her in there. He makes a phone call. The scene changes to Sophia & their father driving Elizabeth to a man's home for an illegal abortion. They arrive and see the room he'll be doing it in, with sterile materials and the hospital bed. Elizabeth wails and screams that she won't let them do this to her and tries to leave. Her father stops her and forces her back into the room. Elizabeth begs Sophia not to let them do this to her but Sophia cannot even look at her sister. She gets up and walks out of the room as their father holds Elizabeth down while the man injects her, knocking her out. The flashback fades back into Elizabeth's present-day face.

"I have my reasons, Joann. I have my reasons."

(EXT: The Capwell Hotel)

---Guests continue to arrive at the party, as Eden makes an announcement, thanking everyone for coming there and toasting to a better year for Capwell Hotels, as well as all of Capwell Enterprises. Santana and Rosa arrive and Santana is absolutely thrilled to see Cruz. Cruz gives her a big hug, telling her she looks beautiful as ever. Santana thanks her ex-husband for the compliment. Eden walks up and greets Santana warmly. Eden attempts to make small talk about Santana's work in Mexico but Santana is short with her and ends up excusing herself.

Unfortunately, she ends up bumping into Keith Timmons and Gina Blake because of it.

"They'll let anybody into these things, huh Keith?" Gina says, mocking Santana.

"Obviously- the two of you got in, didn't you? Nice to see you too Gina...I'll send Brandon your love the next time he calls......Me"

"How long are you in town for Santana? You know, Angel Ramirez was just released from prison. You ought to give him a call- maybe he'll give you a little free rock for the new year....."

"You are such a b!tch. No wonder nobody stays married to you. Even that piece of slime (pointing at Keith) got smart and left you. Brandon, the boy you raised, seems to want little to do with you, your ex-husbands can't stand you.....It's a wonder that you have a reason to wake up in the morning."

Gina goes to slap her, but Keith holds her back, as Santana walks away.

---Kelly arrives at the party and spots Warren talking with Pamela. She interrupts them and gives Warren a hug, telling him how good it is to see him. Kelly asks Pamela if she'd excuse them, and she refuses. Warren gives her a look and she rolls her eyes and walks off.

"What are you doing looking so cozy with Pamela Conrad of all people? Isn't she old enough to be..."

"My mother? Yes. Pamela has.....information I could use. But forget about me- How are you? You look fantastic- Europe treated you quite well."

"Thank you. It did. I loved it there, but I'm glad to be back happy. Just a word to the wise though Warren- I wouldn't trust anything that came out of Pamela Conrad's mouth if I were you."

"Good advice." Julia says, approaching the two of them. She gives her nephew a hug and says hello to Kelly. Kelly asks her where Mason is, and Julia claims not to know or care.

"What? What the hell has Capwell done to you now?" Warren asks.

"Honestly Warren, I don't feel like talking about it right now..."

(EXT: Suite at the Capwell Hotel)

---Mason finishes putting on his tuxedo as Mary comes out, dressed in a gorgeous white beaded gown. Mason marvels at how beautiful she is and kisses her. Mary asks him if he's talked to Julia at all and he admits he hasn't. Mary insists that she doesn't want any part of a married man and that he needs to work things out with his wife.

"I'm not sure I can do that."

"Yes you can Mason. You love her- anybody can see that and she loves you. The two of you.....you can't live without each other and you should be together. Please, Mason. You need to at least try, for heaven's sake....You owe it to her, you owe it to your daughter, but mostly, you owe it to yourself."

Mason ponders on it, saying that maybe he'll consider it.....if Mary kisses him at the stroke of midnight. Mary blushes and says that defeats the whole purpose, to which Mason replies he doesn't care. He walks up to her and kisses her passionately, and the two head down for the party.

(EXT: The Capwell Hotel- Ballroom)

----Eden gets the guests ready, saying that it's only 1 minute until midnight.

---Rafe looks around for Lily, as he wants to kiss her at midnight. Instead, he finds Samantha, who asks him if he wouldn't mind being her midnight kiss. Rafe smiles and agrees to the gesture, though he still looks around for Lily, which Samantha notices.

---Edmund pulls Pamela aside and tells her that Sophia received the rest of her shots today and that the medication combining with them should show results very soon. Pamela is pleased and kisses Edmund, and he sneaks off, but not before sneaking a stare at CC and Sophia.

---Sophia tells CC that she's feeling a little light-headed and she's going to go to the ladies room. CC asks her to be back to kiss him at midnight and she says she surely will. Elizabeth watches from across the room as Sophia walks to the ladies room. Pamela gives her a nod and a smile, and she looks away.

---Ted looks into Angela's eyes, telling her how happy he is to spend 2007 with her as husband and wife. She smiles back at him and kisses him, as Laken looks on.

---CC bumps into Elizabeth as the countdown begins. Lily walks into the party and looks for Rafe. As the clock strikes midnight, CC surprises Elizabeth with a tender New Year's Kiss. All of the kissing couples are shown in the room. Lily watches as Rafe kisses Samantha. Warren surprises Kelly with a kiss. Cruz & Eden kiss, wishing each other a Happy New Year, with Santana looking on. Lionel & Augusta kiss, as she spots Pamela staring at her. Pamela smiles & walks to the ladies room. Keith passionately kisses Gina, and the rest of the partygoers are shown smiling, laughing, and drinking their champagne.

The camera starts getting gittery, as it takes on Pamela's viewpoint, entering the ladies room. She sees Sophia, standing, leaning over the sink. Sophia looks back at her as the camera takes on her viewpoint, with Pamela going from clear to blurry. Blurry to clear.

"Not feeling so well Sophia? What's the matter? Your head hurt ? A little dizzy maybe?" A confused Sophia tries to regain her composure as Pamela's voice echoes while she taunts her. "Don't worry, dear, everything's going to be just fine. I've waited a long time for this day. 45 years to be exact. That's how long ago it was when you took my life away from me without so much as batting an eye. My entire world crumbled around me at your doing and I watched as you got to live the happy life that you stole away from me, raising MY son and married to MY husband. But now, it's my turn. You see, Sophia, life has a funny way of repaying people, especially when we take matters into our own hands, as I have. And now, NOW, I'm going to take everything away from you just like you did to me." Sophia begins to fight to keep her balance, trying to mutter the word "HELP" "Help? Help? You? I am helping you dear- just like you helped me." Sophia reaches for her slightly but collapses and falls to the groud. Pamela looks down at her rival, lying on the floor, helpless.

"Sleep well Sophia. Sleep well." She smiles and exits as the camera zooms in on Sophia, unconcious on the bathroom floor.

THE END.................for TODAY


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  • Members

Love the Pamela and Sophia reveal! Holy Christ.

Excellent episode all the way around. I would

love to see Kelly and Warren, they would be hot

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  • Members

Well here it goes....not at all happy with CC

kissing Elizabeth. But you knew I would say that. :(

Great job with the rest of the story.

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  • Members
Wow! You're surprisingly calm Wendy, especially

considering everything that went on in this episode! :lol:

Just going to hold you to your promise and see what happens.

I knew that you were going to make Sophia the villian in this

....at least as far as the past went. But to me you have created

it so it was not just Sophia. Elizabeth sleeping with the man her

sister was going to marry...not good for her. Even if she was 17

and CC was much older....not good for him. As I said before I am

not a fan of Elizabeth's anyway....now in the coming days I may

not be as calm as I am now. But you knew that too. :P

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  • Members

Very astute Wendy! That's a very accurate assessment of

what I've set up. There really is no one single villain, save

maybe for Sophia & Elizabeth's father. Frankly, I don't

consider Sophia a villain in the situation myself & I'm writing

it! :lol: And I have a sneaking suspicion I'll be hearing more

from you as the week progresses...... :P

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  • Members

Well I must say Pamela is just as messed up now

as she was back then. Good stuff. Granted Sophia

didn't make the best choice by not helping her sister

but Elizabeth has taken her revenge to a much deeper

level than a normal person would consider necessary.

Can't wait to see what happens next.

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  • Members

WOW!!! No wonder Elizabeth hates Sophia so much!!!! Their

father was the real wacko. I take it CC doesn't know about

the baby? I can't wait to see how all this is going to play out.

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  • Members
WOW!!! No wonder Elizabeth hates Sophia so much!!!! Their

father was the real wacko. I take it CC doesn't know about

the baby? I can't wait to see how all this is going to play out.

And we can see why Sophia hates Elizabeth as well.

You don't sleep with the man your sister is going out

with let alone the man she is going to marry. And I

agree their father is a wacko. :)

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  • Members

Excellently paced and wonderfully written especially

the dialouge sections. Sophia was right to be pissed

off, but what she did to her sister out of the name of

the family? Disgusting. Now, she's lying on the floor

of the bathroom fighting for her life.

Serves the [[email protected]#$%^&*] right. Excellent work, Juniorz.

Can't wait for the next installment, and it better be soon,

my friend. :lol:

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