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Chapter 9 - Episode 1



Previously --

Durant on his way to interrogate Ric about the shooting, Zander tried to deter him by piquing his interest with some information he had on Sonny Corinthos.

"I think you and I need to have a chat."

"And why would we need to do that?"

"Because I think I have some information you'd be very interested in." Zander replied and he noticed he piqued Durant's interest just a bit.

"I'm on my way to interrogate someone, call my office tomorrow and set up an appointment." Durant turned and started to walk away from him.

"I don't think you would want to wait on this information, Durant. It's about Sonny Corinthos."

Hearing the name Sonny Corinthos stopped Durant in his tracks. He turned around and walked back towards Zander. "I'm listening ..."

"I'm sure you are and I'm sure you will find what I have could very well put Sonny Corinthos behind bars for a very long time."

Episode 1

Zander pulls Durant to the side and in the hopes of deterring Durant from interrogating Ric, Zander lured him away with his information he had on Sonny. Durant's persistence on taking Sonny down was known by many, and Zander knew if he talked a good game with Durant, it would take the focus off Ric and his dealings. Zander may dislike Ric, but he had no use for Sonny. It was time Sonny got what was coming to him and Zander was going to make sure he paid.

As Zander lured Durant from Ric's hospital room, he felt his cell phone vibrate against his hip. He looked down at the number and knew he had better answer it, they would just keep interrupting if he didn't.

"Dammit, I have to take this." Zander said to Durant, as he pulled the phone from his belt loop.

While Zander took the call, Durant kept his eye on Ric's room down the hall. He was looking forward to interrogating Ric about the shooting, but he then thought of the bigger picture. If he could get his hands on Sonny, he could take both brothers down without much effort.

Zander flipped open the phone and began talking to the caller.

"You have a report for me?" the voice replied.

"No, not yet. I will call you when I do."

"Better make it fast, I can't keep the suspect in custody forever. You got 36 hours."

Zander feeling the pressure from his Captain, flipped closed his phone. His focus back on the discussion with Durant.

"Problems?" Durant said as he saw Zander was a bit frustrated about something.

"Nothing I can't handle."

"You said you have information on Corinthos that I would be interested in?"

"Yes Durant, I think you will be very interested in what I have on Sonny."

The two walked towards the elevator and waited till the doors opened up. "Why don't we discuss this downtown at my office?"

"Sure we can do that..." Zander replied as he looked back towards Frankie and gave him a nod. Problem avoided and he did his part to help Ric, most importantly it helped Alexis.

Once they were out of sight, Frankie entered Ric's room and gave a detailed report about Zander detering Durant from visiting. Frankie left the room, leaving Ric to ponder Zander's agenda. The two were not friends, and Zander didn't have reason to help him now. It left Ric wondering what exactly Zander was up to, why was he in PC, and why now. There were many questions Ric wanted answers to, he just hoped that Zander would be smart and stay out of the situation, a situation that could get him killed.

Coming up ...

~ Ric's doubts surface about his father.

~ Alexis' Cassadine traits come to the surface.

~ Sonny questions Zander's motives for coming back to PC.

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Gotta love Zander swaying Durant from his purpose: to nail Ric....Durant is relentless, but Zander drew him from what he set out to do...Great episode Jen.

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