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Episode 46



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Episode 46
Sunday, June 25, 2006

Written by: Ryan Chandler


[Jamie (Peyton List) checks into the MetroCourt Hotel and meets Jax. Jax is obviously attracted to this young woman and arranges for her to stay in one of the best suites in the hotel. Jamie explains that she’ll be living here indefinitely. He notifies Jax that there will be a group of movers bringing her clothes and personal belongings in later. Jax makes note of it and shows her to her room personally.]


[The tension in the air at ELQ can be cut with a knife as many of the employees have heard rumors that Edward himself will be returning to the company. On top of that, rumors that Jason will be joining the board has people scared for their life. In his office, Edward makes it perfectly clear that he has no intentions of taking control of ELQ. He’s just there to be caught up on the business so he has something to do.]


[While working on business for Cassadine LLC, Nikolas is stunned when Helena appears out of no where. His anger comes to the surface right away and he demands that she leaves. Helena comments on Nikolas budding friendship with Carly Corinthos and says that again her grandchild is socializing with the wrong people. Helena says that she must again eradicate the unworthy trollops from his life.]


[Lucas meets up with a Brandon (the guy who outed Lucas at the MetroCourt). Brandon apologizes for the scene he caused and feels that he ruined Lucas’ life. Lucas says that Brandon actually changed his life for the better. For the first time in his life he feels free and thanks Brandon for outing him. Lucas revealed that though he was angry at first, he didn’t have the courage to be truthful with his family.

Bobbie cuts through the park on her way to Kelly’s and sees Lucas talking with the kid from the MetroCourt. When she sees Brandon kiss Lucas and pull away, then Lucas grab Brandon in for a more intense embrace, she looks visibly angry and takes a flask from her purse.]


[Lorenzo paces back and forth awaiting the arrival of Skye. Lorenzo’s guard walks into the room and brings him the flowers that Lorenzo ordered earlier. Lorenzo thanks, then dismisses his guard. Lorenzo reaches into his pocket and takes out a black box. The doorbell rings. Lorenzo puts the box back into his pocket and greets Skye at the door. Lorenzo and Skye intend to spend the day lying in the pool. Skye makes her way to the back of the house when Lorenzo’s guard shows up again. He asks Lorenzo if he plans on asking Skye the big question tonight, but Lorenzo doesn’t answer.]


[As the board meets for new business, Tracy decides to capitalize on Jason’s absence and tries to convince the board not to allow him a seat. Tracy almost has enough votes to block the move, but Edward comes in at the last minute. He announces that effective immediately, Tracy is no longer in control of ELQ. He is taking back the reigns of the family company and will restore it to greatness like it was in the past. The board is obviously shocked at this decision. Edward makes Tracy move from the head of the business table and takes his rightful place.]

On the next General Hospital…..

- Carly witnesses a drunken Bobbie create a scene at Kelly’s
- Ric updates Nikolas on Alexis’ disappearance
- Sam calls Jason, but doesn’t get him
- Dillon begins to wonder if he’s attracted to Lucas
- Skye talks about her hopes and dreams with Lorenzo


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