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Episode #11 - December 26, 2005:



Episode #11 - December 26, 2005:

- Alex spends the night at the Green Mountain Lodge explaining to Jack that he has a cure for his illness, but it will come at a price.

- The families of Salem attempt to celebrate Christmas day together despite the devastation and the mourning they are feeling.

- It is a day of mixed emotions as grief and Christmas celebration are abound in Salem.

- Caroline, Carrie, Sami, Shawn, Zach, J.T., Max, Frankie, Roman, Bo, and Hope spend the holiday together at the Bo and Hope's house.

- Phillip and Belle celebrate with Claire in her hospital room and are ecstatic when they learn that Claire can be released!

- Jack demands that Alex administer the cure to him without hearing the price of the cure Alex has mentioned.

- The Brady's pray for Shawn Sr.'s recovery and mourn Chelsea.

- Nicole spends the day alone and brainstorms on how to rid herself of Carrie and Sami for good.

- The Brady's are pleased when Cassie shows up, but it is evident that Cassie has a dastardly secret.

- Mickey, Maggie, Jennifer, Jack Jr., Abby, and Alice gather at Alice's for the day. Mickey is delighted when he learns that Maggie went out of her way and has asked Bonnie and Mimi to join them at the Horton's for the holiday in light of Patrick's death.

- Alex injects Jack with the cure to his disease. And seconds later, Jack passes out from exhaustion.

- Phillip, Belle, and Claire spend the rest of Christmas at Kate's with Kate, Victor, Lucas, Will, Austin, Billie, and John. John and Kate insist to everyone that their relationship is purely platonic, and he is only there because his daughter is a Kiriakis.

- Abe and Lexie spend the day with Theo, but Abe is distracted by what he has seen develop between Tek and Lexie.

- Alex/Stefano relishes in his victory over Jack. Just then, Jack wakes up and asks Alex what he was referring to when he said the cure would come at a price.

- At the end of the day, all of the families father at the Horton house for the annual Horton Christmas tree hanging. This year, in light of what has happened, Alice has set up many small Christmas trees around the room for the Black's, the Robert's/The Reed's/The Kiriakis', the Lockharts, and the Carver's.


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