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DAYS #151: Anjelica gets her way, Marlena approaches Kim about Roman's DNA test





Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco


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Alex sits in his seat at the Kiriakis dinner table, with all eyes in the room on him, as he stirs uncomfortably. 


ANJELICA: Well, darling? I'd love to stay here with you and the family. If you'll have me. What do you say?


Alex looks around the table, visibly uneasy with his mother's request. He finally musters up the courage and shakes his head.


ALEX: Mom, I don't...I don't know if that's such a great idea.
ANJELICA: Well, why not? Alexander, I haven't spent time with you in months. I've barely talked to you on the phone since you moved to Salem with Noelle. I've missed you.


Alex sighs, trying not to get sucked into Anjelica's guilt trip.


ALEX: Me too, Mom. But...(sigh) Mom, it's not like you're...you know...


Justin cuts in, interjecting with a snarky, cutting ending to his son's sentence, frustrating Alex in the process.


JUSTIN: Welcome? Wanted? Remotely tolerated?
ALEX: Dad!


Justin gets up from his seat at the table, with Adrienne pawing at him to get him to sit down, to no avail.


JUSTIN: Face it, Anjelica. You've put us all through enough, and we're not going to let you use us again. Got that?


Anjelica looks stunned, before turning to look at her son, who looks guiltily back at her. Alex gets up from his seat at the table, laying his napkin down by his plate, and leaves the room.


ALEX: Excuse me, everyone.


Justin attempts to stop Alex, as the others look on in stunned silence.


JUSTIN: Alexander, where are you going?


Alex ignores him as he walks out toward the living room.




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Marlena and Eric turn around while sitting on the barstools at the Brady Pub, having just heard Kim greet them.


MARLENA: Kimberly!
ERIC: Aunt Kim! Hey!


Kim smiles broadly as she steps toward them both, giving Eric a warm hug, then Marlena.


KIM: Hey! I ah...I heard about your wedding, Eric. I...I hope that isn't a sore subject to bring up?


Kim looks over awkwardly at Marlena, who smiles diplomatically at her ex-sister-in-law.


MARLENA: It's alright. 
KIM: Well, I'm happy if you're happy, Eric.


Eric smiles warmly at his aunt, as Kim looks back toward Marlena, curious as to their previous conversation.


KIM: I heard you two were talking about me? My ears are burning.
ERIC: Ahhh, yeah. I...think you better sit down for this one. It's...it's pretty intense, Aunt Kim.


Kim looks between Eric and Marlena, surprised and a bit concerned as to what to expect.




8fxuDEk.png NO1SJYT.png
Gabi and Nick are still on their date at Club TBD. Their meals cleared away, Nick pours the last of the bottle of champagne they'd ordered.


Gabi stirs in her seat, preparing to get up.


GABI: I ah...I think I'm gonna use the ladies' room for a sec. I'll be right back.
NICK: Sure thing.


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Getting up from her seat, Gabi walks quickly to the back of the club, disappearing into the restroom. As she does, Jennifer and Liam step in, arm in arm. T greets them at the door.


T: Hello hello! Table for two?
LIAM: Yes! Thank you.
T: Right this way.


T guides them over to a booth in the back corner of the club, away from where Gabi and  Nick are seated.


The pair get settled in, as T recounts their specials for the night.


T: So...here are the drink specials, and I have a mild lamb curry for our dinner special. I'll give you guys a minute if you like?
JENNIFER: Actually...this place serves an excellent chardonnay...do you...do you drink chardonnay?


Liam laughs at Jennifer's question.


LIAM: If you recommend it, I'll try it.


Liam turns to T, smiling.


LIAM: I guess a bottle of your chardonnay.

T: Sure thing.


Liam turns to Jennifer, as Jennifer smiles, looking lovingly in his eyes.


JENNIFER: You know, I'm really happy we were able to get out tonight.
LIAM: It's all good. You had a late night at work.
JENNIFER: Yeah. I feel like they've all been late nights since Anne quit. 
LIAM: You've had a lot of catching up to do, I guess.
JENNIFER: Yeah. That's why nights like this are so special. Can't really take the time off and get away, much as I'd like to. You know, you, and me, up to your little cabin in the woods.


Liam squirms a bit, as Jennifer attempts to paint a romantic picture for the two of them. Jenn immediately notices, and her face changes into a slight frown.


JENNIFER: Liam...what's wrong?


Liam tries to change his expression to allay Jennifer's suspicion, but is unable to respond.







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Daniel and Billie step into Daniel's apartment, as Daniel holds the door open for his girlfriend. Billie graciously steps inside with a quick nod of recognition.


DANIEL: After you.
BILLIE: What a gentleman.


Billie and Daniel laugh as Daniel shuts the door behind Billie, and steps over to the kitchen area, suddenly on the hunt.


Billie sets her clutch down on the coffee table, somewhat oblivious to what Daniel's up to.


BILLIE: It's so nice to finally be out of that stuffy hospital.


Daniel opens and shuts the kitchen cabinets, startling Billie as Daniel rummages around.


With a slam of the cupboard, Daniel's head emerges from below the kitchen counter.


BILLIE: What exactly are you doing?
DANIEL: We have a problem.


Billie attempts to raise an eyebrow at Daniel, as Daniel grimaces.


DANIEL: We're out of coffee.


Billie's face drops, disappointed by the news.

BILLIE: I mean...Daniel it's a little late for coffee, no?
DANIEL: No, but...you know...you said you wanted some, and there's nothing I won't do for my lady. So...there's only one thing to do.


Billie looks at Daniel, curiously, as he gets up from behind the kitchen counter.


BILLIE: And that is?
DANIEL: One of us will just have to go get some!


Billie looks bemused, as she looks back at Daniel.




Justin sighs, as he goes to get up from his seat at the dinner table, but Anjelica gets up first, admonishing him for his behaviour.


ANJELICA: And just where do you think you're going?
JUSTIN: I am going to talk to my son.
ANJELICA: Ohh, I think you've done quite enough talking tonight. Now it's my turn. Excuse me, everyone.


Anjelica quickly walks out toward the living room, leaving Justin to look down at the others at the table. He sighs as Adrienne looks up at him, disappointed. He sits down again, trying to finish his meal.


JUSTIN: I'm sorry, everyone. But I will not have that woman trapese into this house and--


Adrienne suddenly snaps at Justin, fed up with his attitude.


ADRIENNE: Oh just STOP IT, Justin! 


Justin is stunned by Adrienne's reaction, and raises his voice back, in disbelief.


JUSTIN: Adrienne, you want her here as much as the rest of us--
ADRIENNE: ...Not if it means you drive Alex away. And acting like a spoiled brat about it isn't going to get you anywhere.


Maggie cuts in at this moment, speaking more gently, but just as firmly.


MAGGIE: Adrienne's right. Goading Anjelica into a fight in front of her son is just playing right into her hands. You're gonna lose him, Justin.


Justin looks at Maggie, considering hers and Adrienne's point of view.




In the living room, Alex stands at the bar, pouring himself a drink, as Anjelica walks in.




Anjelica stops herself for a moment, before stepping toward him gently.


ANJELICA: Honey, I'm sorry about what just happened in there.


Alex answers cooly, his eyes focused on his glass, as he slams the glass down on the counter.


ALEX: Not your fault. Dad's made his point of view pretty clear, though.
ANJELICA: Well, your father doesn't run your life or mine. You're an adult, and you have as much say as anyone else what you want to do.

ALEX: I know. Doesn't mean I want you two down each other's throats every day.


Anjelica shakes her head, sighing as she responds to Alex.


ANJELICA: It won't be like that. I promise I will try...I will not cause problems with Justin. I have way too much work to do anyway.


Alex looks off, not saying a word to Anjelica's vow. Anjelica takes this as a hint, and looks down at the ground, thoughtfully.


ANJELICA: I can just stay at the Salem Inn, if that makes it easier. 


After a moment, he turns to Anjelica, who's turned back toward the dining room. His words stop her dead in her tracks.


ALEX: N...Mother...you can stay with us.


Anjelica smiles genuinely, turning back toward her son.


ALEX: I'll ah...I'll send for your stuff tonight, you...you can stay as long as you like.
ANJELICA: Ohhh, thank you. Thank you.


Anjelica walks over to Alex, hugging his tightly. Alex reciprocates, as Justin walks into the living room from the dining room.


ANJELICA: Thank you.


Alex looks up, seeing his dad in the archway. He looks blankly at Justin, who looks on, defeated.




Gabi stands in the doorway to the restrooms, just out of sight of Nick and the others in the main room of Club TBD. She types furiously on her cell phone, texting to Sami and Kate.


good work. i think we got him. will keep u informed


Gabi then looks into the dining area, and spots Nick, popping a pill. Noticing Nick lament how empty the bottle's getting, she sends a text out to EJ.


running low again, call me


Gabi puts away her phone, turning back to head into the main room, but as she does, Jennifer waves her down.


JENNIFER: Gabi! Hi! Oh, it's good to see you. 
GABI: Hey! Jennifer! I ah...I was just out with Nick. How are you?
JENNIFER: I'm fine. I...I just wanted to see how you were doing. Abigail says you've been...a bit distant lately, and she's been worried about you.
GABI: Oh, I'm...I'm fine. Really I am. I--


Gabi stops as she looks over at Jennifer's date, realizing it's Liam, the man who's been supplying her with the pills for Nick. He looks back at her with a blank expression.


JENNIFER: Oh! Gabi, sorry, this is my date, Mr. Liam Frasier!
LIAM: Pleased to meet you.


Liam extends his hand to Gabi, taking hers in his, as he looks up at her, a wry smile. Gabi stands, stunned before him.




Kim emerges from the back of the Brady Pub, her things put away as she walks around to the front of the bar, nervously waiting to hear what Eric and Marlena were discussing.


KIM: Okay, guys. Lay it on me. What's got you both so worried.


Kim sits down on a barstool next to Eric and Marlena, as Eric begins to attempt to explain their discussion.


ERIC: (sigh) We...look, Kim, I know you've got a lot on your plate right, helping out with the pub while Grandma's sick and all, but...


Kim looks at Eric, a nervous smile on her face as she waits for Eric to finish.


KIM: But...


Marlena cuts in, hoping to reassure Kim as she explains the situation to her.


MARLENA: Ah...Kim. we're worried about Roman.
KIM: I know. I've been...really worried about him too. I mean, the memory lapses, the suddenly vanishing, the...


Kim trails off, making a realization based on Eric and Marlena's troubled faces.


KIM: ...There's more, isn't there?


Marlena takes a second before continuing. 


MARLENA: We're not just concerned about that anymore...and we need your help.


Kim nods emphatically, now very worried about what's to come.


MARLENA: We need you to do a DNA test with Roman. We need to prove that he really is Roman Brady.


Kim's jaw drops, stunned and horrified by what she's hearing.




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