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DAYS #152: Daniel has a surprise for Billie, Kim reacts badly to Marlena's request





Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco


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Kim stands by the bar at the Brady Pub, looking at Eric and Marlena with a stunned expression.


KIM: I'm sorry, what did you just tell me?


Marlena takes a moment to find the right words before re-explaining her request to Kim.


MARLENA: Kim...Valerie and I have been going over Roman's files, trying desperately to figure out what exactly is wrong with him.
KIM: Right. I mean...it's obviously some kind of dementia, right? I mean...what else could it be? The memory lapses, the hostile outbursts, it's all the symptoms.
MARLENA: Yes...but there's a problem.


Kim reacts with increasing volume and hostility toward Marlena.


KIM: Which is?


Marlena breathes in deeply before responding.


MARLENA: There are no medical records for Roman from before he returned to salem in 1997.


Kim looks at Marlena, completely stunned.




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Gabi stands at Jennifer and Liam's table at Club TBD, suddenly snapping out of her stunned moment of silence. She extends a hand to greet Liam.


GABI: Oh! Sorry! Yes, I'm Gabi Hernandez. It's...nice to meet you.
LIAM: Likewise.


They shake hands awkwardly, as Liam gives Gabi a firm look, which Gabi picks up on. She steps away slowly, as Jennifer attempts to continue their chat.


JENNIFER: How is Nick doing, anyway? I heard he's...been given a...huge promotion.
GABI: Yeah, we're...we're celebrating that now.
JENNIFER: Good. I'm glad. I was worried when Abigail told me how much pain he was in at Salem U the other week.


Gabi feigns concern, but is mostly just uneasy with the line of questioning.


GABI: Oh, ah...I dunno. He's been fine tonight. We're having a celebration dinner for me. I'm...getting back into modelling.


Jennifer perks up at the news, making Gabi smile, but half-heartedly, as her worries consume her thoughts.


JENNIFER: Oh my gosh, that's amazing news, Gabi! Congratulations!
GABI: Thanks. I..ah...anyway, I'm gonna just...head back to him now. It's...it's good to see you, and to meet you. Thanks for asking how we're doing, Jennifer.


Jennifer looks on, confused by her subdued reaction.  She smiles, regardless.


JENNIFER: Anytime, sweetheart.


Gabi steps away from the table, leaving Jennifer looking confused as she watches Gabi hustle back to her table with Nick.


Jennifer then turns back toward Liam, her brow furrowed.


LIAM: Something the matter?
JENNIFER: Yeah. Something is very wrong with Gabi. And I really hope it has nothing to do with Nick.




SLDcIpu.png pqf6Pp5.png
Billie stands in Daniel's apartment, disappointed by Daniel's declaration that they're out of coffee.


BILLIE: Well, I mean, I'm disappointed that you're out of coffee, but...I don't really...NEED it.


Daniel emerges from behind the kitchen island, and walks toward Billie, wrapping his arms around her waist.


DANIEL: Well, here's what I propose.


Billie reciprocates, looking seductively into Daniel's eyes.


BILLIE: Mm, what?
DANIEL: You go pick up some coffee--


Daniel tries to stifle a laugh as Billie feigns indignation.


DANIEL: (laughs) Yes. You go pick some up for me at the corner store...and when you come back...I'll have everything else ready for you.


Billie responds, herself now trying not to laugh at Daniel's suggestion.


BILLIE: You're gonna make me go out, in the rain, and grab coffee for YOU.
DANIEL: Mmmhmm.


Billie replies sarcastically, giving Daniel a displeased look. 


BILLIE: And they say chivalry is dead.


Daniel laughs, as Billie rolls her eyes. Daniel steps to his chest of drawers in the corner of the room, and grabs an umbrella for Billie, handing it to her.


DANIEL: Here. I promise I'll make it up to you when you get back, 'kay?


Billie raises an eyebrow at Daniel, taking the umbrella and playfully jabbing him in the side with it.


BILLIE: You better. Okay, I'll be back. Love you.


Billie and Daniel share a quick kiss, as she heads out the door of Daniel's apartment.


DANIEL: Love you.


As the door closes, Daniel looks at his living room, particularly looking up at the ceiling, and clasps his hands together, rubbing them together as he nods his head eagerly.


DANIEL: Time to get to work.







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Justin stands by the doorway to the kitchen at the Kiriakis mansion, observing Anjelica and Alex in an embrace in the living room. As they separate from their hug, Alex looks warmly at his mother.


ALEX: I...ah...I'm gonna call the Salem Inn for you and we'll get a car to bring your stuff over, okay?
ANJELICA: Oh, sweetheart, thank you, BUT...


Anjelica grabs her clutch from beside the bar, and pulls out her phone.


ANJELICA: I've gotta head back there, anyway. I have a lot to take care of. 
ALEX: Alright.
ANJELICA: I should be back in an hour, okay?


Anjelica spots Justin from the doorway, and smiles smugly at him.


ANJELICA: JUSTIN! You'll be pleased to know you'll have many more opportunities to show off your biting wit. 
JUSTIN: So I've heard.


Justin steps into the room, a far more humble demeanour than he'd carried before.


JUSTIN: Look, Anjelica...I don't relish the thought of you staying here, don't get me wrong...


Justin looks at his son, and sighs before finishing his thought.


JUSTIN: But it's important for me that my son is happy, and that he spends time with his mother. And that's what he wants, then I'm not going to deny him that.
ANJELICA: That's a very thoughtful thing to say.
JUSTIN: Well, don't pat me on the back just yet. See, I just want you to know that I will not tolerate any of the manipulations that I've known you to engage in over the years. I don't want your campaign team in this house. It'd be a conflict of interest.
ANJELICA: Duly noted.
JUSTIN: And just so we're clear. If I find out you've been up to anything even remotely duplicitous, you're outta here. Do I make myself clear?


Anjelica nods, for once, not a snarky retort to be heard.


ANJELICA: Crystal.


Anjelica looks up at her son, who smiles at both her, and Justin.




Gabi sits back down in her seat at the table she's sharing with Nick at Club TBD. Nick's pleased to see her return.


GABI: Hey! Sorry that took so long.
NICK: Don't even worry about it. Who's that with Jennifer?
GABI: Oh! It's ah...some guy, Leon I think? Liam? Apparently they've been seeing each other for awhile. Abby thinks he's okay, but JJ's not sold on him.
NICK: Well, you know. There's always someone who's not going to approve of who you're with.


Gabi nods, trying to appear disinterested so that Nick changes the subject.


GABI: Hey, ah...you know, it's pretty late, and...well...I was hoping to at least say goodnight to Ari. Besides, sitters aren't cheap, and...with Will and Sonny out for the night...


Nick holds up a hand, in an attempt to stop Gabi for continuing.


NICK: Say no more, I'll get the bill, we'll be outta here. Can I at least walk you to your door?


Gabi smiles, nodding her approval.


GABI: I'd like that.


Nick smiles back as he flags down T for the bill.




Billie steps back into Daniel's apartment, carrying a wet umbrella, and shopping bag with a tin of coffee in her one hand. She calls out to Daniel as she enters, but stops midsentence from surprise at what she sees once inside.


BILLIE: Okay, Daniel, I got...the coffee...


In the living room, the couches have been moved away, the lights turned off but for strings of blue-tinted LEDs strung from the ceiling, simulating the stars. Daniel sits on a blanket, placed on the floor of the living area. Daniel holds his arms out, welcoming Billie inside, as a song begins to play.




DANIEL: Welcome.


Billie lays her umbrella down against the chest of drawers next to the door, still stunned by the display Daniel's put on.


BILLIE: Wh...what is all this?
DANIEL: Well...


Daniel points up to the ceiling, looking up at the lights he's strung up. Billie looks up curiously, following Daniel's eyes.


DANIEL: Since we weren't able to see the stars in the park like we wanted...I improvised a bit. 
BILLIE: It all makes sense now.


Billie slowly walks over to where Daniel's sitting on the blanket.


DANIEL: And now, I can make the coffee you wanted.
BILLIE: Well, there's just one problem now.
DANIEL: What's that?


Billie kneels down next to Daniel, looking into Daniel's eyes with a fiery sensuality.


BILLIE: I'm not really in the mood for coffee anymore.


Billie leans in closer to Daniel, who raises an eyebrow at Billie's suggestion.


DANIEL: Oh? And just what are you in the mood for?


Billie rests her arms on Daniel's shoulders, their faces now mere inches apart.


BILLIE: I think you can guess.
DANIEL: Mmmm yeah.


As Daniel and Billie lean into their passionate kiss, they lay back on the blanket, caught up in the heat of the moment.




Kim leans against the bar at the Brady Pub, stunned by the news Marlena's just shared with her about her brother.


KIM: Marlena...are you seriously trying to tell me that because of some...clerical error, you're going to leap to the conclusion that the man we've been calling my brother for over twenty years is an imposter?
MARLENA: Kim, there's more to it than that--


Kim snaps at Marlena, shouting out, causing more than a couple stares from other patrons.


KIM: I should hope so!


Kim, quickly realizing the scene she just caused, looks around her, and quickly calms herself down.


KIM: You're supposed to be helping to save my brother, figuring out what's wrong with him, and why he's losing his memory. Not trying to prove some hairbrained theory you've cooked up.


Eric pipes up, coming to his mother's defense. He's firm, but respectful to his aunt.


ERIC: Aunt Kim, it's not like that. Look, I don't like this any more than you do, but I understand why Mom's asking this.
KIM: Then, if you understand it, why aren't you the one agreeing to get a sample for this test?


Eric looks away, sheepishly backing down. Kim raises her eyebrows, looking to Marlena pointedly.


KIM: That's what I thought.
MARLENA: Kim, I'm not trying to cause a problem for you, or for the family. I just want to get to the truth.
KIM: The truth is that my brother is losing his memory in chunks, and it's only a matter of time before he is going to be a shell of the man we knew. We need to be looking for solutions, or at the very least, looking to make arrangements to ensure Roman is well cared-for when he becomes incapable of doing so himself. Not trying to solve some kind of...tin foil hat conspiracy theory true. 
MARLENA: Kim, Stefano has done some outrageous things in the past, it's not inconceivable--
KIM: It may not be inconceivable...but it's also not likely. And it's definitely not the time.


Kim looks intensely at Marlena, who looks back, pained by Kim's rejection of her plans.


KIM: Let this go, Marlena. Please.


Marlena sighs, closing her eyes to keep herself calm, as Eric looks on, concerned for his mother, putting a hand on her shoulder.




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