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After more than 50 years and 14,000 episodes, it's time to come back to the REAL "General Hospital"!



Entries in this blog


GH 4: The Fight To Save Kristina!

ON TODAY'S EPISODE OF GENERAL HOSPITAL Alexis and Sonny fight to save their daughter! Nina's world is turned upside down! Oscar's health continues to deteriorate. And, Laura and Kevin share a close moment.   READ TODAY'S EPISODE HERE https://ghfanfic.blogspot.com/2019/05/ep-4-fight-to-save-kristina_6.html

GH 3: Nina Finds Out The Truth!

ON TODAY'S EPISODE OF GENERAL HOSPITAL Nina finds out the truth about Sasha. Sasha and Michael share a romantic moment. Peter and Maxie bond. Kristina breaks down in front of Alexis and Sonny. And, Ryan stays one step ahead of Ava's plan.   READ TODAY'S EPISODE HERE https://ghfanfic.blogspot.com/2019/04/ep-3-nina-finds-out-truth.html

GH 2: Bobbie's Past Haunts Her

ON TODAY'S EPISODE OF GENERAL HOSPITAL Bobbie thinks about a dark time in her life. Alexis and Sonny search for Kristina. Harmony is worried about the future of Dawn of Day. And, Liesl tells Valentin that the walls are closing in on him!   READ THE EPISODE HERE https://ghfanfic.blogspot.com/2019/04/ep-2-bobbies-past-haunts-her_27.html

GH 1: Laura Sets Ground Rules With Ava

ON TODAY'S EPISODE OF GENERAL HOSPITAL Laura sets some boundaries when it comes to Ava's plan. Alexis continues to try and get through to Kristina about Shiloh. Sasha and Michael go on a breakfast date. And, Maxie tries to calm Nina.   READ TODAY'S EPISODE HERE!  https://ghfanfic.blogspot.com/2019/04/ep-1-laura-sets-ground-rules-with-ava.html


CAST (those highlighted in red are leaving) (those highlighted in blue are returning)   Brenda Barrett Maya Ward AJ Quartermaine Tommy Hardy Sonny Corinthos Dr. Hamilton Finn Laura Webber Alexis Davis Anna Devane Cameron Spencer Josslyn Jacks Ava Jerome Carly Corinthos Kristina Davis TJ Ashford Dr. Lucas Jones Avery Jerome Monica Quartermaine Terry Randolph Ned Ashton Olivia Fa
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