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General Hospital (Title Card, 2019).png


(those highlighted in red are leaving)

(those highlighted in blue are returning)


Brenda Barrett

Maya Ward

AJ Quartermaine

Tommy Hardy

Sonny Corinthos

Dr. Hamilton Finn

Laura Webber

Alexis Davis

Anna Devane

Cameron Spencer

Josslyn Jacks

Ava Jerome

Carly Corinthos

Kristina Davis

TJ Ashford

Dr. Lucas Jones

Avery Jerome

Monica Quartermaine

Terry Randolph

Ned Ashton

Olivia Falconeri

Molly Lansing

Dr. Brad Cooper

Scott Baldwin

Valentin Cassadine

Felicia Scorpio

Mac Scorpio

Bobbie Spencer

Jasper Jax

Kevin Collins

Julian Jerome

Margaux Dawson

Diane Miller

Lucy Coe

Sam McCall

Lulu Spencer

Maxie Jones

Harrison Chase

Elizabeth Webber

Jordan Ashford

Franco Baldwin

Ryan Chamberlain

Stella Henry

Felix DuBois

Sasha Gilmore

Andre Maddox

Dr. Kim Nero

Jason Morgan

Michael Corinthos

Amy Driscoll

Charlotte Cassadine

Mike Corbin

Liesl Obrecht

Marcus Godfrey

Yvonne Godfrey

Willow Tait


Drew Cain

Peter August

Nina Reeves

Oscar Nero

Curtis Ashford


MY PLAN: What I plan to do with General Hospital is completely gut the show and reboot it. GH has not felt like itself for at least four to five years. The show that you came to love will return. It will be itself again. It is important to realize that I am not trying to duplicate the past. I am trying to fold the history of this series into 2019 and beyond. So, check back into the hospital starting next week!


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