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ATWT: May sweeps

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SOD Sweeps


While Emily recuperates in the hospital a discovery is made with life-altering consequences for Emily, Paul, and Meg. Jennifer and Dusty make a firm commitment to each other, and Jennifer vows to keep Paul out of their life.


Luke comes out to his parents. Holden is sympathetic, but Lily is completely thrown and can't make sense out of it. Holden throws Jade out of the house and tells her to leave town, but Jade seeks to find another residence in town. Damian returns to town, but his return sets off a series of catastrophic consequences for the entire Snyder family.


Mike and Katie get married, but Mike is arrested after the ceremony for murder. Nick steals the evidence and Jack is forced to let Mike go. But Mike remains a prime suspect.


Jack and Carly continue to struggle from the fallout.


Barbara sets up Casey and Gwen on a business trip, and sparks fly. Nothing happens, but the damage is done. Will and Gwen fight, and Casey struggles to reassure Maddie.


Jean P. says no "big guns" for May sweeps "we fell like everyday is sweeps".

Mike and Katie find a body with a few questions like "who is this person" and "how did the body get there". As Mike and Katie head for the altar they may find themselves making a pit stop at the police station. Mike knew there was something going on so he gets pulled into the mysterly and it creates some jeopardy for him.

Carly is freaked about the body . Carly wants Jack to come back and stay with her.

Maddie & Will are on the outside looking in. Jean P says "there is a connection" between Casey & Gwen.

There is tremendous fall out for Emily promises Jean P along with further complications for for Paul & Meg. Emily will have to deal with what she's done. There will be consequences that are serious and major with some surprises along the way.

Jade takes some surprising steps that leads everything to explode.


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