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Do the networks still use Q ratings?

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You never hear much about them anymore, so was wondering how much stock, if any, the network still puts in them. I think the nets lived and died by them in the 80s, and I remember Soap Opera Digest back then actually printing the rankings every so often. I remember one top-ten ranking from around 88 or 89, I think it was, that had Doug Davidson, James DePaiva, Richard Shoberg, and Frank Dicopolous in there for the males, and Lucci and Melody Thomas Scott, from what I recall, of the females. Don't remember any others. So, are they still in use, or have they gone the way of the typewriter? Have their beloved focus groups replaced the Q ratings in allowing the networks to gauge who to fire and who to retain based on their recognizability, likeability, and popularity?

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