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DAYS: 1986 Cast Photo

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Hello all. Finally found the last missing cast photo from the 1980s!! It's the one from November, 1986. http://www.jason47.com/jason47b/images/1986castpic.JPG

Please help in cast identification. I'm iffy on some, and would like feedback before saying who I think they are. Let's get the list finished and find out who all the "unknowns" are. Thanks!!

Here's the possible actors who were around in November 1986 which I have not yet matched up to anyone in the picture. Some obviously were just not in the photo (Mac Carey, Robert Clary, Suzanne Rogers, etc...)

Contract Men:

Mac Carey

Josh Taylor

Michael Leon

Robert Clary

Ken Jezek

Philip Levien

Recurring Men:

John de Lancie

Christopher Neame

S. Marc Jordan

Merritt Yohnka

Stephen Anthony Henry

Marty Davich

Contract Women:

Shannon Tweed

Jane Windsor

Derya Ruggles

Recurring Women:

Suzanne Rogers

Betsy Burr

Belinda Montgomery

Pamela Bowen

Dale Kristien


Robert Canko

Lisa Brinegar

Aaron & Vanessa Nichols

Edward & Tiffany Palma (last aired as Eric/Sami in 9/86)

Bradley Hallock & Ashleigh Sterling (first aired as Eric/Sami in 12/86)

Here's the list I have as of now:

21st Anniversary, 1986. Back Row: Frank Parker (Shawn), Quinn Redeker (Alex), Gregory Wagrowski (Jake), Peter Reckell (Bo), John Aniston (Victor), [1 unknown], George Deloy (Orpheus), Drake Hogestyn (Roman), Marilyn McCoo (Tamara), James Reynolds (Abe), [1 unknown], Robert S. Woods (Paul). Second Row: Bill Hayes (Doug), Camilla More (Grace), Charles Shaughnessy (Shane), Patsy Pease (Kimberly), Michael T. Weiss (Mike), Holly Gagnier (Ivy), Arleen Sorkin (Calliope), Kristian Alfonso (Hope), [1 unknown], Peggy McCay (Caroline), Joseph Gallison (Neil), Lisa Trusel (Melissa), Pamela Kosh (Miss Peach), [2 unknown], Stephen Nichols (Steve), Mary Beth Evans (Kayla), [1 unknown], Deidre Hall (Marlena), [1 unknown], Don Frabotta (Dave). Front Row: Billy Warlock (Frankie), Melissa Brennan (Jennifer), Rob Estes (Glenn), Michael Rhoton (Max), Frances Reid (Alice), John Clarke (Mickey), Samantha Barrows (Noel), Christie Clark (Carrie), [2 unknown].


PS: There are still a few other "unknowns" from other years, so please take a look and let me know if you know any of them.

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1990-2010 Cast Photos: http://www.jason47.com/days/castphotos3.html

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