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GH: SOAPNet June Preview

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Michael and Jason start the month still locked up in Pentonville prison. Michael has clearly been traumatized and abused, but Jason's still having a hard time figuring out how and by whom. Michael doesn't want anyone to know what Carter did to him -- but this month, Jason finds out, and God help Carter once he does.

But while Jason is dead set on making Carter pay, Carter has a surprise waiting for Jason: a message from one of Jason's greatest enemies ... and a blast from the past.

Meanwhile, Dante's not giving up in his quest to get Michael out of prison. Personally, we can't deal with the thought of Michael still being in prison at the end of the month. Jason either. And we probably won't have to -- but the price might be really, really high.

If you thought the Kristina drama was over, you're sorely mistaken. Haunted by what happened with Kiefer, Kristina gets kind of obsessed with how much of an abusive person her father is. Sonny tries his best to prove her wrong, but his anger issues aren't helping. So Kristina thinks up one heck of a plan to get back at Sonny: she'll use Johnny! You know, her dad's worst enemy (or one of them, at least).

Obviously, Johnny is all too happy to take part in anything that will torture Sonny. But how far is he willing to take it? Far enough to ruin his relationship with Olivia? Far enough to push Sonny way too far? We'll tell you this: things between Sonny and Johnny get seriously dangerous -- and at the end of the month, one of them crosses the line. As for Luke, his search for Tracy has led him to the same Cassadine dungeon as his lovely wife. So with the both of them in captivity -- pretty much just waiting for Lucky or Ethan or someone to come save them -- they're left to do things like ... weirdly hallucinate a Luke/Alexis romance. Or maybe make stunning confessions about the past. Luke tells Tracy something that will have her demanding a divorce. And this time she means it.

All this, PLUS: Patrick finds himself getting increasingly jealous of Lisa and Steve's serious flirtation -- especially with Robin away in Africa (yeah, for real). What do you think will happen here?

Oh, yeah. And Franco is coming back -- played once again by movie star James Franco. Last time, Franco's deranged manipulations nearly killed a few of our favorite people and caused much uproar, particularly for Jason. Expect more of the same ... except multiplied by 50,000,000!

It's a hot start to the summer on GH, folks. Don't miss it.

What June storyline has you most intrigued?

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Why do they keep giving Kristina stories with men who are so much older? Every single storyline with her has made my skin crawl. And yet again she is all about men, she has no personality or purpose of her own.

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