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Interview with Terri Garber

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This is my interview number 4 ;)

CZ: Your first soap-opera experience was in 1982 when you landed the role of Allison Linden on "Texas". What can you say about this character and this soap?

TG: Great question. I don't remember very much about Allison Linden on TEXAS except that I was very excited to get the part. It was my first real part and I was thrilled. The character sort of established my 'bitchy" persona on screen.

CZ: You are probably best-known for your work on "Dynasty" and "North and South". Can you feel difference between working on daytime and primetime?

TG: Daytime is very different from nighttime work because there are many more pages to be covered, the limit of sets and locations and the amount of time you get to develop a character. Nighttime work is slower in pace and a lot less dialogue to learn because of the pace. I have always loved doing daytime. I find the work very challanging and was happy to go back to it in the nineties.

CZ: You must recently played Iris on "As The World Turns". Do you think daytime has changed over the years?

TG: As for Iris on AS THE WORLD TURNS, i think she's my favorite. Evil and funny at the same time. I miss playing her very much but because "my family" went off the show there is no reason to bring her back.Truth is I love doing both daytime and nighttime work...for different reasons.

CZ: "Guiding Light" has just been cancelled. Can you see a future for daytime soaps? If you can, would you like to come back on a soap someday?

TG: THe future of soaps look bleak, I'm afraid. GL is just the first. People have so many other channels and reality shows to watch these days that the numbers are low for soap viewing. Sad, because I think it's a great genre.

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French Fan, did you see Roger Newcomb has put all your interviews on welovesoaps? Kewl...good exposure for the interview and for SON.

I'm impressed with this flurry of activity, and I cannot wait to see the others you have lined up.

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