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ATWT Spoiler/Rumor/Speculation

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I would love it, but I doubt it's gonna happen.

He would have to do something BIG, like bigger than keeping his sister from her child and trying to get her to leave the country after having admitted her to a metal institution in hopes of getting her off the crystal meth she was on because she couldn't handle the grief of "losing her baby".

Yeah.....it would have to be drastic!

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At one time, Paul Ryan was my very favorite ATWT character, now I hate him. He's pathetic. And Emily is even worse. I doubt he'll die, but hopefully Emily will go to jail. She needs to leave. I love KH and hope she can find work elsewhere, but I want her character off ATWT as soon as humanly possible! Paul, he can stay, but only if they make him evil now. I don't want him to turn good again. He needs to become what they made Craig.

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