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AMC: SOD Spoilers

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Thanks Betty at SOC

Pete is on a forklift tainting perfume when lightning strikes him, leaving Pete convinced that he has superhero powers. While nothing's changed, Pete is convinced that he's a new man, so he becomes more of a "bad ass", operating on Adam's level. Colby sees that Pete's changed when he plants a ungeeky kiss on her.

Greens gets sick when exposed to the tainted perfume, leading her to reveal to Aidan that she wants Ryan's baby.

AMC is casting Carolyn, who married Jake when he was off-canvas.

Expect the natural disaster that hits PV in October to be the biggest thing since the Mardi Gras ball.

Jesse's big secret is revealed on 9/25...Adam will throw Annie to the wolves...Jesse wants Aidan to stay out of his personal life...Jesse reveals his secret to Angie...Ryan takes action after finding a gun in Annie's room...Greenlee is conflicted over her feelings for Ryan...

Editorial praising Pratt's first character, Taylor.

Letter from a viewer praising Pratt for starting his tenure at AMC by giving Kendall & Zach some internal conflict, instead of having them in s/l's involving other peoples' love lives...

Letter from a viewer who is tired of watching Ryan mooning after other men's wives & who applauded Aidan for giving Ryan a punch he had coming for YEARS. Kudos to AMC for FINALLY allowing one man to put Ryan in his place & not act as if everything Ryan does is ok.

Vincent Irizarry (David) will miss the posh dressing rooms at Y&R.

LMAO GO Adam-love him throwing InsAnnie to the wolves :D GO Jesse, tell off Special Oops :D

Greenlee wants Ryan's baby? :lol:

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