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Jackie Zeman Makes TMZ

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I love her, but damn! Somehow all that plastic surgery makes her seem a LOT older than 55... I mean, Joan Rivers is 75 according to imdb.com but for some reason I would have guessed there were about the same chronological age

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Say what you will about Leslie Charleson, but I think whatever she's had done was done tastefully. She looks "refreshed" as they like to say after plastic surgery. The only downside is the tighter her face is pulled, the more her hair looks like a wig (if it's not).

As for Jacklyn Zeman, it's just sad. She was ALWAYS beautiful, IMO, and it's only really jarring to see her this way because we knew her as beautiful all this time. She always had smaller cheeks, like in the 1983 pic shown through that link. And I liked that her prominent feature was her jaw. It seemed like she wanted to balance out the jaw and I think those are DEFINITELY cheek implants, because the shape and contour of the face is completely different.

The cheeks and the blown up lips are what are the problems. I don't know what else she's done, but these are the two features that just stand out as horribly unnatural on her face, and they take away from the natural features I loved about her before, which were her jawline and her eyes. If you look back at pics of her from 1997, you can really see the difference in her face now, because her cheeks were kind of sunken in a little in 1997. But I thought she was still so beautiful and it gave her a very sultry look. Her eyes just POPPED, they were so striking. She had thin(ner) lips too, and they worked on her because regardless, it wasn't about her lips, it was about her smile.

I don't know what she's doing, but yeah, she needs to stop. I wish people just loved themselves and aged gracefully. It's when we go against the grain of what we were born with and destined to have, that not loving ourselves is what makes us "ugly".

Maybe it was the divorce. Maybe it's hollywood. Maybe it's just Jacklyn Zeman.

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