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Oltl: scoops for next week

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If Haskell would just stand down, Bo could infiltrate the prison and release John and Cristian from harm. But Haskell holds firm.

Carlo goes berserk at Statesville, risking lives and his own thin hold on sanity.

The first order of Carlo’s business is for Hayes to take out John and Cris.

At first, John and Cris are in different places of the prison, then they hook up, stronger together than apart. As much as Cris hates John, the two rely on each other to survive, take down Carlo, alive, and get the hell out of there alive.

All of Statesville is Carlo’s [email protected]#$%^&*] now. Carlo is god.

Bo and Carlo dicker over life and death details.

Cristian’s only thought, besides saving his own skin, is whom he’s saving his skin for, his precious Natalie.

Major in his success as a free man, however, lies in keeping Carlo from getting himself killed, because a corpse can’t provide proof of brainwashing. There goes Cris, solo, to hunt down his brainwasher.

Natalie and Evangeline go to Statesville prison, eager for some good news and a break.

Both worried to death about John, the women get a bird’s eye view of the prison riot.

Natalie gives Evangeline hell in dragging John into this, and now the guy’s smack-dab in the middle of a prison uprising.

Cristian reaches Carlo, swapping monologues, while Hayes runs up against John elsewhere.

John easily waylays Hayes, and speeds off for Cris and Carlo.

Cris motivates Carlo – with weapon in hand – to go out into the open, at the prison yard.

Along the way, a guard fires, winging Cris.

John puts a wounded Cris out of harm’s way.

Bo deals with Haskell, the roadblock.

In his mind, Bo figures out how to reach Carlo.

Carlo wigs out.

John tries to take care of Cris, who’s out for the count.

The sight of an endangered Cristian triggers a spontaneous outburst from Evangeline, witnessed by a confused Natalie. Girlfriend, why’d you call him that, he’s John Doe, the fake-Cris.

Evangeline must take on the mantle of truth-teller, in lieu of John or Cristian, so that Natalie can properly understand that the outburst wasn’t a gaffe.

Natalie naturally calls Evangeline on her BS. But slowly, it dawns on her that Vangie doesn’t BS, not about anything, least of all something this life or death.

To believe Evangeline is to believe John capable of withholding such information from her. And that troubles Natalie greatly. (Cris isn’t off the hook either.)

In turn, Evangeline endeavors to find out which man Natalie holds most dear.

Against Clint’s wishes, Viki releases the hound from hell deep within. That’d be trashy, loudmouth skank Niki. If not, Tess will never tell on Jessica.

Viki succumbs to Dr. Jamison’s hypnosis. Clint observes close by, feeling skittish.

Antonio and Nash take their animosity to the next, physical level, in a full-on brawl.

Jessica learns more about her alter, Tess, from Nash.

During this Q&A, Jess also learns more about the man Tess has fallen in love with.

Nash gives Jess his word that he will not steal away with Tess, no matter what. Furthermore, no matter what happens, he’s there for her and Tess when the baby is born, if he is the baby’s natural father.

A skittish Jess goes to a charity gala at Antonio’s Capricorn nightclub, on his arm, as his date.

Antonio and Nash refrain from beating the crap out of each other, or anything else.

Nash plants one on Jess, during a private moment.

Later on this month, like November 29th, Niki encounters a younger version of her, but a lot more sophisticated and capable of more compassion. Niki and Tess hit it off outrageously, over booze at a dive, no big surprise.

Niki and Tess hit the road, searching for fun, adventure, maybe a little danger, as a duo. They’ll be landlocked in about three months due to a lot of snow. The landlocked situation provokes the two DID alters to swap stories.

Tess’s true story of how she was born, out of necessity – released for May Sweeps – will enlighten Niki/Viki and turn viewers’ stomachs. Clue 1: Niki precipitated the unspeakable abuse, upon an innocent unsuspecting, five-year-old Jessica, that required the knowing services of Tess. Head writer Dena Higley will not flinch from going there. It “will take the audience to a very dark and edgy place. For all the shocking and sensational things we do on soaps, we tend to back away from the unpalatable. This time we are going for it.

Dorian gives her assent for Viki, anything for Viki.

Over-confident and never knowing when to leave well enough alone, Spencer hassles Dorian, practically giving himself away as the instigator in her public humiliation at the altar.

Dorian hooks up with Asa to make Spencer beg for mercy.

Roxy ends up somehow giving David the courage to do the right thing.

David does, finally being forthright with Dorian about the motivation (Spencer) for humiliating her on their wedding day.

Too little, too late. Nobody humiliates Dorian like that, not even a repentant David. She throws him out on his ear.

Who cares about David’s happiness? Not Spencer, he’s riding a blackmailing wave.

Dorian doesn’t need more convincing. She’s certain Todd did away with pregnant Margaret, so she counsels Blair to do away with Todd by serving him with divorce papers.

But, Dorian adds ominously, don’t even think about Spencer as a rebound backup, he’s bad news, too.

Blair gives Dorian no mind. She checks in on Todd at the jail cell.

There, Todd spills his guts to Blair, as is her due. His defensive story comes with a conclusion of not guilty.

Adriana has had enough of Duke. She scrapes him off the bottom of her shoe.

Kelly nails Spencer down on when he’ll cut her open for the miracle fertility surgery.

Kevin wants no part of this for him or Kelly, but because he loves her, he does as she wishes, and goes along.

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    • I really liked Joey giving Tripp encouragement and playing matchmaker for him and Wendy. They have really good brother chemistry. The only thing is I wish is that they had discussed Tripp’s failed relationships and how he might be reluctant to get into another relationship because he doesn’t want to get his heart broken again. But I enjoyed their scenes. And, agreed with Wendy that Tripp always rates a hug  Please register in order to view this content I also liked how charming Johnny was today with Wendy and with Chanel too. He could give Alex a few lessons Today was a perfect example of why I don’t have sympathy for Alex and probably never will. If he really, truly cared for Stephanie, the so called love of his life, he wouldn’t be acting like this. And due to RSW’s portrayal, it doesn’t come off as anger or lashing out in order to soothe his feelings, it just comes off as him not caring. Regardless, I do like how messy this is all getting and I hope it gets even messier. 
    • The media who are going on about how much fun and 'like Parliament' the braying at the SOTU was, while blaming 'both sides,' are disgusting people. It's all fun fun fun to them, as our country grinds to a complete halt.
    • Lucy should have just retired, aside from game show or talk show appearances. Her efforts in the '70s and '80s were beneath her (Stone Pillow may have been more of a success but it further wrecked her health). She probably should have tried being a game show host, or producing a game show, as she loved them. It's just that she was, supposedly, incredibly lonely at home, so kept trying and trying.
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    • I wasn’t watching the soap Texas but apparently actors Benjamin Hendrickson and Tom Wiggin were both in the cast before both landed at As The World Turns as Detective Hal Munson and Kirk Anderson.
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