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spoiler from rachel melvin's interview with Buddytv

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Here's the last question:

Can you tell us a little bit about what’s coming up on Days of Our Lives, especially for your character?

Well, we're on summer story lines right now so there’s a lot of triangles, love triangles right now. My character is kind of torn between the new character Jett Carver and Nick Fallon, and actually in a couple of weeks we have a show that we’ll be airing where we work with Jerry Springer in a Vegas episode and that was really fun. He’s a really nice guy so that was kind of fun for me as an actress, but as far as the characters are going, we’re just dealing with a lot of emotional story lines and basically what’s gonna be coming up is that my character reunites with Nick and then they face some problems and a new character that they meet up with in Las Vegas.

link: Buddytv

pretty much goes with the new sod spoilers...

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