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AMC: SOW Scoops

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Thanks to ZnK's Jules

SOW Scoops

From Carolyn's Corner:

C: Tell me how Zach is involved in JR's kidnapping this week.

T: Well, Junior fakes his own kidnapping and, you know, they ask for $100 million. So his father goes to the richest man in town, who happens to be me. He has to go to the devil himself to get the money. So I say, "Okay, here's $100 million, but as collateral I want all the stock in your company. I want all your money. I want your house. I want your cars. I want everything you own." But Junior is in a pickle, because he told his dad that he was kidnapped by somebody, and his dad actually stood up for him, and helped him with everything. And that's not going to end well for them.

C: Oh, I like that. Will Zach be working alot with Adam?

T: Yes.


The main story this week is AMC's JR: Foiled!

JR's kidnapping scheme falls apart this week on AMC when Amanda and Zach realize it's all a setup.

"Amanda truly believes her life is on the line at the beginning, so it's a little scary at first," sets up Chrishell Stause (Amanda). "Of course, when she figures out [it's a scam], she's not very happy with JR."

And she wants a cut of the ransom. "She decides, 'Hey, thre's money to be had here, I want in on the action,'" explains Stause. "So she weasels her way into it."

The pair are thrilled with their prospects and even make love, but JR soon realizes something isn't right. "He gets suspicious when he calls the ['kidnapper's'] number, and it's been disconnected," states Stause.

JR's right to be concerned because Zach is onto JR, too. He makes a deal with JR's minion to ensure the Chandler heir's "rescue"--after persuading Adam to sign over everything he owns for his son's return! But even after getting his hands on Adam's fortune, Zach isn't through with the Chandler men.

And you can take that to the bank.


Scoops for week of June 18: The honeymoon is over for Annie and Ryan. Julia says goodbye to Jamie. Ava gets caught. Adam and Krystal take baby steps. Jack gives Erica an ultimatum.

Can't Miss: June 22: Old feelings resurface for Jamie and Babe.

Scoops for week of June 25: Jack sees through Erica's latest stunt. Greenlee delights in making Annie jealous. Zach anticipates Adam and JR's downfall.


U Said it To Us

AMC: Who but our lady Greenlee?

I am so sick and tired of Zach's mistakes constantly being dredged up on AMC while everyone else's mistakes are never heard of again. I can't believe the whole blackout thing is being resuscitated and Zach is being blamed for everything that went wrong in Greenlee's life. Obviously Zach is at fault for the blackout, but the blame is not solely his to shoulder.

When are we going to be reminded of why Zach thought it was not only emotionally unhealthy for Kendall to be a surrogate, but dangerous as well? When is Annie going to be told that her perfect , heroic husband almost hit his wife when he found out she was pregnant and asked her to get rid of it? When is she going to find out that Zach was afraid of Ryan's reaction when he came back to town to find out Kendall was now the woman carrying his child?

If Greenlee's life is not what she expected, she should look in the mirror. She was the one who forced fatherhood on Ryan when he vehemently told her he didn't want to be a father. She is the one who went behind his back and stole his sample. She is the one who claimed she needed a part of Ryan to survive, yet when Kendall offered to sacrifice herself and give her Spike, she refused, spat in Kendall's face and ran away.

It seems to me the only ones in the equation who actually acted selflessly and for someone else's best interests were Zach and Kendall. Ryan and Greenlee were the selfish cowards in this--and continue to be.

Karen Wilson


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