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GH: Tuesday

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"monica wash your mouth.." lmao.. oh Q's. love it

and scrubs & co.

and skate..

Max & Milo are always funny too.

hey i'll even throw in the Sam & Alexis scenes..

but Jason.. yup.. Sam knew all along..

very good show today.

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Im so glad the the writers finally rmemebred that Sam and Alexis are mother and daughter. Its about time Alexis got involved in Sam's new career. I loved them together today. Now Sam needs to take her butt over to Alexis' house more often

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Yesterday was better for me.

Sonny and Kate crack me up! LOL! I love them!

Needed more Robin/Patrick love scene - and I loved their night out with Kelly, Lainey and Stan. And again COLEMAN!

Jason/Amelia/Sam/Baby paternity - yeah so over it.

Love the Q's - they certainly put the FUN back in dysFUNctional!!


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