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Days:Claire spoilers from SOW

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So ... let me get this straight. We've just brought Stefano and Tony back, we're reigniting the Brady/DiMera feud and explaining it, we have a missing Brady Baby lost at sea in another country, .................. and we're going to find her at a baby pageant you say??

I don't even know what to say, really. I was a huge Hogan Sheffer fan back in his ATWT days, especially his first 2 years. I know he can do payoff, and I know he can build a great mystery and umbrella storylines. I just don't get why he can't do it NOW. Was it all Carolyn Culliton?? Should her name have been first?? I just don't know ...

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and this woman plucked thus random child with serious health problems from the ocean to suddely run to Chicago with her to put her in a pageant, half way around the world....because I know, if I stole a child, the first thing I would do is parade her around in public...wtf? that is SO LAME!

Maybe she thinks that poseiden sent Claire to her after many a ritual offerings? Hell, maybe she and Celeste are internet chat buddies ....gimme a break!

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    • Maybe there could be some storyline where Marlena agrees to do a limited podcast series where she tracks down each clone and shares intimate, one-on-one conversations with them, lol.
    • Me either. I hated Ben Warren.  Having loved Scott Bryce, I'm not sure I could've accepted anyone else in the role. I understand that at the time they needed a [!@#$%^&*]-stirrer to shake Oakdale up. And it's hard to come up with a character who'd have as many ties on the canvas (although they rarely, if ever truly used Craig's). Maybe a better solution would have been to import a shady AW character to screw with everyone's lives. Although honestly, I was hella annoyed by Tom Eplin smothering the canvas at the time too. 
    • Shinee's comeback @Cheap21 ! Catchy song.  
    • I did.  At no time did I ever believe that Ben had anything but his own, personal, self-serving interests at heart.  Even when Paul Rauch/B&E tried to sell us on a Blake/Ross/Ben triangle, I didn't believe for one second that Ben had any romantic feelings for his sister-in-law (which annoyed me, because there was a time when Blake wouldn't have been so gullible). To this day, I wish that either James DePaiva or Philip Brown had played the role instead. Except, I wouldn't have wanted for Rick to be so two-dimensional.  I would've wanted an actor who could put SOME emotional layers into that character so that he wouldn't come across simply as this out-and-out bastard who was beyond redemption or empathy.
    • Ron seems obsessed with these Marlena clones.   No other writer including JER even mentioned it again and Ron brings up that fact on a regular basis.  I don't really need Ron to delve into what happened to the clones, but it is weird how casually everyone in town mentions Marlena has clones just hanging out somewhere in the world.   I'd rather it be forgotten tbh, but at the same time I am slightly curious where they ended up and what their lives are like.
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