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AMC: Thursday

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I enjoyed the Wildwind scenes. The writers are finally getting the hang of it. It's not just a group of people in one episode a week sitting around that damned fireplace acting like they're in high school, gossiping about boys or Del talking about sex and the others all blushing and groaning like they can't handle sex talk :rolleyes: -- it's a community of people, one story goes in, another story goes out, cut to another story in another part of the house, so on and so forth. Like Lamie and Julia in the bedroom, cut to Jonathan, Di, Aiden and Hova in the parlor, cut to Di and Aiden walking past Amanda who's on the phone for her story with JR. They've been doing that a lot more lately, as they did in the beginning of the week at BJ's. That's a plus for me.

A minus is listening to SabineLee whine and whine and whine about the same thing over and over again. It's hard for me to believe that this woman stayed away for two years, and NOW she comes back and this whole thing has an incredible sense of URGENCY! She wants Ryan's baby NOW! She wants a family NOW! She wants Zach to pay NOW! I'm ready for SabineLee to hit the road.

I was watching GH and a Gryandall Promo came on and I noticed that they used a clip with Becky's back, but Sabine's voice and close-up during the supposed Thanksgiving reveal. Why couldn't they be that creative when they've been recreating this horrible faux flashbacks? It's not like they don't have the same sets they did 18 months ago. Just plug SabineLee into it. But watching these reshot flashbacks irks me to no end because the mood is different since the actors aren't in that same moment they were in back in 2005 and it seems less genuine.

Anyhow, enough about that.

I did enjoy Ryannie's fight. It was one of the realest arguments I've heard on this show in ages. Good Job, Karen Lewis.

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