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OLTL: 104 new ABC MediaNet spoiler pictures added

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There has been a boatload of new upcoming OLTL spoiler pictures added at ABC MediaNet.

They have added 82 new pictures conerning the upoming "Prom Night: The Musical" series of episodes, which will air from Friday, June 15th-Wednesday, June 20th:

Those pictures include: Marcie, Blair, Starr, Cole, Britney, Langston, Markko, and a bunch of extras.

Link to the pictures (the high school musical pics. are all those on the first three pages, the first four pictures on page four, the last eight pictures on page five, all the pictures on pages six and seven, and the first ten pictures on page eight): http://www.abcmedianet.com/web/display/dis...p;leftcol=links

Also, there are 12 new pictures added for the week of June 11th. Those pictures include: Marty, John, and David.

Link to those pictures (they are the last eight picture on the fourth page, and the first four pictures on the fifth page): http://www.abcmedianet.com/web/display/dis...p;leftcol=links

And last but not least, there are 10 new pictures for the week of June 4th. Those pictures include: Viki, Clint, Carlotta, Adriana, Tate, Natalie, Talia, Cristian, and extras.

Link to those pictures (they are the last two pictures on the eighth page, and the first eight pictures on the ninth page): http://www.abcmedianet.com/web/display/dis...p;leftcol=links


Also, in the gallery it's rather odd, but they have moved some of the older pictures to the first page. They include: Catherine Hickland, Phil Carey, Illene Kristen, Renee Elise Goldsberry, Nathaniel Martson, Patricia Ellitott, Hillary B. Smith, Timoth D. Stickney, and Erika Slezak. These older pictures are now the first nine pictures on the first page of the gallery. Also, the pictures have a bit of a funny look to them. They look like some of the spoiler pictures which have been added recently. Also, OLTL (along with AMC and GH) have now removed the close-up pictures of the Circles of Love necklace that they had up at MediaNet, along with the pictures of the three actresses (one from each soap) wearing the necklace.

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