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I came across some funny ones for OLTL. Thanks to Lifer at All soap scoops.

why was adreyawna crying. is she such a pillar of morality? no, i didn't think so.

okay, viki, you are milking this flu nonsense to death. we get the picture that you are enjoying a natalie free week. cork it already. :lol:

and while we're at it, viki dear, >>>SLAP<<<<<. snap out of it, dearie. what the hell has happened to you?

antonio, grow a beard, don't grow a beard, you are still a woman. BE A MANNNNNNN!!!!!! as my friend Don Corleone says. sniveling will get you nowhere.

miles, all i can say, is i don't know you well, but GET A FCKING CLUE OR A LIFE. OR BOTH.

john, can you blink just to let us know you are alive?

Dorian. sugar is sweet. and you're not. so stop with the sugary act. it's not a suit that is attractive on you.

Lana, get over it. Nobody really cares. so why should we?

talia? must you bring up 9/11 for your own maniuplative ways? is nothing sacred?

christian. just shut up.

Jessicatessicaboo, would you like some onions with that liver?

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Days of our Lives 2003

John- If you are going to act like an old Sheriff, then i suggest that you hire a video with John Wayne.

Nicole- Once you where a meanhearted Bitch, know you are acting like a dumb Barbie Doll.

Brady- Stop going on and on about you losing your beloved Chloe, she is just in some countrie in Europe singing opera, and stop telling not to hurt my grandad everyone five seconds.

Belle- Grow up.

Bo- Your not as tough as your playing.

Hope- Your in your forties not in your twenties.

Sami- You are the best girl in Salem, you say always what you think, you are a much more interesting person than boring Jack and Jennifer.

Lucas- Tell Sami, that you love her, sometime.

Marlena- Dont act like a 15 year old lovesick school girl.

Kate- Same As Marlena.

Jennifer- Dont be so bloody boring.

Jack- Be a clown once or a while again.

Sami Again- Be a little more Self Dependent, stop talking about Brandon other Men all the time.

Tony- Stop Smiling, it dosen`t look genuine.

J&M, B&H,- Stop acting like lovesick teenagers at your age.

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Ryan-No you are not king of the world

Greenlee-Your wah wah is getting really on. It's called moving on with your life. You should try it.

Zach-Forget Kendall. Marry me! (Hehe)

JR-Cut your hair!

Kendall-Don't worry about Greelee. You are way much better then her.

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Blair: Please do something else with you hair. I love KDP, but she needs a different "look".

Todd: Grow some and start acting like you have a brain.

Starr: Where is your b*tch bone. You could do so much better than Cole.

Dorian: What? you chose Clint over David? Are you blind?

Clint: STFU and DIE!!!

PAige: Just DIE!!!

Bo: Please dump Paige.

Nora: Get out of Asa's house and get a life of your own.

Roxie: Have another!!

Cole: You are really a girl and you are younger than Starr.

Marty: Stop acting like a victium. Go Away.

Miles: Keep torturing Marty!!!!

John: You want some gum?

Tate: Adrianna is so not worth it.

Rex: (See Tate)

Marcie: Time to start bugging Michael's phone.

Michael: Give Todd his baby back. Marcie can have other children.

Chris: Take off you shirt.

Nat: Get a life!!

Nash: Stop appologizing to Antonio, I remember the Santi crap.

Jess: You traded up with Nash.

Layla: Drop Adrianna and merge with Craze.

Baby Bree: Please have mommy comb you hair.

David: Come Back!!! Llanview needs you.

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