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AMC: SOD Summer Preview

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Thanks to Proteus at Soapzone:

AMC: Babe & Jamie Redux?

After barely sharing scenes since their 2005 split, Babe & Jamie get closer this week when he volunteers to tutor her for her upcoming GED exam. JB laughs saying they don't talk for two years, then all of a sudden he's pulling out a chair for her. What prompts Jamie's offer of academic assistance to his ex? JB says that Babe hires the best student at the school, this nerdy kid , to help her prepare for the test and he gets a crush on her and tries to get her to go to the prom with him so Jamie steps in and says, "Hey, I'll help you if you want." With both their contracts up in a matter of months speculation is that they'll reunite and leave town together. JB comments "There are some hints of a romantic interlude with J/B, but if it does happen, I think it's gonna be awhile." That's in part because Jamie's not a free agent-yet. But the future of his relationship with Julia is very much in question by week's end with Julia gets a wake-up call about the couples differing priorities. JB says "She thinks she's pg and gets a home pregnancy test. Jamie walks in and thinks the test belongs to Di. In a nutshell, he says, "I am so glad I'm not in Aidan's shoes because I would kill myself." It's not that bad, but for four scenes, Jamie keeps digging a whole for himself before Julia finally says, "That's my pg test." Julia wants a family and is ready for one, but from his reaction to finding the test, she obviously knows that he's not. He tries to say, "We'll get married if you're pregnant," and she says, "You would do that because you're a good guy and it's the right thing to do, but I didn't say that I wanted to marry you." This is no joking matter for the duo, but Bruening & Penny had a blast taping the scenes since Penny just happened to be 9 months pregnant. "When Julia tells Jamie she thinks she may be pregnant, Jamie asks, "Are there any symptoms?" Meanwhile, I'm looking down at her stomach like, "Hey, look at that!" We were both trying not to laugh."


John James (Jeff Martin): JHC says "he's still playing Jeff, you will see John James."

VCR Dates:

On Monday, June 11, Ryan and Annie have different ideas on how to handle Greenlee. Jack and Erica kiss on Tuesday, June 12. "I don't know if Jack and Erica will end up together when this whole thing is said and done," says Walt Willey of the duo's divorce storyline, "but we're getting to do stuff that's fun and romantic, and Susan and I are both very pleased."

What Will Happen:

Annie is troubled by what she learns about Ryan.

Annie doubts that she and Ryan will ever get the chance to be happy.

Greenlee sets out to rewrite history.

Is Krystal ready for a new romance? Bobbie Eakes speculates:

"Adam was really the love of her life and she is devastated, obviously, by the way he's treated her and her child. I think her focus right now is on herself and her children, not the next man."

Thorsten Kaye has the feature length interview.

Summer Preview:

Executive Producer Julie Hannan Carruthers promises an "eventful and very emotional" summer. "Kendall's pregnancy will continue, but not without some physical danger."...With Greens "willing to go to the ends of the earth" to snare Ryan, "Kendall sees Josh as an opportunity to get [Greenlee's] mind off Ryan."..."There's a nice friendship/romance developing between Derek and Krystal that complicates way too many things." To secure Adam's fortune for himself, "JR stages a kidnapping" and gets Amanda involved. "It gets a little dirty, very sexy-and ultimately blows up in their face."...Jonathan's feelings for Ava deepen. "Ava does something pretty underhanded that's going to have repercussions for Sean and Colby."...June 14 "will be a night in Pine Valley that forever changes lives."

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Jack and Erica kiss on Tuesday, June 12.

It's about freaking time! :wub:

"I don't know if Jack and Erica will end up together when this whole thing is said and done," says Walt Willey of the duo's divorce storyline, "but we're getting to do stuff that's fun and romantic, and Susan and I are both very pleased."

They are having a blast doing this storyline and it shows ;) I also think the fans have let it be known how they want this to turn out :);)

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I was just reading this at the score. I could do without Lamie v.2.

But Greenlee..what a BITCH! Off with her Manilo shoes! Kendall does not deserve to be on the receivng end of this crazed woman's insanity.

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    • Hope so. The current opening is as dull as the show. Some more current and flattering shots would be good especially for MTS. And maybe some variety in the shots rather than having the actors in the same outfit -and sometimes the same pose- in the close up and background shot.
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