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Steve Burton Talks about GH: NightShift

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This article appeared in yesterday's Entertainment section of my local newspaper.

'General Hospital' spinoff slated for July debut

by Nancy M Reichardt

United Feature Syndicate

Steve Burton (Jason) is eager to tackle "General Hospital: Night Shift," the after-hours spinoff set to appear on SOAPnet in July.

"They're doing it like episodic," explains Burton. "There will be 13 episodes, one a week. They'll actually wrap up some stories in an episode, and then keep some stories going."

Burton isn't worried about the extra workload. "I can handle it," he smiles. "Besides, it's a good opportunity. If this had come up two years ago, I might not have done it. But we're in a medium that is changing every year. Shows are dropping like flies."

"Where are soaps going to be eventually, all on SOAPnet? I don't know. But there's definitely a change coming."

Burton believes the daytime medium needs a boost, and he's willing to do his part. "This place," he says referring to "General Hospital," "has given me everything. It's given me my career. If I'm in a situation to help them, that's the least I can do. Especially with what's happening in daytime. People like Anthony Geary (Luke Spencer), Genie Francis (Laura Spencer), and Kin Shriner (Scott Baldwin) truly paved the way for us. But things are changing now. Everything is changing. If this (spinoff) can sustain daytime or maybe provide jobs for people five or ten years down the road, why not? It's an exciting thing to be a part of."

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I'm sick of the character Jason. I'm surprised ABCD&Comp didn't name it "Coldstone".

I was looking forward to Night Shift.........now........ not so much. They might as well get Carly to join the cast for all I care. They've lost me as a viewer before it even started.

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