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AMC: SOW Scoops

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Thanks to Znk's Jules ;)

The main story is the Greenlee recast. Same as SOD, except this is new:

JHC: "Ryan is in love, Kendall has another life and a child...Everybody has moved on." Except for Greenlee. "She has to do everything she can to make sure her story ends the way she wants it to."

Does that mean Greens will bust up the wedding? "All kinds of surprises happen at the wedding," winks the exec.

Week of April 16:

Zoe takes the first step to physically become a woman.

Colby decides to move in with Krystal.

Amanda gives in to Adam's threats.

Annie asks Ryan to make a decision about Emma.

Can't Miss: Wed., April 18: Alexander is gunned down.

Week of April 23: Adam has ominous plans for Tad and Krystal's baby. Colby makes a heartfelt plea to Adam. Zach wants his father to suffer for the rest of his life.

ER/JC update: Bianca relocates to Paris, and Zoe moves to London to recapture her music career. They leave PV together, but they won't be living together. They'll be near each other. JHC: "The future is uncertain, but they go off as friends."

Scoops from the TK article:

C: Did you get any time off with your new contract?

T: No, I’m not good with time off. I like to work. I’m not a good relaxer. I would drive everybody else crazy. Actually, when I’m in a bar and I have a few beers, that’s my vacation. I’m not good lying on the beach not doing anything.

C: You don’t want to go off and work on your craft?

T: My craft has been destroyed by me. If I may make a nautical reference, I think my craft has been sunk.

C: So no time off and no storyline guarantees?

T: No.

C: Couldn’t Zach’s ex, Hannah, be a good wrinkle in his marriage to Kendall?

T: Yes, but I don’t know if she’s going to be around that long.

C: And Kendall isn’t threatened by her at all?

T: Not from what I’ve seen. I asked them about that. They said, “These people love each other, why would they be threatened?” You know why? Because they’re human and that’s a human flaw. Of course she’d be threatened by that—the same way Zach is threatened when he sees her with Ryan. It doesn’t mean Kendall doesn’t love him, but Ryan and Kendall have something that is hugely powerful (a child). Hannah and Zach had the same thing, and they also never had the chance to see “What if?” We had scenes today where she said, “What would you have done if your father hadn’t interfered?” I said, “I would’ve grabbed you and run away,” but I was standing out in the open and didn’t finish my sentence.

C: Did you not finish your sentence because you forgot the words or because that’s how it was written?

T: A little bit of both. That comes with Zach drinking too much.

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