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AMC: SOW Spoilers

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Credit: Z&K's Jules

AMC's Kendall is Pregnant!

The week begins on AMC with Kendall's life in jeopardy as Zach and Alexander fight to the death on a balcony--and it ends with a positive pregnancy test.

"That actually shocked me," admits Kendall's portrayer, Alicia Minshew. "I was just reading the script and went, 'What?' I went to see the producers, and they said, 'Yep, Kendall's having a baby.'"

She figures it out after suffering a dizzy spell. "Kendall has all these scenes with Spike so basically I'm just talking to myself the whole time," chuckles Minshew. "'What do you think? Do you want a new brother? A new sister? Then, Kendall takes the pregnancy test."

And runs to tell Spike the good news.

"She's leaning over Spike's crib, holding the damn wand in her hand, no less," chortles Minshew. "We were all talking about that. I go, 'Mr. Director? Kendall just peed on this wand and she's holding it right by her baby. Isn't that a little weird?' But they didn't have a problem with it."

While Kendall is showing the blue line to Spike, Bianca drops by. "Bianca is the first person she tells. She is excited and they have this happy, wonderful moment."

It's about time, huh?

"Kendall says that!", notes Minshew. "She says, 'How in the middle of all of this death and killing and hard times did Zach and I produce a child? How did this happen?' She is a little anxious to tell Zach, though, because she knows this is a really hard time for him. She basically says, 'I understand this might freak you out, but I think this will be really good for you and give you something positive to focus on.'"

Our hero Zach doesn't let her down. "Ultimately, he's happy and they celebrate with a beautiful dinner. He has balloons everywhere for her," smiles Minshew. "They're both like, 'We're having a baby!'"

Week of March 5: Zach ends Alexander's twisted quest for revenge.

Josh overhears Krystal's "little" secret.

Bianca accompanies Zoe to a transgender specialist.

Babe considers taking drastic action--and Little A.

Alexander has one last trick up his sleeve.

Can't Miss: Tuesday, March 6: Ryan pops a big question.

Week of March 12: JR tries to convince Babe that he's a changed man.

Kendall's love helps Zach put the past behind him.

Krystal and JR fear Adam's next move.

Revolving Door: Becky Ann Backer (Marje Luper): Zoe's mom arrives in Pine Valley on March 28.

Greenlee Returning! Though AMC's original Greenlee, Rebecca Budig, is happily living in Los Angeles with hubby Bob Guiney (they just bought a house), Greenlee is on her way back to Pine Valley. "I have heard the rumblings around here. I have heard the rumors," admits Cameron Mathison (Ryan). Sources say Mathison is in fact screen-testing with new Greenlees, but he prefers not to comment on that. Some AMC insiders lament that it's a shame Melissa Claire Egan was cast as Annie since she is the spitting image of Budig and could have made an excellent new Greenlee. "Oh, well!", quips one actor. A spokesperson for AMC says...drumroll, please..."No comment!"


One pro-Jerica letter was printed, and one pro-Kate Collins letter was printed.

Viewers Voice: Can JR and Babe survive as a couple or should they move on?

59% Move on.

41% They can survive.

Random Quote from AM on her temper: "It can be great for playing a character like Kendall, but when I'm not acting I would like to be able to calm it down a little."

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"Our hero Zach doesn't let her down. "Ultimately, he's happy and they celebrate with a beautiful dinner. He has balloons everywhere for her," smiles Minshew. "They're both like, 'We're having a baby!'""

OMG!! I could faint! How could anyone NOT like this couple?! HONESTLY!!@#$#%@#^#@^$#^%&^$*$*%^*

By the way,I just love how close AM is with the producers of the show. She mentions a couple of times how she chats with them about story. Since I'm used to "Passions" and their system, things seem more isolated over there. I can't explain it but they definitely don't have that kind of relationship with deCazoette (sp?)

Oh, I DO hope BabeR get back together. I believe he has changed. JR's death was his wake-up call.

Take him back, Babe!

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Yay, I am all for a Zach/Kendall baby! I hope its a baby girl too... :)

I hope that Babe/JR are done this time, how many times can they get back together/breakup! I am actually getting bored of them as a couple...At least take a break for a couple years and put both of them with new love interests...

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