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Days~Could John have another family out there?

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Alot of you think they should leave John's past alone because theres to many loopholes to fill in. I feel the oppisite could fix the problem with good writing.

So I think Hogan has a great chance at fixing John's past. I feel that John should have multiple identities. If Stefano made John a Demira pawn. Each mission John had could of given him new families and new identities. So father John, John Stevens, John and Princess Gina could all be memories from when John was brainwashed by Stefano to be Soldier Black or Mersonary Black.

When he wakes up from his coma it would be nice if John remembers life before Stefano and I would hope it sheds light on the whole Demira/Brady feud. Johns past has really been screwed up so why not give him a clean slate and do it right. It would be really cool if John had a beautiful loving wife out there and EJ is really his son by this marriage.

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See how easy it would be?

I like John the way he is now, in a coma, and I hope the writers leave him that way. Marlena could do so much better (Steve, for example- he's got that amnesia-filled Dimera-related past she seems drawn to).

I'd have a problem with suspension of disbelief if they revealed that he has another family or families. At this point, John has to have been in the news dozens of times. Any missing family members, long-lost wives, should already have stepped forward. I honestly don't think I could get past that.

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    • This is typical Phyllis though, so is it really a mental health issue with her? This is just basically another day in Phyllis world
    • I'm near 1999 and let me say... Everything past Belief has been crap compared to the first 7 years.  I tried to make myself like it and even had moments when I wanted to believe it was back... but now watched...1994 to 1998... The Titanic has sank and the band is Still playing. I am still hopeful for 1999 to 2002...  Because hope dies last. But watching these first 7 seasons in dept made me just not like anything since. And I once watched all these seasons as a teenager and loved them. My main issues. 1. Disgustingly bad dialogue and repeated scenes that make you want to vomit. There are moments when there are 5 episodes in which the same scene is repeated. We also have flashbacks all the time. 2. Taylor has been destroyed as a character. The smart interesting woman of 1990 to 1993 is gone and there is this pathetic crying all the time victim. 3. The show looks and feels cheaper. The clothes look worse and sometimes I forget I an watching a show about fashion people. The first 7 years were so glamorous and beautiful. 4. Making Brooke the slut from the valley made the whole war between her and Stephanie a cartoon. The beginning... the first 7 years it was very high level quality conflict. Stephanie was not so cartoonish.   Overall I am thinking of re watching the first 1700 episodes and just never going pass that. But I will continue with 1999.    
    • I think once outside of the bubble that Bill Bell and Kay Alden had Eileen in, it was more difficult to hide what a harsh presence she is (this was also an issue when she returned to Y&R, I think). She was all wrong as a Capwell kid, who, aside from Terry Lester's Mason I suppose, were generally smoother on the surface and cracked underneath.
    • The only thing they got wrong on this was GH was NOT the first show back in production with covid protocols, BOLD was    
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