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Y&R: CBS SID Mystery Solved

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Mystery Solved!!

This week on The Young and the Restless, Victor pieces together the remaining clues behind the reliquary, which will take him, Victoria, and Brad on the last leg of there journey. Alas, what he doesn't know__and it can hurt them!__is that a shadowy figure has been following them in their quest to uncover the truth. Will unlocking a secret that has been kept for more than half a century finally free them from the threat that has been hanging like a black cloud over their heads? Or will they pay a very high price to close the book on this particular mystery... by forfeiting one or all of their lives?

"This is the week when the answer to the puzzle-- the puzzle that people have been trying to find and solve for over 60 years--is finally reveiled,"previews executive producer/headwriter LML. Despite that, the scribe says the trio shouldn't breathe a sign of relief yet. In fact, just the opposite!" As the discover [the answer,] Victor finds that the danger for them has only escalated".


Indeed, following the clues has Victor, Brad and Victoria touring and ancient Chech Church's dark and dangerous catacombs. When Brad spies the same words etched on the tomb wall that were inscribed on the reliquary, they are thrilled to realize they are very close to solving the puzzle. Unfortunately, their every move is being watched by a mystery man by the name of Milan, who quickly deduces the significance behind the matching inscriptions.

As Milan hangs back in the shadows, the threesome later return later to the tomb to pry open the sealed entrance. Behind the door is the reason that so much blood has been shed over the years and Brad and his mother were chased into hiding--gold and silver bars worth billions! Yet before they can high-five each other for their discovery, Milan, disguised as a security guard, approaches to admonish them about vandalizing church property.

Believing that he is who he claims, Victor, Brad and Victoria follow Milan further into the catacombs. However, just when they begin to grow suspicious of Milan's true purpose, the villain disappears, leaving them lost in the underground maze. The situation becomes even worse when they retrace their footsteps through the winding tunnels only to find Milan has sealed off their exit by shutting and locking an iron gate!

"There are some tense moments," LML admits. Luckily, Victoria proves to be the groups salvation, since she's sledder enough to squeeze through the bars and race off for help.

Not surprisingly, Victor isn't happy about how dangerous the situation has become--or that his daughter is up to her diamond-studded earlobes in it. In fact, Latham points out that Victoria's involvement only increases the friction between the Mustache and his son-in-law, which has been brewing for months now. " It really has created more animosity on Victor's side," the wordsmith declares. "Both men feel justified in their actions. Victor's drive throughout this is to make certain that his family is free from whatever is haunting Brad all these years. His goal is to end this once and for all. " For Brad's part, he never wanted Victor involved in this," Latham continues. " So rather than have this experience bring the men closer-- I can't say it reignites anything, because they've always disliked one another--it provides more fuel for the fire of their antagonism."

Shocking Twist

Even when Victoria manages to bring back help to rescue her father and hubby, the CEOs-turned sleuths aren't exactly in the mood to pop the champagne corks and celebrate upon their return to Genoa City. For Victor, the search for the reliquary and solving its mystery has proven to be a distraction that he can ill afford when it comes to dealing with this longtime rival, Jack.

" His real nemesis is Jack," reminds Eric Breaden, who plays the self made billionaire. " and [their hostility]is going to resurface real soon. Brad may or may not be a part of that, but I think [Victor will be dealing] with a lot of conflict." That conflict will also include plenty of juggling in the coming weeks. On the one hand, Victor must direct some of his attention toward figuring out how to deal with Jack's increasingly powerful position. But on the other hand, he can't put the mystery of the reliquary completely behind him yet, no matter how much he would like to. In fact, a stunning new twist emerges involving that particular mystery, which may shatter everyone's preconceptions. Hints Latham: "It's tied to Carmen's murder."

Ironically, Victor's last moment of peace may have been while he cooled his heels in the catacombs, waiting for Victoria to rescue him and Brad. Whether it's dealing with the consequences of the reliquary or preparing to battle Jack, Braeden predicts that life is going to get alot harder for his alter ego, and the black knight will need every ounce to face what's coming up. " The whole issue involving Jack.. It may reignite a lot of conflict in [Victor's] family. And it will have serious consequences," the Emmy winner teases, adding with a mischievous grin, " Just fasten your seatbelt!"

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