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ATWT: Fall SOD Spoilers


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NOTE: This was posted by a member of the Soapzone ATWT msg. board. The comments enweaved in the floowing spoilers are not my views, but rather that of the original poster.

Paul has a meltdown under the guilt, Emily holds him and their lies together.

Carly and Jack, their actions have permanent consequences that will play into future stories.

Willen continue their romance although they both have moments they have to work through distrust of each other. But there will be bigger challenges to Will coming from sources he doesn't expect.

Jenn/Dusty/Meg - Meg is keeping the freakin secret!!!! She feels that not telling will be key to keeping Dusty even though she knows it's wrong. Meg and Dusty get romantic again, but Jen can't forget Dusty. "There is a real emotional connection between them" (Excuse me while I cry and scream over here in my corner)

There was another bit in a different article that said Meg does another DNA test at Dusty's request. She switches the blood and tells Jen the baby is not hers. Jen pushes Dusty away, right towards Meg. (Okay, I have moved on from crying to sobbing in agony)

Lily/Holden, Luke needs a kidney (insert irony here).

Matie/BJ, they know BJ is creepy but think they can handle him. Henry tries to use BJ for his own purposes but gets in trouble.

Maddie/Casey, Maddie meets Willen on Halloween and realizes Casey is a lying sack of dung.

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At this point, I want Carly and Jack well out of the baby switch mess. At least until the end, when they get to [email protected]#$%^&*]smack Paul and Emily. REPEATEDLY.

I just hate how we get nothin' on their future other than "permenent consequences". They act like Carly's takin' up residence in the pokey.

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