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Kevin Federline's TV performance


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Kevin better stick to his day job---which includes staying out all hours of the night, hanging with his homeboys and spending all Britney's money of crappy stuff.

A bunch of us were online talking about how silly he looked...and to have him closing out the show, now that was funny.

I remember when he first announced his rapping career, talking about how he was going to blow up better than Eminem (whatever he was smoking when he said that, must have been REAL strong)

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It's ok Marylin, it's not only You Tube it's EVERYTHING Flash. I'm not sure what Macromedia/Adobe did but they F'ed up badly!

LOL nobody is going to take this guy seriously except those impressionable teenage kids. This guy is just sad, how could Brittany be so BLIND. The guy is trash, well atleast F Fed's ex-girlfriend can look back and be happy that her son/daughter won't have to be raised by a LOSER father.

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