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  1. #62 Monday, January 14th At Greg's office, Lynette has just walked in. Greg: I wouldn't have called you if I didn't think there was something you needed to know. Lynette: This sounds sort of serious. Greg: I'm not sure, but it could turn out to be that way. Lynette: I need to hear this, please just tell me. Greg: Jim came to my office the other day and he was asking a lot of questions. When he left, I got the feeling that he might have sensed something about us. Lynette: Why do you think that? Greg: He wanted to know why you were switching doctors and I don't think he's buying the explanation. Lynette: Oh, no. Greg: I'm not for sure that he sensed something, it was just the expression on his face that made me think that he did. Lynette: He asked me questions too, I didn't know what to say to him. Greg: I'm so sorry, I feel like this is my fault. Lynette: Don't blame yourself. We don't even know if he really knows anything. Greg: But if he does, it could spell trouble your marriage. Lynette: That's what I'm afraid of. If Jim was to find out anything about this, it would hurt him so bad. He could start- I don't even want to think about it Greg: He could start what? Lynette: Awhile back, Jim's mother told me he had very serious drinking problem when he was a teenager and could be prone to relapse if he suffered any sort of emotional pain. Greg: My god. Lynette: All I can do is pray that Jim doesn't find anything out. _________________________________________________________________________________ At the McGregor Estate, Anna is looking at her wedding album, when the doorbell rings. She answers the door to find Jim on the other side. Anna: Jim, what brings you here? Come in. Jim: I'm sorry to just show up like this, Mrs. McGregor, but I needed to talk to you about something. Anna: What is it? Jim: It's about Lynette. I told her I was ready to move back in, but she acted a little odd, like something is wrong. Anna: Maybe she's still trying to deal with everything that's been going on her life the past few months. Jim: I came over her, because I know she talks to you sometimes, did she tell you anything about her reason for changing doctors? Anna: This is the first I've heard of it. Jim: I don't understand any of it, it's all so sudden. And on top of that, Dr. Roosevelt was acting very nervous when I asked him about Lynette. Anna thinks back to when Lynette told her about she and Greg's kiss. Anna: I honestly don't know what to tell you. Jim: It's strange, the way those two are acting, it's almost seems like something is going on between them. Anna starts to look nervous. Jim: Are you all right? Anna: Yes, I'm fine. I'm just dealing with something else right now and it been sort of hard on me. Jim: I'll go then, I don't want to be any trouble. Anna: No, you're not any trouble. You can talk to me anytime. Jim: Thank you, Mrs. McGregor. Jim leaves. Anna picks up the phone and calls Lynette's cell. Anna:(into phone) Lynette, I'm glad you picked up. Jim was just here and he's figuring out what's really up between you and Dr. Roosevelt. No, I didn't tell him anything, it wasn't my place. My advice would be to tell the truth, before Jim finds out in the wrong way. Anna hangs up. ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ Stephen is at Ben's office. Ben: Come to strike a deal in the case? Stephen: I want to discuss something. Ben: What is it? Stephen: I think we should our clients into a meeting to discuss visitation rights and such. Ben: What are you talking about? Stephen: Your client told mine that she's dropping the appeal. Ben: Dropping it? This is the first I've heard. Stephen: Really? She hasn't discussed this with you? Ben: No, I know nothing about it. Stephen: I don't know what's going, but you should contact your client right away. Ben: I will. Stephen leaves. Ben calls Leigh's phone and gets the voice mail. Ben: Call me as soon as you get this message. ____________________________________________________________________________ Leigh arrives at a the Donahue Ranch, she rings the doorbell. Norm answers. Norm: Long time, no see. Leigh: It's so great to you again. She hugs him. Norm: I was surprised when I got your call, we haven't talked in ages. Leigh: I found your name in an old address book and I thought I'd look you up. Norm: How come you never called me more often? We were pretty close awhile back. Leigh: I've lost track of a lot of people from my past. Norm: Well, I guess that happens to everybody. Leigh: I see the ranch is still looking nice as ever. Norm: Yeah, I like to come out here once and awhile to clear my head. It's peaceful. Leigh: How has your family been? Norm: We've had a rough time the past few months, but I think things will be looking up. The family's closer than it's been in a long time. Leigh: That's great. Norm: On the phone you said you needed help with something? Leigh: Oh, yes. You see, I'm divorced and I'm going through a very intense custody battle. Norm: I sorry to hear that. Leigh: I can handle the marriage breaking up, I just can't handle not raising my kids. Norm: How can I help? Leigh: Two things, one you can help me get a job. Edmund gave me a divorce settlement, but that won't last forever and I figure getting a good job will help me look better in the eyes of the court. Norm: For you, I can certainly do that. Leigh: And second, you've always been good at one upping you enemy, I was wondering if you could help me find a way to, make Edmund's character less squeaky clean, maybe dig up some dirt. Norm: You know every squeaky clean character can be tarnished in no time. Leigh: That's the kind of talk that I like. Norm: I'll see what I can come up with. Leigh: Thank you so much, this is my last resort. Norm: For an old friend like you, it's no problem.
  2. The dialouge in this episode was great. I also really enjoyed the ending, great episode all around.
  3. Great episode, I'm liking all of the plots right now. Good casting choice for Ty's father.
  4. #61 Tuesday January 8th ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Yvette is sitting in her living room drinking coffee. Chester comes in the front door. Yvette: I'm glad to see you. I didn't expect you to get back until tomorrow. Chester: The project I was working on got stalled, I have to go back in a day or two when it gets back on track. Yvette: I really needed someone to talk to. Chester: Is something wrong? Yvette: Everything. I was up half the night at the office trying to settle the construction contract issue with the board. We finally settled on Greenwood. Chester: I thought your Mother was in charge of that? Yvette: She is, I just had to temporarily step in and mediate the situation, she wasn't really up to it. Chester: Is she feeling all right? Yvette: She's not ill, just upset. Chester: Why? Yvette: I tried to call Cassandra's bluff and it didn't work out to well. Chester: Uh-oh. Yvette: She came storming into my office yesterday and we got into a big argument. My mother heard us arguing and came to see what was going on and Cassandra just dumped the whole truth out right there. Chester: Oh, no. Yvette: My mother is a so upset right now and I am so angry with myself for opening up this whole situation. Chester: Does anyone else in your family know? Yvette: Not yet. Chester: I imagine your mother would like to keep it that way. Yvette: She's always been steadfastly against secrets, so I wouldn't be surprised if she clued the others in soon. Chester: I guess this Cassandra won't be bothering you anymore now that the truth is out. Yvette: She's not giving up, she's up to something and I know it. Chester: Just hold out hope she isn't. Yvette: She desperately wants to get her hands on my family's company, so it's a slim to none that she's done causing havoc. Chester: She certainly sounds like no joke. Yvette: And I'm sure her son isn't either. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ George and Carol are at the Athletic Club George: I want to thank you for inviting me to lunch, I'm sure your schedule is very busy. Carol: Of course, but I felt I had to make time for this. George: I take it you reviewed the proposal I faxed to you. Carol: I did, it looks really good. Seems very airtight. George: Took me a long time to put it together, the biggest worry was the funding. Carol: Your company has specialized primarily in construction, so what made you want to start acquiring department stores? George: My intention is to move this company up in the Fortune 500 and expanding our holdings retail was the best way to do so. Construction alone wasn't cutting it. Carol: The retail business isn't easy, Mr. Lightner, it involves a lot of elements that require multi-tasking and clear vision. George: I've tested the waters a little bit by acquiring a couple of retail stores out west, I'm steadily getting the hang of it. Carol: Interesting, I didn't see those stores in the? list of current holdings you provided. George: I acquired them under a different business name. Carol: Care to say why? George: I didn't want my competition to catch on to my plans right away. Carol: Smart. So what would our first move be, if I decided to come on board? George: Make McGregor's shareholders restless, even more so than they are now. The whole expansion deal McGregor is planning with Carter has made already them sort of nervous. Carol: Add a little fuel to the fire, so to speak. George: Exactly. Carol: I like it. George: Does that mean you are on board? Carol: Airtight as it is, it still could fail. George: But it could be successful. I know what a long and bitter history your company has had with McGregor. Why not settle the score like this? Carol: My animosity with the McGregors goes beyond business, but we won't get into that. George: Well, sounds like all the more reason to get on board. George reaches to shakes Carol's hand. Carol hesitates for a second and then shakes his hand. Carol: You've got yourself a partner. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Stephen is about to leave his law office for lunch, when Edmund comes in. Edmund: I needed to talk about the case, is this a good time? Stephen: I was just about to go to lunch, but I can wait a few minutes. Edmund: Thanks. Stephen: What's up? Edmund: It's something that Leigh said. She stopped by last night and she's done a complete 180 about the case. Stephen: That's good news. Edmund: She even says she's going to drop the appeal. Stephen: What? Edmund: It wasn't that long ago that she was determined to get the kids from me, now she's changing. I think she's up to something. Stephen: Her lawyer, Benjamin Bonoff is one of the strongest thinkers in family law, it's possible he told her to change her strategy. Edmund: I believe it. Stephen: But on the other hand, she might really want to settle things quietly. Edmund: If you knew Leigh like I do, you'd know that she doesn't back down that easily. Stephen: Wait this one out, see what happens. If she's bluffing, it will become clear soon enough. Edmund: Maybe you're right, I might be thinking too negatively. Stephen: I'm not suggesting you let your guard down, I'm just saying wait and see how this goes. Edmund: Thanks for the advice. Stephen: Not a problem. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Leigh is at her hotel suite, looking through an old, worn address book. She stops on a page and looks at a number Leigh: This could be my chance to get custody of my children. Leigh picks of the phone and starts dialing a number. Leigh: (into phone) Good morning, it's been a long time since I've spoken with you. Listen, I don't want to beat around the bush, but I need a help with something very important. What is it? Why don't we discuss that in person? It's only half-hour drive, I could leave now? Good, I'll see you there. (hangs up) I hope this works. Leigh grabs her purse and heads out. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________
  5. #60 Monday, January 7th At the Athletic Club, Leigh is meeting with her lawyer. Leigh: I hope you have come up with a plan how to get my kids back, I was very disappointed with the outcome of the hearing. Ben: Look, I did everything I could. In these kind of cases, the individual has to demonstrate they are person of character. Leigh: I thought that's what I was doing. Ben: All you've been doing is trying to make your ex-husband out to be the bad guy. Leigh: I didn't try to make him out to be a bad person, I just wanted to point his value, which I think are the wrong ones to teach my children. Ben: What you need to focus on now is getting yourself together, you need to show the court that you are a stable parent. Leigh: I thought I showed them that. Ben: In court, You didn't give them any reason why you should get custody, other than Edmund has the wrong values. I tried to warn you, but you didn't listen. Leigh: Okay, I get what you are saying, but how am I supposed to go about this? I need more advice. Ben: Well, first off, you need to start being a little more civil with Edmund. For your children's sake, this shouldn't remain a bitter custody battle. Leigh: I'll do whatever it takes to raise my children, so if that's what it takes, so be it. Ben: And remember, you'll have to have some patience, appeals take awhile and nothing changes overnight. Leigh: Good, I need all the time I can get, I need to be able to plot of my move. I think I might have a good idea now of what I'm going to do. Ben: I'm advising you now, if you are planning on coming up with some sort of scheme, don't do it, it could blow up in your face. Leigh: I gotta get myself a little leverage, you haven't come up with anything surefire yet. Ben: If you ruin your chances, don't say I didn't warn you. Leigh: I'm about to find a way to make the court view me in the best light possible, the last thing I'd do is ruin my chance. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Anna is in her office with Yvette. Anna has learned the truth about Andrew from Cassandra. Anna: Please tell me that none of what that woman said was true. Yvette: I wish I could, but I'm afraid it is. Anna: When I met with George, I felt there was just something about him that was familiar. I didn't say anything, because it was just a feeling. Now I know why. Yvette: I'm so sorry. Anna: How could he have done something like this? I mean, if the story is that way that Cassandra told it, that means he married me while he was still legally married to her. Yvette: I know all of this is upsetting, but try to remember all that you and Dad built. You raised 4 children, you started a successful corporation and you had a strong relationship. Anna: Yes and it was all based on lies. Yvette: I never wanted you to find out. Anna: How exactly did you come into contact with this woman anyway? Yvette: Well, it's a long story. Anna: I'd like to hear it. Yvette: I thought she could help me build that shopping center I've been planning. Anna: The one you wanted to build on the conservation property your father set aside in his will? Yvette: Yes. Anna: You know that I was against that when you proposed it months ago. So you just went behind my back? Yvette: It was the wrong decision and I realize that now. Anna: I can't believe this, I really can't. All of this because you just had to have your way. Yvette: Mother, you've got to believe me. I never intended for anyone to get hurt, I just used bad judgment. Anna: Well, the damage is already done. It couldn't possibly get any worse. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Carol is in her office, the telephone rings. Carol: (into phone) Carol Donahue. George is on the other end. George: Mrs. Donahue, this is George Lightner from Lighter Corporation. Carol: I've heard of your company before. You're a construction company, right? George: That's correct. Carol: Well, Donahue isn't seeking a building contractor right now, so why are you calling? George: I think we could serve each others business interests very well. Carol: How so? George: I'm looking to acquire a new holding and that holding just happens to be your competition. Carol: You're talking about McGregor? George: Exactly. Carol: That's a big corporation to try and acquire, seems rather lofty to even think about it. How is it even possible? George: Are you interested? Carol: I don't know, sounds risky, but I do like the idea of bringing McGregor down. George: I'll fax you my game plan and you can look it over. Carol: I'll check it out, but I'm not making any commitments. George: Of course, no pressure. I think you're gonna like what I have come up with. Carol: We'll see. George: Thanks for taking my call. George hangs up. George: Plan B, set it motion ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ At Edmund's house, there's a knock at the door. It's Leigh. Edmund: Hi. Leigh: Hi, I just stopped by to see the boys for a bit. Edmund: They're upstairs. Leigh: I also wanted to talk to you about something. Edmund: Sure Leigh: I want to work out the arrangements for visitation. Edmund: I figured you'd be wanting to talk about that soon. Leigh: I think we can work out fair arrangements, without all the lawyers and stuf. Edmund: Really? Leigh: Yeah, I figure it will be better that way. Edmund: I certainly would prefer to do this quietly. Leigh: Me too. Edmund: You know, you seem a bit different than before. You're nicer. Leigh: I'm trying to be more civil. Edmund: Well, I'm glad to hear that. Leigh: I also wanted to tell you, that I'm appeal the custody ruling. Edmund: You're not? I'm kind of surprised to hear that. Leigh: I don't see that point in getting into a long drawn out fight. Edmund: You've done a complete 180 on all of this, why? Leigh: Let's just say, I realized there is a better way of doing things. Edmund: Hey, I'm not complaining, I never wanted to do this the hard way. Leigh: I'm going to go on upstairs and see the boys. Edmund: Sure. Leigh goes upstairs. Edmund starts to look a little suspicious about Leigh's new attitude. Edmund: What is she up to now?
  6. Great episode. Sister Patterson is so funny.
  7. #59 Tuesday, November 20th (delayed episode) Short opening credits video (might load slow): http://www.veoh.com/videos/v1539150TT54jSTW Anna is standing in the door of Yvette's office, shocked at what she just heard. Anna: What is going on here? Yvette: It's nothing, it just has to do a business decision and Ms. Lightner here didn't see eye to eye with me. Anna: I know what I heard, Yvette and I want an explanation. Cassandra: I'll be very glad to give it to you. Yvette: Don't you dare. Cassandra: Don't you think it's time this whole thing just comes out, I mean we've gone round and round, There's no point in continuing to try and hide it. Yvette: If you have one ounce decency, you will leave right now. Anna: She said something about Andrew and a child, I want to know what it is. Cassandra: And you're gonna find out right now. What did you know about your husband's past? Anna: I knew everything, he told all there was to know. Cassandra: Hmmm, everything? Are you sure? How about the little detail about how he married me and we had a son? Anna: What? Cassandra: I can see you're visably shocked, but still have a glimmer of denial in your eye. Anna: Is this some sort of sick joke? Cassandra: Oh, it's not and I'm about to tell the rest of this story. We were newlyweds and his job as a salesman kept him on the road, but he'd always manage to write and visit as much as he could. Then all of the sudden, the visits stopped and the letters shortly after. I guess that's when he met you.s Anna: Andrew would never do something like that, he wouldn't abandon a wife and child. He wasn't that sort of man. Cassandra: Well, that's precisely what he did. Fortunately, my son turned out well in spite of the circumstances. Anna: Wait a minute? Is George Lightner your son? Cassandra: Yes. Anna: I need to have a minute alone. Anna leaves the office. Yvette: I hope you're happy with yourself, Cassandra. Yvette goes after Anna. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ At Lynette's house, Jim as at the door with his bags. Lynette lets him in. Lynette: Does this mean what I think it means? Jim: I'm ready to move back in. Lynette: So you think we've had enough time apart? Jim: That and the fact that the holidays are coming up and I didn't want to be away from you and the kids. Lynette: I'm really glad you have decided to come back. I'd hate for you to be in some hotel over the holidays. Jim: I think we do our best bonding during this time of year, so I think it would be good for us. Lynette: Maybe so. Jim: I know that I've been a little difficult these past few months. I hope that hasn't really changed the way you feel about me. Lynette: Of course not. Jim: I'm thankful for that. And listen, if you still think we need marriage counseling, I'm willing to give it a try, just for you. Lynette: I think that's a good idea. Jim: We can make an appointment with Dr. Roosevelt after the holiday. Lynette: Um, We'll be getting a new counselor. Jim: Well, why, I thought you went to Dr. Roosevelt because he's one of the best in the state? Lynette: (nervous) I feel that another doctor might suit our needs better. Jim: If you think this will help us, then I'm all for it. Jim is looking a little puzzled as to why Lynette is switching doctors. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Jim goes to Greg's office. Jim: Dr. Roosevelt? Greg: Jim, what brings you here? Jim: Lynette told me she was switching doctors. Greg: Yeah, she thinks that you two need a different kind of therepy. Jim: I'm asking you because when she told me about it, she seemed a little nervous, like there was a problem. Greg: Really? Jim: I was just wondering if there was another reason for the decision. Greg: Not at all, I just thought another therapist could better handle this situation. Jim: I thought Lynette made the decision. Greg: (nervous) Uh, yes she did, but it was my suggestion. Jim: First Lynette acted strange when she talked about this, now you're acting nervous like there is something to hide. What exactly is the problem here? Greg: I've counseled a lot of couples and I've seen some seek the help of other therapists. Jim: You've been counseling her since our separation, has she said anything to you that would suggest she's not as committed to making this work as I am? Greg: That's something you'd have to talk with your wife about. Jim: I have talked to her, but the past couple of times I've seen here, she's been a little on edge. Greg: She's had a hard time, so I assume she's trying to sort out all of her feelings. Jim takes notice at the comment and looks a little concerned. Jim: Sort out all of her feelings? What does that mean? Greg: It's just shrink talk, you have nothing to worry about Jim is still looking concerned. Jim: Um, thanks for your time. Greg: Sure. Jim leaves, looking baffled. Greg breathes deeply as he realizes that Jim might sense something. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Later on, Cassandra has returned to her office at Lightner and finds George waiting for her. He's holding the newspaper. George: Why is it that I didn't know about what is in this paper? Cassandra: I never felt the need to tell you. George: I am the co-CEO of this company, Mother. This office has been inundated with calls from investors who are not sure they want to keep investing. Cassandra: Yvette McGregor's the one who got all this stuff printed up, blame her. George: What? Cassandra: She thought she would one up me, but I one upped her right back. George: What did you do? Cassandra: I told the truth to Anna McGregor. George: You did what? Do you realize you just destroyed our plan? Cassandra: I was angry. George: Well, luckily I have a plan B. Cassandra: What would that be? George: I'd prefer not to tell you the details, I don't want this plan ruined. Cassandra: It had better work. George: Oh, believe me, it will. By next week, Lightner will be the biggest corporation in the Midwest.
  8. The short opening sequence for the show has been debuted. Sources close to the show say a longer version is in the works. http://www.veoh.com/videos/v1539150TT54jSTW In other casting news, as previously reported a new family will be coming to the blog very soon. The first member of that family has been cast. Darnell Williams, best known for his role on All My Children as Jesse Hubbard will be joining the cast as John Phelps, a state senator who will be involved in an upcoming storyline.
  9. #58 Monday, November 19th delayed episode In morning, at the hospital, Cody is preparing to be released. Carol: As soon as the doctor brings your discharge papers, we are out of here. Cody: I can't wait. Cody looks up at the television and sees a news report. Cody: Mom, turn that up, please. Carol turns up the television. News Anchor: A bizarre story coming out of the mountain woods area. A report of a gunshot lead police to a compound that appears to have been recently occupied by mob boss B.P. Charles, who was thought to have been deceased. The story takes an even stranger turn as the police have reportedly pulled the body of Charles out of the local river. The feds have seized a large amount of files, that could lead to a dragnet of arrest of local officials thought to have been helping Charles. Norm comes into the hospital room. Norm: Cody, you're awake. He hugs Cody Norm: I'm relieved you're all right now. You are all right? Cody: I'm fine, the doctor says I've made a speedy recovery Carol: Where have you been? We haven't seen you since yesterday? Norm: It's a long story, a long one. Carol: All right. Norm: It turns out what happened to Cody was no accident. Cody: I didn't think it was. Carol: Oh, my god. Norm: It turns out that B.P. Charles faked the whole shooting just to get revenge. Carol: That is insane. But how did he end up in the river? Norm: He pulled a gun on me trying to escape and he ended up losing his balance and falling off a cliff. Cody: Dang, that sounds like some action movie. Carol: How on earth did you find out where he was at? Norm: It took a lot of digging, but I found it with Wilkins' help. Carol: Well, maybe now this is all over, we can get a little peace. Norm: Hopefully. The cops still want to talk to me some more since I was there when he fell, but other than that, there's no other problems. Dr. Claiborne comes in with the discharge papers. Dr. Claiborne: Here you go, just sign here and it's all done. Carol signs the paper and hands it back to the doctor. Carol: Thank you, Doctor. Dr. Claiborne: Sure. The doctor leaves. Carol: Well, that's it, we can leave. Cody: Good, I was getting sick of this place. They all leave the hospital room ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cassandra is at her penthouse apartment, sitting at the breakfast table. She opens up the newspaper and sees an column titled "Who was behind the Silver Hills Savings and Loan failure?" and immediately starts to panic. Cassandra: Oh, no. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A little later at McGregor, the board of directors meeting is getting underway. Anna: I call this meeting to order. The purpose of this meeting is for us to select a contractor for the expansion project. The investors have given us until 4:00 to make a decision. We have three contractors on the table, Lightner, Ellington and Greenwood. Alma: I'd like to raise a concern about one of the prospective candidates. Anna: Go ahead please. Alma (board member): Well, in today's Daily Business Runner there's a column that links Lightner Corporation's co-CEO to the failure of a savings and loan in California. Estelle: That doesn't sound good. Leonard (board member): I read that article and it all looks like speculation. Evelyn (board member): I agree. Alden (board member): But what if it isn't? We don't need any scandal. Estelle: This whole project has gone off without a hitch, something like this could set up back. Leonard: Look, Lightner has the best deal and we want to avoid going over the budget. If we run over, all hell is just gonna break loose. Alma: What you are missing is the fact that all hell could break loose if we get caught up with a company accused of malfeasance. Estelle: We are just going to have come up with a solution for the cost overruns. What do you think, Anna? Anna: The allegations in that article are a bit troubling, but are just speculation. Alma: I know how I'm going to vote. Leonard: Let's just take the vote and get this over with. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Across the hall, Cassandra abruptly walks into Yvette's office holding the newspaper. Cassandra: I assume you're behind what was in the newspaper this morning. Yvette: You assumed right. Cassandra: You could be putting my company in danger of being disgraced. Yvette: It's not my fault you made poor business decisions. Cassandra: You didn't have to air all this for the whole world to see. Yvette: This is just a warning, if you don't back off it's going to be worse. Cassandra: Oh, please. Yvette: You think I'm kidding? I have more information that I held back on about, information that would really sink you. Cassandra: You know what, I'm real tempted to just let the truth about your father out for all the world to here. Yvette: You do it and you'll be sorry. Cassandra: I'm not afraid of you, dear. In the boardroom, Anna can hear Yvette and Cassandra arguing. Anna: What on earth is going on? Excuse me for a minute. Anna get up and goes across the hall to Yvette's office. Yvette: This has gone far enough, why don't you just move on? Cassandra: Your father put me through hell, abandoning me when I had his son, that is something I cannot forget. Anna: What?! Yvette: Oh, my god, Mother. Yvette looks terrified as Anna stands in the door with a shocked expression. Fade to black.
  10. Good episode. I especially liked the Mona/Daniel scene and the scene with Natalia and Dahlia falling in the garbage truck. Also, thanks for plugging Novi, that was cool how you worked it in.
  11. Thursday, November 15th (delayed episode) B.P.'s gun just went off and Norm is on the ground, the bullet having just missed him. B.P. runs off into the wooded area, trying throw Norm and Wilkins off. Wilkins: You all right, man? Norm: Yeah, the bullet didn't hit me. Wilkins: Come on, let's see if we can catch him. Norm: Let's hurry. Wilkins goes one way and Norm goes another. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ At the McGregor, Estelle has stopped by to see Anna. Estelle: I apologize for stopping by like this, but it's about a matter requires your immediate attention. Anna: No problem. Estelle: The investors want us to select a contractor soon so we can start building. Anna: I'd like a little more time to sort this out, there's a potential for cost overruns and I want to get all that taken care of. How soon do they want a decision? Estelle: Tomorrow afternoon. Anna: Oh, great. How are we supposed to figure out the details by then? Do you think they would except a phased construction? Estelle: I doubt it. Anna: (sighs) I guess we ought to round up the joint board of directors for a meeting tommorrow morning. Estelle: This will be the first time doing that and judging by the members, it will be a fractious meeting, a clash of corporate minds. Anna: I've dealt with worse. This has to be worked out, my company has a lot riding on this. Estelle: As does mine. By the way, are you leaning toward any of the contractors yet? Anna: There is one. Lightner, I like the record they have and their building design. I've met with the head of the company, George and he seems like a good businessman. There's something about him that reminds of someone, but I can't put my finger on who it is. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Yvette is in her office, there's a knock at the door. Yvette: Come in. Teddy walks in. Yvette: You have anything good for me? Teddy: You bet. Teddy hands her a small stack of papers. Yvette looks through them. Yvette: Oh, my goodness. Teddy: It's shocking how many bad business decisions she's made have caused problems for others. Yvette: This also says she was partned with people who ran half a dozen ponzi schemes. Teddy: That's not all, keep reading, check out the part that says "Silver Hills Savings and Loan". Yvette: How on earth is she even still doing business after all these mistakes? Teddy: A lot of this stuff got buried because she had people in the right places cover it up, but with a little digging I found it. But, if half of her investors found out about this, she'd be washed up. Yvette: I know, a businessperson with any would stay away from a person with a record like this. Well, you've done good work, Teddy and as promised you'll be getting the other half of your fee. Yvette hands him an envelope. Teddy: Thank you. Yvette: No, thank you. Teddy leaves. Yvette leans back in her chair and smiles. Yvette: Now lets see who can make threats. Yvette picks up her phone and dials a number. Yvette: (into phone) Hi, I've never done this before, so I don't know how it works, but I have a little item for your paper, how soon can you fit it in? That soon? Sounds great. Do you have a paper and pen ready? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Norm and Wilkins are still trying to find B.P. in the woods. Norm is looking around a patch of trees, when he hears a gun cock. B.P.: Maybe this time I won't miss. Norm turns around to see B.P. aiming his gun. B.P.: This time you don't have the P.I. to help you. (chuckles) Norm: Why are you doing all this? B.P.: Because no one crosses me and gets away with it. Norm: You are insane. B.P.: You know what? Maybe I am insane, but one thing I'm not is a fool. Norm: This stops now, you've caused my family enough trouble. B.P.: I'll be the one who says when anything stops. B.P. steps back, unaware he's close to the edge of a cliff. B.P.: Now you just turn around and head back to town, pretend you never saw me and no one gets hurt. Norm: I can't do that. B.P.: All right, have it your way. B.P. prepares to shoot, but as he steps back again, he stumbles over a root. Norm watches in shock as B.P. begins to fall backward down the hill and then takes a steep plunge off the cliff into the icy water below, disappearing in the current. Fade to black. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  12. Glad to see S.T.E.A.M is back. Really good episode, I really was not expecting that ending. Also, good casting choice for Mona.
  13. #56 Wednesday November 14th At the hospital, Dr. Claiborne is checking Cody's vital signs. Dr. Claiborne: Everything seems to be in order here. Your test results look good too. You've made progress rapidly. Cody: So I'm going to be all right? Dr. Claiborne: I would say yes. Carol: Thank god, I am so relieved. Thank you so much, Doctor. Dr. Claiborne: You're welcome. Dr. Claiborne leaves Carol: Well, I feel much better. Cody: I feel a little better, but-- Carol: You're still upset. Cody: Yeah, I just wish that I could go after the person who did this. Carol: You never told me who you think did it. Cody: Don't call me crazy, but I think B.P. Charles was behind it. Carol: But he's dead, how could he be behind it? Cody: I'm not so sure he's dead. Wilkins snapped a photo of him coming out of a diner, he had been talking to the guy who framed me. Carol: Well, where was this? Cody: Right here in town. Carol: This makes no sense. Cody: See, I knew you'd think I was crazy. Carol: No, no, I'm not saying that. It's just makes no sense to me how it's possible, B.P. Charles was fatally shot. Cody: That's why I want to get out there and find the truth. Carol: Just focus on one thing at a time, you've got to make a full recovery first. Cody: I feel much better. Carol: I know, but until the doctor gives you the green light to leave, you need to rest. Cody: I suppose you're right, there's nothing much I can do right now. But as soon as I'm out, I'm back to investigating. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Wilkins and Norm are driving on the route to the mountains. Wilkins: There aren't many places up here and most of them are used only during Winter when the snow is packed. If Charles is still around here, we have to keep our eyes peeled for activity around any of these places. Norm: I just want to make B.P. pay for what he's done to my brother. Wilkins: Well, let's keep our fingers crossed that we can find him. Norm spots an open gate. Norm: There's a gate over there. Wilkins pulls over and they get out to investigate. Wilkins: That's strange, this gate is wide open and there's no security. Norm: Kind of suspicious. I'm going to take a look around. Wilkins: Yeah. They walk up the path to the compound. There's a car sitting in front of the compound. Norm: Wonder whose car that is? Wilkins: This might not be the right place. Norm: We won't know until we look. Norm goes to the front door and looks through the glass. Norm: Looks dark in there. Just then, Detective Lewis comes out of a door on the side of the compound. Norm goes to other side of the building avoid being caught. Lewis gets in his car and drives off. Norm goes back over to Wilkins. Norm: That was the Detective that investigated the Charles shooting. Wilkins: Yeah, that was him. Norm: What is he doing up here? Wilkins: Something fishy is going on. Norm: He said something about the airport, but I think someone is still inside. Wilkins: Let's go around back. Wilkins and Norm go to the back of the compound, where there is a lighted service porch and an SUV parked. There are boxes sitting just outside the SUV. Wilkins: Looks like someone is trying to leave. Norm takes out a flashlight and looks in one of the boxes. It's full of file folders. Norm pulls one out and finds a letter with B.P.'s name on it. Norm: He's here! Wilkins: What? Norm: This letter has his name on it, so this has got to be him. Wilkins: Well, now to find him. If he's trying to leave, we need to be ready to follow him, so let's get back to the car. Suddenly, the service porch door opens and out steps B.P. B.P.: What the hell are you doing here? Wilkins: My God. B.P.: I'm giving you ten seconds to get off of my property. Norm: You tried to kill my brother, you dirty-- B.P.: He should have known never to cross me, because when someone crosses me, they pay for it. B.P. pulls out a gun, B.P.: And you'll be very sorry as well if you don't get out of here right this second. Norm: You're gonna pay for what you've done. Norm charges B.P. and they start fighting for the gun. B.P. manages to break free. Norm is still on the ground. B.P. aims the gun at Norm, Wilkins tries to stop him, but the gun goes off. Cut to black.
  14. #55 Tuesday, November 13th Back at the police station Evan: Who are you? Norm: I'm a lawyer, Norm Donahue. Evan: But I didn't call any lawyer. Norm: I know, but I have my reasons for being here. Evan: Did you say your name was Donahue? Norm: Yep. Evan: You wouldn't happen to be related to-- Norm: Cody is my brother, the one you framed. Evan: Then why do you want to help me? Norm: To be clear, I am not doing any of this for your benefit. I'm trying to get information on who tried to kill my brother. Evan: I'm going to say this up front, I didn't have anything to do with what happened to your brother. I admit that I bought that gun in his name, but that was it. Norm: With the charges you're facing, rubber checks and money laundering, I'm guessing you will get some serious time. Evan: I figured that. Norm: But, if you tell me everything you know about B.P. Charles, I can try and arrange a plea deal. Evan: What's there to know, he's dead. Norm: Let's not pretend. Norm pulls the photographs of B.P. out and puts them on the table. Norm: You can't tell me that's not B.P. Charles. Evan: What if it is? Norm: Now is not the time to play games. You can either tell me what you know or risk spending a very long time in prison. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Lynette is at the CoffeeRoom when Greg comes in and approaches her. Greg: We need to talk. Lynette: I got few minutes before I have to leave, so sure. Greg: It's about what happened last night. Lynette: You've been thinking about it? Greg: Yeah, I didn't get any sleep at all. When we kissed it felt so right, but at the same time I knew it was so wrong. Lynette: Me too. Greg: I'm starting to think I shouldn't counsel you anymore. I mean, as I doctor I'm obligated not to get involved with a patient. Lynette: The kiss was just an impulse. Greg: I think we both felt something. Besides, it's not just the kiss, I feel that we are connected on an emotion level that is not appropriate for a doctor and patient. Lynette: I can't deal with this right now, especially since Jim has told me he wants to try and fix things. Greg: That's great and it's all the more reason that I think I should refer you to another therapist. Lynette: If you think it's for the best. Greg: I'm positive it is. I care about you too much to cause you any more strain. Lynette: You haven't caused me any strain, you've been a friend and helped me through a very difficult time. Greg: I've crossed a line I shouldn't have. I'm supposed to help fix marriage, not break them. Lynette: When we kissed it was mutual, you aren't the only one to blame. Greg: I know. Lynette: Then you shouldn't beat yourself up about it. Greg: Like I said, it's more than that. It's the way I feel. I don't think it's right that I feel this way about a married woman. Lynette: We can't control what's in our hearts. Greg: But we can keep ourselves from doing the wrong thing. Greg hands her a card. Greg: That's the number to very good marriage counselor. She been practicing for years and is very good. She can definitely help get your marriage back on track. Lynette: Okay. Greg leaves. As he steps outside, he lets out a sigh. Greg: I just had to fall for the wrong one. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Back at the police station. Evan: Do you really think you can handle the truth? Norm: Let's hear it. Evan: First, tell me what you can do for me. Norm: I know the federal prosecutor, he'll probably be willing to cut a deal with you in exchange for testimony on what you about organized crime in Detroit. Evan: I'm not sure about ratting on anyone. Norm: I'd guess you'd prefer years in prison then. Evan: How soon can we get a deal? Norm: As soon as you tell me what you know about B.P. Charles. Evan hesitates for few seconds Evan: Is it a sure thing I'll get a reduced sentence? Norm: I think it's a sure thing, the federal prosecutor has cut deals with others in exchange for testimony. Evan hesitates again, but eventually starts to ta Evan: Fine. I bet on a lot of horses in Detroit, I ended up on a huge streak, thought was unbeatable. Until I made a huge bet, over $20,000 because I was so sure I was gonna win. The horse ending up losing and B.P. Charles came after me. He said the only way he would excuse my debt is if I bought a gun in Cody Donahue's name. Norm: Then what happened? Evan: I did it and brought the gun to him. Then, he told me what the other part of his plan was. Norm: What was that? Evan: He wanted me to shoot him. I told him that it was insane and that I wouldn't do it. He then decided to bring my family into the equation and threaten them. Norm: So you did it? Evan: I didn't feel I had a choice, I didn't want risk my family's safety. Norm: Let's get to the rest of the story. Evan: Well, after he was shot, I don't know much of what happened, all I know is he survived. Norm: So he is alive? Do you know where he's at? Evan: My guess is that he's somewhere in the mountains, he was drove off i a sport vehicle after he met with me. Norm: Is that all you know? Evan: Yep. Norm: All right. Norm gets up to leave. Evan: How soon do you think you can cut a deal? Norm: What deal? Evan: Don't play games with me. Norm: You created you fate, live with it. Evan: You dirty-- Norm leaves. Flash forward to Wilkins office a little while later, Norm rushes in. Norm: He's alive. Wilkins: You got Peters to talk? Norm: Yes, he said that B.P. survived the shooting. Wilkins: How? Norm: Never mind that now, we've got to find out where B.P. is right now. Peters said he could be in the mountains. Wilkins: Of course, there's a route that leads up there, it's where people go when they don't want to be bothered. Norm: How soon can we get there? Wilkins: Right a way, but there's a chance he might already be gone. Norm: I know that, but there's a chance we could be able to nab him. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Meanwhile, back at B.P.'s compound, B.P. is loading up an SUV, ready to leave town.....
  15. Thanks for the comment, glad you liked episode. Laura Bryan Birn isn't on Y&R anymore, I don't think she's appeared since 2004.
  16. #54 Monday, November 12th At the hospital Carol: You're absolutely sure you felt someone push you? Cody: Yes, there's no doubt. That photograph makes sense now. Trish: What photograph? Cody: I've got to get a hold of Wilkins. Carol: What was in this photograph? Cody: If I told you, you'd think I was crazy. I just need to get in touch with Wilkins. Cody tries to get up, but starts coughing. Carol: You need to stay right where you are, you aren't strong enough. Cody: Somebody tried to kill me, I can't just sit around! _____________________________________________________________________________________ Wilkins and Norm return to Wilkins' office Wilkins: I figured Peters had already skipped town. Norm: It was worth a try. Linda: He didn't skip town. Wilkins: What do you mean? Linda: The police picked him up in Detroit at the airport on some charges, big charges related to fraud. Norm: Well, this is interesting. Wilkins: What? Norm: If he's in jail on big charges, he might start talking. He's going to need a lawyer Wilkins: You're going to represent the guy who tried frame your brother? Norm: Right now, all I'm concerned about is finding out who tried to kill Cody and I think Peters is my only chance at getting the whole story. Wilkins: Perhaps. Norm: I'm going to get over to the police station, if there's anything new, call me on my cell. Wilkins: Sure. Norm leaves. ______________________________________________________________________________________ At B.P.'s compound, B.P. is in his office when Detective Lewis come rushing in. B.P.: What going on? Lewis: Peters was nabbed, he's in jail right now. B.P.: Nabbed for what? Lewis: Something about fraud. B.P.: Damn. Lewis: He could easily dime you out. B.P.: And he could do the same to you. Lewis: No one can trace my involvement in all this, I've made sure of that. I've got a family, I can't afford to go down. B.P.: I don't think so, If I go down, everyone goes down. Lewis: You can't do that. B.P.: Oh, I can. You should have made sure Peters got out of town without being caught, you knew he could be a problem. Lewis: What was I supposed to do? B.P.: Never mind, you just make sure that I can get out of here with no trouble. Lewis: What about Donahue? B.P.: Well, he's not a problem anymore. Lewis: You didn't hear? B.P.: What? Lewis: He survived that little accident you set up for him. B.P.: This day just keeps getting worse and worse. Lewis: What are you going to do now? B.P.: I can't worry about that now, I've got to get out of the country. ________________________________________________________________________________________ At the police station, Evan is in the interrogation room. A guard is by the door. Another guard comes through the door. Guard: Your lawyer is here. Evan: What? Norm comes into the room holding a briefcase. Fade to black.
  17. Just finished reading the episode, liked everything about it, good job.
  18. ReddFoxx


    Novi will be getting exciting when it returns next week, you won't want to miss an episode: Storyline Previews: Yvette/Cassandra/George: This story is going heat up leading to a shocking turn of events the week of November 19th. Jim/Lynette/Greg: Just when it looks like Jim and Lynette's marriage is looking up, there's more trouble on the horizon as Lynette finds herself drawn to Greg. Edmund/Leigh: Edmund will soon find romance with a jet-set fashion designer, while Leigh cooks up another plot how to get custody of her and Edmund's children. Cody/B.P./Norm/Wilkins: Look for this one to wrap up at the end of next week, the finish of this story won't be disappointing. Other tidbits: Carol's estranged younger sister will show up on Thanksgiving and stir things up. JC and Amee get closer. A new family will be written in some time soon.
  19. #53 Monday, October 15th BONUS EPISODE Yvette is at McGregor's Novi Store, looking for someone. She finally finds Teddy taking inventory. Teddy: Mrs. Browne. Yvette: Just call me Yvette, I never really cared for all that formal title stuff. Teddy: Okay, Yvette. What can I do for you? Yvette: I've heard that you are pretty good digging up dirt on people. Teddy: I don't exactly go around bragging about it, but yeah. Yvette: I need your help finding information on someone. Teddy: Who is it? Yvette: It's a woman who is becoming a real thorne in my side. Teddy: I don't come cheap. Yvette: I'll pay you well, I'm prepared to give you an advance. You'll get the rest when the job is done. Yvette shows him an envelope filled with cash. Teddy: Looks good. Yvette: So you'll do it? Teddy: I'll do it. Yvette hands him the envelope and he puts it inside his jacket. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Carol and Trish come running into Cody's hospital room, where Dr. Claiborne is. Carol: Dr. Claiborne, what's wrong? Dr. Claiborne: Your son is regaining consciousness. I'm still checking his vital signs. Carol: Oh, thank god. Cody: Mom? Carol: I'm right here. Dr. Claiborne: His vital signs seem okay as of now. I'm still waitiyng on a test result, I'm going to go get it. Carol: Thank you very much, Doctor. Doctor Claiborne leaves. Carol: You've given us quite a scare. Cody: I've hope this isn't the beginning of a series of very unfortunate events. Carol: Please, no jokes right now. Cody: Sorry. Trish: How do you feel? Cody: My head is in a bit of fog. Carol: Dr. Claiborne has been taking good care of you, you inhaled so much of that gas. Cody: Gas? Carol: That's how you ended up here, there was a gas leak at the house. Cody: That's right, I remember smelling the gas and going down to turn it off and (pauses) Carol: What? Cody: I seem to remember feeling someone pushing me. Carol: Pushing you? Cody: Yes, someone pushed me down the steps. Then the door was jammed and I couldn't open it. Trish: My god. Carol: Okay, now this is getting even more scary. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ At Wilkins' office, there is a knock at the door. Wilkins opens it to find Norm on the other side. Wilkins: Norm, come on in. Norm comes inside. Norm: You said that Peters guy who tried to frame Cody was here in town? Wilkins: Well, I'm not sure if he's still here, but he was a couple of day ago. Norm: There was a gas leak last night and Cody got caught in it, he's in the hospital now. Wilkins: Good lord. Norm: And when I was at the house this morning, the investigators told me there was some sort of bonding agent on the gas valve that stopped it from moving. Wilkins: You think that Evan Peters was behind it? Norm: I don't know, but it's clear now that this wasn't an accident. Wilkins: Um, this might explain some of my findings. Norm: What findings? Wilkins: I tracked Peters a couple of nights ago and I saw him meeting with some man. I snapped a few shots and I blew them up. Wilkins hands Norm the folder with the pictures. Norm: These are pictures of B.P. Charles. Wilkins: That's what it looks like. Norm: He's dead though, how can this be possible? Wilkins: Your guess is as good as mine. As crazy as it seems, B.P. Charles could be alive and trying to get revenge on Cody. Norm: I need to track down this Evan Peters, he could be the key to everything. Wilkins: Wait a minute, you could be playing with fire here. Norm: My brother is in the hospital right now, if someone tried to kill him, I want to go after them. Wilkins: Peters has mob connections, you'd be crazy to try to lean on him. Norm: Just tell me where Peters is. Wilkins: You're mother already has one son in a hospital, she doesn't need something to happen to another. I'm a good friend of hers, I don't want to be responsible for anything that happens. Norm: You won't be, I'm the one doing this. Please, just help me out, my family could be in more danger. Wilkins thinks for a second Wilkins: All right, but I'm going with you. I know more about these type of people than you do. Norm: Whatever, I just want to get to the bottom of this. Wilkins: Let's go. Wilkins grabs his keys and both of them leave. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  20. #52 Monday, October 15th At the McGregor Estate, Lynette is in the living room with Anna. Anna: I'm glad you came over, we don't get a chance to talk much. Lynette: I know. Anna: Is something wrong? Lynette: You could say that. Anna: Okay, what is it? Lynette: Last night, Greg came over and brought me dinner. We talked for awhile and I ended up kissing him. Anna: Oh, no. Lynette: And this morning, Jim came by saying he's ready to open up to me more. All day today, I've been pacing back and forth, trying to sort all of this out. Anna: The first question you need to ask yourself is if the kiss was just a moment weakness or if you actually have feelings Greg. Lynette:i I love my husband. Anna: That's not what I was talking about. Lynette: It was just something that happened, I don't feel anything more for Greg than friendship. Anna: For something like this to even happen, it's clear that you must have been leaning on this man emotionally. Lynette: See, this is why I hardly ever tell you anything, you always start making assumptions. Anna: Am I wrong? Lynette: Greg has been helping me through this, he's been the only person who really understands me. Anna: Well, my advice to you is, whatever is going on, you should put a stop to it before it goes any further. Lynette: There is absolutely nothing going on. Anna: If that was the case, you wouldn't have come to me for advice. Lynette: I just needed to tell someone, that's all. Don't read too much into this. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Back at the Donahue house, Norm is outside talking to the investigators. Norm: How soon can you tell what the exact problem of this gas leak was? Investigator: It shouldn't be too long before we have some idea. The other investigator comes out of the house. Investigator: Find anything? Investigator #2: Something a little strange. Norm: What? Investigator #2: It looks as if some sort of bonding agent was on the gas valve, causing it not to move. Norm: What? That doesn't make any sense. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ At the hospital, Carol is in the lobby. Trish comes in from outside Trish: Mom, J.C. called and said he'd be over here a little later. He just heard what happened. Carol: Glad to hear that, I don't get to see him much. Trish: He's always so busy with something at McGregor, he's a hard worker. Carol: You raised a good son. Unlike me, who just shipped you kids off to boarding school. Trish: Don't start being critical of yourself now. You may have sent us off to boarding school, but you still were a good mother. Carol: I don't even know why I thinking about all this now. All I want to focus on is Cody getting better. Trish: Right. A nurse comes out of the ICU and approaches Carol Nurse: Mrs. Donahue, the doctor would like to speak with you immediately. Carol starts to look scared. Off Carol's scared expression, fade to black.
  21. Thanks for the comments, glad you both liked the episode.
  22. The next day, Lynette is sitting in her kitchen drinking tea when she thinks back to his kiss with Greg the night before. She's snapped out of her thoughts by the doorbell. She answers the door and finds Jim on the other side. Lynette: Jim. Jim: I think we should talk. Lynette sighs and looks a little nervous. Jim: Can I come in? Lynette: Um, yes of course. Jim comes inside. Jim: Your mother had a little talk with me yesterday. Lynette: Well, I didn't put her up to it. Jim: No, I know you didn't do that. I'm here because what she said made me think. Lynette: Really? Jim: She made me realize that we need to discuss some things, open up the dialogue a little more. Lynette keeps her back turned to Jim and won't look him in the eye. Jim: Are you all right? You seem nervous. Lynette: Nervous? No, I'm fine, I'm just trying to take in what you are saying. He puts his hands on her shoulders. Jim: You know I love you, don't you? Lynette: Yes. Jim: All of this has been so hard for me, I don't know how to sort my feelings out. Lynette: I guess you just need your space. Jim: It's just that I'm afraid that things might not work out, you know. Lynette continues to look nervous. Lynette: (thinking) What am I going to do? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ At Lightner headquarters in Detroit, Cassandra comes into her office and finds Yvette waiting for her. Cassandra: What are you doing here? Yvette: If you're going to make threats, do it to my face. Don't be a coward and do it over the phone. Cassandra: I simply made you an offer. Yvette: Listen, I don't have any control over the building contract, that's up to the joint board of directors for the project, which I do not sit on. Cassandra: You're still on the inside, surely you can find a way to improve the odds of Lightner succeeding. Yvette: I have no desire to help your company do anything, I just wish you would back off. Cassandra: I'm afraid that's not going to happen. Yvette: What do you get out of this? Does any of this change what my father did? No. Cassandra: I've spotted an opportunity and I'm taking. This project could help this company make the Fortune 300. This is just business as usual and I have a really good bargaining chip. Yvette: If this is all about business, I can find you a contract with another company. I have connections, all over the country. Cassandra: I want this contract and you need to help me get it. Yvette: I will not be blackmailed by you. Cassandra: Oh, but what about your precious family? The premiere retailers of the Midwest and Eastern Seaboard, a golden dynasty that can't in any way afford one tarnish. Yvette: Would you listen to yourself? You are so bitter and full of resentment. Cassandra: No, dear, the only thing I've full of is ambition. Yvette: Ambition doesn't mean playing games that could hurt people. Cassandra: I learned a long time ago to only look out for me. Yvette: Well, maybe I'll start playing some games of my own, maybe something to make you rethink this stunt you're pulling. Cassandra: You're out of your league, dear. Yvette: That's what you think. Didn't I tell you before not to underestimate me? Good day. Yvette leaves. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ At the courthouse, the custody ruling is about to get underway, Edmund, Stephen, Leigh and Leigh's lawyer, Ben are present. Anna is sitting in the spectator area, behind Edmund. Anna: (whispering) Have faith, you're not going to lose those kids. Edmund: Thanks, Mom. The judge enters the courtroom and gavels the hearing in. Judge Becker: I take it that both parties involved and their counsel are present? Stephen: Yes, your honor. Ben: Present, your honor. Judge Becker: All right, then lets get down to business. After carefully reviewing the case, I have come to a ruling that I think is best for the children. Based on testimony given by various character witnesses, even some from the petitioner's own family, I have ruled that Mr. McGregor should retain custody of the children. Leigh: (whispering) Damn it. Ben: (whispering to Leigh) We can appeal. Judge Becker: The children are in a very stable environment right now and I see no reason to uproot them. Leigh: (whispering) This is unbelievable. Judge Becker: The children's mother, the former Mrs. McGregor will be granted visitation rights, the terms of which will be discussed at a later date. Edmund: Thank you, your honor. The judge gavel's out and leaves. Leigh immediately walks over to Edmund. Leigh: You can bet that I am going to appeal this travesty. Edmund: Please, would you just let bygones be bygones here. No more fighting. Leigh: I don't want my sons raised by you to have them turn into holier than thou hypocrites like you. Edmund: I've offered you a truce for the good of our kids, if you cared about them you'd take it. Leigh: I want what's good for my kids and being raised by me is what is good for them. Edmund: Be truthful here, isn't the only reason you want full custody is so you can stick it to me? Leigh: Oh, yeah, it's always "me, me, me" with you. Edmund: Tell me the truth. Leigh: Frankly, I don't waste that much time thinking about you. You might be basking in the glow of victory now, but when all is said and done, we'll see who has custody of those kids and believe me, I will make sure that it's me. Leigh walks out, Ben goes behind her. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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