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  1. Since I didn't update for a few days, the blog will resume from today's date. #44 Monday July 2nd Cody is at the CoffeeRoom when Norm comes in and sits down at his table. Cody: I hope you called me because you have some more information on the case. Norm: This thing goes deeper than I thought. It seems that B.P. Charles had quite a few mob connections. Cody: But did you have any luck finding out who bought that gun? Norm: I was about to get to that, apparently it was just some mob random lackey who bought the gun in your name. Cody: Well, where is this guy? Norm: I don't know, the P.I. had a hard time tracking him. I don't even have a name, all I know is he works for the mob. Cody: Shoot. None of this makes any sense though, it someone in the mob wanted B.P. out of the picture, why frame me for shooting him? I've never had any connections with the mob. Norm: You've been cleared of any wrongdoing, you don't have to make sense of it now. Cody: I don't take someone trying to frame me lightly, I want them to pay for this. Norm: You don't want to get in too deep here, the people that B.P. was connected to are dangerous, they'll blow your head off for looking at them the wrong way. Cody: If you think it's too dangerous, you don't have to continue on this case, but I'm going to get to the bottom of this. Norm: If I were you, I'd just be happy that I wasn't in jail facing a long trial. Cody: This is just too important for me to let slide. Norm: You've already put enough stress on Mom, so for her sake, you need to cool it on this. Cody: She doesn't have to know what I am doing. Norm: When you come to your senses, let me know. Norm leaves ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In a hotel room in Montreal, Yvette is leaving her suite and sneaks down the hall to Cassandra's suite. She uses a credit card to open the door and walks into the suite. Yvette: Let's find out a little more about you, Cassandra Lightner. Yvette starts looking in drawers, but finds nothing. She then spots a medium-sized booked on the nightstand that's marked "Private" Yvette: Hello, what is this? Yvette opens the book and a baby picture falls out. On the back it says "George". Yvette: So that's the mysterious George, wonder what he looks like now? Yvette begins reading from a page of the book. "December 4th 1966, I am having a wonderful time spending an early Christmas with Andy. We took a marvelous sleigh ride in the freshly driven snow, then had dinner at a quaint little restaurant. I only wish that he had more time to spend, but I know he has to go back to work." She skipped some pages and reads another entry. "January 7th 1967, Andy was kind enough to send for me while he was on a business trip in New York. I had a chance to see all the sights the city had to offer" Cassandra comes into the suite. Cassandra: What the hell are you doing in here? Yvette: I think I have a question of my own. Cassandra snatches the book from Yvette's hands Cassandra: I don't appreciate you snooping through my things. Yvette: I take it that the Andy that's referred to in that diary is my father, Andrew McGregor. Cassandra: You had no right reading it. Yvette: I sensed that you had a deeper connection to him than you led on. Cassandra sits down in a chair and clutches the diary to her chest. Cassandra: It was a long time ago, we were married once. We kept it a secret, because at the time my family would have never approved of me having a black husband. Yvette: According to the dates, he had to have been married to you when he was already married to my mother. Cassandra: At the time, I didn't know that. Eventually he just stop writing and visiting, I had no way to contact him. It wasn't until years later that I learned he was married, when I saw an article in a business digest about him. I realized then that our marriage had been invalid. Yvette: So this whole little scheme was all a way to get revenge for what he did? It wasn't really about the real estate scheme he pulled off. Cassandra: I never even lived in that town, I found out about that when I was digging around for information on him a few years ago. Yvette: And how does your nephew, George fit into all of this? Cassandra sighs and turns her back to Yvette. Cassandra: He's my son with Andrew. Cassandra keeps her back turned to Yvette. Off Yvette's shocked expression, fade to black.
  2. #43 Thursday June 21st Chester is in his office. He picks up the phone and dials Anna at the McGregor estate. Chester: Hey, Anna, I'm glad I caught you. Anna: Chester, what can I do for you? Chester: Yvette rushed off to London last night, she said something about a business emergency with some investor. I'm sure she's there by now, but she hasn't contacted me, have you heard from her? Anna: What business emergency? Chester: All I know is that Yvette got a call last night and said she had to leave right away. Anna: There weren't any problems last night, if there were, I would have known. Chester: Well, then none of this makes any since, why would she lie about something like that? Anna: I have no idea, do you know who called her? Chester: It was some woman who said she needed to speak with Yvette urgently. Anna: It's obvious she's up to something she doesn't want anyone to know about. Chester: I don't know, but I'm getting really concerned. Anna: If she calls you let me know. Chester: I will Anna: Bye. Anna hangs up. Anna: Yvette, what are you up too? Meanwhile, at an Inn in Montreal, Cassandra and Yvette come in the front door and go to the front desk. Desk Clerk: How can I help you? Cassandra: I'm looking for a man who may have stayed here a couple of weeks ago, his name is George Lightner. Desk Clerk: We don't give out information about our patrons. Cassandra: Oh, but it's very important that I find him, I'm his aunt. Desk Clerk: I'm sorry, I can't disclose any information. Cassandra: Perhaps, I have something here that will loosen your tongue. Cassandra opens her purse and pulls out a hundred dollar bill. Desk Clerk: Perhaps I could be of some assistance. Cassandra: Thank you, dear. I figured you'd see it my way. Desk Clerk: He stayed for about a week and that's all I know. Cassandra: Well, thanks a lot. That wasn't worth a dollar Cassandra puts the bill back into her purse. Yvette pulls Cassandra aside. Yvette: So this is the all you had to go on? Cassandra: I'm positive he's somewhere here in this city. Yvette: He better be, because I didn't agree to go on a wild goose chase. Cassandra: Don't worry, we'll find him. He's done this before and I've always tracked him down. Cassandra's phone buzzes, she opens it and sees a text message. Cassandra: Oh, a text message. The message reads "Know you are in town, will meet you soon" Cassandra: It's from George, he knows we are here. Yvette: Well does it say where he's at? Cassandra: No, just says he'll meet me soon. Yvette: It's a start. Back in Novi, DA Mike Smith enters his darkened house, when he switches on the light, B.P. is sitting in a chair in the living room. Mike: How the heck did you get in my house? B.P.: I let myself in. Mike: I should have never got caught up in this with you. B.P.: Well, I think it's rather pointless to second guess now. About these charges against Cody Donahue, I wasn't pleased to head about you dropping the case. Mike: I didn't have much of a choice, the person who bought the gun didn't match Donahue's description. B.P.: You had better find a way to make those charges stick or there is going to be hell to pay. Mike: It's too late, I already dropped the case. B.P.: That wasn't smart, Mr. Smith. B.P. grabs Mike by the throat. Mike: I don't want to be a part of this anymore, I'll give you back every cent you gave me. B.P.: I paid for you to do a job and I expected to get done. Mike: I can't do anything else now. B.P.: I guess the old saying "If you want something done right, do it yourself" is true. B.P. lets Mike go, B.P. leaves.
  3. #42 Wednesday June 20th At the McGregor Estate, Leigh has just finished tucking the kids in and comes into the kitchen where Edmund is. Leigh: The boys are sleep now, so I'm going to go on home. Edmund: Don't leave just yet, I want to have a talk with you. Leigh: Sure. She sits down at the table. Edmund: You know, there is a lot of things I've wanted to say to you since you decided to come back. Leigh: I think you said some of them at the custody hearing and none of them are nice. Edmund: Nothing like that. I've been doing a lot of thinking and I think we should at least try and be civil to each for the kids sake. Leigh: I agree. Edmund: And I think it would be in their best interest if you dropped the custody suit. Leigh: I'd rather let the court decide. Edmund: Why put up a fight when it isn't necessary? I'm not going to stop you from seeing the kids. Leigh: You say that now, but once your mother gets to you and starts filling your head with garbage, you'll change. Edmund: I have a mind of my own.e Leigh: Are you sure about that? Edmund: You don't know anything about me. Leigh: We were married for a long time, I know just about all there is to know about you. Edmund: I'm not going to sit here and argue, but rest assured, if you continue this case, you will lose. Leigh: Don't be so sure of yourself, just because you have the McGregor millions doesn't make you a fit parent in the eyes of the court. Edmund: With your recent track record, you have no room to question my parenting. Leigh: Look, I'm trying to make things right, so you should give me some credit. Edmund: Yes, but what are your real intentions? Don't forget that your own mother came to me and said that you were only after money. Leigh: My mother and I haven't been on speaking terms for years, she refuses to say one good word to say about me, everything I do is wrong to her. Edmund: She seemed to be telling the truth to me. Leigh: And if you believed her, that makes you a damn poor judge of character. Leigh leaves. Meanwhile at B.P's hotel room. Woman: I still don't really understand the reason you went so far to get back at this guy. B.P.: Because, he crossed me and thought he could get away with it. We'll see how smart he thinks he is facing a first degree murder charge. Woman: It still amazes me how you pulled this off. B.P.'s phone rings. B.P.: Hello? What do you mean you have to drop the charges? I've put to much money into your pocket for you to back down, you better find away to make those charges stick. He slams the phone shut. B.P.: It looks like I'm going to have to get back to Michigan to let this DA know I mean business. Woman: You think that's wise, most people there think you are dead, what if someone spots you? B.P.: No one will know I'm even there, except the DA and few cops and they certainly aren't a threat. I'll slip right in and right back out. Over at Yvette and Chester's house, the phone is ringing and Chester answers it. Chester: Hello? Who's calling? Okay, hold on a second. (cover receiver) Yvette, someone name Cassandra is on the phone for you. Yvette: I'll pick it up in the other room. In the bedroom, Yvette picks up the phone. Yvette: Why are you calling me here? Cassandra: It is very urgent, I think I've located what part of Canada George is in. Yvette: All right, so what next? Cassandra: We've got to go up there, it's critical. Yvette: (sighs) When do we have to go? Cassandra: The flight leaves at midnight, it's ten o'clock now, so we'll have to head out now. Yvette: Now? I can't just walk out of the house now, Chester might get suspicious. Cassandra: I'm parked outside your house right now, so be here in no more than five minutes. Cassandra hangs up. Yvette: Cassandra? Hello? Shoot, what am I going to do. I don't even have time to pack. Yvette hurriedly packs a suitcase and then goes into the den where Chester is. Yvette: Dear, that was the office, one of our investors for a project backed out, so I have to go to London to try and get it straightened out. Chester: You have to go right now? Yvette: If I'm going to get there by tomorrow, I've got to. Chester: Okay, do you want me to take you to the airport? Yvette: No, they're sending a car for me. Yvette throws on her coat and rushes out the door and Chester has a puzzled expression on his face. Outside, Yvette gets into the limo Cassandra: I thought you'd never make it. Yvette: Well, I'm here now, so let's roll. The limo pulls off.
  4. #41 Tuesday June 19th Yvette is with Cassandra at the CoffeeRoom, discussing Cassandra's reasons for being in town Cassandra: Let's get down to business, shall we? Yvette: Yes. Cassandra: I've was rather cryptic about some things in our last meeting, so I'll get right to the point. I need you to help me find someone, someone very important. Yvette: And who is this very important person? Cassandra: His name is George Lightner, he's my nephew. Yvette: Okay, so why you want to find him? Cassandra: He is the key to everything. Yvette: (sarcastic) Well, that's a whole lot of information. Cassandra: You'll find out more about him soon enough. Yvette: I'm still not sure how this could of any use to me. Cassandra: If everything goes right, you could end up in control of the company. Yvette: Your beef was with my father, so why are you coming to his daughter for help? It makes no sense. Cassandra: I know that you want control of this company and will stop at nothing to get it. I needed someone on the inside and you're the only person I think can help me. Yvette: All right, so where do you think this George is at? Cassandra: Somewhere in Canada. I am a bit concerned, he hasn't contacted me in quite awhile. Yvette: None of this makes sense. Cassandra: Years ago, he worked at a McGregor's corporate office and got his hands on some very sensitive company files. Yvette: In other words, he stole private information. Cassandra: Let's not quibble over little details like that. Yvette: I'm sorry, but I don't like how any of this sounds. Cassandra: Well, what's done is done, so let's just figure out how we are going to find George. Yvette: I'm afraid I might end up regretting this, but I'll go along with it. Cassandra: Good choice, dear. At the Donahue Estate, Cody, Norm and Carol are meeting with Private Detective Wilkins over his findings. Wilkins: I went to the gun shop and I talked to the owner and his daughter, it turns out that Cody's name was signed in a ledger, but the description of the person who bought the gun doesn't match Cody. Carol: I don't understand, why didn't the police know that before? Wilkins: Because the police only talked to the owner, not his daughter who actually sold the gun. All the owner did was show them the ledger, he never gave a description because he wasn't at the store that day. Cody: Thank god. Norm: Do you know anything about who might have purchased the gun? Wilkins: I'm working on finding that out right now. Carol: This means that they don't have a case. Norm: We can get the woman who sold the gun to testify at the hearing, you'll be in the clear. Cody: Even so, I still want to find out who tried to set me up and who really shot B.P. Charles Carol: Let's just make sure you are officially in the clear. Norm: Right. Wilkins: Whenever you're ready to find the person, just contact me. Cody: Thank you. Wilkins leaves. Carol hugs Cody. Carol: I'm so glad that's over. Cody: It's not all the way over for me. Somewhere out there, there's someone who tried to frame me and I'm going to find out who it is. Meanwhile, somewhere in a hotel room Woman: You know, you are a lucky man, you almost died. A man steps out of a bathroom walking on a cane, it's B.P. Charles B.P.: You know what they say, you just can't keep a good man down. Off B.P.'s smirks, fade to black.
  5. #040 Monday June 18th At Number 37, Anna, Estelle and Amee are having a meeting about designs. Anna: I'm even more impressed with your designs, Amee. Their some of the best I've seen since I've been in the business. Estelle: We want to get your line in the new Carter-McGregor stores by fall. Amee: Well, I haven't completed everything in the line yet. Anna: I think we have more than enough to start a sizable line of furniture. Amee: Okay, if you think you can pull this off, I'm all for it. Anna: I think your style is exactly what the market needs. Estelle: But, we will need you to help make a presentation to our primary investors in New York. Amee: How soon? Anna: Next week. Amee: I don't know, I've never really done anything like that before. Anna: Don't worry about it, I'm sending JC with you, he'll handle all the technical aspects, like the numbers. All you have to do is talk about your designs. Amee: I guess it won't be so hard since you put it like that. Anna: Good, the travel arrangements will be made very shortly. Estelle looks over and spots Carol at the bar Estelle: Will you excuse me for a minute? Estelle gets up and goes over to the bar. Carol: Long time no see, not that it really makes a difference to me. Estelle: That little stunt you pulled on me almost caused me a lot of trouble. Carol: I felt that I couldn't trust you, seeing as you are in partnership with Anna. Estelle: Oh, no dear, it's you that cannot me trusted. Carol: I had to protect my company. Estelle: From what? I do business and I don't ever stab anyone in the back, unlike you. Carol: Please, I gave you fair warning before I severed the contract, you knew what was going to happen. Estelle: There was nothing fair about it, but of course your definition of fair is completely different that everyone else's. Carol: You found another buyer, so stop acting like you were on the brink of financial ruin. Estelle: It's the principal of the thing. Carol: Principals are out the window when it comes to protecting what's mine. Estelle: (sarcastically) Yes, principals are just so overrated. Carol: Truer words were never spoken. Jim is back at home packing some things, when Lynette comes in. Lynette: Jim, I wasn't expecting to see you here. Jim: I'm just grabbing a few things, I'll be out of here in a second. Lynette: We need to talk. Jim: We've done all the talking that we need to for awhile. Lynette: I'm losing my mind over this, I get headaches, I can't sleep. Jim: And you think I'm not suffering over this? I want things to be right again, but we really need to give ourselves some time apart in order to get past this. Lynette: But is being apart really the solution? I feel that you are doing this because you don't want to face your own issues. Jim: I know I have issues, it's you that needs to work on yours. Lynette: So now I have issues? Jim: Everything is so black and white with you, there is no in between, not when it comes to me. Lynette: I tried to make things as easy as possible on you, but you wouldn't even try. Jim: I didn't come here to argue. Lynette: It seems like arguing is the only time you ever say more than two words to me. Jim: I don't want to go on like this, I can't. Jim leaves
  6. Henry works for McGregor Dept. Stores.
  7. #039 Friday June 15th Henry comes to Trish's house, still angry about his argument with Joseph. Trish: What's wrong? Henry: It's Joseph. Trish: Oh, what did he do now? Henry: He brought up that job in Minnesota again, when he knows that I don't want. Trish: I thought there was an understanding on that. Henry: There was, but somehow it came up again. Trish: They are starting a new chain, I'm sure they do need qualified management. Henry: Don't tell me that you actually believe that? Trish: I'm just giving him the benefit of the doubt. The doorbell rings and Trish answers the door. Joseph walks in. Joseph: I came over here because I knew that he was going to run over here and try to make me out to be the villain. Henry: Don't try to turn this around. Joseph: I offered you a job and you went off the deep end and start making accusations. Henry: I was just trying to make you be honest for once. Joseph: Or maybe you just felt insecure and threatened, so you couldn't help but lashing out at me. Trish: That's enough. Henry: That's real interesting, I'm going to feel threatened by someone who couldn't even keep his wife. Trish: Stop it right now, both of you. Joseph: Henry, don't bother coming into work tomorrow. Trish: Joseph, please don't do this. Joseph: It's done. Joseph storms out. Trish: I'm sorry, I can't believe that he would act like that. Henry: It's okay, I'm probably better off not working there anyway.
  8. #038 Thursday June 14th At Number 37, Joseph is sitting at the bar when Henry comes in and takes a seat at the bar as well. Henry: Hello, Joseph. Joseph: Henry. Henry: You called me, what did you want to talk about? Joseph: I hope you'll reconsider that job offer in Minnesota, you're immensely qualified. Henry: Like I said, I'm not ready to pack up and start over in a new place. Joseph: You may not have a choice, we're having trouble finding qualified candidates and if you want to stay with this corporation, you'll have to step up. Henry: Why don't you come out and say the real reason you want me gone? It's because of Trish. Joseph: It has nothing to do with her, this is about business. Henry: Sure it is. Joseph: This company is too important for me to play games over petty personal problems. Henry: First it was your mother, now it's you, you people just don't let up? Joseph: You know, paranoia is not a good thing. Henry: I'm not paranoid, I know exactly what's going on. Joseph: I could care less about you and Trish, it's not my business and I don't concern myself with other people's lives. Henry: That's laughable, but one thing you did say was right, it is none of your business. Joseph: If you want to keep the job you already have, I suggest you watch what you say. Henry: Or what? You'll fire me? JC walks into the bar JC: What's going on here? Joseph: Just a business discussion, Henry was just leaving. Henry storms out of the bar. JC: That couldn't have been about business. Joseph: It wasn't. He thinks because the company has offered him a job in Minnesota, it has something to do with him and Trish. JC: You mean him and mom are-- Joseph: They've always been close, they've known each other since college. JC: Oh, I knew they were close, but I never imagined they'd get together. Joseph: Well, they did. (downs drink) JC: Are you sure there isn't some truth to what he was saying? You were married to Mom for 20 years, you don't just let go of all that. Joseph: I've moved on and I don't regret it.
  9. #037 Wednesday June 13th Over at the jail, Norm is visiting Cody. Norm: Good news, I was able to get you bail, so you'll be out of here in about an hour. Cody: Thank god, I've been suffocating in this place. Norm: The bad news is, the DA is pushing for a speedy trial. Cody: (upset) What? Norm: It's all politics, he wants to get reelected and wants to get a high profile conviction on his record. Cody: Well, that's just great. Norm: I have a private investigator out looking for clues as to who may have purchased the gun. Cody: What if he doesn't find anything before the trial? Norm: I'm trying to buy us some more time. Cody: How is Mom doing? Norm: She's holding up pretty well, considering the circumstances. Teddy comes to Carol's office. Teddy: Have you forgotten about our little plan? Carol: That is the least of my worries right now, My son is facing a first degree murder charge. Teddy: I heard up about that, I'm real sorry. Carol: Yeah. Teddy: Is there anything I can do? I know you must be a wreck right now. Carol: No, I'm fine. Teddy: Just thought you could use a friend. Carol: You know, I can find someone else to finish your job. Teddy: All right, I'll admit that I was out of line for saying that, but if you fire me, you probably won't find anyone better to do the job. Carol: You'd be surprised what I can find. Teddy: And you'd be surprised at what I could tell. Carol: You have no incentive to tell on me. Teddy: Other than sheer vengeance, no, but that would be more than enough for me. Over at McGregor, Yvette follows Cassandra out the door and into the hall. Yvette: What do you mean you can make me an offer I can't refuse? Is that I a threat? Cassandra: No, I don't make threats, I make bargains. I simply meant that if you cooperate, I'll make it worth your while. Yvette: Exactly what can you do that could possibly do me any good? Cassandra: You'll find out in do time, first I need to make sure I can trust you. Yvette: Trust? You waltzed in here out of nowhere, I don't even have a clue what you are really up to. Cassandra: I'm trying to set a wrong right, a wrong that your father is responsible for. Yvette: I know, I know, you are here as some crusader of justice. The problem is, I think you have some ulterior motive and whatever it is, I don't want to be involved. Cassandra: I've told you my reasoning, rather you believe it or not is entirely your problem, because you would be losing out on the opportunity of a lifetime. Yvette: I think it's time for you to leave. Cassandra: What if I told you that my plan could make you head of this company? Yvette looks at Cassandra with a shocked expression.
  10. #036 Tuesday June 12th Yvette is at her office at night, when a woman comes in. Yvette: May I help you? Woman: Yes, I'm Cassandra Lightner and I'm looking for an Yvette McGregor? Yvette: That's me, what can I do for you? Cassandra: I'm here because I heard that you were up north asking around about Andrew McGregor? Yvette: Yes, but how did you know about that? Cassandra: I used to know Andrew and an old friend of mine called and told me. Yvette: How did you know my father? Cassandra: Let's just say that we we're old high school classmates. Yvette: Okay, but that doesn't really explain why you are here? Cassandra: I take it that you found out about his little real estate scam? Yvette: Yes, I did. Cassandra: Well, I'm here to settle the trouble that he caused everyone in that town. Yvette: Look, if you are trying to get money, I suggest you turn around and go back where you came from. Cassandra: I'm afraid I can't do that. Yvette: This happened 40 years ago, now I'm not denying that my father was wrong, but you really need to move on. Cassandra: My parents lost their 4 room house and farm, their life's work. Now that may not sound like anything to you, since your some affluent corporate executive, but that farm meant everything to my family. Yvette: Yes, yes, everyone has a sob story and most of the time they always have a price tag on it, but you aren't getting one cent from this company. Cassandra turns to leave. Cassandra: I'll be back to make you an offer you couldn't possibly refuse. Cassandra leaves. Down the hall, Edmund is sitting in a conference room, when Joseph walks by the door. Joseph: Hey, buddy. Edmund: Hey. Joseph comes in and sits down. Joseph: I didn't expect to see you back at work just yet. Edmund: I got tired of sitting around feeling sorry for myself, especially since Troy and Kevin will be back from their visit soon. Joseph: Well, good for you, Dad always said nothing could keep a McGregor down. Edmund: I guess he was right. Joseph: Work helps you keep sane, I know it did during my divorce. Edmund: I've taken a lot in the last few months, with Carolee leaving and then this custody situation, it's been hard to keep it all off my mind. Joseph: Whatever you do, make sure you stay focused on that case, because you don't know what kind of tricks Carolee's lawyer might have up his sleeve. He's already tried to denigrate this family's name in cour Edmund: You know, the thing that concerns me is Carolee filling Troy and Kevin's heads with garbage about me. Joseph: You don't think she'd go that far. Edmund: Oh, I'm sure she would, because that's the only way for her to possibly get custody. This whole thing is about money and since I'm not obligated to give her a dime, she wants to use the kids to get me to pay support. Joseph: Then maybe you ought to consider finding a stronger strategy. If she can throw bogus allegations of instability around, why can't you? Edmund: I don't think so, we already have the fact that Carolee left and didn't contact the boys for months, that's reason enough she shouldn't have custody. Joseph: Yeah, but the judge isn't seeing it that way, he's been incredibly understanding to her, otherwise she wouldn't have been granted such a long visitation. If you want to keep your children, you better start fighting and fighting hard.
  11. [title card] #035 Monday, June 11th Norm and Carol are in the holding cell at the county jail with Cody. Carol: It's a mystery to me how they can try and pin this on you, you weren't even at work that day. Cody: The gun that shot B.P. was registered to me, apparently somebody bought it under my name. Carol: Did you ever buy a gun? Cody: No. Norm: Remember, you need to be completely truthful about everything. Cody: I'm telling the truth. Carol: Someone is trying to frame Cody. Norm: It seems that way, but Cody doesn't have a solid alibi. Cody: I was at the estate the whole day, upstairs in my room. Norm: Yes, but no one else was home then, so there isn't anyone to vouch for you. Carol: Well, so much for that. Norm: The only chance we have is to go to this gun shop and hope that the owner can remember what the person who bought the gun looked like. Carol: But first we need to try and get the judge to grant Cody bail Norm: It's going to take a miracle to get the judge to agree to that, but I'll try. Cody: Thank you. Norm: I'm going to try and get in touch with the DA. Norm leaves, just as the guard is coming in. Guard: Time's up Carol: We're going to get you out of here. Cody: I sure hope so. Over in Pennsylvania, Carolee is at her aunt's (Ella) home Carolee: You should have been there, Dad, you wouldn't believe how in completely unhinged Edmund and his mother are. Ella: I've only met his mother once and sensed something about her. She acted like she's a nice person, but it all came off as phony. Carolee: That's her, she'll grin in your face and then turn around and stab you in the back. Ella: Sounds like you've got yourself in a situation you might not be ready for. Carolee: Believe me, I can handle them. Ella: That's what you say now. Carolee: They are the one that should be afraid, because they've underestimated me. Ella: Just remember, this is those boys father and grandmother you're talking about. Regardless of the way they feel about you, you don't want to create any problems that may effect your children down the line. Carolee: Troy and Kevin don't need to be raised with the type of values they have. Ella: But they don't need to grow up seeing all this fighting. Carolee: In the long run, they'll be better off, trust me.
  12. #034 Friday, June 1st Dr. Roosevelt is with Lynette at her house Lynette: Greg, I'm really appreciate you coming over like this. Greg: No problem, I told you to call me if you needed me. So, have you heard from Jim? Lynette: Not yet, I'm not even sure where he's at. Greg: When he gets ashamed of himself, he'll come back. Lynette: Somehow, I think this is all my fault. Greg: You didn't force him to leave, he's old enough to accept your decisions and not run away when things don't go the way he wants. Lynette: At this point I don't know what to believe, I'm almost beginning to believe that my parents were right about Jim. Greg: Well, it certainly seems that way. Lynette: I said I was almost beginning to believe they were right, I didn't say I actually believed them. Greg: I think you do. Lynette: You're wrong. Greg: Whatever you believe, you need to come to terms with if you want to move forward. Lynette: The only thing I need to do right now is get my marriage back on track. Greg: I'm hoping that you can do that, but I think it's time that you realized that this marriage might not make it. Lynette looks at Greg knowingly. At the Donahue estate, the Det. Lewis and a deputy are knocking at the door. Cody answers it. Cody: What can I do for you? Det. Lewis: We need to speak with you, Mr. Donahue. Cody: All right. Det. Lewis: We traced the gun that shot B.P. back to you. Cody: That's ridiculous, I have never owned a gun. Det. Lewis: Well, according to records, you bought the gun at a shop in Farmington in December of last year. Cody: I was in New York at that time, as matter of fact I haven't even been in this state for about six years. Det. Lewis: The records don't lie. Norm comes downstairs. Norm: What's going on? Cody: They are saying that they traced the gun that shot B.P. to me. Det. Lewis: We're going to have to ask you to come down to headquarters. Norm: Wait just one minute, where did you find this information? Det. Lewis: The records of a gun shop, plus we found his prints all over the gun. Cody: I don't know anything about that gun. Det. Lewis: You're under arrest for suspicion of first degree murder. Cody: You can't do this to me, I haven't done anything wrong. The deputy puts cuffs on Cody and starts to lead him off. Norm: You had better not start questioning him until his attorney can get to the precinct. Det. Lewis: Everything will be done by the book. After they are gone, Norm immediately takes out his cell phone and dials a number. Norm: Please pick up. Off Norm's panicked face, fade to black.
  13. #033 Thursday, May 31st JC and Amee are at the CoffeeRoom, at a table. Amee: You know, I'm really sorry to hear about what happened at Donahue. JC: Thanks. Amee: Is there anything I can do? JC: Just you being here is enough. I just need someone to talk to. Amee: Well, I'm here to listen. JC: I couldn't even stand being at the house right now, my Grandma Anna was going on and on saying things I didn't want to hear. Amee: Like what? JC: Just the same thing I've heard for years, about what an awful person Carol is. Amee: I don't know how I could cope if I was in your situation. JC: I'm a pawn, it's always been me that they've tried to use to hurt each other. Amee: Well, the least they could do is put aside their differences when it comes to you. It's not fair that you get caught in the middle. JC: You don't know how many times I've said that, but it always falls on deaf ears. Amee: Pertinaciousness can make life just so difficult. JC: Sometimes I'm afraid that I'm going to end up blowing up at one of them and saying something I don't mean. Amee: I don't know, that might be just the thing that needs to happen. Over at Trish's house, there is knock at the door. Trish opens to find Joseph standing there with a bag and she let's him in. Trish: (sarcastically) Joseph, just the person I was expecting to see. Joseph: I'm over here to see if there is anything I can do. Trish: Believe me, there's nothing you can do for me. Joseph: I know you're a little shaken from all that has happened in the pass few days. Trish: You mean you're actually going to show some concern? Joseph: You might not believe it, but I care about you. We were married for 20 years, so it's impossible for me not to feel something for you. Trish: You know that you never could fool me? Joseph: No and I'm not trying to now. Trish: I believe you. Joseph: Even though Carol and I don't get along, I know she isn't capable of killing anyone. Trish: Thank you for saying that. Joseph: Your welcome. Trish: You're going to think I'm wrong for saying this, but there is a part of me that is afraid. Joseph: Afraid of what? Trish: That she really might have done it. Joseph: That's human, we all have our fears sometimes, but it doesn't mean they are always real. Some fears are imagined. Trish: I've looked at it that way, but I still can't put it out of my mind. Joseph: The thing we least want to think about is always the thing we think about the most. Trish: So what's in the bag? Joseph: Oh, it's just some of that linguine I used to make that you absolutely loved. Trish: You made that for me on the night we were engaged. Joseph: I remember, at the time I was going through a phase where I wanted to find myself and lived in that dump of an apartment. Trish: It wasn't a dump, it was quaint. Joseph: Only if you consider a leaky roof and a bathroom outside quaint. Trish: It was still nice. Joseph: Yeah, it was. Trish and Joseph exchange a warm look. Joseph: Well, I'm going to get out of your way now, I know you probably want to get some rest. Trish: Thanks for stopping in. Joseph: No problem. Joseph leaves. After Trish closes the door, she sighs deeply and then looks out the window watching Joseph drive off.
  14. #032 Wednesday May 30th Anna is in the kitchen at the McGregor Estate and has a copy of the local paper, the headline says "Man shot dead at Donahue Inc." Joseph comes in. Anna: Carol finally went over the edge. Joseph: Mother, you don't know that she shot that man. I mean, he was a bookie, he probably had all sorts of people after him. Anna: But, I heard he was threatening Cody over some gambling debt. That certainly gives her a motive. Joseph: Carol is capable of a lot things, I just don't think that murder isn't one of them. Anna: There's a first time for everything. Joseph: Let's not jump to any conclusions, the police haven't even charged anyone yet. Anna: I'm just speculating. JC comes into the kitchen. JC: She didn't do it. Anna: Sweetheart, it's best to let the police make that conclusion. JC: Is that why you're sitting here making snap judgments? Anna: I'm not judging anyone--- JC: Sure, you aren't. Anna: I don't know why you are trying to defend her, she practically despises you because of your last name. Joseph: Mother, that is enough. JC: Just forget it, I don' have the time for this, I'm going over to the CoffeeRoom to meet Amee. Joseph: I'll see you later. JC goes out the back door. Joseph: And you wonder why Carol accuses you of trying to turn him against her? Anna: I am not going to going to walk on eggshells when it comes to Carol. Joseph: But you can stop making comments about her not despises' JC. Anna: That's the way I see, it's not like I'm saying without any reason. Joseph: The only to reason you have is your own petty little feud with Carol. Granted, I'm not a big fan of Carol, but I don't involve my son in any dispute I have with her. Anna: Well, you just have all the answers, don't you? Anna walks out of the kitchen Over at the Donahue Estate, Cody is on the terrace with Carol. Cody: All of this is my fault, if I hadn't been such an idiot--- Carol: Don't blame yourself, you aren't responsible for what happned. Cody: You don't have to cover for me. Carol: Yes, you made a mistake, but there is not point in blaming yourself now. Cody: I just feel like I should have never come back here. Carol: I'm glad you came back, it was time to let the past go. Cody: But with all that has happened, it sort of proves that I was right in having stayed away all this years. Carol: We'll get through this, once the police get to the bottom of this, they'll know that I had nothing to do with this. Cody: I hope so. Carol: I just have to take care of this whole PR nightmare, the media is hounding me for a statement and I've got to get them one. Cody: I can't tell you how sorry I am about all of this Carol: I'm sorry it turned out this way too.
  15. #031 Tuesday May 29th Trish and Henry hear the gunshot Trish: That sounded like a gunshot. Henry: I wonder where it came from. Trish goes out into the hallway and looks around. Trish: Well, I don't see anyone on this floor. I'm going to go upstairs and check on my Mother. Henry: Well, I'm coming with you. Trish and Henry leaves the office. Meanwhile, Carol is coming out of the restroom, when she finds B.P. lying on the floor. Carol: My god. Carol unlocks her office and attempts to use the phone, but remembers that B.P. yanked the cord out. So she runs back into the hall just as Trish and Henry are coming up the stairs. Trish: Mother, I thought I heard a gunshot, so I came up here to check on you. Carol: It's that crook B.P. Charles, somebody has shot him. Trish: Oh, my god. Henry kneels down to check B.P.'s pulse. Henry: He's dead., Trish: What was he doing here? Carol: He was here making more threats. Henry: Well, who was this guy? Trish: Cody had gotten himself in some trouble over gambling debts and Mr. Charles was determined to collect on them. Carol: I need to call the police. Henry: I'll call them. Carol: Thank you. Henry takes out his cell phone and dials. Henry: (into phone) Yeah, I'm calling because a man has just been shot and killed at Donahue Department Stores corporate office. It's urgent, the shooter might still be in the building. You'll send someone right over? Thanks. (hangs up) They are on their way. Over at the McGregor estate, Edmund is sitting on the patio alone, when Yvette steps outside and sits in the chair across from him. Yvette: You all right? Edmund: I'm trying to keep from falling apart right now. Yvette: I know this whole ridiculous custody case is hard on you. Edmund: I was making progress with Troy and Kevin, I think they finally started to heal and she just had to come back and complicate matters. Yvette: Well, she's the type of person who just doesn't know when to leave well enough alone. Edmund: She's back in their life now, but if things don't go her way with this case, she's just going to walk out again and devastate those kids once more. Yvette: The important thing is you don't let her get custody, she's far from a fit parent. Who knows how the boys would turn out if she raised them? I don't even want to think about it. Edmund: Hopefully, the judge will see through her. Yvette: If there is anything I can do, just let me know. Edmund: Thanks, I need all the support I can get. Back at Donahue, the police have arrived and are examining the crime scene. Det. Lewis: Now there was no one else on this floor what the time of the shooting, except for you, Mrs. Donahue. Carol: That's right, I was in the restroom and when I came out I found him lying on the floor. Det. Lewis: You don't mind if I take a look in your office, do you? Carol: Not at all. Det. Lewis starts to examine Carol's office. He looks in her desk drawer and finds the gun. Det. Lewis: Mrs. Donahue, is this yours? Carol: Um, it was my late husband'cs, he kept it there for protection. Det. Lewis: I need to run a test on this. Trish: Officer, my mother would never shoot anyone, it's just not in her nature. Besides, she was in the restroom at the time. Det. Lewis: Being in the bathroom isn't a credible defense when there are no witnesses. Carol: It's all right, Trish, Det. Lewis is just doing his job. Det. Lewis: I'll need for all of you to come down and file a formal statement later on. Carol: Will do. Det. Lewis leaves Trish: Mother, you have got to tell the police about B.P. threatening you. Carol: I can't do that, because they would automatically think that I shot the man. Trish: Ballistics will prove that the gun hadn't been fired recently. Carol: I can't take any chances, I just can't.
  16. #030 Monday May 28th B.P. comes into Carol's office at Donahue Carol: You get out of here before I call security. B.P.: You don't want to do that, trust me. Carol picks up the phone to dial security, but B.P. yanks the cord out of the wall. B.P.: Don't play with me, I don't like it. Carol opens her desk drawer and takes out a gun. She then points it out B.P. Carol: Get out, now! B.P.: You aren't gonna use that. Carol: I will if I have to. B.P.: You know, I bet your son would just love to be staring down a gun like I am right now, perhaps I can arrange it. Carol: The threats and the intimidation are going to stop, right now. Do you understand? B.P.: You know, we could have resolved this whole little matter so easily, but your stubbornness just had to get in the way. Carol: You are not to contact any member of my family, anymore. If you so much as speak to them, I'll make sure you regret it. B.P.: I've encounter worse than you, so just to let you know, I'm not afraid of you. Carol: Don't underestimate me. B.P. turns and leaves the office. Carol sighs deeply and sits back in her chair. Meanwhile, in Trish's office, Trish is at her desk and Henry is sitting across from her. Trish: I'll be done here in a few minutes, so then we can go to lunch. Henry: There's something I need to ask you. Trish: Fire away. Henry: We've been seeing a lot of each other lately and I enjoy our time together. Trish: I enjoy spending time with you too. Henry: You and Joseph were married a long time, so what I wanted to know is if you---- Trish: If I still have feelings for him? He's the father of my son, so I'll always have a bond of sorts with him. As for anything else, I stayed on a roller coaster with him the entire time we were married, so I don't have any desire to be with him again. Henry: You know, I'm sorry I even asked you that, I feel completely foolish now. You must think I'm some sort of desperate loser. Trish: No, no, I don't mind you asking me that. I was worried for awhile that all you saw me as your buddy now, so I'm sort of glad you asked. Henry: That makes me feel a whole lot better. Makes me think that we could have what we had in college again. Trish: I don't know, the past is the past, you can't always relive it. Henry: Well, why don't we give it try? What do we have to lose? Trish: Our friendship. Henry: No matter what happens, we'll always have our friendship. Trish: You say that now, but what if things go wrong? Henry: All I'm asking is that we give this a try, if it doesn't work out, then it just doesn't work out, I won't have any hard feelings. I need you and I can't let a second chance to be with you slip away. Meanwhile, B.P. is on the elevator going down. He gets to the first floor, but changes his mind about getting off and pushes the button to go back to the executive office. When he gets back to the top floor, he goes straight to Carol's door and tries to open it, but it's locked. He walks down the hall, looking inside other offices, but they are all empty. Suddenly, a loud gunshot is heard and B.P. falls to the floor, having been shot.
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  18. #029 Thursday, May 17th Anna is at Lynette to comfort her after Jim moves out. Anna: I can't tell you have sorry I am, this must be so hard on you. Lynette: I'm coping pretty well, it's just hard for me to make the children understand. Anna: I can imagine, they're too young to have to deal with something like this. Lynette: I just keep telling them that their Dad is coming back soon. Anna: You don't know that. Lynette: It's going to work out. Anna: You may hope for it to work out, but you need to prepare yourself and those kids for the worst. Lynette: I don't feel that things are that bad yet. Anna: Not that yet? The man walked outh, to me that says that the situation has gone bad. Lynette: There are times I think about the reality of all this and when I think about what could happen, it scares ch Anna: Your father always said that there wasn't something right about Jim and I guess he was right. Lynette: Mother, Dad's biggest problem with Jim is that he wasn't some wealthy heir. Anna: You were raised to strive to be the best and follow your dreams. Jim was content with never being anything more than a supermarket checker, so this marriage was bound to have problems some time or other. Lynette: I don't need this from you right now, I'm trying to keep myself from breaking down for the sake of my kids and all you can do is criticize Jim for not being the kind of person you expect everyone to be. Anna: Well, I'm sorry if you don't like it, but I'm telling you exactly what you need hear. Lynette: No, you just saw an opport unity to get in your little potshots. Anna: It won't be long now before you are going to open your eyes and see that every single thing that I've said is right.
  19. #028 Wednesday May 16th The first court date for Edmund's custody battle has arrived. Edmund, Stephen, Carolee and her Lawyer (Ben) are in the judge's chambers. Judge: I assume that all parties involved are here. Stephen: Everyone is here. Judge: First, let's establish the plaintiff's grounds for seeking full custody. Ben: Your honor, my client seeks custody based on the grounds that the children would not be raised in a proper family environment. Stephen: Your honor, the children are being cared for by their father and several members of the immediate family live nearby. Ben: If immediate family includes the defendant's mother, let the record show that she has made threats against my client. Edmund: Only because she refused to leave my mother's property. Judge: Mr. McGregor, please do not speak unless you are asked to. The plaintiff's counsel will continue. Ben: Thank you, your honor. My client also feels that the children would not be safe around the defendant's mother. Stephen: Your honor, there is no real basis for such concern, my client's mother has never posed a threat to the children or anyone else. Carolee: That woman practically shoved me when I came to pick up my children. Edmund: She has never laid a finger on you. Judge: Order! Edmund: Your honor, she's not telling the truth! Judge: I have asked you once not to speak unless I ask you to, I won't tell younn again. Stephen: Edmund, just calm down, I'll handle this. Judge: Does either counsel have anything further to say. Ben: Your honor, I request that my client be granted temporary custody Stephen: Your honor, let the record show that the plaintiff left the state and didn't see the children for months. Judge: Does the plaintiff care to explain her actions? Carolee: I went to visit my family for awhile, but I did call a regular basis. Edmund: Your honor, may I say something? Judge: Go ahead. Edmund: She left because she didn't want to be married and have a family I had to tell my sons that their mother left and probably wouldn't be coming back. Stephen: Your honor, based on this reasoning, the plaintiff should not be granted temporary custody. Judge: I shall make a decision on this matter and tell you my ruling tomorrow. Edmund: This woman abandoned her children and you need time to decide, that's real great. Stephen: Edmund, just be quiet. Judge: This hearing is adjourned. The judge leaves. Edmund sighs deeply. Meanwhile, Anna comes to Yvette's house Yvette: I wasn't expecting you. Anna: I wasn't really planning on coming over, I just needed to get something off my chest. Yvette: I assume you've made a decision. Anna: Yes, I have. I'm not going to sign off on your little shopping mall. Yvette: Excuse me? Anna: I thought about it and I figured that if I didn't give into you, you wouldn't have anything to telling what your father did. Yvette: What makes you think that? I could tell everything right now just to spite you. Anna: I'll take my chances. Yvette: You think you've won, but this isn't over, not by a long shot. Anna: I advise you to stop what you are doing right now, it's only going to lead to trouble. Yvette: Then so be it. Anna: Do you realize how insane this is? Yvette: Call it whatever you like, but I will build that shopping center, rather you like it or not. Yvette opens the door for Anna to leave. Anna: We'll see about that. Anna leaves.
  20. #027 Tuesday, May 15th Carol is confronted by B.P. in her kitchen when she returns home. B.P.: Did you rethink that decision? Carol: (gasps) What are you doing in my house? B.P.: I think that I'm having trouble getting through to you. Carol: I paid you off, now get out of my house before I call the police B.P.: Not until you hear me out. Carol: I have heard what you have to say and I'm not interested Cody walks in Cody: Back off, man. It's one thing when you mess with me, it's another when you involve my family. B.P.: Defending your family, how noble. Cody: I'm not playing around here, I've told you to stay away from my family. B.P.: Oh, I'm really afraid of me rich kid who ran away from home. u Cody grabs B.P. by the collar Cody: Now you listen to me good! If I ever see you around here ever again, I'll make you wish that you never were born. Do you understand me? B.P. pulls away from him B.P.: You're gonna find out the price of threatening me real soon. B.P. storms out of the kitchen door. Cody: Are you all right? Carol: Yes, just little shaken up. Lynette comes home to find Jim packing his things. Lynette: So this is what it has come to? Jim: I think it's best if we just spent a little time apart. Lynette: You're running away. I expected more from you. Jim: I'm doing this to try and save our marriage. Lynette: If you would just give me a little consideration-- Jim: I've tried that, but it's not enough for you. You refuse to be patient with me. Lynette: I've been patient with you, but so far it's gotten us nowhere. Jim: It's not only me and it's not only you, we are both to blame for this mess. Now I've come to the conclusion that we need to be apart if we are going to save this marriage. Lynette: Walking out isn't the solution, Jim. Jim: I'm not walking out, I'm just going to stay at a hotel until we both can fully sort out of feelings. Lynette: If you walk out, I don't know what it will do to us. Jim: I'm sorry, I don't have a choice. Jim grabs his suitcase and leaves. Lynette walks out of the porch and watches him drive off, with a look of frustration on her face.
  21. #026 Monday, May 14th Anna, who is still reeling from Yvette's revelation about Andrew, comes into the laundry to talk to Claire. Claire: Hey, Anna. Anna: Hi, Claire. Claire: You don't look to happy, what's wrong? Anna: I just needed to talk to someone. Claire: All right. It's been a long time since we had a nice talk anyway. Anna: What would you do if somebody loved and thought you knew did something that was just so wrong? Claire: You know, my late husband did a lot of things he shouldn't have, but after awhile it just didn't phase me. Anna: I've been trying to put it all in perspective, but I can't. Claire: Well, what is it that's got you so upset? Anna: You have to promise that you won't tell this to anyone else. Claire: I promise. Anna: I found out that Andrew once ran a scam that caused people lose their homes. Claire: When was all this? Anna: Just before I met him and before he started the company. Claire: You don't think that he started the business with the dirty money, do you? Anna: That's what I don't know, because we did apply for a loan and Andrew told me that we got it. I don't know if he was lying to me or not. Claire: Either way, it doesn't make a difference now. I mean, what's done is done, there's no use being upset about something you can't change. Anna: It just sort of changes my memory of him. I thought he was the most honest, upstanding person I had ever met. And now, I know that's not true. Trying to make things better, Lynette has invited Jim to dinner at Number 37 on her night off. Lynette: Are you having a good time? Jim: As good a time that any person can be expected to have. Lynette: Please, let's just try to make this as pleasant as possible. Jim: It's not easy for me to be fake, Lynette. Lynette: I thought it would be nice if we had a quiet dinner out, but I guess I was wrong. Jim: We can't pretend that nothing is wrong. Lynette: That is not what I am trying to do and you know it. Jim: I don't think I know anything about you anymore. Lynette: And why is that? Because you never talk to me. Jim: I've never been one for talking, you've always known that. Lynette: Yes, but I thought you could make an exception for me. Jim: We were just fine until you decided to get this stupid job. Lynette: Don't lay this on me, it was youtr attitude that started all this. Jim: I just made it clear that I was against you working. Lynette: It wasn't your decision to make. Jim: I never said it was. Lynette: It was written all over your face. You couldn't even be supportive Jim: You want supportive? I've been supportive of you by not saying a word to you about your job. Lynette: (sarcastically) Oh, yes, that is such a noble gesture. Jim: I don't have to sit here and take this. Lynette: Well, why don't you just leave? Jim gets up from the table and leave the restaurant.
  22. #025 Friday, May 11th Sure that Joseph was behind Anna's job offer, Henry confronts Joseph in his office. Joseph: Haven't you ever heard of knocking? Henry: I'm going to get right to the point. Joseph: Right to the point, eh? You could start by telling my what this is about. Henry: I know that it was you that put your mother up to offering me a job. Joseph: I didn't put her up to anything, I just merely suggested to her that you might want a better paying job.l Henry: Or perhaps you wanted me away from Trish Joseph: Don't go there. Henry: Everyone knows that you haven't really gotten over Trish. Joseph: You don't know anything about me, I move on. Unlike you, who sat around for years hoping that you would get a second chance with Trish after she rejected you. Henry: All I ever tried to do was be a friend to Trish, especially when she you weren't around. Joseph: Seems like you were trying to be a whole lot more than a friend. Henry: Well, that's not the way Trish saw it. Joseph: Trish can't always see people for what they are. Henry: Well, that might be true seeing that she married you Henry turns and leaves the office. Teddy and Carol are meeting in the Donahue boardroom Teddy: I reexamined disc from McGregor and found another folder Carol: And? Teddy: It was encrypted, heavily. Carol: Shoot, I thought we might be on to something. Teddy: I made a copy and sent it to a friend of mine who knows computers Carol: Good, good. JC unexpectedly comes into the boardroom. Carol: J.C. J.C.: Grandma, what is he doing here? Carol: Well, I--- Teddy: Not that it is any of your business, but I came over here to reject Mrs. Donahue's job offer. J.C.: Job offer? Teddy: She wants to get me caught up in this silly feud by hiring me, but I said I don't want in the middle of it and I like working at McGregor. Carol: That's pretty much it. J.C.: Whatever. Grandma, I came to invite you to a party I'm having just for a few of my friends and family. Carol: Will Anna be there? If so, no thanks. J.C.: Can you please just put that aside for a few hours and come to my party, it would mean a lot. Teddy: I don't need to here this, I'll just be leaving. Teddy leaves. Carol: I don't know, J.C., I don't feel comfortable being in the same room with anyone named McGregor, excluding you. J.C.: I'll personally make sure you don't run in to anyone. I'd really like you to come. Carol: All right, you got me. J.C.: Thanks.. J.C. leaves. Once he gets on the elevator, Teddy comes back into the boardroom. Teddy: That was close. Carol: We'll have to be more careful from now on, now that someone has seen us. Meanwhile, at Anna's office, Yvette confronts Anna. Yvette: I thought we could talk about my project again Anna: Unless you found another place to build, there is nothing to discuss. Yvette: I think I might have something to change your mind. Anna: I don't think so. Yvette: When I get finished saying what I have to say, you'll be singing a whole different tune. Anna: I don't like the sound of this, what have you done. Yvette: It isn't a question of what I did, it's Father's actions you should be concerned with Anna: What are you talking about? Yvette: Did Father ever tell you about his life before he met you? Anna: He grew up in the Upper Peninsula and worked for a lender, but why on earth are you asking me? Yvette: Because it is time that you learned the truth about the man you believed was such a saint. Anna: I don't know what you are getting at, but I don't want to hear it. Yvette: Not long before he met you, the town he lived in went through some economic problems. Some of the people couldn't afford to keep their homes, so he offered to help them. Anna: He was always trying to help someone, that's the way he was. Yvette: But this time he was only trying to help himself. He had over a dozen people put him on the deed to their homes, with the promise that he would save them, but instead he sold the houses without their knowledge and ran off with the profits. Anna: Oh, my god. I can't believe this. Yvette: I know this must come as a shock. Anna: I don't know what to say, it's horrible. I just can't believe that you would tell me such a lie. Yvette: Oh, it's true. I spoke with a resident of the town, she gave me a copy of the deed that she added his name to. (shows her the deed) Anna: This doesn't mean anything, this doesn't prove that he conned these people out of their homes. Yvette: What reason would this woman have to lie? Anna: This has to be a misunderstanding. Yvette: The sooner you face the truth, the better. Anna: Why are you doing this? What are you trying accomplish? Are you trying to hurt me? Yvette: Because this is the only way I can keep you from shooting down my proposal. Anna: I don't understand. Yvette: You wouldn't want Joseph, Edmund and Lynette or even JC to find out that their beloved father and grandfather was crook. Anna: You wouldn't dare tell them this. Yvette: Just sign off on my proposal and I won't say a word. Anna: This is insanity. Yvette: This is business. I don't want to tell anyone else this, but I will do it if I have to. Anna looks at Yvette with an expression of shock, while Yvette stares back at her coldly.
  23. #024 Thursday, May 10th Carol meets B.P. in her office once again. Carol: I won't be threatened by you. B.P.: You better hope that I like your answer. Carol: You're not getting your foot in the door of this company. B.P.: You're playing a dangerous game here, lady Carol: I'm going to ask you nicely to leave my office. B.P.: You think this is a joke? Carol: Security will be here any minute, so unless you want to be physically removed from this building, you'll go quietly. B.P.: (chuckles) I'm not through with you, not by a long shot. to B.P. leaves the office with a look of anger on his face. Meanwhile, at the McGregor mansion, Alma is surprised when her son Troy shows up at the door. Alma: I thought you'd be in Europe for another six months. Troy: I was, but I came back because of the new stores. Alma: Right, you'll have to set up the electronics departments. Troy: I actually came back for more than that. Alma: Really? Troy: I want to head up the new regional division. Alma: Are you sure you are ready for that sort responsibility? Troy: Mom, I just got done selling our brand to some of the most difficult investors in the world, if I can handle that, I can handle anything. Alma: I suppose you are right. I'll talk to Anna and see what she thinks. Freeman comes in with a tray. Freeman: Ms. Cantwell, here's your coffee. Alma: Thank you, Freeman. Freeman: Is this who I think it is? Alma: Freeman, you remember Troy. Freeman: I haven't see you since you were a child. Troy: I was always at boarding school, so not many people have seen me since then. Freeman: How have you been? Troy: I'm great, I've been doing a lot of work for McGregor, which keeps me very busy. Freeman: Glad to hear it. Well, I've got to get back to work, but I'll see you later Freeman leaves the room Alma: Listen, why don't we go find Anna and talk to her about the job. Troy: Yes, let's do that. Over at McGregor's corporate office, Jim burst into Gregory's office. Jim: I'm sick of you filling my wife's head with your psychological nonsense. Gregory:For your information, Yvette asked me for help. Jim: So, I guess that it was just your invitation to come in and make the situation worse. Gregory: There wouldn't be a situation if you would just listen to what Lynette has to say. Jim: I listen to everything my wife says to me. Gregory: Lynette sure paints a different picture. Jim: I try my best, but most of the time my best isn't enough for her. Gregory: Perhaps what you call your best is the root of the problem. Jim: I see that she's put all the blame on me. Gregory: No one is placing blame, but you need to understand that you aren't making things easy for her. Jim: You know what, you are full of it. Lynette might buy what you say, but as far as I'm concerned you can take you dime store advice and shove it where the sun don't shine. Jim slams the door as he leaves.
  24. #023 Wednesday May 9th Norm meets Yvette at the bar in Number 37 Norm: You had better have a good reason for pulling me out a business meeting. Yvette: Rest assured, you'll find what I have to say very satisfactory. Norm: All right, let's hear it. Yvette: It turns out that our little trip paid off. The lady I talked to in Markham dropped by my house earlier and she said a mouthful. Norm: Go on. Yvette: It turns out that my dear father started his career committing mortgage fraud. Norm: (sarcastically) Nice. Yvette: I'll say. Norm: Did you find out why he was sending so much money to that address? Yvette: That part I haven't figured out yet. Norm: Well, I'm sure it was connected to something shady. Yvette: My mother sure is in for shock when she hears about what her upstanding, model of citizen husband did. Meanwhile at the Donahue mansion, Cody begs Carol not to give in to B.P., saying that such a lowlife has no place in the company. Carol says that she's made up her mind and is going to d whatever she has to keep her family safe, even if it means compromising business principals. Cody: Mom, this guy is involved in all sorts of illegal things, even money laundering. If you put him on the board, you're going to be associated with all of that. Carol: At this point, I have no other choice. Cody: It is all through the papers that I owe him money, if something happens to me, the authorities will know who is responsible. He's not going to take that kind of chance, the feds are already after him and he'd only make it worse on himself by harming me. Carol: I cannot take that sort of chance, Cody. Cody: I know that you are afraid, but you have got to trust me on this. If you don't give into his demands, he won't have anything to gain by coming after me. Carol: Think about what you're saying, this could be life or death. Cody: I know what I am saying, so please just trust me on this. At McGregor, Joseph comes into Anna's office looking a little upset. Anna: What's wrong? Joseph: I still haven't found that disk that went missing from the Novi store Anna: I didn't think you were still worried about it, after all, it was encrypted. Joseph: If it fell into the wrong hands, they'll figure out how to break the code. Anna: You mean if someone like Carol got a hold of it? Joseph: Who else? Anna: Oh, she's always out to get us. It's not like we won't be prepared for any stunt she pulls, we've had enough experience. Joseph: Well, we certainly don't want anything floating around that could give her any ammunition. Anna: Chances are that the disk is probably tucked away in some file cabinet, it will eventually turn up. Joseph: When it comes to Carol, we can't leave anything to chance. Meanwhile, Teddy is in an office typing at a computer. On the monitor, a message reads "CD Rom duplication complete".
  25. #022 Tuesday, May 8th Carol makes a threat of her own to B.P., saying that she can bring him down with a snap of her fingers and he won't be able to do a thing about it. B.P. advises her against making threats, because it only will make the situation worse. Carol opens the door and asks him to leave, but he refuses to until she gives in to his demand. Carol stops and thinks for a second and then agrees to put B.P. on the board, only with the assurance that he will leave Cody alone. He says that he' ll hold up his end of the bargain and leaves her office. Once he's out of her office, Carol calls Norm and says that it's time to bring out the big guns. Gregory comes over to Lynette's house on her night off to check on her. She invites him to sit down and talk for awhile. He asks her if she's making any progress and she says that Jim is finally starting to understand why she starting working, but is still distant. Gregory tells her to not give up, because losing a marriage is a terrible thing. Lynette asks if Gregory is married and he responds by saying he got divorced a year ago. Lynette says she won't let things go that far, but Gregory says that sometimes things can go bad very quickly and no one can stop it. Lynette says that she fealrs what could happen, but tries not to think about it and keep a positive attitude. Gregory says that if things don't work out between her and Jim, that he'll make sure he's around to help her cope and takes her hand. Yvette is shocked when the woman she met on her trip shows up at her door. She invites the woman in and offers her tea, but she refuses it saying that she is only here to clear the air about something. The woman then sits down and starts to tell Yvette about how Andrew McGregor (Yvette's father) lived in the Upper Peninsula town of Markham years ago, before he was married or had a dime. She says that he was an upstanding citizen, until he decided that he wanted to move up in the world. He got involved in a real estate scheme that promised to save several people from foreclosure, they would put him on the deed and he would make sure they were protected. But instead of protecting their homes, he sold them without the residents knowledge and several people lost their homes. Yvette still wonders why he was sending money to the town, but the woman says that she doesn't have any clues why he was doing that.
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