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  1. Thanks for reading and I'm glad you liked the episode. I changed the name of the blog, because I wanted a title that had more of a soap opera like feel to it.
  2. Jodie's death scene was written very well. Also, I can't wait to see what happens now that Rufus and Sharan have escaped.
  3. ReddFoxx

    "69" Episode,98!

    Good casting choice for Ria's mother. Very good episode all around.
  4. #77 Friday, July 18th Aaron walks up to the front door of the McGregor Estate. He rings the doorbell and Anna answers. Anna: Aaron McGregor, I haven't seen you in I don't know how long. Aaron: You do remember me, I'm glad. Anna: Come on in the house, I was just about to sit down to dinner with a friend. Anna brings Aaron into the dining room. Anna: Aaron, This is my friend John Phelps. John, this is Andrew's nephew, Aaron. Aaron: Pleased to meet you. John: Likewise. Aaron: Anna, I spoke with Yvette earlier, I assumed she told you I was in town. Anna: She picked up a lot of the slack for me at work today, so she probably forgot. So what brings you to town? Aaron: Business actually, M.I. to be exact. Anna: I'm guessing you heard about the mess. Aaron: Yes and I'm here to lend my assistance. I know a little about corporations. Anna: I can use all the help I can get. Aaron: I especially though you could use this. Aaron gives Anna a printout of Lightner's record with Sterling. Anna: This is very interesting. John, take a look at that. Anna passes the printout to John. John: This is exactly the sort of thing I needed, a link between Lightner and Sterling Hart. Where did you get this? Aaron: A reliable source. John: This could prove Sterling had the motivation to help Cassandra and George. Aaron: Possibly. Anna: Well, with Sterling Hart's history of assisting hostile takeovers, this should be the proof we need for court. Aaron: I was hoping it would. John: Check this out, it's an old telephone transcript between Cassandra and Sterling. Anna: Let's see that. John: Seems like Sterling phonied up records to keep him and Cassandra from being prosecuted for the savings and loan failure. Aaron: I saw that, but I wasn't sure if it was of any significance. John: Yep, it is. Sterling gave us a study that he claimed caused the shareholders to vote against the board, but no one seems to have viewed it until now. Anna: You think he faked that study? John: It's not out of the realm of plausibility. Anna: How could we prove he did that? John: I don't know. There are some discs with the papers that George handed over for review, but I doubt there's anything incriminating there. _________________________________________________________ Cassandra is in her office at Lightner, looking for something. Cassandra: Where could it be? I know I had it here. George walks in. George: What are you looking for? Cassandra: It's a disc, it has the study we gave the shareholders on it. George: Don't worry, we've got other copies. Cassandra: No, that was my original disc, I needed it for something, George: The study is all the same, it makes no difference what disc it's on. Your disc might have accidently gone out when the courier took some of the files I sent Phelps to show him the takeover was legal. Cassandra: What? That's not good. George: It's no big deal, calm down. Cassandra: This is serious. George: I think it's time you took some time off, you've been acting odd. First, you say you saw Dad and now you're freaking out about a disc. Cassandra: I'm fine. George: Just try to relax then, now is not the time to stress out. George leaves. Cassandra: (thinking) If Phelps sees that disc, this whole deal is finished. ________________________________________ ________________________________________ Jim stops by Lynette's room at the Town and Country Inn. Lynette: Jim, come on in. Jim: I can't stay long, I just wanted to let you know there's been a change in plans for the divorce proceedings. Lynette: What? Jim: I want it over as soon as possible, so I'm having my lawyer expedite things, just wanted to give you notice. Lynette: That's fine. Jim: How are the kids doing? Lynette: They're great. I'm glad they are too young to understand what is going on. Jim: Yeah, I thought the same thing. Lynette looks at Jim, noticing that there's something different about his demeanor. Jim: Why are you looking at me like that? Lynette: I don't know, something seems different about you. Jim: I am about to get divorced, that can change a person's personality. Lynette: No, it's more than that. Jim, thinking that Lynette has sensed that he's been drinking, slowly back away from the door. Jim: I've got to go, I just needed to tell you that. Jim walks away. Lynette has a puzzled expression on her face, not sure why Jim seemed so different.
  5. Rituals was syndicated and ran for a year in the 84-85 season.
  6. #76 Wednesday, July 16th Cassandra comes into George's office. George: Mother, what's wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost. Cassandra: I may have. George: What are you talking about? Cassandra: You'll just think I'm crazy. George: If it's gotten you this spooked, then I want to hear what it is. Cassandra: I think I saw you're father. George: How can that be, Mother? He died twelve years ago. Cassandra: I was driving down the boulevard and I saw a man in a town car and I could have sworn it was him. George: It probably was just someone that looked like him. Cassandra: No, I'd know his face anywhere. George: I think you need to sit down and take a breath. Cassandra sits down. Cassandra: I know it doesn't make any sense, but I know what I saw. George: It's probably just stress from everything that's been going on. Sometimes our minds play tricks on us when we have too much on our plate, it's happened to me. Cassandra: Maybe you're right, but something just tells me it was him I saw. George: We both know that's not possible. Cassandra: I know, I know. It's just bothering me so, I can't get it out of my head. George: Now probably isn't the right time to tell you this, but you're going to find out anyway, so. Cassandra: What? George: The judge put up an injunction, we can't legally make any changes at M.I. yet Cassandra: Great, just fantastic. _______________________________________________________________________________ Later, John is in his office at Phelps Motors, Anna has just walked in. John: Sorry you had to come over here, I had some work to do here and couldn't get away, but I wanted to give you this news in person. Anna: Good news? John: Yes, the judge put the injunction in place. Anna: Terrific. John: It buys us a bit of time. Anna: Now all we have to do is find out if Cassandra and George did anything illegal. John: That's why we need as much time as we can get, before Lightner can appoint an interim board to M.I. Anna: He's got his cronies waiting in the wings. Have you looked over the documents George gave you. John: I've been pouring over them, nothing incriminating so far. They've covered their tracks well. I did find something interesting though, Sterling was very involved with Lightner just before the shareholders revolt even started. Anna: Probably up to his old tricks. John: That's my guess, but we need the proof. Anna: Where do we get the proof though? ________________________________________________ In an office, Andrew is typing on a computer, looking through documents about Cassandra's problems with Silver Hills Savings and Loan. Andrew: Aaron, have you been able to find out how long this Sterling guy held shares with M.I.? Aaron: Since about 2004. Andrew: He's kind of shady, I'm wondering if he's the key to everything. Aaron: It's possible. Andrew: This is all very confusing, how does a strong company get taken over? Aaron: It's supposed to have to do with some study that no one has ever seen. Andrew: That's even more shady. Aaron: I'm going to phone John Phelps, see if we can compare notes. Andrew: Hold the phone for a minute, I may have found something in these documents. Aaron: What? Andrew: It looks like Sterling worked with Cassandra during the time of the bank failure. There's even a telephone transcript. Aaron: Sterling's worked a lot of places, so that probably won't do us much good. Andrew: We could possibly make a connection between the two. With Sterling's history of shafting companies, it could show they were in cahoots on the takeover. Aaron: It's worth a shot. Andrew: I'll print this off and you take it to Anna, I'm sure she can make use of it. _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ Lynette is at the CoffeeRoom Greg: So he served you with divorce papers? That's what he meant when he told me he did something. Lynette: You talked to him? Greg: I ran into him at Guido's and we had a talk. He's in terrible shape. Lynette: I still just feel so awful, this could have been avoided. Greg: It's not all your fault, I let myself get too close to you. Lynette: Well, I just came over to give you the number of where I'll be staying. Greg: You could have stayed with me if you wanted to. Lynette: I have a room at the Town and Country Inn, I really think it would be appropriate I stay there until this divorce is over. Besides, I'm going to be keeping the kids for awhile, it's best this way. Greg: You're right. Lynette: As soon as this divorce is finalized, we'll take things from there. Greg: I understand completely, it shouldn't be any other way. I can wait. Lynette: In the meantime, I really going to be worried about Jim, I just don't know how he's going to take this. Greg: Hope for the best. Lynette: I've got to run, or I'm going to be late picking the kids up from kindergarten. Greg: See you later. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Jim is at home, sitting at a desk with a bottle of wine and a half empty glass. He's talking on the telephone to a divorce lawyer. Jim: I need this divorce to go through as fast as possible. What do you mean it will take that long? I want it over and done with. Isn't there anyway to expedite thing? If you find a way, call me please. Thanks (hangs up) Jim pours himself another glass of wine, then pulls a piece of paper out of his pocket with the number of the woman that sold him the Valium scribbled on it. He calls the number. Jim: Listen, those pills you gave me, I'm down to my last one. How much is it going to cost me to get more? I'm good for it.
  7. #75 Monday, July 14th Aaron arrives McGregor Inc., looking for Anna, but Yvette is in her office. Aaron: I'm looking for Mrs. Anna McGregor. Yvette: She had to take care of some business at one of the stores, I'm just holding down things here until she gets back, I'm Yvette McGregor-Browne. You look familiar? Aaron: Aaron McGregor. Yvette: Wait a minute, you're Aaron as in Dad's little brother Aaron? Aaron: I guess you wouldn't recognize me right off, we haven't seen each other since grade school. Yvette: This certainly is a surprise, it's good to have you back. What brings you to town? Aaron: Business. As soon as I heard about the takeover, I thought I should come back and help my brother's family fight to get M.I. back. Yvette: Well, it certainly is welcomed, we need all the help we can get. Aaron: I've been trying to find some sort of loophole to get around this takeover. Yvette: Our corporate litigator John Phelps has been looking for one as well, you might want to work with him a little. Aaron: I think it would be best now if we tried to find out more about the internal structure of Lightner, past history and anything else. Yvette: What good would that do? Aaron: It's best to attack the heart of the problem. Yvette: Ah, I understand now. Makes perfect since. Aaron: Here's my card, tell your Mother what I said and tell her to give me a buzz. Yvette: Will do. Aaron: Great. Yvette: It's great having another McGregor in town, this family needs more strength. Aaron: Absolutely. You have a good day. Aaron leaves. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ At Number 37, Cassandra is meeting with Sterling. Cassandra: What is it you want now? Sterling: I'm only here to make sure my deal is still secure. Cassandra: It is as long as things don't fall apart. Sterling: Like I said before, I need a guarantee of security if I'm going to be in on this. Cassandra: We'll talk after things get settled. Sterling: I think we should talk now, especially after I dummied up that fake study to throw off that nosy John Phelps. Cassandra: You'll be rewarded for that. Sterling: It's the last thing I'm doing though, the SEC has wanted to nail me for a long time, I can't keep giving them fuel. Cassandra: Were all in this together, if you want to make a profit you'll stick with it. Sterling: I'm not trying to back out by any means, I'm only going to limit my actions so I don't draw anymore unneeded attention. Cassandra: Fine, but we have a deal, if I need you to do something else, you better be prepared to do it. Sterling: Far be it from me to be a deal breaker. Cassandra: Good, just as long as we are clear on everything we will be just fine. Sterling: Perfect. Cassandra: Now you're sure you covered your tracks on that fake study? Sterling: You and I have the only discs that could incriminate us. ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ Edmund is at Stephen's office. Edmund: I want to thank you again for helping draw up the custody agreement, it's really the one that works best. Stephen: I was glad to do it, but I called you over here to give you a little advice. Edmund: Sure. Stephen: You ought to be cautious of Leigh, her sudden change of heart seems a little suspect to me. Edmund: I think she just finally realized that dragging the boys through a long custody battle wouldn't do them any good. Stephen: Perhaps, but I'd still be careful. Edmund: I'm trying to keep positive, things are finally going my way. Stephen: I've taken a lot of custody cases in my time and I've never seen a person have such a quick reversal in attitude. Edmund: I know you are concerned, but I'm taking this one step at a time, I'm sick of worrying. Stephen: That's fine, but you're treading a little close to rose-colored glasses territory. Edmund: Look, I'm not naive, I know Leigh has schemed in the past. This time I'm hoping she's really turned over a new leaf. Stephen: I'm not trying to rain on your parade, but this all seems too good to be true. Edmund: You really think so? Stephen: I'm just saying be careful and don't let your guard down. The minute you do it leaves you open to a strike. _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ Aaron and Andrew are in the back towncar. Andrew: Did you speak with Anna? Aaron: She wasn't there, I spoke with Yvette. Andrew: Yvette. She was always most like me, so I know she took right to the plan. Aaron: She was very open to it. Andrew: That's great. Did you see anybody else? Aaron: Nope. Andrew: I'd really like to know how the others are doing Aaron: I think all of this would be better if you were doing it. Andrew: Let's not start that again. Aaron: All right, I was just saying. Andrew: My family is a mess right now. One son is trying to take the company from my wife and my other children. And to think, all this drama stems from me being a fool when I was young. Aaron: What's done is done, all you can do now is live for today. Andrew: Anyway, what did Yvette say? Aaron: She said I should talk with John Phelps, he's some sort of litigator. Andrew: I remember him, he was a good friend of ours some years back. Aaron: I'll give him a ring later then, see if I can get a meeting. As they stop at an intersection, Cassandra is in the lane next to them, she glances over and sees Andrew. Cassandra: Andrew? It can't be. Before she can get a good look, the light turns green and traffic begins moving again. As Cassandra continues driving, she looks puzzled. Cassandra: How could it be? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________
  8. Nice episode. I loved the part with Sister Pat tackling Karim, she must really have something to hide about this Miss Jenkins. And the ending was so good too, a perfect cliffhanger.
  9. #74 Wednesday, July 9th Lynette walks in her and Jim's bedroom, holding the papers. Jim is sitting on the bed. Lynette: Papers to start divorce proceedings? Jim: It's what you want isn't it? Lynette: I don't know what to say. Jim: There's nothing to say. You're in love with someone else, there was no other choice. Lynette: How on earth did we get here? Jim: I guess we're both to blame, one of us more than the other though. Lynette: I never even thought about this, although I knew it was coming. Jim: And I never thought I'd find myself getting a divorce lawyer and filing papers, but here I am. Lynette: It's not that I don't love you-- Jim: It's just that you love him more. Lynette: It's not an issue of who I love more. Jim: You love me enough to stay married though. Lynette: It's complicated. Doesn't mean I don't love you. Jim: I've never told you this before, but you're the only woman I've ever really loved. There's been nobody else. Lynette: How come you never told me that? Jim: I'm not one to speak what I feel, which probably causes me a lot of problems. Lynette: I know I've said it a thousand times, but I really am sorry. Jim: Hey, it's me that should be sorry. If I hadn't been such an ass to you in the first place we wouldn't be in this predicament. I guess I'm angry at myself a whole lot too. Lynette: We're still parents, we've got to figure out a way to at least stay united in that aspect. Jim: No argument from me there, we'll figure something. _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ At M.I. headquarters, George, Cassandra, Carol, Anna, Estelle and Stephen are all waiting for John to arrive. John enters the boardroom and sits down. Anna: What is all this about? George: It's a disclosure meeting, to settle for once and for all the legality of this takeover. Stephen: We need more time to determine that. John: Yes, I've just started my inquiry. Carol: These stalling tactics will not work, you can't avoid the inevitable. Stephen: Come on, Carol, everyone here knows that this takeover was highly unusual. Cassandra: Only to the people who don't want to accept defeat. Anna: We prospered in the last quarter, it makes no sense why the shareholders are so upset. George: They saw the potential for mismanagement in the future. John: Speaking of mismanagement, that study you provided me with was completely made up of speculation, no real evidence of future loss. Estelle: Especially sense Carter Enterprises was handling part of the expansion project, the budget balanced out because of that. George: Apparently the shareholders had another opinion. Stephen: It's very bizarre that the shareholder leading this has been accused in the past of making shady deals against the companies he holds stock in. Cassandra: If that were true, which it isn't, Sterling has never been convicted of anything. If it were true, wouldn't it mean the board was incompetent anyway for letting someone like Sterling hold stock with the company? Anna: Now you know that is bogus. Cassandra: It's a simple query. Estelle: Don't try to turn this conversation around. John: Until there is a full inquiry into this, one from me and one from the SEC, there should be no change in management. Carol: That's not fair. Stephen: It is and we've filed an injunction with the court. Carol: The judge will take one look at it and throw it out. Anna: Don't be so sure. George: I've submitted every document on this takeover and I assure you it's all legal. They are all here, for your review. In the meantime, I propose appointing interim board members just for the transition. Anna: Out of the question. George: At this point, you have no say, because legally I own the majority of the stock in this company. Anna: Stephen, John, can he do this? Stephen: Unfortunately, yes. Until we can file the injunction, he can legally make changes. John: That's right. Anna: How long before the injunction is filed and decided on? John: A couple of days. Anna rubs her forehead in grief. _________________________________________________________ Back at the clinic, Andrew and Aaron are still talking. Aaron: I still think this is ridiculous, not to mention unfair to your family. Anna needs to know you're alive. Andrew: How can I just re-enter their lives like this? They believe I died 12 years ago. Aaron: By just coming back and saying "here I am". I'm sure they held out some hope anyway, you were only presumed deceased in that plane crash. You've made full recovery, there's no reason for you to stay hidden. Andrew: I'm only trying to help my family get the company back, not make some big return. Aaron: How do you expect me to do the work for you and not tell your family you are alive? Andrew: It's very simple, you just get the job done and nothing else. Aaron: You're just afraid you won't be forgiven for the whole bigamy thing. Andrew: I shouldn't be forgiven, I don't expect to be. I just don't want to put myself out there like that. Aaron: Not everyone gets a second chance, you were lucky enough to have one, man. Andrew: Things are different now, it's not going to be the same as it was before. Aaron: That's not an excuse for hiding out. It's time to face the truth. Andrew: I wish I could, but I can't. I was married to another woman and had a son and I hid it from her, how is she supposed to forgive that? Aaron: Maybe she would or maybe she wouldn't, but I do know she'd be glad to know you are alive. Andrew: I wish I could face it, but I can't. Aaron: One thing I learned from you is to not run away from anything. I think it's time you started following your own advice. Andrew: Like I said, I'm only helping them get the company back. You are helping me do that by being my proxy. Aaron: I have no problem acting as the proxy, but you aren't going to be able to hide this forever. Aaron leaves. Andrew takes out a picture of Anna and their children and looks at it. Andrew: How do I fix this mess? __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________
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    #73 Monday, July 7th

    I cast John Amos as Andrew MrGregor, the McGregor patriarch and Anna's husband who everyone in Novi thinks died. This element of the story is going to become more and more clear over the next couple of episodes and when Anna eventually finds out he's alive, it's going to get even more interesting.
  11. #73 Monday, July 7th At Number 37, John is talking with Sterling. John: Thanks for lending me a few minutes of your time, I'm sure you are very busy. Sterling: I'd like to know what this is about. John: You led the shareholders revolt against the board of M.I. (McGregor Inc.), I'm curious to know why. Sterling: Myself and some other shareholders felt the board was getting dangerously close to mismanagement. John: That's what I don't get, the company has done well the past few quarters and the projected revenue for the next quarter is unprecedented. Sterling: Private study of M.I's plan for expansion proved that it could lead to loss. John: Why hasn't anyone been made privy to that study? Sterling: Shareholders have obtained copies. John: But shouldn't the board of M.I. at least been given the chance to review said study, just so they would know why they were being voted out? Sterling: It was a simple miscommunication that prevented M.I. from reviewing the study. John: I would like to have a look at it, do you have a copy I could review? Sterling: Uh, not with me, but I can fax one to you later. John: That'll be fine. You can understand my curiosity, especially after the takeovers at Northrup/Western and Jefferson you were involved in. Sterling: I was never proven guilty of any wrongdoing. John: I know, just giving you a reason for my curiosity. John leaves. Sterling: (thinking) Crap, how I'm going to get out of this one? _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Jim is at Guido's waiting to pick up an order. Greg walks in, he sees Jim and goes over to him. Greg: I've got to say something. Jim: Do I look like I want to hear it? Greg: I feel like I need to apologize, although I know it won't do any good. Jim: Of all the conversations I want to have, one with my wife's lover isn't one of them. Greg: I tried to support your wife when she needed it, but it ended up turning into something else. Jim: Yeah, we know what that something else was. Tell me, is it common practice for shrinks to go around boning their patients? I bet that would make a fun tabloid headline, what do you think? Greg: You wouldn't? Jim: I'm capable of it right now, I've got nothing else to lose. Greg: Humiliating the mother of children isn't going to help. She didn't set out to hurt you. Jim: You don't think I was humiliated? Lynette made a damn fool out of me. I'm sitting around thinking things will right with her and she's with you. Did she put you up to trying and justify her actions to me some more? Greg: No, I'm saying this on my own. Lynette's a good person who just did the wrong thing, she didn't do it on purpose. Jim: Whatever, I've heard it before. Anyway, I have a question. Greg: What? Jim: Does she love you? Greg: What? Jim: Does she love you or was this just some fling? Greg: I can't answer that, you'd have to ask her. Jim: So it is true. I suppose I knew it deep down inside, it's not like it makes it hurt anymore than it already does though. It also makes me know what I've already done was the right thing to do. Greg: What's that? Jim: The only thing possible. The cashier gives Jim his bag and Jim leaves. ________________________________________________________________ At Number 37, a man walks in holding an envelope. He goes over to the hostess desk. Man: Are you Lynette Craig? Lynette: Yes. Man: You've been served. The man hands her the envelope and leaves. She opens and finds divorce papers filed by J ________________________________________________________________ Edmund is at the McGregor Estate with Anna in the kitchen. Edmund: I just had to stop by and tell you the great news. Anna: I could use some good news. Edmund: Leigh and I worked out the final agreement for joint custody. Anna: That's wonderful, I'm so happy. Edmund: Oh, me too. It's like a huge burden was lifted from my shoulders. Best of all, Leigh's going to be staying in Novi, so the boys will have both parents close and won't have to take long trips back and forth. Anna: That's one less thing for you to worry about. Edmund: Something else good for me happened too. Anna: What? Edmund: Christina is back in town, we had dinner the other night and coffee this morning. Anna: Well, you've really hit the jackpot. I know Christina being around will be really. nice for you. Edmund: I'm feeling much better than I have in months. It seems like everything is looking up. Anna: I wish I could say the same for the company. Edmund: Hey, were going to get M.I. back, we're all determined and ready. You taught me how not to give up. Anna: You're right, I should follow my own advice and look at this positively. Edmund: If things can turn around for me, they can turn around for the company. Anna: It's going to take a miracle. ____________________________________________________________________ Meanwhile, at a clinic in Detroit. Aaron: Man, I don't know why you won't tell your wife you're alive, but it's past due. A man steps out from the terrace. Andrew: It's been too long, Anna's already grievied. Besides, she knows about Cassandra and George, she'd never forgive me now. Off Andrew's face, fade to black. ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________
  12. #72 Friday, July 4th Jim is back in Novi, his parents have driven him and the kids home. Jim: You really didn't have to drive us home. <a href="http://s17.photobucket.com/albums/b99/DrPhillips48/?action=view&current=8_6acc.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b99/DrPhillips48/8_6acc.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a> Eleanor: Just thought we'd help you out as much as possible. After everything that has happened, we thought the last thing you wanted to do was take a long drive. Jim: I appreciate the concern, but I'll be fine. Eleanor: I think we should talk. Elliot: I'll take the kids upstairs so you can talk. Jim: Okay. Elliot takes the kids upstairs. Jim: Look, I know it seems like I'm a little on edge, but it's nothing to get alarmed about. Eleanor: I'm going to ask you something and I hope you answer me honestly. Jim: Of course. Eleanor: Have you started drinking again? Jim: No, how could you even think that? Eleanor: You were always great at hiding it, but I eventually was able to figure it out anyway. Jim: This is absurd. Eleanor: Remember, you have two children to think about. Don't let something push you so far over the edge that you destroy your life and can't be there for them. Jim: Believe me, I know that. Eleanor: I just hope if you have a problem, you'll tell it before it's too late. Just then Lynette walks in the front door. Jim looks at her and scoffs. ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ Leigh as at the Donahue Ranch with Norm. Leigh: So how's the rest of the plan coming on along? Norm: It's moving along. Leigh: How long before we can drop the bomb? Norm: Patience. We don't even know how far Edmund and Christina's relationship will go. Leigh: He was having coffee with her at his place this morning, I'd say it's going nicely so far. Norm: It's still not time. Leigh: I can't wait. A few tabloid headlines about Edmund being caught up with a black market ring leader and I'm sure the courts will question his judgment. Norm: It's not a sure thing. Leigh: What do you mean? Norm: Remember, the McGregors hold a lot of clout around here, who knows what the judge could rule? Leigh: Okay, I don't need the negativity from you right now. Norm: Only trying to keep things realistic, as you should. Leigh: You're right, I'm sorry I snapped at you. I take this very seriously. Norm: I know. I wouldn't be doing this if getting your kids didn't mean so much to you. Leigh: I want the opportunity to raise them the way I think they should be raised. Norm: You might be a schemer, but you certainly are sincere. I like that about you, always have. ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ George is at the CoffeeRoom, Cassandra walks in holding the newspaper. Cassandra: What are we going to do about this new annoyance Anna has sent out to do her bidding. George: He's not that big of a problem, he's all talk. Cassandra: I think you are underestimating him, he seemed serious. George: I'm not worried, I've steamrolled right over guys like him. Cassandra: Maybe I should handle him, I think I'm a better match to go up against him. George: You taught me everything I know, you think I can't take this on? Cassandra: That's not what I'm saying, I just think it would be better for me to deal with him. George: You have a tendency to make things worse sometimes. Cassandra: What? George: Like when you didn't tell me about your whole little savings and loan fiasco, that almost cost us a lot. Cassandra: That's not fair, it was years ago and I didn't think you needed to know. George; Right, because it was so insignifcant. Cassandra: Well, that has nothing to do with this, this is a completely different situation. George: Mother, please let me take care of this. It's all just a stalling tactic by McGregor, it means nothing. There's no who can stand in our way now. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Jim: If you are here to try to justify your actions some more, I don't want to hear it. Lynette: I'm not, I was wondering you had come home yet and came to check on you and the kids. Jim: Nice, you took time from your affair to come check in. Lynette: I've tried to apologize. Eleanor: An apology doesn't undo the damage. Jim: Mom, don't start anything. Eleanor: I want to talk to Lynette, privately. Jim: I don't know if that's such a great idea. Eleanor: I have some things I need to say. Jim: All right. Jim goes into the kitchen. Eleanor: I really expected better of you. Lynette: Could you try to understand that I feel horrible about this? Eleanor: Are you asking me to feel sorry for you? Lynette: Of course not. Eleanor: Good, because if you were, I'd think you were insane. Lynette: It's all very unfortunate. Eleanor: My son is really on the edge right now, I think he might have started drinking again. Lynette: My god. Eleanor: For your children's sake, you better hope that he hasn't. Lynette: I was afraid this would happen. Eleanor: He told you about his drinking problem? Lynette: A few years ago. Eleanor: So you knew that this could push him over the edge, but you went ahead and hurt him anyway? Lynette: No, I tried to make the marriage work to avoid hurting him. Eleanor: You knew it wasn't going to work out, yet you lied and created false hope, only to then destroy him. That was an incredibly reckless thing to do. Lynette: I realize that now. Eleanor: You know, I never imagined you of all people would do this, but I guess I was wrong. I really don't understand where your logic was, I just don't. _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ Aaron and Roberta walk into her law office. Roberta: A lot of information about shareholders and shareholder agreements is here. Andrew had me archive it years ago. Aaron: What about the company charter? Roberta: I think I have a copy here. Andrew structured this company well to avoid takeovers, but Lightner found a loophole. Aaron: I'd like to look over it. Roberta looks in a file cabinet and pulls a folder. Roberta: Here it is. Aaron: Thank you. Looks pretty standard. Roberta: I assume this is the first place the family looked when the company was taken over, but there's not much in there that could help. Aaron: It appears not. Roberta: Another course of action is probably going to be your best bet. Aaron: Do you know anything about Lightner's internal structure, things like their board, shareholders? Roberta: Not in detail, since I've never worked with them. Aaron: I've got some research to do then. I'll contact you if I find what I'm looking for. Roberta: What are you looking for? Aaron: The key to everything. Aaron steps outside and makes a call on his cell phone. Aaron: Nothing new yet, but I'm working on it. I'm on my way over now. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________
  13. #71 Wednesday July 2nd George is coming out of the Athletic Club when he bumps into John Phelps. John: What a good timing, you're the other person I've been needing to talk to. George: I'm afraid I don't know you. John: John Phelps, corporate litigator and investigator. George: Oh, you're the guy that spoke to my mother yesterday. I haven't the time for your idle threats. John: This is more of a request. George: I'm very busy. John: Fine, I'm sure you'd gladly like for the SEC to ask these questions. George: What is it? John: Have you had a contact with a guy name Sterling? You know, the one who led the shareholder's revolt? George: I haven't the faintest idea of who that is. John: You sure? The guy has a history of screwing over the companies he holds shares with by helping other corporations take them over. He's really good, he's never been prosecuted for his dirty deals. George: If you have any questions about the takeover, submit them to my proxy solicitor. John: I will be doing that. George: I've heard about you, you consider yourself some sort of corporate malfeasance crusader. John: I've heard about some of the dirty, not to mention illegal stunts you and your mother have pulled in the past. George: You don't stop until you bring good companies down. John: Never brought a good company down in my life, some bad ones, never any good ones. Lightner is next. George: (laughs) I needed some good comedy today, thank you for that. George walks out. _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ The sun is coming up and Jim comes downstairs Eleanor: You seem better this morning. Jim: I had time to clear my head and I really feel better. Elliot: Well that's good. Eleanor: Are you sure you are all right? You seem different. Jim: I'm just steadily starting to cope with what has happened, that's all. Eleanor: This quickly? It's only been a day. Jim: I'm a Craig, there's nothing that can keep a Craig down. Jim goes outside. Eleanor: Something is wrong, I'm convinced now. Elliot: A couple of nights ago, he was a wreck and now this? I'm starting to agree with you. Eleanor: Remember, he was able to hide his drinking from us in the past. Elliot: I remember, he'd walk around just as normal as anyone and nobody would know he was smashed. It was like he was another person. Eleanor: It was so hard helping him get sober that last time, he almost didn't make it. Elliot: Let's not panic just yet, we don't have any proof yet. It's possible we are wrong. Eleanor: I'm trying to hold out hope, but I just don't feel right about this. On the porch, Jim holds the pill bottle and looks at it. Jim: My new best friend. _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ At Edmund's condo, Edmund and Christina are having coffee. Edmund: You know, I'm glad you are back in town. I forgot how good we get along. Christina: I like being here to. It's nice to just settle down a bit after being in all those big cities. Edmund: Tell me about it, when the store sent a team to New York for Fashion Week once, I couldn't wait to get home. There's a knock at the door. Edmund answers it, it's Leigh holding papers. Edmund: What's this? Leigh: The final draft of the joint custody agreement our lawyers drew up, I'm sure you'll find it fair. Edmund: Great. Let me introduce you to some one. Christina Davidson, this is Leigh Elgin, my former wife. Leigh: Nice to meet you. Christina: Nice meeting you too. Leigh hands Edmund looks at the agreement. Edmund: This certainly is very fair. Leigh: I wouldn't have it any other way. Edmund: I'm glad we were able to come to an agreement that is satisfactory for the both of us. Leigh: So am I. We both need to get on with our lives. Edmund: Yeah. Leigh: I know it might strike you as a bit odd coming from me, but I really do want to have a civil relationship with you for the sake of the kids. Edmund: That's the only thing I wanted out of this. We have to be strong parents, even if we aren't married anymore. Leigh: Oh, yes. I couldn't agree more. Well, I'll be getting on now. Edmund: Oh, okay. And thanks again for not making this harder than it had to me. Leigh: No problem. Leigh leaves, once she's outside she chuckles a bit. Leigh: What a sucker. He has no idea what I've got up my sleeve. ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ John stops by the McGregor Estate to give Anna a progress report. Anna: Cassandra told me you met with her. John: That woman is a trip. Anna: I know, she was in my office not long after you had met with her. Just sitting in my chair, like she owned it. John: I came over to tell you, I got some information about that Sterling guy. Anna: Ah, I'm interested in hearing that. John: He's been suspected of shafting companies he holds stock with. Anna: Do you think he could have done that with McGregor? John: I don't have any proof, but it's probable. Anna: I thought there was something funny about him. John: He gets away with because he covers his tracks. Anna: Well, is there anyway to uncover those tracks. John: I'm looking into it now. Anna: Please keep me posted, this is all so important to me. John: I know, I'm doing my very best. Anna: Thank you so much again. __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ Meanwhile, on the private jet, the man on the laptop reading a pie chart. The phone next to him rings and he answers it. Man: (into phone) Dr. Aaron McGregor speaking. I want a full report of the current status as soon as this plane is on the ground. I've got to be well prepared for what I'm going to do. He hangs up and resumes reading about the McGregor takeover. A woman comes in the from another section of the plane. Woman: I'm a bit shocked you contacted me instead of someone in the family. You even came to Manila to find me. Aaron: Roberta, you were my big brother's most trusted attorney, someone who knows all the information I needed. I'll be contacting the family soon though. Roberta: They haven't seen you since you were a child. Aaron: They did help pay my way through school though, I wouldn't be a doctor without them. Which is why I want to help them get the company back. Roberta: We'll see, doesn't seem like that's going to be easy. Aaron: It might not be easy, but I'm not about to fail. Besides, I've done some business myself and have encountered the Lightners, I know what I'm dealing with. Roberta: Hey, the McGregors are a good family, I'm with you all the way. You know, you look exactly like your brother did when he was young, it's uncanny. Aaron: I've been told that before. Pilot: (over PA) We're approaching Detroit Airport. Aaron: Almost time for the fight to begin. ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________
  14. #70 Monday, June 30th Lynette walks into Anna's office at the McGregor Estate Anna: You look troubled. Lynette: Am I ever. Anna: Sit down. Lynette sits down. Lynette: This whole situation with Jim, I just turned it into an even bigger mess. Anna: Uh-oh. Lynette: I finally told Jim the truth. Anna: The truth is finally out. Lynette: He was so upset when I told him, I'd never seen him like that. After what happened the other night, I felt I had no choice. Anna: What happened? Lynette: I spent the night with Greg. Anna: Now I really understand why Jim was so upset. Lynette: Please, don't judge me right now, I already got enough looks from Jim's mother when I was there. Anna: I'm not trying to judge you, I'm just saying that had you told the truth in the first place, it wouldn't be this way. Lynette: I didn't know what to do. Anna: You led him to believe there was hope for your marriage, that's the worse thing you could have possibly done. Lynette: I didn't want to hurt him. Anna: But you ended up doing it in the long run. Secrets and lies will blow up eVerytime and sometimes the consequences are more than we expect. ___________________________________________________ Picking up from the previous episode, Jim is still looking at the bottle of pills. Woman: Well, it's your choice. Jim: Like I said I don't do drugs. Woman: All these do is pick you up when everything is getting you down. Jim: I don't know. Woman: Some of the most stable people in the world pop one of these every now and then, it's not a crime. Jim hesitates and then pulls out some cash. Jim: Will this cover it? Woman: It ought to do nicely. Jim: Fine. Jim hands the woman the money and he takes the bottle. Woman: If you ever want more, you know where to find me. Jim: Yeah. Jim looks at the bottle, still comtemplating what he's going to do. He finally takes the lid off the bottle and takes one of the pills. _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ At Lightner, John taps on Cassandra's open door. Cassandra: Who are you? John: We haven't been formally introduced, I'm John Phelps, I'll be reviewing this little take over your company just led. Cassandra: I would assume you are one of Anna McGregor's lackeys. John: I was called in by McGregor to do a job, I'm a corporate litigator. Cassandra: I can assure you Mr. Phelps that the deal we orchestrated is on the up and up, so you are just wasting your time. John: I've worked with the SEC before, I've seen many a takeover that appeared clean, but was actually dirty. Cassandra: Feel free to continue your little investigation, no matter how trivial it is. John: Call it what you like. Cassandra: You're asking for trouble. John: I've seen trouble, heck, I've even been trouble. It's no big deal for me. Cassandra: You're playing with the adults here, Mr. Phelps. I don't know you, but I can tell you are way out of your league. John: I just thought I would stop by and let you know about this, it's only fair. Cassandra: Oh, how noble. John: You have a good day, Ms. Lightner. Cassandra: The same to you, Mr. Phelps. John leaves. Cassandra sits back in her chair. Cassandra: If Anna can make a move, I guess I can make another one of my own. ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ At the Athletic Club, Joseph is working out when Trish walks in. Trish: I want to talk to you. Joseph: How'd you know where to find me? Trish: You always come to workout this time of day, I was married to you, I remember some things. Joseph: I guess you and your family are gloating right about now about this little joint takeover with Lightner. Trish: That's what I came to talk about. I wanted you to know I had nothing to do with it. Joseph: Really? Trish: I even tried to talk my mother out of going through with it. Joseph: Why? Trish: I'm tired of the rivalry, the feuding. Joseph: I think we both agree life would be better without it, but once someone fires a shot, one side is going to defend and so it goes, on and on. Trish: Exactly. Joseph: And our being married to each other certain didn't help the situation over the years. Trish: Didn't make it any worse. Joseph: Please, your father couldn't stand me. Trish: He never really had anything against you. Joseph: He was always calling me Jojo the Dodo and when we got divorced, he offered to throw you a party. Trish: He just had a big sense of humor, that's all. Joseph: If you say so. Trish: Oh, come on, it's not like your mother was exactly thrilled with me. Joseph: When you put it like that, I think we're even in terms of parental approval. Trish: Perhaps that's fair enough. Joseph: It's nice to actually have a conversation for once and not be at odds. Trish: It sure is. _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ Later on, at McGregor, Anna walks into her office. Cassandra is sitting behind her desk and turns around in the swivel chair. Anna: What are you doing in my office? Cassandra: Not for long. I just thought I would get a feel for it, you know check things out, see what kind of decor I can add. This color scheme is absolutely dreadful, you know. Anna: You really are a trip, aren't you? Cassandra: I think it just burns you up that you've finally met someone who can give you a run for you money. Anna: Funny, all I see when I look at you is a petty, vindictive, somewhat immature woman with control issues. Cassandra picks up a picture of Andrew and looks at it. Cassandra: I guess not much changed about him over the years, he wore those monogrammed ties with his initials when I was with him. Anna: They were his favorites. Cassandra: Just think, I was so angry with Andrew and now if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be about to become one of the most powerful CEO's in this country. Anna: Don't start making plans yet, I'm not giving up yet. Cassandra: Yes, I know. Your corporate litigator paid me a visit. Anna: I think we've said about all we need to say to each other for now. So could you please leave? Cassandra: I'll be back, I most certainly will. Cassandra walks out. ___________________________________________________ Meanwhile, on a private jet on an airstrip in Manila, The Philippines. A man with the initials, AM on his tie is on a laptop, reading about the takeover of McGregor. The pilot comes out of the cockpit. Pilot: Sir, are you ready to take off now? Man: Yes, it's time. To Detroit Metro Airport. Pilot: Of course, Mr. McGregor.
  15. Glad you liked the episode and it would be great if you would write something for Novi.
  16. I like the scene with Sister Pat and Kevin, really intense. And the ending was really good too, a perfect soap cliffhanger.
  17. Mona is finally back in Pasadena, I can't wait to see what she does. And Ashley is just completely crazy, I'm ready to see how this one turns out too. Good episode.
  18. #69 Wednesday, June 11th A man rings the doorbell at the McGregor Estate. Anna opens the door. Anna: John, I'm so glad you could make it. She hugs him. John: You've been a good friend and business partner in the past, it's no problem. Anna: Come on in, I have lunch on the patio. They go onto the living room and sit down. Anna: So, how is everything with you and your family? John: Not bad at all, Denny and Hoover have their jobs at the dealership and Teri's in Europe modeling, but she's coming back to town soon though. Anna: I'm so glad to hear that, you've always had a lovely family. John: So I heard about this whole thing with the hostile takeover? What's that about? Anna: It's a messy story, but bottom line, we're about to lose control of the company and I didn't know where else to turn. You've always been a brilliant corporate raider and litigator, so I thought you could help me find some sort of loophole. John: I'm assuming that the provocation for this takeover must have been something big. Anna: It's purely personal, the result of long held resentment. John: You're going to have to clue me in some more. Anna: Andrew was a bigamist and had a child with his other wife. John: Seriously? Anna: Unfortunately, yes. John: I'm sorry to hear that. It really surprises me, Andrew always seemed like a stand up kind of guy. Anna: Everyone thought that. Now I'm left to deal with the situation he created because of his dishonesty. His son and his other wife are taking all this frustration out of me and my family. John: Any way that I can help you, you know I'll do it. Anna: My attorneys are looking over this, but can't seem to find anyway out. I was hoping you could assist them. John: Will do. Anna: Thank you, I really need all the help I can get right now. Everything has been so stressful. John: It's my pleasure, that's what friends do. We can go over the details in the morning. They shake hands. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Edmund walks into Number 37, as he's walking in, he bumps into Christina. Edmund: Christina? Christina: Long time no see. Edmund: You're back in town and didn't tell me. Christina: I was going to call you, just thought I'd get settled first. Edmund: I was just about to have lunch, would you like to join me? Christina: sure. Edmund: Waiter, table for two. The waiter leads them to a table and they sit down. Edmund: So, what brings you back to Novi? Christina: Uhm, business. Edmund: What? No pleasure? Christina: That depends. Edmund: From what I remember, you don't go anywhere without haven't a little bit of fun. Christina: I've changed some, although not too much. Edmund: So how have things been with you? Christina: I've been doing well. Edmund: Wish I could say the same. Christina: Trouble in paradise? Edmund: Yep. Nasty divorce, custody battle, the whole nine yards. Christina: So sorry to hear that. Edmund: I'm getting by, but it's been so rough on me. Christina: Precisely why I never got married. Edmund: I sometimes think I shouldn't have gotten married, but when I look at my kids and I don't regret it. I just wish I had married someone better. Christina: Everyone makes the wrong decisions now and again, doesn't mean we can't recover from them. Edmund: I suppose. If you don't mind me asking, how long are you staying in town? Christina: Well, my plans aren't quite set yet, I had a few things that needed to get done here, but I've been looking to stay in one place for awhile. Edmund: Good, it'd be nice to have an old friend around again. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ In Flint, Jim has just woken up and slowly walks into the kitchen where is parents are at. Eleanor: Good Afternoon. Jim: Afternoon? Elliot: It's 12:30. Jim: I slept that long? Eleanor: Yes, you did. Jim: I just had so much on my mind, I guess it made me oversleep. Eleanor: I guess so. Jim: I'm going to take a walk for some air, I need to clear my head. Jim goes outside. Eleanor: I don't like this, I don't like it at all. Elliot: After what happened, it's not surprising he's in such a state. Eleanor: I haven't seen him like this in years, not since--. Elliot: Since he was drinking? You don't think? Eleanor: Look at him, that isn't the state of someone who is just depressed. Elliot: I pray that it isn't that. Eleanor: I do too, but it doesn't look good. Elliot: Let's try not to think negative. Eleanor: It scares me, he barely made it through the first time, what's going to happen a second time? Elliot puts him arm around her and looks concerned. Meanwhile, Jim is at a bar down the road. He's sitting at the bar, when a woman sits down next to him. Woman: You look like you got a lot on your mind. Jim: That's an understatement. Woman: Most folks who stop in here have all sorts of problems, what's yours? Jim: I usually don't tell my business to strangers. Woman: Suit yourself, I just thought you could use an ear. Jim: Then again, I've lost everything, telling you isn't really going to hurt me. Woman: Let's hear it. Jim: Long story short, I just found out my wife cheated on me. Woman: That's rough, I've heard a lot of those stories. The bartender slides Jim a beer. Woman: Seeing what you're going through and how it seems to have effected you, you need something a bit stronger than that. Jim: Like what? The woman reaches into her pocket and pulls out a bottle of valium. Jim: I don't go that far. Woman: Come on, what have you got to lose? It's better than feeling so down. Jim looks at the pill bottle and contemplates taking the woman up on her offer. Fade to black.
  19. #68 Monday, June 9th Lynette walks into Greg's office looking upset. Greg: What's the matter? You look upset. Lynette: It's Jim. I told him the truth. Greg: From the look on your face, I assume he didn't take it well. Lynette: He stormed out of the house and drove off. He's turned off his cell phone and I'm really concerned about him. Greg: Because of what you told me about him? Lynette: I don't want to be responsible for him starting to drink again, something like this could send him over the edge. Greg: Just hope it doesn't come to that. Lynette: I'm so afraid. Greg: What are you going to do? Lynette: I'm going to go to his parents' house, maybe he's back there. Greg: I'll drive you. Lynette: I don't think you should. Greg: You shouldn't be driving while you are upset. I'll stay in the car when we get there. Lynette: All right. ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ At McGregor, the boardroom is full with members of the board of directors and others. Anna walks in the office. Anna: The results of the votes are in, I just got the call. Alma: And? Anna: 51% in favor of Lightner. Joseph: What? I don't believe it, after all the calls we made? JC: What does that mean for us now? Anna: It means they have a very narrow majority of the seats on the board. Leonard, Evelyn, Alden, I'm sorry but you were voted out. Leonard: We are going to fight this. Anna: I don't see how, there is going to be chaos on this board now. Alma: We're going to make sure you stay on as CEO, no matter what. Anna: Where are the votes going to come from? Lightner got his cronies on the board. Joseph: There is no way we are letting them force us out of this company. Anna: We are at a significant disadvantage here, we have no recourse. Yvette: So you're going to just give up and cede the company to them? Anna: I don't want to do that, but I don't see how I can realistically overcome this. Yvette: We'll come up with something, but giving up shouldn't be an option. Joseph: I agree. Anna: Optimism is fine, but let's keep a realistic outlook. Yvette: We need to brainstorm. Anna pauses and thinks for a second. Anna: There could be one way out of this. Joseph: Really? Anna: I've got a few calls to make, I'll be right back. ________________________________________________________ Meanwhile, at Lightner, George, Carol and Cassandra are toasting with champagne. Cassandra: I'd like to propose a toast to this new venture. Carol: Here, here. Cassandra: We are going to take this company places where the McGregors never could go. George: I'll drink to that. Just then, a Sterling walks into the office. Cassandra: Sterling, you're just in time for the toast. Congratulations on your new board seat. Sterling: I don't drink. Cassandra: You could make an exception. Sterling: I'm here to discuss business. George: Fine, what's up. Sterling: It's about my incentive. George: You are on the board, that's about all the incentive you need. Sterling: I could use a little more, it took a lot of prodding to get those shareholders on your side. I just want to make sure I have a guarantee of security in the company. George: What do you want? Sterling: A cut of the quarterly profits. George: Absolutely not. Sterling: I see, so I guess you are going to be one of those CEOs who breaks himself off a big fat piece of the pie from the profits. George: Look, you did a job and go rewarded, be satisfied. Cassandra: It would be very wise of you not to force your hand, Sterling. You could end up with nothing. Sterling: Then again, so could you. I hold a lot of clout with the shareholders, it would only take a call to a few dozen of them to turn your 51% victory into nothing. George: I don't like being threatened. Sterling: Take it or leave it. George: We'll work something out. Sterling: I want a guarantee. George: I can't talk numbers until after this quarter ends. Sterling: Fine, but just remember what I said. Good Evening, Mrs. Donahue. Sterling leaves. George: That's the price of making deals, they always want more. Carol: What's our course of action? George: We'll probably have to give him what he wants. ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ Lynette and Greg pull up at Jim's parents' house. Greg: Are you all right? Lynette: Yes, I need to do this. Lynette gets out of the car and walks up the door, ringing the bell. Jim's mother answers. Eleanor: I don't think you should be here right now. Lynette: Please, I need to talk to Jim, I feel terrible about everything. Eleanor: Jim came in here earlier an emotional wreck, seeing you now would only make it worse. Jim comes out of the kitchen. Jim: Mom, let her in. Eleanor: If that's what you want. Eleanor lets her in and then retreats to the kitchen. Lynette comes inside and walks over to Jim, putting her hand on his shoulder. Lynette: I'm sorry. Jim pulls away from her. Jim: Sure. Lynette: I don't know what else to say. Jim: What else is there to say? You've said it all. Lynette: Please, just let me try to explain. Jim: I need to ask you something. Lynette: What? Jim: Why didn't you tell me the truth? Did you think it was better to sneak around behind my back and pretend you loved me? Lynette: No, no, that's not it. Everything that happened was all out of the blue. I don't want you to think I set out to hurt you. Jim: So if I had done this to you, you'd really be understanding about it? Do you know how ludicrious that is? Lynette: No, of course not, that's not what I'm saying. Jim: You're trying to justify your actions, that's what you are trying to do. Lynette: I felt like I was being pushed away. Jim: There's the blame card again! You pulled that earlier. Lynette: Again, I'm not blaming you, just explaining the circumstances. Jim: Yes, the best way to deal with emotional pain is to go out and screw your doctor, what a novel philosophy. Lynette: I know you're hurt, but-- Jim: But nothing, I struggled with the separation too, but I never even thought about having an affair. Lynette: Sometimes people do the wrong thing when they are hurt, not everyone is the same. Jim: Or maybe you just got tired of being to a guy who's nothing more than a grocery store clerk and wanted somebody younger and with a better title. Lynette: I'm not that superficial, you know that. Jim: I don't know anything about you, Lynette. In fact, I don't want to know anything else about you, because I'm done. I've spoken with a lawyer and I'm filing divorce papers. So you can go be with your doctor and be the hell out of my life. Jim storms back into the kitchen. Eleanor comes back out. Eleanor doesn't say a word, she just looks at Lynette and holds the door open. Lynette leaves. On the back porch, Jim reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a flask, taking a drink from it.
  20. ReddFoxx

    Preview Guide

    In this edition of Preview Guide, we'll be getting some scoops from the head writer about current and upcoming story lines. Plus, some casting news. Summer is coming up and as we all know, that's one of the times when soaps are at their best. Novi Head Writer and Executive Producer Phillip Connelly tells us what we can expect... Jim/Lynette/Greg "This will probably be our most dramatic story line for the summer. After finding out about Lynette and Greg, Jim withdraws from everyone and digresses to an addiction he fought off years ago. Lynette and Greg will be together, but Lynette's concern for Jim may hinder that some. Look for Jim's parents, especially his mother to play a role in this story too." Edmund/Leigh/Christina "Edmund ends up falling for his old flame, Christina, unaware of her shady profession or that the situation is being manipulated by Leigh over the custody battle." Anna/George/Cassandra/Yvette "This one is going to take a really big twist, I don't want to give too much away, but I can say it's some that shakes everything up" Joseph/Trish/Henry "Trish is prepared to marry Henry, but struggles to fight her feelings for Joseph. Look for the rivalry between Joseph and Henry to heat up even more." Other upcoming spoilers and casting Yvette's daughter returns home from Europe to attend Novi University, but with a surprising secret. Leslie Uggams and Richard Roundtree have been the cast as Jim's parents. As previously reported, a new family will be moving in and casting has been completed, look for them to debut very soon.
  21. #67 Tuesday, April 29th Carol is at her office at Donahue, when JC peeks in the door. Carol: Well, this is a nice surprise. What brings you here? JC: Curiosity. Carol: About what? JC: About this whole feud between the families. Carol: It's a business rivalry, nothing unusual about it. JC: It just seems like there is so much more to it. Carol: What made you start thinking about all this? JC: There was report on the television earlier that said Donahue has something to do with the proxy fight among the McGregor shareholders. Carol: I see. JC: Is it true? Are you in on it? Carol: It's a stellar business opportunity. JC: Do you really think it's necessary to take it this far? Carol: Donahue needs growth. JC: If you do this, the whole feud is just going to get worse. For once, I would like there to be a little peace between both sides of my family. Carol: I bet your father and Anna sent you over here to ask me to cut some slack. JC: Gran, I came over here on my own, nobody sent me. I do have a mind of my own you know. Carol: I know you are very bright, but sometimes bright people can be manipulated. JC: I'm just asking for civility. I don't want to feel like I have to support one side of my family over the other. Carol: No one has ever asked you to pick sides. JC: Some times, it feels that way though. Carol: You aren't a part of this feud, you never have been. JC: But I'm affected by the back and forth sometimes. I know this visit probably didn't do any good, but please, at least consider toning this whole thing down. JC leaves. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Meanwhile, over at McGregor, Anna walks into the boardroom where the board of directors is waiting. Anna: The shareholders are starting to vote right now. Alma: Are you saying we're out of time? Anna: I was able to get some of them to hold off voting, but I don't know how long it will last. Leonard: Any preliminary numbers yet? Anna: So far it's very close, almost 50-50. Yvette: We need a plan. Anna: What could we possibly come up with at this point? we've got less than a few hours to call the undecideds. Just then, the office secretary comes into boardroom. Secretary: Mrs. McGregor, someone is here to see you. George walks into the boardroom. Anna: What are you doing here? George: I'm here to make an offer. Anna: Whatever it is, we don't want it. George: I think you might want to hear this. I'm making you an offer that could spare you a lot of humiliation. Anna: I guess since the voting is so close, you aren't to confident about your chances. George: I'm just trying to avoid doing this the hard way. A hostile takeover is harsh, not to mention it was bring out secrets that you probably don't want in the tabloids. Alma: Anna, what is he talking about? George: Didn't anyone tell you? I'm Andrew's son. Leonard: What? Anna: It's a long and complicated story, but he's telling the truth. George: I'm sure you wouldn't want all that to be exposed to world. Anna: I'm going to fight this out, I won't give into threats. George: I'll offer you a very good price to get out of this company. Anna: You have got a lot of nerve. George: I just want what is mine. Anna: And you're delusional too. This company does not belong to you. George: I think after what my father did, I'm entitled to something. Anna: I don't condone what Andrew did, but it's not fair for you to blame it on me or my family. George: I'm not assigning blame. Anna: Then what is it? George: Like I said, I'm claiming what is mine. Anna: You are pathetic, just as bitter as your mother. George pulls out his checkbook and writes a check, then handing to Anna. George: My only offer. Anna takes the check and rips it in half. Anna: Oh, no. You wanted a fight and you're gonna get one. George looks at Anna and chuckles. George: Don't ever say I didn't try to play fair. George walks out as the board is still stunned by the revelation. _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ Lynette: (into phone) I'll talk to you later. Lynette hangs up the phone and continues to look nervous. Lynette: I wasn't expecting you back until later, where are the kids? Jim: With my parents, I decided to let them spend a little more time there so we could have some time to ourselves today. Lynette: That's good, because I do have something to talk to you about. Jim: Does it have anything to do with who was on the phone? You were telling whoever it was that there was something I had to know. Lynette: This really isn't easy for me at all. Jim: This sounds serious. Lynette: It is. I was raised to always tell the truth, no matter how hurtful it might be. Jim: What exactly is it you are trying to say to me? Lynette: First off, I need you to understand that I never intended to hurt you. Jim: Whatever is, just say it. Lynette: I'm afraid it's impossible for me to stay in this marriage anymore. Jim: I see. Lynette: I thought we could make it work, but I've come to the realization that it isn't possible. Jim: Lynette, I know that the separation was hard for you and I said some things I didn't mean, but we can make it. Lynette: No, we can't. Jim: I don't understand, not too long ago you wanted us back together and were going to therapy, why the sudden change. Lynette: It's just better for the both of us if we just go our separate ways. Jim: If you think that I'm not capable of change, you are wrong. I'm ready to make concessions and be a better husband to you. Lynette: It's not that. Jim: Then what is it? Lynette pauses for a moment, becoming a little emotional. Lynette: I've been unfaithful. Jim: What? Lynette: It hurts me to tell you this, but I've got to be honest. Jim: (scoffs) I should have known something was up, I should have known. Who was this guy? Somebody from work? Lynette: Not exactly. Jim: It's got to be somebody you know, I'm sure it wasn't just some random person. Jim thinks for a second and then a knowing look comes over his face. Jim: God, how could I have been so stupid? It's the damn doctor, isn't it? Lynette: Yes. Jim: When you were so anxious to switch doctors, I should have figured it out. I knew there was something that wasn't right with that man. Lynette: It's not his fault. Jim: What sort of doctor goes around sleeping with one of his patients and a married one at that? Lynette: It didn't happen when he was still counseling me, it was after. It was last night. Jim: I guess you had to wait until a got out of town, huh? Lynette: It wasn't planned, it just happened. Jim: That makes it so much better. Lynette: Please, Jim, I need you to understand--- Jim: Understand what? That my wife cheated on me? Lynette: Everything inside of me just built up ever since the separation. Greg was there for me when I needed a shoulder. You had walked out. Jim: Am I having hearing problems or did I just hear you try to blame me for what you did? Lynette: I wasn't trying to blame you, I was just-- Jim: I'll admit, I was a real jerk toward you last year, but you can't lay what you did at my door. I moved back in months ago. You had every opportunity to tell me you had feelings for this man and you didn't do it. Lynette: I didn't want to hurt you. Jim: And pretending that you wanted to save this marriage wasn't hurting me? Lynette: I do care about you and I was hoping that things would straighten themselves out. Jim: If you care someone, you don't deceive them. Lynette: Jim, I-- Jim: That's it, I'm done. I've heard everything I needed to hear. Lynette: No, you haven't. Jim: Right now, I'm breaking inside, so I can't listen to anymore. Jim goes outside and slamming the door behind him. He breaks down in tears as he walks away. On the next Novi: The results of the shareholder's vote are in, with a surprising twist.
  22. #66 Monday, April 28th Joseph is on the telephone, when Yvette comes into his office. Joseph: (into phone) We don't have much time to head this off, so it's critical you stay on this. Thank you. (hangs up) Yvette: I take it that was the proxy solicitor. Joseph: Yep and from the report he gave me, it seems like slightly over half the board could be voted out. Yvette: But there's still a chance we could get out of this? Joseph: A very slim one. Yvette: Damn it. Joseph: We've got to stay focused and at least try to fix this, for Mom's sake. Yvette: You're right. JC comes into the office. JC: Turn on the tv. Joseph: What's going on? JC: They're getting ready to talk about the company. JC turns on the television. Anchor: It appears that construction giant Lightner Corporation has launched a full scale takeover bid for McGregor Department Stores yesterday. According to sources, Lightner has the backing of McGregor's chief rival, Donahue Stores. A shareholders vote is expected to be completed at midnight. Joseph: I shouldn't be shocked that Donahue would be involved in all this too. Yvette: We've always known what type of person Carol is, she's worse than her husband was. JC: Maybe, it's just a mistake, I don't think she'd be involved in anything like this. Joseph: I know Carol's your grandmother and everything, but you need to stop being so naive. She wants to bring this company down and will stop at nothing to do that. JC: I don't know what to think. Joseph: I'm not trying to tell you what to think, I'm just saying be realistic. None of this is very hard to believe. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Anna walks into the CoffeeRoom and see Cassandra sitting at a table. She walks over to her table and sits down. Anna: I'm glad I caught you here, I've got a few things I want to say to you. Cassandra: Well, I can't wait to hear this. I'm just on pins and needles. Anna: You've got a lot of nerve trying to steal this company from underneath me. Cassandra: It's all legal, dear. Anna: Maybe so, but it doesn't make it right. Cassandra: This is a golden opportunity for my company, so we are going for it. Anna: You want revenge, plain and simple. Cassandra: Call it what you like. Anna: Look, I haven't done a thing to you, my husband did and he died. Why don't you just move on? Cassandra: This goes beyond revenge, I have the opportunity to be a leader of a Fortune 500 company, something I'm probably far more capable of than you. From the sound of your profile in business journals, you're nothing but a happy homemaker turned CEO. Anna: I helped build McGregor up from nothing. Cassandra: I'm sure all your advice on where to stack the kitchenware in store was just so earth-shattering. Anna: There's a name for people like you, but I'm too polite to say it. Cassandra: (scoffs) Takes one to know one. Cassandra gets up to leave. Anna: Just remember, you're not going to get your hands on my company, never in a million years. Cassandra: Don't bet on it, dear. Cassandra leaves. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ At Jim and Lynette's house, Lynette is in the kitchen, thinking about the night she had with Greg, when the phone rings. Lynette: (into phone) Hello? Greg: It's me, I just called to see how your were feeling. You were gone when I woke up this morning. Lynette: I just needed to clear my head. Greg: We've crossed a point of no return. Lynette: We sure have. Greg: I feel like a hypocrite though, after all my moralizing. Lynette: Well, what's done is done, can't take it back. Greg: Right. Lynette: And this complicates things even more. Greg: Unfortunately. Lynette: One thing I know now is, I have to tell Jim the truth now. I have no other choice. Greg: I agree, there can't be anymore secrets. I want to be with you. Lynette: I want to be with you too. Greg: Honestly, I didn't think we'd get to this point. I really thought we didn't have a chance. Lynette: I'm not in the clear yet, I still have to figure out how I'm going to break this to my husband. I just don't know how he's going to take this. Greg: Hopefully, it won't be as bad as it seems. Lynette: He's due back later this afternoon, so I've got time to think about what I'm going to say. Jim has to know. Jim: I have to know what? Lynette turns around and sees Jim standing in the back door. A nervous expression comes over her face, as she knows it's time to tell the truth. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  23. Another great episode of S.T.E.A.M! Can't wait for the next installment.
  24. Fantastic job! Ashley being alive is a great plot twist.
  25. Very good twist with Mona's paternity, I didn't see that one coming at all.
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