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  1. #022 Tuesday, May 8th Carol makes a threat of her own to B.P., saying that she can bring him down with a snap of her fingers and he won't be able to do a thing about it. B.P. advises her against making threats, because it only will make the situation worse. Carol opens the door and asks him to leave, but he refuses to until she gives in to his demand. Carol stops and thinks for a second and then agrees to put B.P. on the board, only with the assurance that he will leave Cody alone. He says that he' ll hold up his end of the bargain and leaves her office. Once he's out of her office, Carol calls Norm and says that it's time to bring out the big guns. Gregory comes over to Lynette's house on her night off to check on her. She invites him to sit down and talk for awhile. He asks her if she's making any progress and she says that Jim is finally starting to understand why she starting working, but is still distant. Gregory tells her to not give up, because losing a marriage is a terrible thing. Lynette asks if Gregory is married and he responds by saying he got divorced a year ago. Lynette says she won't let things go that far, but Gregory says that sometimes things can go bad very quickly and no one can stop it. Lynette says that she fealrs what could happen, but tries not to think about it and keep a positive attitude. Gregory says that if things don't work out between her and Jim, that he'll make sure he's around to help her cope and takes her hand. Yvette is shocked when the woman she met on her trip shows up at her door. She invites the woman in and offers her tea, but she refuses it saying that she is only here to clear the air about something. The woman then sits down and starts to tell Yvette about how Andrew McGregor (Yvette's father) lived in the Upper Peninsula town of Markham years ago, before he was married or had a dime. She says that he was an upstanding citizen, until he decided that he wanted to move up in the world. He got involved in a real estate scheme that promised to save several people from foreclosure, they would put him on the deed and he would make sure they were protected. But instead of protecting their homes, he sold them without the residents knowledge and several people lost their homes. Yvette still wonders why he was sending money to the town, but the woman says that she doesn't have any clues why he was doing that.
  2. #021 Monday, May 7th Carol is nervous waiting for Cody's bookie at her office, when a man suddenly bursts into the room. The man introduces himself as B.P. Charles and Carol asks if he is the bookie and he says yes. Carol immediately says that she's ready to pay off the debt, but B.P. says the price just doubled. Carol asks what he is trying to pull and he says once he found out who Cody's family was, he figured it would be wise to make the most of this. Carol says that he's only getting what he's owed and not a penny more. B.P. says if she value's her son's life, she'll do what he asks. Carol asks what else he could want and he says he wants stock in Donahue and seat on the board of directors. Carol tells him that she won't give in to such an outrageous demand, but he says that it's the only way to pay off the debt. Carol is terrified about what could happen and contemplates giving B.P. what he wants. Trish informs Cody that Carol is negotiating with the bookie right now and Cody is pleased. He says he wanted to fix the situation on his own, but Trish says Carol had to do something because things were becoming too dangerous. Anna approaches Henry about managing some of the new stores in Minnesota, but Henry says that he's not prepared to move that far. Anna says that his salary would go up and he would have more benefits, so the move shouldn't be that big of a problem. Henry says that he's still not interested. Anna says she has a pretty good idea why and Henry asks what she's talking about. Anna snaps that he only wants to stay around so he can be near Trish. Henry laughs and asks if Joseph put her up to trying to get him out of town and Anna says that Joseph didn't tell her a thing, she was just trying to offer a good job to one of her better employees. Anna remarks that she never even mentioned Trish, he's the one who brought her up. Henry says that he's not going to discuss this with her, because it's not appropriate. Anna says that there are a lot of things that are inappropriate, but it doesn't stop people from doing them. Henry says he knows that was suppose to be some sort of crack about him. Anna tells him that he can perceive the remark however he wants, she doesn't care.
  3. #020 Friday, May 4th Anna frantically rushes into the police station. Edmund is there. Edmund says he was released because he disclosed the location of the children and Anna becomes furious. Edmund says that he didn't want to further jeopardize his chances in court. Anna says that he's essentially handed the children over to Carolee, but he says that he's not backing down at all, he's just playing his cards right. Edmund says that he'll drive down and them later on, but Anna asks him to hold off, but he refuses and says that he has to do things by the rule of law if he expects to retain custody. JC comes to the Novi Donahue store to check on Trish after someone smashed a window. JC asks if she is okay and Trish says she's fine, but that she narrowly missed getting injured. Cody is angry about what happened and promptly starts to call the bookies number, but Trish stops him saying that he might just cause more trouble. JC is puzzled as to what is going on and Trish fills him in on the situation. JC remarks on how dangerous this all is, while Cody starts to clean up the broke glass. JC says that such a matter should be handled by the police if he these people are that dangerous. Just then, the phone rings, Cody answers it and the caller hangs up. He says he knows that was the bookie, he recognized the number on the caller ID. Tyler informs Carol that he couldn't find anymore documents at McGregor, he says that they are probably long gone. Carol tells him that all the important documents from the pass are probably at the corporate office and she suggest that he break in at night. Tyler says that he's not the type that breaks into places and prepares to leave just as Carol offers him a huge cash advance on the spot, saying that it should loosen him up a little. Tyler says he doesn't feel right about doing it, but can't pass up so much money. Carol hands him the check and tells him that he better find the files she needs this time or she'll find someone else to do the job. Estelle is shocked when Norm tells her that Donahue wants out of their contract with her company. Norm says that they feel they can't trust her now that she's gone in on a deal with McGregor. Estelle says that it's petty and childish to break the contract for that reason, especially sense she's been Donahue's main supplier for 20 years. Norm says that they will continue to the contract until they can find a new supplier, but Estelle says that she would rather immediately break ties with Donahue sense they have a problem with the way she runs her business. Norm says that it would put enormous strain on they're stores if they don't find a new supplier beforehand, but Estelle says that she doesn't care if it does, she just wants to distance herself from Donahue Stores.
  4. #019 Thursday, May 3rd (from now on, each episode will include a little dialouge in one or more of the scenes) Norm returns home and Carol tells him about Cody's problems. Norm says that he sensed that Cody had come home because he was in some sort of trouble. Carol says that she's going to pay off the bookies to make them leave Cody alone, but Norm says that bailing Cody out is not the answer. Carol says that she will not stand by and let her son's life be in danger. Norm says that he doesn't want to see Cody get hurt, but says he needs to get himself out of this. Carol refuses to see things Norm's way and says that now isn't the time to try and teach a lesson. Norm backs off and says that Carol should do what she feels is best and if that means paying Cody's debt, than so be it, but he adds that she should make it clear that she won't bail him out every time he gets in a bind. Carolee shows up at Donahue's corporate office with a judge and police. Joseph comes out and demands to know what is going on. Carolee: I'm here to make your brother give me my children. Joseph: This is not the place to pull your little stunts. Carolee: You need to shut up and mind your own business Joseph: My family owns this building, so it is my business when someone comes in and disrupts it Judge: There is a court order for Mr. Edmund McGregor to turn over his children Joseph: And does this look like a place children would be? Edmund comes out of his office Edmund: I'll handle this Joseph. Carolee: So you decided to show your face? What happened, did you decide to stop letting your family defend you? Edmund: After what you did, you shouldn't even asking for custody. Carolee: You know what? I'm not here to listen to you rail against me, I'm here to get things settled. Edmund: Why are you doing this? It wasn't enough that you had to leave those children, no, you had to take it to another level. Carolee: I explained everything to you before I left. Edmund: You can't explain what you did, because it was wrong. Carolee: Look, if you do what I ask you to, we won't have a problem. Edmund: Then I guess we'll have a problem. because I'm not giving in. Carolee: Oh, that's just fine with me, if you want a long drawn out court battle that will drag you family's name through the mud, then so be it. Edmund: You will never win. Carolee: We'll see about that. Judge: You need to turn the children over now or you will be detained until you do. Edmund: Go right ahead and arrest me then. The police put handcuffs on Edmund and escort him out of the building. Joseph promptly calls Anna. Cody and Trish are at the Novi Donahue store, Cody is taking inventory while Trish asks him about the details about how he started gambling. Cody says that he didn't have a lot of cash, so he decided to try and double what little he had. He says that he got lucky for awhile, but eventually he hit rock bottom. Suddenly, something shatters a window and smashes into a display case. Trish barely misses being hit by it and Cody runs to the window to see who may have thrown it, but can't see anyone.
  5. #018 Wednesday, May 2nd Norm meets Yvette in the Upper Peninsula and is anxious for details. Yvette says she doesn't have many yet, but she knows that her father did something that wasn't right. She continues on to say that she's going to try and talk to the woman she spoke with again, to try and get more information out of her. Norm says that he's not so sure that this plan will work out, but Yvette tells him to exercise a little patience before dooming their plan. Norm asks if Chester knows she's here and Yvette says that Chester thinks that she's in Germany and won't be expecting her back for another day or so. Norm says he's relieved to know that, because Chester already caught them together once. Yvette says that they aren't doing anything wrong, so it doesn't matter if Chester saw them. Norm says that going behind her mother's back isn't exactly right, but Yvette says that it's just business as usual for her. Carol isn't pleased when she gets a copy of the tabloid announcing Cody's gambling problem. When she confronts Cody about it, he says that he made a few minor bets when he stopped over in New York and lost, but that it's no big deal. Carol is angered by Cody's nonchalant attitude about the situation and demands to know the whole story. Cody says that he has things under control, but Carol says if that were the case, he would have never come back to Novi so abruptly. Cody says that Carol is badgering him once again and would rather believe a tabloid over him. Carol says that she's only trying to make sense of things, because the article in the tabloid concerned her. Cody finally breaks down and tells the whole story, that he made bets he couldn't pay for and the bookie has come after him. Carol tells him that they need to call the police, but Cody says that would only make things worse. He continues on to say that the only way to fix the situation is to pay the bookie off. Carol doesn't like the idea of paying off someone who has threatened Cody, but Cody says that he doesn't want to see anyone get hurt and explains that the bookie's collector threatened the family. At the laundry, the debt collector comes in and introduces herself to Claire as Mrs. Danville. She asks Claire about the story that ran in the tabloid and Claire claims to know nothing about it, but Mrs. Danville says that her boss found out that she's the one who leaked the story to the tabloid and exposed her bosses private telephone number to several journalists. Claire says that she was just trying to make some extra money and didn't mean to cause any trouble. Mrs. Danville says that the cops have been asking her boss a lot of questions and that she may have incriminated him in criminal activity. Claire becomes nervous and decides to keep her hand on the security alarm button. Mrs. Danville asks her to have the tabloid retract her story, but Claire refuses saying that she can't lose the money she earned, because she has children in college that need the money. Mrs. Danville tells Claire she has 48 hours to discredit the story and storms out.
  6. #017 Tuesday, May 1st Stephen comes to see Edmund at the mansion to discuss his case, saying that he thinks it would be best if he did take the case. He asks Edmund where the kids are and Edmund says they are at an undisclosed location where Carolee can't find them. Stephen tells him that hiding them during the custody battle would look very bad on Edmund's part, but Edmund says he's afraid that Carolee might try and run off with them, so he doesn't feel comfortable having them here. Stephen says that he should at least tell him where they are, but Edmund is reluctant to tell him. Stephen says even though he doesn't agree with what Edmund is doing, he won't tell anyone. Edmund says the children are with an Aunt in Illinois. Anna comes into kitchen and is surprised to see Stephen. Stephen says that he heard about what happened when Carolee came to the mansion and says that Anna should have acted the way she did, because now Carolee could claim that Anna is unfit for the children to be around. Anna says she doesn't care what she says, she's ready to fight off any ridiculous allegations. Stephen advises Anna not to lose her temper anymore, for the sake of the children. Amee and JC run into each other at Number 37, so they decide to share a table. JC says that Anna and Joseph are very pleased with Amee's work so far. Amee says she's glad to hear to that, since the company is very selective about what they designs choose. JC then tells her about the new department stores and says that he might be in line to design even more things. Tyler is sitting at the other side of the room, when he spots them and decides to go over to their table. He sarcastically asks JC if he's threatened anyone lately and JC snaps back by saying he never threatened him, he just gave him fair warning. Tyler says that he needs to accept the fact that he's working at McGregor, because he's not going anywhere just because JC has ulterior motives. JC says that he's just biding his time until Tyler slips up and his true intentions are revealed. Tyler tells JC good luck waiting on that to happen, because it never will and walks off. Amee asks what that was all about and JC says that Tyler is just being confrontational as usual. Lynette meets with Gregory for a counseling session about the problems she's having with her marriage. She says she has to make things run smooth, but Jim just won't cooperate. Gregory asks if she suggested him coming with her for counseling, but she says he refused to come, saying that he's not crazy and doesn't need a shrink. Gregory says that maybe it's time for her to just stop talking to him about it for a while and if he doesn't come around, then she should try another approach. Lynette says that he doesn't even talk to her anymore. Just then, Jim walks in and asks tshe is telling the shrink what a nutcase he is. She says no, that they were just talking about the situation. Jim says he's not comfortable having their personal business discussed with a stranger. Gregory says that he's a doctor and everything is strictly confidential and that he's just trying to help them.
  7. #016 Monday, April 30th Cody is shocked to see a story about his gambling debts in a tabloid and is afraid that Carol will see. Trish has already seen the paper and asks Cody what is going on. Cody makes Trish promise him, that she won't tell anyone else his secret and she agrees. Cody explains that he made a few bets to try and get some extra money and got in over his head and now the bookies want their money. Trish says that he should have told someone about this before, because things like this are potentially dangerous. Cody says that it has become dangerous, because there is a debt collector following him around and wanody thanks her for helping him. Trish then says that they are then going to find away to straighten things out. Estelle, Joseph and Anna have called a meeting with the owners of Shadrach's, the chain they are trying to buy. The owner of Shadrach's asks for a complete buyout, because of bankruptcy. Anna asks if the internal administration of the company is in good or bad shape and Shadrach says that it needs some restructuring because a lot of people had to be laid off. Joseph says he's not sure it would be a good idea to take on a company in such poor condition, that it could pose more of a risk than potential gains. Estelle says that the stores are already in place and that they could hit the ground running and that the poor internal structure is not a problem that can't be fixed right away. Joseph agrees with Estelle's viewpoint and offers Shadrach a price. Shadrach asks for a slight higher price, so Joseph doubles the offer and Shadrach accepts. Shadrach remarks that just before the meeting received a call from Carol Donahue offering him a deal, but it was much too low. Anna is afraid that Carol may try to cause problems for them, but Joseph says that he'll deal with any stunts Carol tries to pull. Yvette has charted a private plane to the Upper Peninsula and landed near the small rural town she learned of in her father's documents. When she arrives in town, she searches for an address and eventually finds it. She knocks on the door and an elderly woman opens it and asks who she is. Yvette explains who she is and the woman immediately says she doesn't want to have anything to do with anyone named McGregor. Yvette says that she is here to get information about why her father was sending money to this address. The woman says that she doesn't know of any money being sent there and that her father wouldn't have any reason to do that. Yvette asks how she knows her father and the woman says that he put her family through a terrible situation and them closes the door. Yvette is now more determined that ever to find out an answer.
  8. #015 Friday, April 27 Tyler convinces Carol to find out what is on the disc he found at McGregor's. She puts it in her PC and it almost immediately brings up a number of spreadsheets. Carol can't seem to figure out what any of them mean, as they are all typed in some sort of code. Tyler says that code appears to be made up of anagrams of people and companies. Carol clicks to the next page and discovers a spreadsheet that is not in code. Carol is shocked to see that it is made up of figures from an old annual report of Donahue. She wonders what Anna would be doing with this and why it was just lying around in a manager's office. Tyler says she probably put it in a place she probably thought no one would look. Carol is concerned that Anna could have more highly sensitive information about Donahue and tells Tyler to get back to work immediate and find out if she has anymore files. Joseph is in the manager's office at the Novi store and is frantically looking for something. Henry comes in and asks what he's looking for and Joseph says he's looking for a disc with some important information. Henry says he doesn't know anything about it and Joseph says that's because no one was supposed to know it was here. Henry asks what was on the disc that made it so important and Joseph replies that it was very private information about the company. Henry tries to help Joseph find it, but Joseph stops him when he starts to look in the bottom file cabinet, saying that he doesn't need any help finding it. Henry is puzzled why Joseph is so frantic to find a disc and leaves the office. After Henry is gone, Joseph calls Anna and tells her that the disc is missing. Cody comes home to find the debt collector sitting in the middle of the living room. He demands to know how she got into the house and she says it's not important how she got it, the only thing that's important is that she leaves with what she came to get. Cody says that she's just going to have to be patient while he gets the money, but she says that she's all out of patience. She remarks on what a nice home Cody lives in and all the nice things in it. She said it would be a shame if someone were to break in and take everything. Cody says that she wouldn't dare do that, but she says that she won't hesitate to do it. Cody demands that she stay away from his family, but she says there is nothing he can do to stop her. She then grabs him by the collar and says that he's going to get a big surprise very soon that might make him understand how important it is to pay debts. She lets him go and then storms out of the house.
  9. #014 Thursday, April 26th Claire calls someone on the phone and tells them that she has a good story about a member of the Donahue family, for a price. Just then, Cody comes back in and says he left something in his pocket. When he asks Claire why she has the note, she hangs up the phone quickly and says that she was just about to call him and tell him that he left something in his pocket. He takes the note from her and leaves. After he leaves, Claire slams the counter upset that he retrieved the note. After thinking for a second, she calls the person she called before and tells them that she will need a little more time to get the story. Carolee arrives at the airport and takes a cab directly to the McGregor mansion. She knocks on the door and the butler, Freeman answers it. Carolee says that she is here to pick up her children and Freeman says he's been given orders not to let her in. She shows him a court order that says she's allowed visitation, but Freeman says that he's not going to let her in regardless of what she has. Carolee then suggest that maybe she should call in the authorities to settle this and pulls out her cell phone and Freeman shouts for Anna to come downstairs. Anna rushes downstairs and asks Freeman what's going on and he explains that Carolee is trying to force her way in and take the children. Freeman steps aside so Anna can talk to Carolee. Anna says that she's not taking the kids anywhere and Carolee once again holds up the court order, but Anna snatches it out of her hand, tears it up and says that the court order is worthless. Carolee tells her that she'll be sorry that she did that and Anna says that threats don't scare her, because she's come up against people worse than Carolee. Carolee says that she's going to see her children and Anna tells her that they aren't at the mansion and even if they were she wouldn't be allowed to see them. Carolee demands to know where her children are and Anna says that they are somewhere safe from her and that they'll stay there until after the court battle. Carolee promises that the judge will hear about this, but Anna tells her she's not worried about the judge and to get off her property immediately or she's calling the police. Yvette sneaks into McGregor mansion through the back door and quietly takes the back stairs up to the attic. Once there, she starts looking through a box of her father's old papers, looking for anything that could possibly overturn the will. She comes across an old ledger, that shows that her father made several payments to an unnamed person at an address in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. She digs deeper in the box and finds more ledgers with the same information. She shoves the papers into her purse, closes the box and places it back on a shelf, before turning out the light and leaving the attic. She then sneaks back down the stairs and quietly out the back door. Jim is late getting home from work. Lynette tries his cell phone, but can't get an answer. She then calls Alma and asks her if she can watch the kids while she's at work, she's already late as it is. Just then, Jim comes in. Lynette tells Alma that Jim just walked in and hangs up. Lynette is furious and asks Jim why he is late. Jim tells her that he had to take care of some business and Lynette asks what business, but he says it was just personal errand he had to run. Lynette then accuses him of being late on purpose because to make her miss her shift, but Jim says that is nonsense. Lynette says she knew he hadn't really accepted her working, but she didn't think he'd do something like this. Jim says that he's not in the mood to argue and that they should just drop the whole thing. Lynette says that he better make it the last time that he pulls a stunt like this and then storms out the front door.
  10. #013 Wednesday, April 25th Carol becomes angry at Estelle when she finds out about the deal she offered Anna. Estelle says that she didn't offer it to Donahue, because Carol had rejected a similar plan in the past. Carol says that Estelle must deliberately trying to help Anna bring Donahue down, but Estelle says that that is nonsense and that she is only making decisions that are smart for her own company, not Donahue. Carol says that Estelle knows what Anna has done to her and Estelle replies by saying that she understands that, but it's all part of business and she's not about to let her friendship with Carol get in the way of profit. Carol threatens to drop Estelle as her supplier, but Estelle laughs and says that she'd be asking for disaster if she did that, because no other supplier would be able to pick up the slack in time for the new fall lines. Carol says that she expected more from her friend, but Estelle tells her to stop expecting their friendship to effect business and then says that she's not Carol's lackey. Carol tells Estelle she's on thin ice, before storming out of Estelle's office. Henry and Trish are at Number 37 dining, when Henry goes to the restroom, Anna comes over from the other side of the room and pulls a chair up to their table. She asks if they are talking about McGregor and Trish snaps at him that she's being as paranoid as ever. Anna says that one should suspect the worst when their the daughter of they're main rival is talking to her employees. Trish says that she shouldn't be concerned who she talks too, since she is married to Joseph anymore. Joseph says he's just trying to make sure that she isn't trying to help her mother pull some stunt to damage McGregor, but Trish says she doesn't get involved in her mother's schemes. Anna says she's not sure if he can believe her or not, but she says she really doesn't care if she believes her or not. Henry returns from the restroom and asks what Anna is doing here. Anna promptly goes back to her own table without saying a word. Henry asks what is all that about and Trish replies that Anna is just being ridiculous as usual. Cody is dropping some items off at Claire's laundry, when she notices he looks a little shaken. She asks him what is wrong and he says he's just little tired. After he pays her and leaves, she starts to sort through the clothes he left with her, when she discovers a note in the pocket of one of the shirts. She gets ready to throw it out, but then decides to read it. The note is the same one Cody found on his windshield a few days ago. When Claire reads it, she immediately picks up the phone and dials a number.
  11. #012 Tuesday, April 24th Anna learns of Carolee's (Edmund's wife) plan and is livid. She says that she gave up all rights to the children when she left, but Edmund says that she didn't legally relinquish her parental rights. Anna says that she's only doing it for money and Edmund says that Carolee's mother said the same thing. Anna asks when he talked to Carolee's mother and he explains about the visit. Anna says that it's not really wise for him to speak with her, because she might be trying to cause trouble for him, but Edmund assures her that she's on his side for this one. Edmund says that the petition for custody states that the children don't have a stable family environment. Anna says that the argument is ludicrous, because the children are always around their family. Anna tells Edmund not to worry and promises him that she will help him take care of this situation. Edmund says he doesn't need her to fight his battle, but she says that it's her battle too because it involves both him and her grandchildren. Chester has convinced Yvette to go to up to their cabin in the mountains to relax. As soon as they are there, Yvette's cell phone vibrates and she goes into the bedroom to answer it. Norm is calling to tell her that the judge refused to hear the case, siting lack of evidence to support the claim of incompetence. Yvette says that they'll just have to find another way to get what they want done and Norm asks what does she suggest. Chester comes into the bedroom and Yvette pretends to be talking to a client and hangs up the phone. Chester says that they didn't come all the way up here to work and Yvette says that work has to come first with her. Carol asks Cody what he was doing all the time he was away from home and he says that he was doing all sorts of odd jobs. She then asks if he ever got into any trouble and he nervously says no. Carol tells Cody that Trish told her about the incident in the store and he says it was just a customer acting up, that it's nothing to worry about. Carol seems sense that Cody isn't being honest, but doesn't say anything. She goes on to tell him that if he ever has a problem, that he can always come to her and talk about it. Cody thanks her and she leaves his room, he breathes a sigh of relief after she closes the door.
  12. #011 Monday, April 23rd JC goes to Anna and voices his concern about Tyler working in the store, saying that he doesn't trust him. Anna says she's never heard anything bad about Tyler and JC says that in school Tyler always made it clear he didn't like the McGregors, because his father was laid off from a job at one of their factories. Anna responds by saying that it happened awhile ago and that Tyler has probably let it go. JC says that he doubts Tyler has forgotten anything and is likely has reason for coming to work for them. Anna says she doesn't really see any need for concern, unless something suspicious happens. JC tells Anna that waiting for something to happen is not the smartest idea and she should keep a sharp eye on Tyler. Edmund asks Stephen for help with the custody battle, but Stephen says he doesn't have much experience with family law. Edmund says that he wants someone he knows to handle the case and Stephen suggest that it would be better to go to an attorney who specializes in family law, but adds that if he can't find anyone suitable, he will take the case himself. Edmund says that he's afraid that he might lose his children, but Stephen says that Edmund has always been a good parent and has plenty of people to vouch for that. Edmund then mentions that his mother-in-law is willing to testify in his favor if necessary and Stephen says that that is a very good thing to have in one's favor in custody fight. Trish tells Carol about the confrontation she saw Cody having with someone that he claimed was a customer. Carol remarks that some customers can become belligerent for some reason or other, but Trish says that Cody was acting strange and that it seemed like much more than a difficult custom. Carol says that Cody has been away for so long, it's possible that he might have connected with some unsavory people in his travels. Trish says that she thinks it's best if Carol had a talk with Cody about it, but Carol rejects the idea saying that she's trying to rebuild her relationship with Cody and that she doesn't want to do anything to get in the way of that. Trish says that it's important to find out if he's in any trouble before they can repair their relationship. Estelle brings Anna a hot tip about a small chain of department stores in Minnesota on the verge of bankruptcy. Estelle says that buying them out and starting regional chain out there would be the perfect test of the new partnership. Anna says that she always has wanted to expand out there, but never could come up with a reasonable proposal. Estelle says that they could create a outlet chain under a new name as a joint venture, with designer items for half the price of regular stores. Anna says she likes the way Estelle is thinking and says that she would like to see an outline of what Estelle has in mind. Estelle says that they have to act fast if they want to out maneuver potential rivals. Anna asks Estelle if Carol would be interested, Estelle says that she pitched a similar idea to Carol about another chain years ago, but Carol wasn't interested.
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    Preview Guide, Edition Two In this edition of Preview Guide, we got an exclusive scoop from the Head Writer Phillip Connelly of Novi on what will be coming up, when we brief caught up with him. Preview Guide: Novi has just completed it's second week, can you tell us what's in store for next week and beyond? Phillip Connelly: I don't want to give too much away, but there will be a new character on the canvas by the middle of next week and a new element to a plot line is coming up. Preview Guide: Anything planned for May Sweeps? Phillip Connelly: Yes, we do have a good story planned involving Cody and the gamblers who he owes money. Carol will get caught up in the fold and it will become a very intense situation. Casting News Two-time Emmy winner Dorothy Lyman (ex-Opal, AMC) has been cast in the role of Claire Harvey. Claire is owner and operator of the local laundromat and Anna's old friend. Her first air date will be Tuesday, April 24th. We also have learned that the sudser will slightly expand it's cast as the story lines heat up. Look for new additions to cast very soon. That's all for now, until next time on Preview Guide.
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    Promo for next week Danger Cody: (to woman) Stay away from my family Woman: Make me Is The woman grabs Cody by the throat Here Woman: You better remember who it is you're messin' with! Novi: Weekdays on SONBC
  15. #010 Friday, April 20th Cody finds a note on his windshield telling him to pay up or suffer the consequences, but he shrugs it off. When he gets back to the Donahue mansion, he finds another note in the den saying the same thing and he panics at the thought that someone was actually in the house. Cody calls someone on the phone and tells them to never come to the house again, but the person hangs up without responding. Yvette and Norm are at her office when she tells him that she thinks she found a judge willing to help her challenge the validity of her father's will. Norm asks how soon can they get a court date and she says it will be soon, but she's not getting her hopes that it will work. Norm says that he's never seen anyone so determined and Yvette says it was long overdue that she took control and firm stated her position in the company. Norm tells her that she is taking a chance going behind her mother's back, because Anna isn't one that takes things light. Yvette says she's not afraid of Anna and that she needs to learn that she's not the only one who is capable of running the show. Norm brings up the fact that Chester walked in on their meeting, but Yvette says she's not worried about Chester, that he's so wrapped up in his own work he won't have time to interfere with them. Stephen comes Anna's office, saying he has to talk to her. He says he wants to warn her about what Yvette is up to. Anna says that she already firmly told Yvette no about the shopping center, but Stephen says that she's not taking no for answer and tells how she came to him trying get help having Andrew's will declared invalid due to mental incapacity. Anna is shocked when she hears this, saying she doesn't understand how Yvette could want to do something so wrong. Stephen says he doesn't know what she has planned or if she has anything planned, but tells Anna to just keep quiet about it until they have more solid evidence of what Yvette might have in store. Anna agrees not to discuss it with anyone but Stephen. Edmund is visited by his ex-wife's mother, Laurel and she tells him that she her daughter is planning to petition for full custody of her sons. Edmund is confused why she would do such a thing, since she said she wasn't ready to have a family. Laurel tells him that she's only doing it for money and that she tried to talk her out of it, but couldn't. Edmund says he won't let her take his kids away from him and Laurel says that she doesn't think he should have them taken away either. Laurel also says that she will testify on his behalf if it comes to that, since her daughter is only doing what she is doing out of greed. Edmund thanks her and says that he hopes it won't go that far.
  16. #009 Thursday, April 19th Carol meets Tyler at Number 37 for dinner to discuss Tyler's progress. Tyler hands her the disc and she ask what is on it, but he says he hadn't looked at it yet. Tyler continues on and says that he would have gotten more files had Henry not come in. Carol says that she'll up his reward if he can get his hands on those files. He says he'll try again as soon as the office is left unattended. Carol says that she needs the files sooner rather than later and hopes that he can fulfill the job. Tyler says he'll work as fast as he can. Dr. Roosevelt comes to see Lynette on her shift at Number 37, asking her how things are going. She says she likes the job and is glad that it is challenging. Gregory then ask how Jim is taking it and she replies by saying he's having a hard time adjusting. Gregory says that in time he'll learn to accept it, but for now she shouldn't be worried about him. Lynette says that he doesn't want there to be any friction in her marriage over a job, she just wants to be able to have a family and a career. Gregory suggest that if it does put a strain on the marriage, that they should come for counseling from him. Lynette says she just might take him up on that offer. He tells her that his door is always open if she needs someone to talk too and she says she's glad that she has someone to talk to. Amee is working late at the office when JC comes in and asks her if she wants any company, she says yes and tells him to sit down. She says she's working on more designs for the new furniture line and shows JC some of her sketches, which he says are very good. JC asks her if she likes working for McGregor and she says so far it's been great and she's looking forward to future projects. She asks him what if he likes working for his family and he says that it has it's ups and downs, but he wouldn't work anywhere else. Amee says she knows it must be hard having his mother's family as business rivals, he replies by saying that he's become desensitized to the fact, because all he's ever known is fighting. Amee says she can't imagine what it must be like, JC replies by saying he sometimes have hard time understanding it. JC warn Amee that things can get quite demanding at times, so she should prepare herself for it.
  17. #008 Wednesday, April 18th Yvette has Norm over to her house for dinner to discuss the project, but they are interrupted when Chester returns from a business trip unexpectedly. Yvette nervously tries to explain the situation to Chester, but he can't understand why Norm is there. Norm says that they were just discussing a possible business deal between McGregor and Donahue, before hurriedly leaving. Chester says that he's not foolish enough to buy that Donahue and McGregor would be doing business together and demands the truth. Yvette says that it's a sensitive matter and she can't discuss it right now. Chester says that he knows that she's up to something again and ask if she will ever learn when to stop scheming. Yvette says that they should forget about this whole matter, seeing as Chester just got home from a long trip. Chester says he's willing to let it go, but hopes that she's not up to anything, because it would be bad for the family. Cody's past catches up to him when a woman shows up at Donahue's Novi store looking to collect a gambling debt. Cody says that he will pay it off in due time, but the woman demands that he pay her now. He asks the woman to not do this in his family's store and to leave immediately. She tells him that if he doesn't get the money soon, he won't be the only one involved in the matter anymore. Cody warns the woman not to threaten his family, but she scoffs and says that he should have thought about that before he skipped town without paying his debt. Trish comes in the store and sees the two arguing and breaks it up. After the woman storms out of the store, Trish asks Cody what that was about and he says it was just a customer who wanted to return something without a receipt. Henry demands to know why Tyler is in the management office and Tyler explains that he was looking for an inventory sheet, because he thought his department was short on some items. Henry says that all he had to do was come to him and ask for the sheet and ask why he waited until no one was around to look for the sheet. Tyler says that he didn't wait for anyone to leave, he just happened to need the sheet when no one was around. Henry opens a file cabinet drawer, pulls out the sheet and gives it to Tyler. When Henry turns to leave, Tyler slips the disc into his pocket and follows Henry out the door. Estelle gives Alma and Anna a grand tour of her warehouse facility and the products she offers. All of the sudden, Carol shows up, much to Anna's disgust. Estelle says she wasn't expecting Carol until tomorrow, but Carol says she wanted to find out about the deal she made with McGregor. Estelle says it's just a typical supplier contract and that it's not really anything Carol should concern herself with. Carol says it is her business when her supplier connects with her main rival. Estelle says that business is business to her and she's not concerned with rivalries between companies. Anna remarks that Carol has no sense of professionalism, everything is about getting even. Carol tells Anna that she's not one to question anyone's professionalism, because she has pulled her share of dirty tricks. Alma tells Anna to ignore Carol, because she's just looking for trouble. Carol tells Estelle that he might have to find another supplier if she continues to do business with McGregor and storms out.
  18. #007 Tuesday, April 17th Carol walks in on Henry and Trish talking, saying that she needs an expense report from Trish. Henry says that he needs to get back to work and leaves. After he leaves, Carol remarks on what a nice person Henry is. Trish tells her mother not to get any ideas, that he's just a friend. Carol says that when she met Trish's father, they started out as just friends. Trish says that she isn't interested in Henry that way. Carol then asks her if she's having a hard time moving on from Joseph. Trish scoffs and tells her she's completely over Joseph, but Carol doesn't believe her. She says she can tell Trish doesn't want to let Joseph go. Trish tells Carol it would be best if she backed off, since part of the reason her marriage didn't work was Carol's constant meddling. Edmund gets a call from his estranged wife and the first thing he ask her is how she could abandon her kids, he says it's fine if she was tired of him, but leaving their sons was unacceptable. She tells him that she made a mistake and that she wasn't ready to be married and have a family, but he says that she should have thought about that before she married him. She says that she's staying at her parents house now and asks if the kids can come visit, but Edmund gives her a stern no for an answer, saying that he doesn't want his sons around her so soon after she left them. Lynette lands the job at Number 37 and is asked to start immediately, but Jim still isn't warm to the idea. He asks her why she feels the need to work when he has provided for her and the children. Lynette tells him it isn't about money and if he doesn't understand that she's not going to waste time arguing with him. She then tells him that she has left dinner in the kitchen and that she will be home by 11. As she leaves, Jim tells her if this is what she really wants, he will try his best to positive about it and support her, but that she has to be patient with him. She thanks him and then runs out the door and Jim stands in the door with an expression of anguish. Tyler sneaks into the office at the Novi store when no one is there and starts rummaging through files. As he says to himself that all the good stuff is probably buried in the corporate office, he sees a folder marked confidential and opens it. A look of excitement comes over his face as he reads through the file. He looks in another file cabinet and finds another folder with a disc marked "For McGregor Only". Just then, Henry opens the office door and asks Tyler what he is doing.
  19. #006 Monday, April 16th Norm is having coffee at the food court in the mall, when he sees Yvette and walks over to her. Yvette tells him that she doesn't want a rival this close to her, but he tells her he might be of help to her. Yvette asks how that is possible and Norm replies that he knows about the project she's trying to get off the ground and that he wants a piece of it. Yvette says that what she is doing is strictly for McGregor, but he says that he's not looking for a partnership in companies, just a partnership between him and Yvette. He says that he has connections to people who can help her go over Anna's head and start building immediately. Yvette asks if he is doing this just because he dislikes Anna, but he says that he only wants to profit from the venture. Yvette says she's willing to try anything to get the shopping center built, even if it means partnering with Norm. Anna and Joseph are in the den at the mansion, when she brings up Trish. Joseph says he's not in the mood to talk about her, but Anna continues anyway. She says that he should fight for his relationship with Trish before it's too late. Joseph asks her why she even cares, she never really liked Trish anyway. Anna says she never had anything against Trish and that she's the only decent person in her family. Joseph says that his relationship is over and he doesn't want to get back into it, because he can't deal with Trish's demands. Anna says that sometimes you have to admit when you were wrong, but Joseph insist that he did nothing wrong. Anna reiterates what Trish said about him never being at home and Joseph accuses her of taking Trish's side. Anna says she's not taking sides, she's just trying to help him. Joseph says that he doesn't need help, because even if he wanted Trish back, she wouldn't agree to come back to him. Henry comes into Trish's office with a pastry box. She looks up and tells him to sit down, saying that she's surprised to see him, but is glad he's here. Henry says he brought her the donuts she always liked. Trish says that it was nice of him to remember that and thanks him. Henry says that she looks tired and she replies by saying that she's had a double work load for the pass few days and hasn't any rest. They start reminisce about old times in school, they laugh until they get to the point that Trish married Joseph. Henry says that he never understood why she married Joseph, seeing how she knew he was work obsessed when she met him. Henry then asks her if she regrets it, but before she can answer Carol comes in.
  20. #005 Friday, April 13th Estelle makes her offer even better when she brings in top interior designer Amee Lennox to design a new exclusive line of furniture. Anna and Alma meet with them and Anna is impressed with Amee's track record, but is reluctant to accept Estelle's deal. Estelle then drops her price to half of what McGregor's current supplier is offering and Alma remarks that Estelle really is serious about the deal. Anna takes a seconds to think about it and then agrees to the deal. Estelle says that Anna won't be sorry and that she's glad to be doing business with McGregor. Edmund and Joseph are in the conference room discussing the budget when Yvette comes in and says they better make adjustments for her project. Edmund says they already know that Anna put the brakes on the project, but Yvette says that she doesn't need Anna's permission to move forward. Joseph says that he won't allow her to undermine their mother in anyway and that it's best that she just let the whole thing drop. Yvette says that she is tired of the way Anna is running the company, without taking any risks. Edmund says that Anna only makes smart business decision and that Yvette isn't being fair in criticizing her. Yvette says that she doesn't have the time to argue, that she needs to take action and that she's already doing what is necessary. When Jim comes home from work, Lynette tells him that she set up a job interview about being managing upscale Number 37 Restaurant. Jim is upset that Yvette didn't inform him of her decision before she went ahead with it. Lynette said she didn't tell him because she knew he would get upset, just like he is now. Jim says the he's only concerned about what this will do to their children, since both of their parents will be at work. Lynette says that she doesn't have the job yet and that even if she does get it she'll only work in the evenings so she can stay with the children in the day. Jim says he's afraid that this will put on strain on their marriage, since they will hardly see each do to their work schedules. JC goes to the Novi store and confronts Tyler. He asks him what his real motive is for coming to work at McGregor's, but Tyler says that he doesn't owe him any explanations. JC says when it comes to his family's company, he has a right to ask questions, especially when it comes to Tyler who made it clear in the past that he didn't like the McGregor family. Tyler says that he's not here to start any trouble, he just needed a job. JC says that he should make sure he doesn't cause any trouble, because there will be harsh consequences if he does. Tyler says he won't be threatened by anyone and that JC needs to back off. JC tells Tyler that he could lose his job quicker than he got it if he doesn't watch what he says.
  21. #004 Thursday, April 12th Tyler come into Anna's office and she asks why he's there. He says he is there is to apply for a sales job in one of the stores. Anna says that he could have went into one of the stores and talked to a manager about that. Tyler says that he wanted to get the CEO's approval and let her see his resume. He gives her his resume and she remarks on the sales experience he has. She offers him a job in the main store and he accepts it. After he leaves, he takes out his cell phone and calls Carol to tell her he got the job. Henry is taking inventory in the men's department at the main store when Trish comes in. Henry hugs her and says she hardly comes in the store anymore. She says that she really doesn't have a reason to come in anymore. Henry says he understands that she probably wants to avoid run ins with Joseph or Anna. Trish that she doesn't have anything against them, but every time she's around them it always turns into an argument. Henry tells her that even though he works for them, that she can always talk to him. Trish thanks him and says that he's a good friend. As they are talking, Joseph gets off the elevator, startling the both of them. He sarcastically ask if they are talking about him and Henry nervously says that they aren't. Joseph says he just came down to tell Henry that he has to take on the management duties of the Farmington store since the manager there had to take sick leave. Henry says it's not problem for him to manage both stores temporarily. As Joseph leaves, he says if they weren't talking about him that wouldn't have been so startled when he came into the room. Yvette is in the conference room at McGregor's corporate office making a phone call, when JC comes in. She abruptly hangs up the phone and JC asks her why she hung up so quick. She says that she was talking to a supplier who wouldn't give her a fair price on something. JC says he came in because he left a folder, so he picks up the folder and leaves. As soon as he leaves, she's picks up the phone and dials a number. She tells the person on the other end she's sorry that she hung up so quick. She then tells them that time is of the essence and she needs immediate legal assistance.
  22. #003 Wednesday, April 11th Carol calls Teddy into her office and hands him an envelope. He looks inside and sees a large amount of cash. Carol tells him that she wants him to get a job at McGregor so she can have a spy on the inside. Teddy says that she's crazy if she thinks he'll get away with spying and she responds by saying that she can get someone else for the job if he doesn't feel that he's capable of doing. Teddy agrees, but demands that Carol pay him regularly for his time. Carol says that he will receive more money only if can bring her helpful information. Lynette comes to McGregor's looking for Anna, but bumps into Dr. Roosevelt. She greets him and then ask where Anna is, he responds by saying that Anna is in a meeting and won't be finished for awhile. She sighs and gets ready to leave when Dr. Roosevelt asks if there is anything she wants to talk about. She says she doesn't want to burden him with her problem, but he says it's no problem since he's a doctor and Lynette then agrees to talk to him. They go into his office and sit down. She begins by telling him that she feels unfulfilled by just staying home all day. Dr. Roosevelt tells her that it's normal to feel that way at times and that lots of people have been through it. She says that she wants to have a career, but her husband doesn't want their children raised by a nanny. Dr. Roosevelt tells her that she has to make that decision herself. Estelle shows up at Alma's office at McGregor. Alma is puzzled as to why she is there, as she is Donahue's supplier. Estelle says she wants to branch out and supply more stores with her items and that McGregor is on her list. Alma says that she doesn't really trust her because of her friendship with Carol, but Estelle snaps back by saying she is a business person that doesn't allow personal affairs effect her judgment. Alma laughs and asks her if Carol sent her over, because that's the only reason why she would be making this offer. Estelle says that she doesn't work for Carol and that she resents anyone saying that she does. Alma says that she's been in the corporate world long enough to know a stunt when she sees one. Estelle says she'll speak with Anna and see what she has to say about it, but Alma says that Anna won't go for the deal either. As Estelle goes out the door she says Alma is foolish for letting a good deal slip away.
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    Preview Guide

    Preview Guide, First Edition Novi is a brand new soap, but Head writer Phillip Connelly promises that things will move into high gear in the coming weeks. He gave some storyline spoilers: *Edmund will get involved with a new woman, but it will cause trouble for him and someone else *Carol and Estelle will work to expose a business secret of the McGregors *Dr. Roosevelt with counsel Jim and Lynette, but this story will take a shocking twist *Yvette will find a shocking ally
  24. #002 Tuesday, April 10th Yvette meets with Stephen over the prospect of overriding Anna on the shopping mall project, but he tells her that Andrew had it in his will that the land was to be left alone and that she has little chance of overturning it. She then suggest that the provision could be overturned on the grounds that her father wasn't in his right mind when he added it to the will. Stephen responds by saying that it would be ludicrous and disrespectful to her father's memory to suggest and that he'll have no part of it. He also warns her that dragging it into court would only embarrass her family. Edmund and Anna are discussing business when Anna notices Edmund still has a photo of his estranged wife. She asks Edmund if he still misses her since she abandoned him, but he just shrugs and says he isn't sure how to feel about her. Anna tells him it's time to move on with his life and find someone new. He says that he isn't ready to make that step yet and needs time to sort his feelings out. Joseph and Trish run into each other Guido's restaurant and Joseph brings up the subject of their divorce. Trish tells him that the divorce was no fault of her own and that it happened because he was more concerned with business than his marriage. Joseph snaps back by saying that she was never patient with him and didn't give him a chance to make things right. She says that their son practically grew up only seeing his father briefly between business trips and that she had to play father and mother to JC. Joseph says that he was only trying to give her and their son the life they deserved and that she was never grateful. Carol offers Cody a job to help him get a fresh start, but he tells her he doesn't want to work in the family company. Carol accuses him of being as difficult as ever, but he responds by saying that it's not the right time for him to work with his family. Carol asks him why even even bothered to come back, if he was going to put her through the same stress as he did before he left. Cody tells her that he wanted try and make things right, but it's clear that she doesn't want the same thing. Back at Guido's, Lynette and Jim are having dinner and talking. She says that she is rethinking her decision of not pursuing a career, flooring Jim. He says that he doesn't want to have to drop his own career so she can have one, but Lynette says she's not asking him to do that. Jim says that they have two young children who are used to having their mother around and he doesn't want someone else taking care of them. Lynette says that she isn't even sure what she is going to do, but hopes that Jim will support her in what ever she decides. Jim says he can't promise if he will support her or not.
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    Ep. 001

    Note: Future episodes will be slightly longer. This is not my best work, other episodes will be better. Episode #001 Carol confronts Trish about JC not aligning himself with Donahue. Trish tells her that JC is old enough to make his own decisions and has decided that he prefers working at McGregor. Carol then accuses Trish of supporting Joseph and Anna manipulating JC for their own purposes. Trish calls the accusation ridiculous and shows Carol out of her office. Yvette proposes building a major shopping complex on land purchased by Andrew shortly before his death, but Anna rejects the idea, because Andrew intended for the land to be a preserve. Yvette tells Anna that Andrew left the company to his family to run as they see fit, so therefore the land should be used for the complex. Anna says that she will not violate Andrew's wishes, but Yvette is determined to get what she wants. Joseph and JC are at a restaurant when JC brings up the subject of Carol. Joseph tells JC that it is fine if he has a relationship with the other side of his family, but to be careful of how close he gets to them. JC says that he can't spend anytime with her without her accusing Joseph of poisoning his mind against her. Joseph scoff at the accusation, saying that he always taught JC to make up his own mind about people. Joseph looks over and sees Carol entering the restaurant. She comes over to their table, only speaking to JC and giving Joseph a cold glare. Carol hugs JC, before the waiter seats her at a table on the other side of the restaurant. At the Donahue House, Norm answers the door to find brother Cody standing on the other side. As soon as Cody steps inside, they begin to argue. Norm ask why Cody didn't attend their father's funeral a year ago and Cody states that he wouldn't have felt welcomed after staying away from home for so many years.
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