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  1. Pirates of the Carribean 2. It was good, but maybe not as good as the first. Although the last 5 minutes did it for me Go Pirates 3!!!
  2. Gonna be seeing that tomorrow!
  3. A dollar, then later in the day I think its around $2.50. Love it! And its very close to my house
  4. V for Vendetta... again. It's in our cheaper theatre right now.
  5. ^OMG Falling Down is the most depressing movie ever. It just goes from bad to worse to [[email protected]#$%^&*]!! Great movie. --- Stick It. Better than I thought it would be, only because I had really low expectations. I'll watch anything with Jeff Bridges though. And yes, most of the dialogue was above cheezy.
  6. Silent Hill. Comments: Ummmm.... If you've seen it, PM me! I need to discuss it, lol.
  7. I'll be seeing Silent Hill on Friday. My friend gets us in free, lol.
  8. Aww, I loved that movie! Oh well, hehe. Ashley Judd isnt it V for Vendetta. Thinking of something different?
  9. Could NOT fall asleep last night! Stayed up and watched Snake Eyes, hehehe.
  10. Just came back from V for Vendetta. GREAT movie!! Phenomenal.
  11. Going to see V for Vendetta tommorow
  12. Pride and Prejudice on DVD... *sigh* :D
  13. Match point. That thing pissed me off! lol
  14. Memoirs of a Geisha King Kong Pride and Prejudice and yesterday... The New World All get my vote! Wasnt in LOVE with King Kong, but still a good popcorn movie.
  15. Tracy rocks! Love her no bullsh** attitude.
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