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  1. Alright, alright. Ya got some good points there. I feel a little better. I thought more about the show. And I think it's what happened after Tracy that got me down a little - Beecher's Corner's, the sheet, him cryin'. But it will pass. You've given ME a different perspective. And Tracy did REALLY ROCK IT OUT!! I loved when she was about to leave, she stopped, turned around, "Laura...." looks at her, looks at Luke - Long pause, Turns head toward Laura, "welcome home" with a Tracy tone and that expression, swings around to leave giving Luke a that look !!! And then walks out in a most delicious Tracy way!!!! Did I tell you that I love Tracy/JE in a BIG freakin' way???!!!!!
  2. Watched Tracy's (and Luke's) scenes again tonite. I didn't realize if the first time, but when laura turned to face her, Tracy like tipped back a little like she couldn't fallen by the weight of the shock!! Geez, I love Jane she's just freakin' great!! And Luke was a little darn cold wasn't he? eek!! I'm sure he's feelin' the pressure, but jeez!
  3. YAY Tracy was on today! She looked fabulous, don't ya think? Spoiler below if you haven't watched the show today. I can't blame Tracy for being upset. At least she didn't let the cat out of the bag with Laura. Did you see on the preview for tomorrow where Tracy says to Luke (in front of Laura, when Laura asks what Tracy is doing there), "Are you gonna tell her, or am I?" I was like WTF!! she didn't, she wouldn't, she doesn't!!! I think they are leading us to believe that she makes Luke tell Laura right then and there or that she does. But I think in true Tracy style she comes through in the end and says something like: Okay, Luke, I'll tell Laura, Ya see, Luke and are partners of the Haunted Star. Tracy has like saved Luke so many times in the past with responses like that. She's gotta come through for him again. Tracy is so totally loves Luke and as angry as she is, I don't think she will risk having Luke hate her forever for sending Laura back into her catatonia. spoiler over I like Laura also but I do not want her to stay because I want LuNacy. They could have had Genie leave another way, maybe they still will. I think that if they get rid of her by way of sending her back into her catatonic state, it would be a big mistake on TIIC part. I mean they basically will have pulled a bait and switch!! They bring GF back for Nov. sweeps, with lots of commercials about LnL reuniting for their 25th anniversary, getting fans who know LnL to watch for genie. They hype this whole GF return as if it were the biggest event in GH history next to their wedding day 25 years ago. It brings up their ratings, the younger ones on the show get exposure in the hopes of bringing back fans. it's a perfect plan, right? Let's see how perfect it is when there is backlash from the fans who will feel robbed and cheated. They will feel that it was cruel to bring her back only to return her to her catatonic state again. But hey as long as their ratings were up during November sweeps right? Jeez, what a bunch of idiots!!
  4. Lainey & ILTQ, you two are a riot!! I have to admit I got a little choked up when she first "woke up" and I will prob get a little choked up when she goes back into her catatonic state, especially seeing how it will affect her kids. But do I want her to go? YOU BET YOUR A$$ I DO!! Yaaahoooo!!! ILTQ, I was LMAO when you posted on SOC: "Maybe Laura will finally realize she is boring and go into shock!!!" You are too much! That was hilarious! Letting Luke and Laura have the wedding in the Q garden? Does our girl have it bad for him, or what???!!!
  5. Happy Halloween All!! Everyone at a party tonite? This place is like a ghost town. Went to a Halloween party tonite at work. I dressed up as a hook(er)a! ILTQ, thanks for posting the contact info addresses. They'll come in handy. Lainey, read Awakenings - LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it!!!!! Deb & Fey - Happy 6th Anniversary! Just got my dvd's from Jen Begley, so I'll just sit here all by my lonesome happy as a clam. Here's to some good Tracy on Thursday!!!
  6. I always liked laura. I just don't think she's a good match for Luke, that simple. Deb, I enjoyed both of your fan fics!! YOWZA!!!
  7. I totally agree with you Deb, that's exactly how I saw it also!! As a matter of fact, The day he decided to call Robin about the drug was the day Lulu had her abortion and was crying about her mother not being there. That's when he decided to go ahead and call Robin about the drug she suggested for laura. The initial motivation for "bringin her back" was for the kids. He, in the most recent episode, did say "You came back to 'me' but everything he did and said pertaining to getting Laura out of her catatonia was about how the kids needed her. Ms. Q, love the hot new avatar!!
  8. Ms. Q, Thanks so much for the pics! I've never seen any of these. Love the LuNacy one big time. And MinervaFan is right, the first pic IS SUBLIME! Congrats on your 900th post. Here's to 900 more ten times over! Finished "Oh Baby" Love, love, loved it. Am patiently waiting for future chapters MinervaFan, I love your new avatar! And Tracy will be on, she will, she's just gotta. Click your heals 3 times: There's no place like Tracy, there's no place like Tracy, there's no place like Tracy.....
  9. Thanks for the uploads Ms. Quatermaine (just wanted to spell that out-cause I love the name) I especially LOVE pre-almost, ALMOST and post-almost! Yeah! I liked your Full of Grace too. I went back to pg. 163 and when I clicked for your "Accidentally......" Staci, it said that it wasn't available to download. I'd really like to see your version. I look forward to the coleman clips too. Thanks. I'm still fuming but not as much any more due to the Tracy love!
  10. I thought GF was only going to be on for the next 6 weeks? LnL get remarried? I don't get it. I have to say, that I was not happy of GF's return ONLY because I want LuNacy, otherwise I like Laura, and since her engagement on the show was so limited I held high hopes for Luke and Tracy together. I was even looking forward to watching the second biggest event in GH history (the first of course being their marriage years ago), but now, this news of a re-marriage and dusting off the old house, I don't know. And I am extremely upset that in these spoilers, posted on other boards, that Tracy isn't even mentioned or her feelings considered. This will have an effect on her. I keep reading things about Laura coming back...., Luke blah, blah, blah, but not how Tracy might take this whole thing. They are announcing a reunion as if Luke isn't even married to Tracy. And if they breeze over this showing Tracy drunk for 1 day while all this goes on and then they don't show her again for another month, I will be fuming! This is crazy! I have to say now, that I will TIVO the episodes for the next month or so starting Thrusday, but I CAN NOT Watch! Maybe when it all blows over. I can't bare to watch the fallout of Guza's bright ideas. It just bothers me so because I just started watching the show after all this time of not watching. Happy though to have found you all and that you have all filled me in with clips and pics and videos and your stories. It figures with Je T'adore, and the jane elliot.com site that this s*&t would go down. I can't believe it. Can't we like blitz this Guza moron with a writing campaign or something? Someone posted on the SOC boards that GH viewers have dropped 40% in the last 10 years and that Guza has been there for 9 years. When is this ^%$ gonna get a g-d da*m M*&^%$ F*&^&^! clue??!!!
  11. MinervaFan, I couldn't agree with you more!! I especially like when she throws Tracy off the chair and she lands. Heh, Heh, full body view, nice Ms. Quartermaine, thanks so much for the clip and the poem. You are a doll baby . Up to "Oh Baby" chapt. 61 and counting..... I love it! Je T'Adore! Jane Elliot/Tracy Admirer: Devotee of Refined Excellence!
  12. Minervafan, Thanks for posting the Sista Mary Hotpants pics. My faves are the top one and the one of her with Elvis on the field. Hope these are gonna go on the new site. Ms. Q, thanks I appreciate you uploading the clips for me. Looking forward to your addition to your continuous poem Nex, I must have watched far away like 50 times! Your vids always hit me like WHAMMOOO!!
  13. Nex, Love your far away vid too! MinervaFan, Oui, Oui, J'aime -- Je T'Adore-- -- I adore you... how befitting of how we feel about Tracy/Jane
  14. Break room was fun ladies. I found out, according to MinervaFan, that I am the winner of the age contest!! lol. Let's hope for some HOT, HOT Tracy soon. I'll be checkin out the ficathon. Lot's of reading to catch up on.
  15. Don't worry about a LuNacy divorce. LaineyBev and I have been holding seances to the ghost of Gloria Monty for weeks now, and she promises she won't let such an abomination occur on her show! We believe!! That is hilarious!! WE BELIEVE!!!!! Regency, Don't scare the crap out of me like that! My heart started to pound! MinervaFan and Lainey, keep those seances going!!
  16. Hi all!! Finally able to post after trying to get on here for over a week. Thanks for the welcomes and the waves! Possible spoiler below: ............ I just read on SC a spoiler that said Luke and Tracy will be getting divorced in light of Laura's return. What the heck! I just started watching the show again! I will be very upset if this happens. Laura's return is short term, couldn't they like work it out after she left. Or at least try. I know that Tracy is in love with Luke. Poor Tracy! And if they get divorced and Jane leaves the show, I will cry for days!! Well not really, but darn! Please let this spoiler not be true. wahhh!
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