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  1. I'd kill to see some of Somerset when it was at its most gothic--that story about the clown slowly poisining a character, etc... Was that when the wrter of Edge of Nigth was writing it? I've seen one episode of A World Apart, which showed a sorta hippy wedding--WOST poste dit. It was interesting actually... Otherwise all I know was it was loosely based on Irna Phillips life--at least at first. Wasn't Best of EVerything created by the supremely egotistical and as a soap (and Broadway) writer supremely untalented James Lipton of Inside the Actos' Studio fame (yes, I loathe the man--I admit)
  2. I just meant it doesn't mean he's actually at the show but that they took some of his cues--maybe even from the GH library...
  3. Are you sur ehe's not just credited for giving them a handful of themes? they did revamp all the music about a year ago though and for the most part i love it (and i also love how you still hear a few themes they've had since the 80s...)
  4. Kylie Minogue - In My Arms. This was one of the leaked demos in the Summer and i s astunning euro dance song--it's not the lead single but will be included on her album coming out in Nov E
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