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  1. My God, if Tracy got this much screen times three times a week, I'd be so glad. Tracy and Alan own the Qs. And Dillon loves his mother again? How great.
  2. I thought I was the only one who though Jane should go on Boston Legal. I've been invisioning her on this show for months! She could rock it! That idea will not leave me until it happens. Letters, we need to write letters!
  3. I don't know if I could do it if I was Tracy--you know, be Mrs. Luke Spencer. It would make be insane...like it did Laura quite frankly. Tracy's strong and she knows if no one does how hard marriage is, but how much is she supposed to take before she just steps back and says, "Done"? Think about it, Luke's sort of always been a pathetic excuse for a significant other, even with Laura. I am an eternal fan of both women and because of that it makes me nuts to see Luke minimize Tracy for the sake of a woman he divorced for FELICIA. In fact, I have no idea why they stayed together as long as they did. I must be nuts to enjoy seeing him with Tracy. She can do better. (Is Jax better?) Guza, make a choice before I stop watching. It's been three days and I'm not feeling compelled to return.
  4. So they just moved the declaration of something scens a few days? At least they're showing them. How long before the Beloved Mr. Geary goes on his annual half-year vacation? Okay, that's a little negative. Anyway, they were really quite adorable yesterday. I just wish I didn't have to wait for them both to be so wasted to get an honest word out of them. They are something special together. I now have to watch today's show. Except I really don't feel like it. I'll catch it later Missed you guys! Ta!
  5. Again with the good news and bad news. Good news: the comp's home. Bad news (and there's a lot of it): They didn't re-upload any kind of word processor or internet provider. Oh, and my stories? Gone. All of them. They saved my music, my pictures, my videos, and my school work. But all of my stories written since 2004 are kaput! Thankfully I have some of them backed up, but they're from September 2, 2006. Everything between there and what's on my pen drive is gone
  6. I miss you guys! My computer is still crap at home, but I'm writing things by hand. The AU is underway. Tracy is currently sending daggers to Luke with an Hermes scarf tied around her mouth on a yacht. Dude, I'd never try to replace LuNacy. I just love Tracy with pretty much every member of the opposite and same sex. Can't help it. Tracy/Ashton anyone? Anyway, I've lately totally begun to buy LuNacy as a real love. They're incredible at their best. Well, I'll keep writing. Until later. Love and Olives!!!
  7. I'm ticked that all this fic is flying around and I have pretty much no time to read it. And no oppurtunity. An upside, however, is that I have a good deal of my TQ fics on my portable drives, as well as backed up on cd-roms, though not some of the latest updates. Given a little force I should be able to come up with something. Right now, my computer is the fallen victim of a power surge. It's going in soon, hopefully everything can be retrieved. *fingers crossed*
  8. I have good news and bad news. Good news, I'm alive. Yay for me. Bad news, my comp has screwed out on me and taken all my fic with it. However, my older comp is back up and running, save for any discernible internet connection. So, I'll try to produce something new for you guys. Sorry about that wait.
  9. Good news, I just finished a new LuNacy fic entitled "I Dare You" and a TMac "Let Them Talk." And the Alan fic, "The Great Ex-Spectator." Should be up by Sunday.
  10. Maybe he realizes he isn't in love with Laura the way he thinks he's supposed to be anymore. And it's killing him because he's moving on, and, without being able to, she isn't. He's moving on to Tracy. Possibility?
  11. Wow, Luke & Tracy in the same scene! Sexy.
  12. Would you believe that the day I go to post my new fic my comp comes down with the virus to end all viruses? Yeah, it did. So, I'm getting online from school right now. I'll have to try again tonight. *waves at Everyone* I've missed you guys. ETA: Regarding how Jane's been looking, I actually did that little gasp that girls do when they see other pretty girls when I've seen her the past few days. ETA2: Guess who bit the bullet? Moi. Upwards & Onwards.
  13. Guess who actually finished a fic for the first time in months? Me! I'll post it when I get home tonight. It's LuNacy. No, really it's insane.
  14. Was I summoned? I heard my fic mentioned and I thought I should comment. The truth is as it's always been. Most, if not all, of the stories are updated, I'm just uncertain whether I like the updates. Oh, I've been meaning to share some trivial news. I bought (well, my mother bought for me) a very Tracy-esque duster Sunday. Eep! It's wonderful.
  15. Okay, Ms. Q it's not my birthday but that is a hell of a gift to the world at large. There is not a woman on that banner that I haven't adored. Oh, happy birthday, TIFF!!! I'm just glad I'm not the baby anymore. What a difference one year, two months and seven days makes.
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